Wayne Bent writes about sex crime charges and life in jail

Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay detention campOnly a few hours after his release from jail, a message from Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser) appeared on his church’s Web site.

In the May 9, 2008 entry titled, Letter From Michael To His Family, Bent says he was well-treated while in jail but that the “bitter” part of the experience came when he “learned the name of the person who reported” that he had “sexually molested” her.

Here is an excerpt from Bent’s May 9, 2008 post:

The bitter part of jail came in the form of information. I learned the name of the person who reported that I had sexually molested her. This broke my heart entirely. She is a young person who joined the family of those who hate me with a very deep and personal hate. I have to say that I never expected that this little person would concoct an outright lie about me. I have not spoken to her personally, but I was told that her lie is the basis for all of the charges against me. This one lie has caused those in authority to disbelieve all of the other testimonies counter to her lie. This was my heartbreak. And I wept in great sorrow over it. How does one fight a liar, and one who has confessed at being one? I doubt that a court will solve this problem. It is not unusual for a soul to make up a complete falsehood just to crucify an enemy, but it does show just what happened to Jesus. People who said they heard him say it, declared that he said that he was going to destroy the temple in three days. They killed him over the lies that were told. His offense was larger than mine, for the temple was much more regarded as an offense than sex with a girl. He was falsely charged with blasphemy, but I have only been falsely charged with molestation of a minor. Even so, it is a deep sore to my soul, how utterly dark one can finally become. The charges against me were utterly contrived, but I am not quite ready to blame it all on this person, for I have witnessed first hand the utter depravity of those who manipulate people to get them to say things a certain way. This happened with CYFD, the state police, and other particular souls involved in the “investigation,” which is no investigation at all, but merely a form of witchcraft against the Son of God.


Mahmoud AhmadinejadBent’s brief, but apparently profound jail experience, also includes empathy for some prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp and for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

I felt for Saddam Hussein, who was hung for lesser crimes than George Bush has committed. I felt for the President of Iran who is also falsely accused.

The entirety of Wayne Bent’s Letter From Michael To His Family can be read here.

3 thoughts on “Wayne Bent writes about sex crime charges and life in jail”

  1. This person Michael wrote about, will be Prudence Welsh.
    Typical woman attacking out of pure hate.

    But the attack on Michael is from other sources also. Pope Benedict 16th has visited USA, is back home in the Vatican State now, that was given to the Pope by Benito Mussolini in 1929. Maybe the Roman Catholic Church can take some risks, that they would not dare to take, before the Pope would visit USA. They want to look Charismatic. About 400 Children kidnapped at the FDLS Protestant community, 3 Children abducted at Travesser land community. All for the Child prostitution network?

    Over here in Europe, law has arrested a cartoon artist last month, that was also objecting the Roman Catholic plans for Europe’s future. If the Roman Catholic Church is becoming so arrogant, it means, that they have very much power. People into Bible study would say, the devil is in a hurry, he has little time. Well, I guess that describes a system, but it is not as simple as that.

    This cartoon artist is free again, his anti papist drawings can be found here:
    The papists used 10 police officers to bust his place, while he is in danger also by moslems that attack our artists here. If the Roman Catholic Church is out of Roman Catholics for their secret agenda’s, Moslems are used for the dirty work.

    Holy Inquisition.
    Former leader: Cardinal Ratzinger
    Leader today: William Levada
    An America in charge of the most profitable order of the Roman Catholic church? Yes, US is rewarded for their nice wars in Iraq, Vietnam, and else where for the Pope.
    Bombing Serbia for the Pope.

    Well well.

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