Shaw’s father to those alleging gang ties: “Shut the hell up!”

It’s an extremely sensitive claim not addressed–to my knowledge–in the mainstream media. But it’s been rumbling on the Web for more than two months now.

Some suspect it’s politically motivated and aimed at protecting illegal immigrants by diffusing support for a proposed amendment to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Special Order 40.

The allegation is that murder victim Jamiel Shaw II was involved in a gang (it’s an assertion that’s also been made by some readers of this blog in a comment section concerning one of my past stories on this case).

It’s a notion that runs severely to the contrary of the media’s account of the high-profile shooting that unfolded in Los Angeles March 2, 2008.

The well-chronicled storyline concerning Jamiel Shaw II goes something like this: Great kid, just 17. Football star. Had stayed true to his father’s “18 year plan.” When shot and killed on the way home from the mall, his mother was overseas fighting in Iraq. Suspect Pedro Espinoza turns out to be an illegal immigrant and is alleged to be a member of the 18th Street Gang. Espinoza had been released from jail just 28-hours prior to Shaw’s murder.

Four days ago, the claim that Jamiel Shaw II had gang ties grew even louder and appears to be largely based on a myspace page. The argument for the claim is outlined in a May 9, 2008 article appearing beneath the headline Jamiel Shaw’s gang association made him a target for murder, not race.

Here is an excerpt from the article written by Alex Alonso:

Jamiel wasn’t a bad kid, but he did have relationships with gang members in his community that led to Espinoza’s fatal assault on him. Jamiel lived in a community occupied by Bloods that have been at war with 18th Street for 12 years.

In response to the claim made by Alex Alonso and others, Jamiel Shaw Sr. recently came out swinging.

In a letter that appeared yesterday on LA mayoral candidate Walter Moore’s Web site, Mr. Shaw insists that his son was never a gang member, doesn’t appear in any police department’s gang database, and was never even arrested for a single crime.

Mr. Shaw also questions the motive of people claiming his son was connected to a gang, asking, “Why are people trying so hard to make my son a gang banger? This is an important question.”

Here is the entire text of Mr. Shaw’s letter:

To the Person or Persons trying to smear my son:

My son Jamiel A. Shaw, II, (Jas) was a SuperStar Destined for Greatness! The Mayor of Los Angeles spoke these exact words at his last State of the City speech. He was right! My Son was destined for greatness and he is, “A SuperStar”!

It’s a shame, that an American Citizen youth, can be gunned down by an illegal alien gang banger, while his mother is fighting a war to defend all of us, and some people have the nerve to try and destroy my son? This makes me angry. My son is the victim! For every person that want to label my son as a hard core gang banger, I can get 100 more that will show that he was not.

Why would some people want to label my son as a gang banger? Why are some people willing to do almost anything to bring my son down? Where is the evidence to support that my son is a gang banger? Michelle Hansee didn’t have evidence to prove that he was a gang banger. A spiderman back pack and a belt? I’m not even a lawyer and I know you need more then this.

So where is the evidence?! A Myspace page? I see a picture of my son on myspace making the peace sign…and some words that you say…he said? Please, give me a damn break. Now my son is a hardcore gang banger? Because of a myspace page? Are you kidding me? This is similar to the picture when Obama was oversees and had on a certain garment. Some people tried to label him as a Muslim. Some people are protecting illegal alien gang bangers and they need my son to be a gang member in order to help their case. But he wasn’t! He was and is, innocent!

The person arrested for killing my son is an illegal alien gang banger. A Documented illegal alien, and a documented gang banger. So where is the evidence? Well let’s see, “he was release from jail on March 1, 2008 on gun charges. He had prior arrests before March 1, 2008. It is a known fact that he was not born in the United States and he’s in the gang database”. We all know he wasn’t a boy scout. Why doesn’t this make you angry? Why would this make you want to smear my son? Are you out killing people too? Are you an illegal alien gang banger? What’s up with you?

