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LA Times: “Prosecutors reveal payments to suspect in model’s killing”

Update: June 28, 2010, 8:38am PST / The Los Angeles Times has just published the following correction:

Model’s slaying: An article in Saturday’s LATExtra section about the case against a woman accused of killing Juliana Redding said that Dr. Munir Uwaydah, whom prosecutors identified as the suspect’s employer, had been convicted in an unrelated fraud case. That case was a civil matter, not a criminal one, and Uwaydah was “adjudged to have committed fraud,” according to California Medical Board records. –Los Angeles Times

Updated at 2:51pm PST, June 26, 2010


The story hit the Los Angeles Times website around midnight. An eye-opening report wherein we learned that prosecutors in the Juliana Redding murder case  believe that the prime suspect received “hundreds of thousands of dollars from a troubled physician who was in a foundering business deal with the victim’s father.”

That opening revelation alone—I’d contend–goes well beyond the LA Time’s characterization of the case taking an “intriguing turn.”  In fact, largely armed with a motion filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday, the newspaper unleashed one sizable chunk of new information after another.

Many of the details included in the LA Time’s story are addressed in a special video report here.  Still, be sure to read the full story on the newspaper’s website.  After two years of relative silence on this case, it’s a must read. It includes the following:

“Redding’s father, Greg Redding, was ‘involved in a business negotiation with Dr. Uwaydah that fell apart…five days before the murder charged in this case,’ Santa Monica Det. Karen Thompson, the investigating officer in the case, wrote in the bail motion.”

-Los Angeles Times

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Juliana Redding Maxim murder true crime

BREAKING NEWS: “Charges dropped” against Juliana Redding murder suspect Ronnie Wayne Case

NEW: (June 24, 2010 / 8:15pm PST) Camarillo Acorn: Two Camarillo residents arrested–one charged–in 2008 murder (this article appeared on the paper’s website on June 24, but it’s already dated June 25)

“Race car driver Greg Taylor said it was ‘unbelievable’ that Case, whom Taylor has known for more than 12 years, had been arrested for murder.

‘It blows my mind,”’Taylor said. “I know it’s not him.’” -Camarillo Acorn

UPDATE: (9:54pm PST / June 22, 2010) Santa Monica Daily Press: Woman charged in Redding murder; second suspect free

“Prosecutors dismissed a special circumstance of lying in wait against Park but have the option of adding it at a later date, police said.” -Santa Monica Daily Press

UPDATE: (9:37pm PST / June 21, 2010)  Los Angeles Times:  Arrests made in 2008 slaying of aspiring model in Santa Monica

“Authorities remained tightlipped about Park’s connection to the slain model, or any potential motive, saying that detectives may still be tracking other suspects. How she was connected to the slaying two years later remained unclear.” –LA Times



Beneath the headline, “Camarillo race car driver’s homicide charge dropped,” the Ventura County Star’s website has just reported yet another dramatic turn in the Juliana Redding murder investigation.  The lead paragraph of the story at goes even further, using the word charges:

“Los Angeles County prosecutors have decided not to pursue charges against a Camarillo race car driver in the 2008 killing of a Santa Monica woman.”

Read today’s earlier breaking news in the Juliana Redding case HERE.

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BREAKING NEWS: Report states Kelly Soo Park beat, killed Juliana Redding

-post updated at 6:04pm PST


So today…we learned that 44-year-old Kelly Soo Park *is* charged in the death of Juliana Redding.  And that Ronnie Wayne Case, 34, is *not* charged.  If you’ve been following the case here in recent days, you’ll recall that the news release issued by the Santa Monica Police Department (dated June 17) stated:

“They (suspects Case and Park) are charged with murder with special circumstances and conspiracy.”

So, what’s happened here?    As you may know, it’s not uncommon for investigators to speak of “charges” shortly after arrests…and prior to the time in court wherein charges are formally made.

Interesting developments can unfold in that short period of time between an arrest and an arraignment. Can’t say with any certainty whatsoever, but that could very well be what’s been happening  in the Redding case.

Update: (5:45pm PST, June 21, 2010) San Jose Mercury News reports Park  (formally) *charged* today and that her arraignment’s been continued until June 28.

“The district attorney’s office says that, pending further investigation, no charges were filed against another person, Ronnie Wayne Case, who was arrested with Park.” -San Jose Mercury News

Update: (5:26pm PST, June 21, 2010)  Park arraigned today, but Ronnie Wayne Case was *not* arraigned.  From the LA Times‘ blog:

“Park’s roommate, Ronnie Wayne Case, 34, had also been arrested by Santa Monica police detectives, but the district attorney’s office declined Monday to charge him, pending further investigation. Authorities remained tight-lipped about Park’s connection to the slain model or any potential motive, saying detectives may still be tracking other suspects.”


