LA Times: “Prosecutors reveal payments to suspect in model’s killing”

Update: June 28, 2010, 8:38am PST / The Los Angeles Times has just published the following correction:

Model’s slaying: An article in Saturday’s LATExtra section about the case against a woman accused of killing Juliana Redding said that Dr. Munir Uwaydah, whom prosecutors identified as the suspect’s employer, had been convicted in an unrelated fraud case. That case was a civil matter, not a criminal one, and Uwaydah was “adjudged to have committed fraud,” according to California Medical Board records. –Los Angeles Times

Updated at 2:51pm PST, June 26, 2010

The story hit the Los Angeles Times website around midnight. An eye-opening report wherein we learned that prosecutors in the Juliana Redding murder case believe that the prime suspect received “hundreds of thousands of dollars from a troubled physician who was in a foundering business deal with the victim’s father.”

That opening revelation alone—I’d contend–goes well beyond the LA Time’s characterization of the case taking an “intriguing turn.”  In fact, largely armed with a motion filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday, the newspaper unleashed one sizable chunk of new information after another.

Many of the details included in the LA Time’s story are addressed in a special video report here.  Still, be sure to read the full story on the newspaper’s website.  After two years of relative silence on this case, it’s a must read. It includes the following:

“Redding’s father, Greg Redding, was ‘involved in a business negotiation with Dr. Uwaydah that fell apart…five days before the murder charged in this case,’ Santa Monica Det. Karen Thompson, the investigating officer in the case, wrote in the bail motion.”

-Los Angeles Times

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