Prudence Welch’s mother responds to controversial remarks

One day after posting my video interview with former LOR church member Prudence Welch, I have received an e-mail from Welch’s mother.

The e-mail comes from “Amana Travesser.” She identifies herself as the mother of Prudence Welch and concludes her message, “Sincerely, Amana (Louise Cline)”

Welch’s mother lives at the Strong City church property in northeastern New Mexico and a is a member of The Lord Our Righteousness Church.

Her e-mail includes links to two videos (Part 1 & Part 2) posted on youtube May 4.

The videos were posted on youtube by a fellow church member.

In these videos, Welch’s mother addresses controversial remarks made during Welch’s recent interview with Shepard Smith of FOX News. More directly, comments suggesting that LOR leader Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser) convinced Welch’s mother to forgo medical treatment for breast cancer.

The fellow church member who posted the May 4 videos writes on youtube:

On Shepard Smith’s interview with Prudence Welch he said he looked forward to hearing more about her mother. Well Sir here she is in person.

I think this controversy is best explained by the people involved, and in chronological order.

We’ll begin with the Shepard Smith interview, followed by the two videos on youtube featuring Welch’s mother.

We’ll conclude with a link to my interview with Prudence Welch conducted yesterday. In it, Welch goes into greater detail about her mother’s health and Wayne Bent than time afforded her in the FOX News interview.




[wpvideo k9htwlXP]

My interview with Prudence Welch may take a minute to load.

Other versions of this interview: QuickTime, iPod (video)/m4v, mp3.

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