Who killed Juliana Redding?

NEW: (March 10, 2009) TV station removes Juliana Redding “arrest” story from its Web site

(August 30, 2008): DNA links Santa Monica man to three murders

Check out this June 2, 2008 story: Photos offer closer look at condo rented by Redding

Check out this May 21, 2008 story: Santa Monica’s third homicide of 2008

Check out this May 5, 2008 update: Posters asking “Who killed Juliana Redding?” plaster Venice street

Check out this April 14, 2008 update: Maxim photos reveal Redding’s beauty

Your comments on the Juliana Redding case are welcome here.


Juliana Redding

  • KNBC, (*on Merman case*) Autopsy reveals Santa Monica artist stabbed, beaten, March 24:
  • The LookOut News (*on Merman case*), Homicide victim stabbed to death, coroner concludes, March 24:

Alexander Merman, who was found dead in his Santa Monica condo last week, died of multiple stab wounds, according to the Los Angeles County Coroners Office. -The LookOut News

The findings of the autopsy conducted Saturday dispelled a report in the Los Angeles Times that Merman had been shot to death. Police had reported that Merman died as a result of “blunt force trauma.” -The LookOut News

  • Santa Monica Daily Press, Second homicide in a week strikes city, March 21:

Both Merman and Juliana Redding, who took several courses at Santa Monica College, were living alone and discovered after their mothers had asked for someone to check in on the victims, concerned after having difficulty reaching their children. -Santa Monica Daily Press

  • KNBC, Investigations into two Santa Monica murders continue, March 21:

Alexander Merman, 35 — who was apparently beaten to death — was found dead in his apartment at 520 Montana Ave. at about 8:05 p.m. Wednesday, said Santa Monica police Lt. Alex Padilla. -KNBC

“The mother had not been able to get in contact with her son for several days,” Padilla said. It was unknown how long Merman had been dead, he said. -KNBC

  • LAist.com, Details come out on second Santa Monica murder, March 21:

Police say the two murders in Santa Monica are unrelated, but both draw eerie similarities. Both murdered in their multi-family complexes, 3-miles apart, Juliana Redding, found dead on Sunday, and Alexander Merman, found on Wednesday, were discovered in their states at the request of each of their mothers for someone to check on them since communications had lessoned. -LAist.com

An artist’s body is found in his Montana Avenue apartment. Police say there is no apparent connection between his death and the killing of a woman whose body was found Sunday about 3 miles away. -Los Angeles Times

2nd victim: Alexander “Sasha” Merman

Merman’s Web site

  • KFOX, Police investigate 2nd “suspicious death” in Santa Monica, March 20 (article updated 7:49pm PDT)
  • Santa Monica Daily Press, Staying safe in the city, March 20:

Last fall a woman was assaulted in her Princeton Street home by a 17-year-old man from Oxnard who was believed to have been working on her house during the day.

The two incidents were unrelated but occurred on women who were believed to be living alone at the time.

When it comes to safety… -Santa Monica Daily Press

  • KCBS: Santa Monica man’s death now called suspicious, March 20:

Santa Monica police were expected to release more information about the discovery later on Thursday, Toti added. -KCBS

(on the Juliana Redding case)
Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the coroner’s office said that Redding’s autopsy was completed, but Santa Monica police put a “security hold” on the results. Winter said it would probably be 30 to 60 days before the results would be made public. -KCBS

  • KNBC: Man’s body found inside Santa Monica apartment, March 20:

Police on Thursday investigated the “suspicious death” of a man whose body was found inside a Santa Monica apartment, the second apparent homicide in the normally tranquil city since the weekend. -KNBC

Police, meanwhile, continued to investigate the death of Juliana Maureen Redding… -KNBC

Kovacik said police had determined there was no connection between the man’s death and Redding’s murder. -KNBC

  • Long Beach Press-Telegram, March 19 (10:58pm), a perspective column about recent violence against young people, including Juliana Redding

My sister Ginny Clements is on the line from Tucson, and she sounds distraught.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“A girl I knew who was the granddaughter of a close friend was murdered in Santa Monica,” she said. “Her name was Juliana Redding, and I just feel terrible about it.”-Long Beach Press-Telegram

“The preliminary investigation has revealed no bullet or stab wounds,” Winter told the paper, though he declined to elaborate on Redding’s injuries or disclose a cause or time of death.

