BREAKING NEWS: Report states Kelly Soo Park beat, killed Juliana Redding

-post updated at 6:04pm PST


So today…we learned that 44-year-old Kelly Soo Park *is* charged in the death of Juliana Redding. And that Ronnie Wayne Case, 34, is *not* charged. If you’ve been following the case here in recent days, you’ll recall that the news release issued by the Santa Monica Police Department (dated June 17) stated:

“They (suspects Case and Park) are charged with murder with special circumstances and conspiracy.”

So, what’s happened here? As you may know, it’s not uncommon for investigators to speak of “charges” shortly after arrests…and prior to the time in court wherein charges are formally made.

Interesting developments can unfold in that short period of time between an arrest and an arraignment. Can’t say with any certainty whatsoever, but that could very well be what’s been happening in the Redding case.

Update: (5:45pm PST, June 21, 2010) San Jose Mercury News reports Park (formally) *charged* today and that her arraignment’s been continued until June 28.

“The district attorney’s office says that, pending further investigation, no charges were filed against another person, Ronnie Wayne Case, who was arrested with Park.” -San Jose Mercury News

Update: (5:26pm PST, June 21, 2010) Park arraigned today, but Ronnie Wayne Case was *not* arraigned. From the LA Times‘ blog:

“Park’s roommate, Ronnie Wayne Case, 34, had also been arrested by Santa Monica police detectives, but the district attorney’s office declined Monday to charge him, pending further investigation. Authorities remained tight-lipped about Park’s connection to the slain model or any potential motive, saying detectives may still be tracking other suspects.”


The first news reports concerning today’s arraignments in the Juliana Redding murder case are now emerging online. Among the early reports is a report that states the following:

“Prosecutors allege that Park entered the victim’s apartment one day before she was found ‘and physically assaulted her, causing her death,’ according to the D.A.’s office.”

Stay tuned…

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