Prudence Welch VIDEO interview


In a 46-minute *unedited* VIDEO interview with, former member of the The Lord Our Righteousness church, Prudence Welch, speaks about today’s arrest of church leader Wayne Bent.

Welch also shares her thoughts on the 15-years she says she spent in the church.

Why did she join?

Why did she leave?

What does Welch say goes on inside the church?

Why has she been so determined in recent years to “expose the truth” about the flock of worshipers at the Strong City property in northeastern New Mexico?

Who does Welch believe will head the church while Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser) is in custody?

This is by far Welch’s most in-depth and detailed video interview to date

And the video is unedited.

This interview took place about three hours after police arrested Wayne Bent, charging him with three counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor.

Video on this page is Windows Media Video (wmv) and may take a minute to load.

Other versions of this interview: QuickTime, mp3.

[wpvideo k9htwlXP w=320]

12 thoughts on “Prudence Welch VIDEO interview”

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  5. SANTA FE, N.M. – Authorities say the leader of an apocalyptic sect in northeastern New Mexico has been released from jail after his son posted his bond.

    The clerk of the magistrate court in Clayton said a $55,000 bond was posted for Wayne Bent. He was released Friday afternoon.

    Michael was in jail for three days and three nights. When I asked Father why He allowed this to happen to our sweet Michael, for I was greatly grieved. It felt like my life went out of me, Father placed the following verse in my mind…

    “For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man (Wayne Bent/Michael) be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” Matthew 12:40

    Father was telling me that Michael was only there for three days and three nights. Right there and then my heart rejoiced and LIFE came back to me.

    Sometimes we might not understand why Father allows certain things to happen, but Father does nothing without cause, for He allows things to happen for a good reason. With all the publicity Michael has received “every eye will see him”.

    Those who say Michael is brainwashing his followers that are with him, where just proven “liars”, because I do not live in the compound with them at New Mexico, and I have not spoken to Michael for over a year. The only one that does the “brain washing” is God, because it is the Holy Spirit that keeps us together, not the flesh.

  6. Three Days and Three Nights is a man made thing. If Jeff would not have bailed his father out… I would have said it would have compared to Jesus’ 3 days in the tomb. But He was NOT delivered out of Prison Like Jeff said. It was not a Miracle. They had the money all along, they just didn’t want to spend it. They had to do it so it would Match “Prophesy.”

    I wanted to add one thing here. When I said that I believed that Wayne was Messiah, and Agreed that the Two Witnesses were of God, I thought that The Two Witnesses were HOLY. I thought they they had ALWAYS been Faithful to their husbands, and the “miracle” was that they had always lived MORAL lives. And here they were being asked to do something that was against their Character. That is Why Michael has called it a CROSS. I just found out that One of the Witnesses had an affair in “LOR” I would NEVER had agreed to it being God if I would have known this before.

  7. “For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man (Wayne Bent/Michael) be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” Matthew 12:40

    Give me a break! First Jeff Bent said that his father could leave anytime he wanted to and nobody would be able to stop him. He also said that they would not be posting bail for Wayne and the turned around and did it anyway. Jeff you lied! Wayne you are not the messiah! Mercy Chanter Wake Up! Of course they had to make it look like it was it was from the bible or some prophecy. Lets face it Wayne Bent knows he will not last a week in prison as they have thier own way of dealing dirty old men like him.

  8. Mark, I do not understand why you call your brave country men a “Cult”. It is just a community, that lives in an honest way. It all looks rather innocent to me, while the international politics of your country are NOT innocent. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against any country, I just want to find out, why you people are using hate both in national as in international politics.

    It is clear, people want to kill the community in Strongcity, as the people in WACO where killed. If such a community would be in my country, I would try to prevent such a massacre. But you are helping such a massacre, if it would occur, by using the word “cult”, that was used by the Cult awareness network, that also was behind the WACO killings.

    There haven been made some very good documentaries on WACO 1993.

    “Criminal activities”. Hearing such an accusation from the butchers of Iraq and Vietnam, is not convincing to foreigners. I mean, Prudence talked about a girl, that wanted to consumate with Michael, but Michael refused. I really wonder where you European Immigrants that live in America, get the guts to attack the innocent all over planet Earth. I said things like this to Michael Travesser also, than I was banned from commenting, but I can forgive Michael. I hope I can forgive other European Immigrants in America also, and with me many people from Europe will feel the same shame about these attacks on innocent people. Are you bored?

    Prudence was free to leave, and left.
    In the Roman Catholic Church, you can not leave like that!

    Thanks for the interview.
    Great work Mark.

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