KABC reported that the autopsy results won’t be released for 30 to 60 days.

Police said they were working with DNA taken from the scene.

“We have collected some evidence at the crime scene that we’re looking at, both DNA and other,” Padilla told KABC. “And so any of that information will certainly be evaluated.”-FOX News

  • Santa Monica Daily Press, March 19, Cops withholding autopsy results

With tears in their eyes, friends from the Venice wine bistro where she had worked part time for about a year brought flowers to her apartment building Tuesday, placing them by a nearby palm tree. -LA Times

  • Arizona Daily Star (Tucson), March 19, California cops hunt leads in death of Salpointe graduate
  • KNBC-TV (Los Angeles) *video* 10:19pm, Tuesday, Friends remember 21-year-old aspiring actress, model
  • KABC, (March 18 ) Autopsy completed on murdered actress
  • KVOA-TV (Tucson) has just reported at 6pm that Redding was attending community college in Santa Monica and was working as a hostess in a restaurant
  • KABC reporter appearing on Tucson’s KGUN-TV at 6pm: Police say it appears Redding died from blunt force trauma

In high school “she was involved in the drama department, as well as the Salpointe golf team and student council, she was a good student,” said Kay Sullivan, a spokeswoman for the school. -Tucson Citizen

  • musicremedy.com file story on Greg Cipes:

“I was divinely placed in a position to see how the music made those living in poverty feel so good,” he (Cipes) says.

  • America’s Most Wanted joins hunt for Juliana Redding’s killer
  • Tuesday’s 11am video from KNBC-TV.
  • “ex-boyfriend” Greg Cipes tells KNBC Redding was “very lonely and scared of being in her apartment” and claims Redding worked at strip club on Sunset Boulevard.
  • FOX 11 (LA) latest video and article: “She was not shot. She was not stabbed.”


Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Santa Monica Police Department at 310-458-8451.

A young woman who went to California to pursue her dream of becoming an actress and model was found dead inside her Santa Monica apartment early Sunday evening.

KABC-TV in Los Angeles reports that 21-year-old Juliana Maureen Redding was murdered and that police discovered the victim’s body after receiving a phone call from Redding’s concerned mother. Juliana ReddingThe news station reports the mother had made “several attempts” to contact her daughter.

A KNBC-TV (Los Angeles) story states that police believe Redding was killed Sunday.

According to KABC, police have said Redding was “assaulted.” KNBC reports that “there was some trauma to the body.”

No word yet on the cause of death.

(*KABC has several videos now on the Redding story. Video “New details in Santa Monica murder” shows police investigating what appears to be a trail of blood near Redding’s apartment. This video also includes a movie clip featuring Redding and an interview with her high school golf coach).

Redding had moved to California from Arizona. According to published reports, she graduated from Salpointe High School in Tucson.

Juliana Redding

While the Internet Movie Database does have a listing for a “Julianna Redding,” the popular movie Web site has no listing for a “Juliana Redding.”

*Update: Movie trailer and cast info for film featuring Juliana Redding. This appears to be the same person killed in Santa Monica.

There are some conflicting reports concerning the spelling of Redding’s first name. KGUN-TV (Tucson) appeared to spell it “Julianna.” However, this could not be verified as the station has not published the Redding story on its Web site.

As of early Tuesday morning, KOLD-TV (Tucson) used “Juliana” in its copy/text portion of its Web report. However, “Julianna” appears beside the victim’s picture at kold.com.

In a November 28, 2004 article, the Arizona Daily Star (Tucson) included Juliana Redding of Salpointe High School in its “honorable mention” list of standout high school golfers.

