Arrest in Jamiel Shaw murder case

New Developments:

Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton said Wednesday that the department’s controversial policy on dealing with illegal immigrants was widely misunderstood by the public and some of his own officers, and he would clarify the rule in the next couple of weeks. -Los Angeles Times

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  •, Jamiel’s Dad talks with Mayor Sam, April 10
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  • Houston Chronicle (AP), Alleged gang member pleads not guilty in slaying, April 9
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  •, Family of Jamiel Shaw to voice support for “Jamiel’s Law” on Doug McIntyre tomorrow morning (posted April 1) *note: Doug McIntyre is a radio host on KABC (Los Angeles). You can listen to his program here.
  • Pedro Espinoza mug shot and booking sheet
  • Daily News (Los Angeles), Barbarians are within the gate, March 30:

    The latest atrocity was the slaughter of 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw Jr., a star footballer who caught the eye of top college recruiters. Tragically, he also caught the eye of an illegal-alien gangbanger who gunned him down while Jamiel’s mother served in Iraq.

    You can’t make this up. The irony of fighting a war against terrorism half a world away while a generation of Angelenos is shot to pieces by local terrorists, while your own son is cut down at home…. Wow.

  • CNN, Dad faces son’s alleged killer; sees ‘normal’ youngster, March 26
    Murder suspect Pedro Espinoza
  • Times Record News (Wichita Falls, Texas), “A horrible waste,” March 25

    Jamiel Shaw Jr., a teenager on the verge of living out an American dream, was gunned down by someone who authorities believe had no business still living in America. -Times Record News

  • MyFoxLA, Arraigment postponed in Jamiel Shaw case, March 25
  • KABC-TV, Man accused of killing teen heads to court, March 25
  • Suspect in Jamiel Shaw Jr. murder case may be in US illegally, March 22


Mayor: Suspect “is a member of one of our most notorious gangs.”
Police chief: Espinoza is “a documented 18th Street” gang member released from jail “one day” before the shooting.

KNBC reports arraignment for suspect Pedro Espinoza postponed to March 25.


Just as friends and family of Jamiel Shaw Jr. are gathering for the teenager’s funeral, reports out of Los Angeles state that an arrest has been made in the case.

Reports out of Los Angles state that suspect Pedro Espinoza, 19, is believed to be a gang member. KABC quotes a source that claims Espinoza was “an active participant in a criminal street gang and the murder was carried out to further the activities of the criminal street gang.”

The state of California must still determine if this is a death penalty case.

Your thoughts about the Jamiel Shaw Jr. murder investigation are welcome here. Please feel free to comment.

-Los Angeles Times photo gallery of Jamiel Shaw Jr. funeral

14 thoughts on “Arrest in Jamiel Shaw murder case”

  1. My thoughts and prayers to Jamiel’s family. It’s a terrible shame a young man with such a wonderful, bright future ahead of him, had to have his life taken in such a horrifying manner.

    I hope they seek the death penalty, to be honest. I don’t see any redeeming qualities in anyone that would put a bullet into another person just for the sake of doing it, especially when it regards gang affilliation.

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  3. I do not think he deserves the death penalty. I went to L.A. high I know who he was and he was a blood. and if you know the bloods are rivals with the 18st gang. therefore, it was something carried out by gangmembers. He was a gangmember and he paid the ultimate price for it. He was not as innocent as they say he is. Keep that in mind. Its bad enough that one gets shot but he found his way to it, because he too was a gangmember. I know because I went to his school and I ran into him sometimes

  4. Unkown man,

    I don’t believe Jamiel was a gang member. He was college bound, had colleges chasing him to enroll. Pedro Espinoza IS A DIRT bag. He deserves the death penetly simply because he TOOK a life.

    Gang member or not, when you kill you should be killed. All of you gang banger piece of shit DESERVE to be locked up in prison 24 hours a day with no light, no window and no chance ever of being free.

    Your nothing but cock roaches. All you gang banger ass holes should die.

  5. Unknown man,

    You are a liar!!! He was NOT a gang member! You’re just trying to start rumors and you’re not successful. Jamiel was above that. Obviously you wouldn’t know because you didn’t know him. I go to LA high so….who are you again? Right! You’re probably some hater that have nothing better to do but hate. If you’re a gang member I think you should receive the same fate as that of your friend Pedro Espinoza!!!! DEATH!!!

  6. I have done independent research on Jamiel Shaw. It is true that he was a great football player! It is true that he had good parents, may have been a good student and that Stanford and Rutgers sent him letters, and it seems true that Jamiel was a good person. But from the research I have done, it also seems true that Jamiel was either already a Blood from Rollin 20’s or he was interested in becomming one. And for those of you who don’t know, you can be from a gang and be succesful in life! I say that to say you can’t equate Jamiel’s accomplishments with him not being gang affiliated. If you are a young black man that grows up in Los Angeles, more times than not you will be gang affiliated. Tho I think Jamiel took his affiliation a bit further!

  7. Please stop saying stupid things! After reading your posts I want to laugh! You are trying to act and talk like an experienced person, but it does not work in your case. You can’t imagine how funny you look. I didn’t want to say anything bad but words just came out of my mouth! You must be crazy!

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  9. The idiots have turned this into political fodder.
    The person who claimed to know the kid is a liar.
    Jamiel was NOT a gang member, period.

    Every kid in the hood could be called a gang “associate” simply because they are around gang members day in and day out. There is no escaping the contact with gang members.

    But this kid was NOT a gang member.

  10. He was wearing a red belt with the number 20 on it i rollin 20s territory. Gangmember or not, if your doing, your asking for trouble.

    Murders a murder, so espinoza is going to get what he has coming.

    But this wasn’t a random hate crime.

  11. he was a gangster not a victim it if u see his myspace this so call football star was a gang member..he was a gangster

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