Beyond 90 Seconds Classics

Compelling stories that still resonate today. 

Freed Washington killer says he’s headed to Arizona

61-year-old Ross Renecker’s violent criminal history dates back to his boyhood days. But it was a 1977 murder that put him behind bars for three decades. His victim was a single mother of three whom Renecker abducted from the parking lot of a Seattle-area pancake house.

What makes this story a Beyond 90 Seconds Classic? Listen to the interview with the victim’s son as he helps efficiently peel back and reveal the many layers to this sensational story. Classic example of wrong place, wrong time. But why didn’t the victim speak-out when a state trooper stood nearby? Her son believes the decision was made in order to spare the trooper’s life. Also learn about the controversial Washington State Supreme Court ruling that helped free convicted killers. Would neighbors even be notified when a murderer—with a history of sexual crimes—is released from prison with plans to move into their neighborhood? 

Body found in barrel floating in river

A Canadian waterway has just served-up another grisly find: The body of a man found stuffed inside a barrel that had been floating down the Lee River northeast of Winnipeg.

What makes this story a Beyond 90 Seconds Classic? A barrel bobbing in the river…drifting between docks…knocking up against the docks. In time, two men would grab it, determined to see what was inside. Listen to 69-year-old George Knight describe the moment he and a fellow cottager rolled the barrel near the river’s edge and opened its lid.



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