At this time, Beyond90Seconds.com has decided to use the Associated Press spelling of the victim’s name.

If Beyond90Seconds.com learns that a correction of the victim’s name is needed here, the correction will be made promptly.

Your comments on the Juliana Redding case are welcome here.

Additional links

Santa Monica Daily Press


Los Angeles Times

*special thanks to Tami over at Crime Interrupted who sent me some of the links concerning Greg Cipes.

15 thoughts on “Who killed Juliana Redding?”

  1. ok lets see what courses or common teachers faculty they had in common then revert to the stundents they both had in class
    someone wanted the dead and in a bad way

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  3. Are they still looking? Her apartment was all tpaed off for about a week, maybe two weeks after the murder but that’s it. Are they still trying to solve it?

  4. Hi Miaa Conduct,

    I’m sure they’re still trying to solve it. Nothing new out of the LA-area media (that I’ve seen) for about a month or so.

    Not uncommon for police to keep information between themselves and the killer. If they have DNA, it’s not uncommon for results to take weeks as crime labs are often backed-up. Once they feel they have enough evidence, they’ll typically go to a judge and ask him/her to sign off on search warrant(s) and, possibly, an arrest warrant. Sometimes, the arrest warrant comes after the results of the search warrant(s) are known.

    I would suspect investigators have been busy talking to Juliana Redding’s friends, co-workers, etc.

    And, if Redding had a computer(s), the information on the hard drive(s), any CDs, DVDs, etc would be examined by computer forensic experts.

    Perhaps police have a person of interest or a suspect, but can’t locate that person.

    We just don’t know at this time.

    If I learn anything newsworthy, I’ll post it on Beyond90Seconds.com right away.

    Thanks for visiting.



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  7. she was one of my bestfriends
    i loved her and i dont know what sick bastard would
    do what they did to her she never did anything bad or wrong.
    j. rip

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  9. Just wondering. Did she still have her Yorkie? Was it still with her in the apartment? If not, where was it. Sounds silly, but it might be a factor also.

    1. Good questions. I seem to recall at least one TV report mentioned the walking of a dog. I also recall crime tape blocking access to the nearby sidewalk. My memory may be incorrect, but I also seem to recall that blood was found on or near the sidewalk.

  10. Gi Gi (the dog’s name) was found inside the apartment and later on the same night taken to a shelter. The blood was found on the alley (asphalt). The sidewalk (concrete) is the only way to a vehicle. The difference is in the roughness of the surface. That’s why it was taped.

  11. They will find him/her or them. I was wondering if there was a connection between what happened to her and to what happened to Nathan Alan Morgan, who was killed one week prior, only a few blocks from where Juliana worked??? Was there a toxicology report? Also, was there any dna found other than hers? If blood was found in the alley, wouldn’t that comingle with whoever killed her. Skin is very susceptible to flaking off at a pretty constant rate. Put your arm down on something, and already there will be skin flakes all over where you put it down to rest. On clothes, or everywhere, dna is there.

    Did she have friends over sometime before? They had to find someone elses dna, if she had. Where can we obtain the reports (dna, toxicology, etc.)? Someone needs to come out with the straight facts!

  12. Alex Merman and Greg Cipes (that piece of garbage), owed money for all the dope he provided to both of them. He (Cipes’ drug dealer) simply sent one of his Mexican goons to take care of Cipes/Merman, only he found Juliana Redding at the partment instead. Its’ a damn shame that someone so young, beautiful, and talented had to die on account of a no-talent piece of shit like Greg Cipes.

    R.I.P. Julianna

  13. Hey, aaaa are you also aaa from a comment before this last one? Where are you getting this information? This is amazing that the crime was solved! Will the police be making an official report? And when you say: “…owed money for all the dope he provided to both of them.” Are you talking about Juliana and Alex? Or Juliana and Greg? Or Greg and Alex? Did you go to sm college with Juliana? You say you were her best friend, if that was you from your previous post?

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