Seventh human foot washes ashore


And the mystery deepens.

Yet another human foot has washed ashore in the coastal region of British Columbia and northern Washington State.  The latest discovery came Tuesday afternoon in Richmond, B.C.

The Canadian Press reports that a New Balance shoe containing human remains was discovered by a woman walking her dogs along the banks of the Fraser River.

One other New Balance runner – the only one belonging to a woman – has been found since the feet began turning up and it was located May 22 on Kirkland Island, not far from the site of Tuesday’s discovery. (The Canadian Press)

CTV News reports that the woman who found the shoe is Diane Johnston.

“It had been brought up by a high tide,” said Diane Johnston. Since she was too scared to climb down the river bank to fetch a running shoe that was sitting up on a rock, she notifed her husband Ken, who later phoned Richmond police. (CTV News)

Tuesday’s discovery brings the total number of human feet found in this coastal area since August 2007 to seven.  On average, that’s nearly one foot washing-up every other month.


CTV News has also produced an excellent interactive map that provides:

  1. The locations of the six feet found prior to Tuesday’s discovery
  2. Photographs of 5 of the 6 shoes found prior to Tuesday
  3. Links to stories about the discovery of each foot has an extensive archive (including numerous videos) concerning the missing feet mystery.  The most popular story in the archive is Pig video lends insight into B.C.’s human feet mystery.

Global Television Network (video 1)

[wpvideo zBeHoJOa w=420]


Global Television Network (video 2)

[wpvideo XofZW6q1 w=420]

7 thoughts on “Seventh human foot washes ashore”

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  2. i’m a total crime geek….

    relating to another case a medical examiner said hands and feet disarticulate first from a corpse that’s in the water…in other words as decomposition occurs the feet fall off the body…leading me to believe these are separate cases

    i’m assuming the locations they’re being found in has something to do with tide patterns but that’s a wild guess by a landlubber

  3. Mark,
    The pig experiment seems to solidify this theory, doesn’t it?
    There was a case in CA of a screenwriter who went off the road and into water. I believe the vehicle with this body was found about 1 year later. The hands were in the back seat, leading to speculation of foul play (i.e. cutting the hands off to hinder identification). However, the ME determined the hands came off the corpse in the normal course of decomposition and either were carried into the backseat by water or by crabs, etc.

  4. Hi April,

    Yes, I believe I remember that case making news. As I recall he had been driving back to CA from New Mexico (?). I remember his disappearance making local news in Albuquerque. Later, once solved, I saw the case featured on a national crime show.
    The conclusion that you’ve mentioned brought some closure for his wife, as I recall.


  5. the gentleman in question apparently had extensive connections with the CIA, etc prompting his loved ones to believe the death was nefarious in nature

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