The first news reports concerning today’s arraignments in the Juliana Redding murder case are now emerging online.  Among the early reports is a report that states the following:

“Prosecutors allege that Park entered the victim’s apartment one day before she was found ‘and physically assaulted her, causing her death,’  according to the D.A.’s office.”

Stay tuned…

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Beyond 90 Seconds Juliana Redding Maxim murder Santa Monica true crime Tucson

Ronnie “The Rocket” Case a familiar name at Ventura Raceway

UPDATE:  (June 19, 2010 / 4:50pm PST):  Arraignment Monday for Camarillo couple in Santa Monica slaying / Ventura County Star / June 19, 2010

“A Camarillo race car driver and a woman who worked for a business that sponsored his car face a Monday arraignment after being arrested as suspects in the 2008 slaying of a Santa Monica model.” / Ventura County Star / June 19, 2010

***UPDATE*** (June 19, 2010 / 1:20pm PST):  Minutes after publishing the post below, the story at the following link came to my attention:

Judge dismisses charges against sprint car racer / Ventura County Star / April 14, 2010

“Case was accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old teen at his home in 2006 when she was there with a friend and the friend’s boyfriend, according to prosecutors. Case had parties at the house, inviting people, some underage, who followed him around during various racing events, according to the District Attorney’s Office.” –Ventura County Star, 4/14/10


(Today’s original post)

In a surprising story that first appeared yesterday, he’s “murder suspect” Ronnie Wayne Case.  But at the Ventura Raceway, he’s apparently known as sprint car racer Ronnie “The Rocket” Case.

While an official confirmation has yet to be made, the man accused of killing 21-year-old Juliana Redding appears to be a dead-ringer for the guy who’s accustomed to life in the fast lane.  Just compare the information police released yesterday with what’s on the the driver’s website, (please click image below for larger view):



Is it the same man in each photo?  In addition to the similar appearance, each site lists the same date of birth (4/11/76) and residence (Camarillo).


34-year-old Ronnie Wayne Case is one of two suspects now charged with Redding’s murder.  Kelly Soo Park, 44, and Case were both arrested on Thursday, June 17, in Camarillo. Police have said that more arrests are possible.

A bit more, now, about race car driver Ronnie Case.  His name appears twice in a June 3, 2010 story published on According to that story, Case’s 880 points ranked 13th in the VRA sprint car point standings. Hoping to learn more about the race car driver, submitted a request for an interview with this morning.  So far, no reply.

Case’s orange number-8 car is prominently featured on YouTube.  That video appears below:

[youtube_sc url=”” width=”420″ ratio=”4:3″]

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KTLA: Gang Member Faces Death in Jamiel Shaw case


Pedro Espinoza mug shotKTLA-TV in Los Angeles has just published a report stating that prosecutors will seek the death penalty for accused killer Pedro Espinoza. Espinoza is charged with killing high school football star Jamiel Shaw II last year.

It’s not only an emotionally charged case, but a political one, too. Espinoza, an illegal immigrant, had been released from jail only hours before Shaw was murdered while walking home.

Following Espinoza’s arrest, LAPD’s Special Order 40 received recharged scrutiny from detractors.

Beyond90Seconds has written numerous stories about the Shaw case. You can read them here.

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Tina Davila murder suspect arrested

Update, August 12, 8:05pm PST: Man accused in woman’s death arrested in Mexico (

“I knew this day would come, I just didn’t know when,” said Eric Matt, as he spoke of the arrest of Timoteo Rios, the man accused of killing his ex-wife. (

Update, August 12, 4:53 PST:  Two suspected killers from Houston caught hiding in Mexico / Nephew, uncle arrested for separate murder cases (KHOU-TV)

There’s a bizarre twist in the case of a mother who was murdered during a carjacking while trying to protect her infant. Authorities arrested the suspect in that killing in Mexico Tuesday and picked up another man for an unrelated murder — also in Harris County. -KHOU-TV

tina_davila_3Update, 9:38 PST: Suspect in slaying of woman near phone store arrested (Houston Chronicle)

Update, 8:54pm PST: Video of last year’s Today Show interview with Davila’s family now appears on this post.


It’s a murder that much of America witnessed on surveillance video featured on national television more than a year ago.  Now, KHOU-TV reports that a suspect in the Tina Davila murder investigation is finally in custody:

The FBI and the Harris County Sherrif’s office have arrested a carjacker who stabbed and killed a mother outside a Houston Cricket phone store.  Investigators say the victim was killed while trying to protect her 4-month-old baby girl who was in the car. -KHOU TV

Also according to this evening’s breaking news story from KHOU-TV:


(24-year-old Timoteo) Rios was finally found and taken into custody in Mexico late Tuesday. Police say he is accused of killing Tina Davila during the April 2008 carjacking.



For more on this case, please see this Beyond90Seconds’ archived story: Family of mother murdered during carjacking speaks-out.

(Please allow a few seconds for the video to load.)