YouTube mobile app in most remote broadcasts. Switcher Studio Pro in a few remote broadcasts.  Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) when streaming from PC.

Whenever Beyond90Seconds is live on YouTube, those broadcasts will automatically appear here as each live broadcast begins.

When Beyond90Seconds is not live on YouTube, this page will will feature replays of past live broadcasts.

If you have a Google/YouTube account and would like to receive a YouTube notification each time Beyond90Seconds begins a live broadcast: 1) go to the Beyond90Seconds YouTube channel and click the red “subscribe” button, 2) click the small bell icon located next to the “subscribed” button, then 3) tick the small box in the pop-up window confirming that you’d like to receive notifications.

To help make that even easier: If your browser is already logged-in to your YouTube account, you can automatically subscribe by clicking here

Subscriptions to my YouTube channel are greatly appreciated as they help support and encourage my passion for producing fresh content across my social media channels.




The button above will appear in red whenever Beyond90Seconds is streaming live on Periscope.

Clicking the button will take you to the Beyond90Seconds Periscope page.

Beyond90Seconds Periscope “replays” also appear on the Periscope page.

Highlights from a Periscope live broadcast from the scene of a 3 alarm fire:


Ustream mobile app

Prior to the arrival of Periscope, I often live streamed from remote locations using the UStream mobile app. 

The playlist below features videos from the 2014 Oso mudslide in Washington state. Most of these videos were originally streamed live using the Ustream mobile app. 

The video quality is poor.  The location is very remote. But these broadcasts provided some of the first views near the scene of the mudslide, as well as insightful information from people who were in the area at the time of the mudslide.



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