Twenty eight hours after Pedro Espinoza was released from jail, he’s seen in my neighborhood and now my son is dead. Even if my son wrote the words on myspace, where is the proof that Pedro Espinosa saw this? All he saw was a black kid walking. I continue to repeat, why are you trying to convict my son? Why are you defending illegal alien gang bangers? Could it be that you are illegal. Could it be that you are trying to smear my son because you support Special Order 40? Could it be that you are trying to smear my son because you don’t want to see Jamiel’s law passed? Could it be that you are a gang banger or a gang banger wannabe?

There are people that want to classify all black kids as gang bangers. We’re not going to let this happen! The Community will not let this happen! To any parent reading this, if anyone tries to make your child out to be a gang banger and you know that they are not, please speak up! Don’t let the system or anyone else try and smear your child! Especially when you child is not able to defend themselves. We will always defend the honor of my beloved son, Jamiel Andre’ Shaw, II!

The fact is, my son was born at California Hospital. He was an American Citizen. He was raised in Los Angeles, California. He went to school in the neighborhood. He played sports all over the State. He is a documented athlete. His mother was in the Army fighting a war! I was home taking care of him. His brother loves him very much! His family love and miss him dearly! He was loved by many! My son was gunned down and shot to death! He is an INNOCENT VICTIM. He was gunned down three doors from home. He played on the very street where an illegal gang banger killed him. He was murdered!

This was a HATE CRIME! Anyone trying to bring my son down is someone that is not ready for the facts or the truth. The evidence will prove this and the facts will come out.

There are people that support Special Order 40 and some people don’t want Jamiel’s Law to pass. Is this why they want to discredit my son? Could this be why they attacked Walter Moore and Michael Higby and all of the other people that speak out against illegal immigration? Why are people trying so hard to make my son a gang banger? This is an important question.

Whoever want’s to find evidence on my son should talk with the Gang Intervention Unit at LAPD. You should talk with Gang Intervention Specialists. My son was not in a gang database. My son was never arrested. My son was killed while he was on his way home. He was walking and talking on the telephone. He is innocent!

If you have the evidence to prove that my son was a gang banger, then call Pedro Espinoza’s defense team and see if they will hire you. Until then, shut the hell up!

Jamiel Sr.


2 thoughts on “Shaw’s father to those alleging gang ties: “Shut the hell up!””

  1. a american unactive gangbanger

    “illegal alien gang banger” thats all i can see him label him. He may have killed his son but he most understand that this young man was human, i wonder if jamel sr spent 24-7 with his son to understand what he “really” was? i know many gang members that have never been charged with crimes or gang activity, nor ever been arrested, maybe they changed there lives around, or got killed trying. jamel saw jr may or may not have been a gang memeber, but you pointed it out your self “a spider man back pack” “a belt”, now let me explain something to whom dont understand, what color is spider man?? he has many colors but manyly red right?? what gang truff was jamel jr in??? A blood truff, and wearing a belt and a back pack with those colrs of they gang maybe just maybe a active gang member illegal or not would think hes a gang member of the neighborhood gang. But as you continue to think your son was a saint. Remember he evn you had a “ride” side. But bring the fact that your son was born here and Pedro isn’t, is a way to gain more hate. God has blessed you in a country where you can be whatever. my family is from El Salvador, its known for its activity’s with the largely world wide gangs the ms-13 and i think you now know about the 18th street gangs. before all the gang wars there was a civil war in where thousands of men and women, and children feld to our country. some bring violence some wanting to work hard for there family’s back home. But with your new law, you are singling ever illegal alien and taking them as if there all criminals, in this case you send many back to the poor country’s. Just as your family, us illegal and non illegal Hispanics have a family’s to feed and pertect. But as i can see thats not on your mind all you want is justice as of any one would in this case, but not like this. Would you like it if we past a law saying check all youth blacks that wear colors or symbols and send him to face gang charges, on a random raid like yous is to our people??? and what if they have no recored like you saint son??? let them face em as well just as this law will let non criminal illegal aliens will. and for those blacks try to change there ways let them get it as well, becasue your law will bring noting but racisem and raceil profiling to those who have not had it comeing. I am a born American and was a gang member and i hope God bless you but if you think your law will help and your way of thinking is going to help both black and latino youth then it wont i hope you understand that your son could of been in a gang. But you’ll never no please give it thought if this letter ever gets to come on your screen, but if not may God bless you and keep your and loved ones safe.

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