From Tucson to LA, the toll of violence on hometown streets


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Murder suspect Pedro Espinoza
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It’s been 18 days since Jamiel Shaw Jr. was shot and killed in Los Angeles. One suspect’s in custody. Another is on the loose.

For many, any sense of understanding why someone would kill the teenager is also yet to be found.

And the violence continues.

At, Charlene Muhammad writes a thought-provoking commentary beneath the headline, Gang shootings stun Los Angeles: Football hero slain, nine others injured as violence surges in the city.

Muhammad’s column is a worthwhile read.

Not all of the LA-area murders making headlines appear to be gang-related. The motive behind the killing of 21-year-old Juliana Redding in Santa Monica has yet to be reported. If police know it, they’re keeping that between themselves and the killer.

The familiar circumstances leading-up to Redding’s death can present pitfalls for any journalist charged with reporting the story. Framing it within the predictable, “like so many, she came to SoCal to pursue a dream that ended tragically,” is not just cliché. It seems to dehumanize a very human loss.

Many people in Redding’s hometown of Tucson feel that loss. But the young woman’s story didn’t lead last night’s newscasts.

Sadly, in Tucson, a missing retired schoolteacher was found dead in her car this week. 66-year-old Gayle Katherine Patrick had been shot ( Breaking News: arrest in Patrick case).

Patrick is one of three elderly Tucson-area women who’ve gone missing in recent months. The two others have yet to be found.

By my count, there have been at least 20 murders in Tucson this year. The death of a cab driver named Tim Royce is just one of the other killings that have already made news in March.

And late Tuesday night in Tucson, a man was killed after he was thrown from a car.

Tucson police say nearly 40-percent of the city’s 2008 murders are gang-related.

LA’s hardly alone in its struggle with violent crime.

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  1. In September the Tucson murder rate is only increasing and from rumors it may reach close to it’s highest record high ever since 2000. Then if this happens, the city will be struck with paranoia and many will be afraid to even step foot outside of their door. From studying many statistics of different cities here on the net and actually being familiar with the streets of Tucson myself, I believe that there are many more ATTEMPTED murders in Tucson than there are actual fatalities. Yes, we have a lot of criminals who do not fall under the “gangster” category but for the ones who are, they are extremely ignorant and stubborn for that matter. Not to be racist, given that I already look mexican, in my opinion, mexican gangsters are pitiful and a disgrace. The few 20-30 thousand blacks we have in this city appear to have more brains than those fruitcake mexican gangsters could ever fathom. Gang violence is not a joke and if I were a victim of gang violence I would feel threatened, even if it were by the very mexican gangsters I hate. The point is………….absolutely no one will read this so I’m not worried for a second what I say on here. Also, the illegal immigration subject is beaten down to an oblivion so I won’t mention that I feel that those MOOCHERS don’t even deserve to be in this country. If you’re smart, you’ll know why I say this. Thank you for reading.

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