VIDEO: “Return to Castle Dome, part 2”

Return to Castle Dome, part 2, examines the Lord Our Righteousness Church through the eyes of one of its former ministers, Allen Armstrong.

Interviewed on July 26, 2008 near Yuma, Arizona,  Mr. Armstrong spoke critically of LOR leader Wayne Bent.  Mr. Bent presently faces criminal charges, including sexual contact with minors, in New Mexico.

In an October 26, 2008 e-mail, Mr. Bent wrote to and provided his on-the-record responses to comments made by Mr. Armstrong.  At the time, Mr. Bent was 18-days into his “final fast.” Comments made by Mr. Bent are included in Return to Castle Dome, part 2.

One side note: I had intended to upload/publish this video in late October.  However, a computer crash resulted in this delayed posting.  I’d like to express my thanks here to those of you who have patiently waited to see this video.

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  1. In the video report, Allen hits the nail on the head when he says that Wayne hears and obeys the voice of demons. These thoughts and impressions that Wayne assumes come from “Father” are suggestions that Satan imparts to destroy body, soul & spirit. If his followers could rise up and stand upon the Word of God as given in the Bible, Wayne himself could possibly be helped, but as matters now stand, they have been all too willing to be guided and directed by feelings and impressions. We wrote to Wayne about this demonic influence several months ago. You can read our correspondence at:

  2. Thank you, Mark, for your work on the video. We played a large part in bringing the Armstrongs into LOR. Haven’t seen Allen in 19 years, so it was nice to see him via video.

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    Johnny D. Miller

    Thank you very much Mark. This latest offering is a fantastic Final Chapter to the events which happened at Castle Dome. Hopefully the readers and viewers will have a honest rendition of the events, thoughts, prayers, hopes, and directions played out throughout the years. I was blessed to be part of this story, and I pray all will better understand the story behind the story as seen through the eyes of Allen and myself. Again, thank you for your concerns and love of the truth.

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    Milton Bernheisel

    I listened to Allen Armstrong’s testimony and can say with certainty that he is very inaccurate in most of his statements.

    Allen, Wayne, another minister and myself were the leading ministers of the LOR church for several years. I had many intimate conversations with Allen and his wife during those years. I saw the conditions under which he and his wife left the LOR church. I saw the spirit that he had and retained after he left. His leaving was because he was offended by being “mistreated” not because of something that Wayne did. He personally told me this himself shortly after he left. He told me that he had not been treated properly and had not been disfellowshipped properly according to Matthew 18. He said this repeatedly. He NEVER even hinted one time, about the things he said in this video about Wayne back then.

    The things he said in this video about Wayne have been manufactured from his imagination from what he has heard second and third hand from others. He has NOT been privy to anything at all since he left. All his information is hearsay at the best, and at worst (which is closer to the truth) fabricated from his imagination.

    I was Verna Bernheisel’s husband for 32 years and I know her much better than Allen could. I know of the tumors, the cysts and how they grew, when and how they broke. I was in contact with her all through the situation that brought about her death. I can testify from her own words to me, that she NEVER said what Allen said she said. She trusted God to heal her, but if he did not she was going to trust Him anyway. Her faith in God is what sustained her.

    What Allen has said about Verna is a gross lie and far from the truth. I know better than most the whole story behind her sickness and the final outcome and how it came about. Allen’s testimony in this regard cannot be trusted.

    Michael Travesser said it right when he said that Allen left 14 years ago and has no clue about what has happened since that time long ago. Fourteen years is a long time with no contact except what one hears through the grapevine.

    Johnny Miller cannot say with truthfulness that what Allen is sharing is an “honest rendition of the events” as seen by Allen, because it is not. Allen NEVER “saw” nearly everything that he is testifying about. In a court of law it would all be thrown out as conjecture and hearsay, but on this site it is portrayed as an “honest rendition of the events” when it is not.

  5. Listening to Wendy say things like” I told father that if Michael invites me in, I will ask for the consumation.” , reminds me of playing “she loves me, she loves me not” while pulling the pedals off of a flower and then attributing the final outcome as a mandate from God.
    If you step on a crack, you will break your mothers back, also!!

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    Milton Bernheisel

    There is one other comment about Allen’s “honest rendition of the events” that is a lie. He said that 15 years ago Wayne came down on Verna for not having enough faith and that her lack of faith took her to the hospital. Wayne never “came down on her” for a lack of faith. Verna came down on herself, but Wayne did not. I know I was there the whole time.

    When I talked with Wayne later about it, he told me that if his wife (Sandy Bent at the time) wanted to go to the hospital that he would take her. There was no chastising for lack of faith. He was willing to accommodate what a person wanted.

    At the time of that incident Verna was extremely dehydrated and when I took her to the hospital she received IV’s in order to be hydrated. Her condition was such that she felt the only way she could hydrate was at a hospital. So I took her. Later she gave testimony that she would never go to a hospital again and that if she got sick she would trust God to heal her instead. That is exactly what she did with her condition at the end. She trusted God and God will reward her faith in His ability to heal her. In God’s eyes she is healed. She is delivered. He will resurrect that hope and faith that she died with. But men do not see as God sees. Their sins give them blinded eyes yet they claim to “see”.

    What the masses of people ignore in all this is faith in God. Instead of focusing on God’s vision of things they try to shift the focus to their limited physical senses. During the dark ages people had such strong faith in Jesus Christ and his ability to deliver that they were burned alive, tortured on racks in dungeons, torn asunder by wild beasts, boiled in oil etc. This is all well documented in Fox’s Book of Martyrs. Those who have read that book, and believe it, do not seem to deny the faith of those martyrs. Yet if we go by “physical sight” they were not delivered by God. They were not healed. But God sees them as they are in reality in eternity. He does not look at present circumstances for evidence of the truth. Jesus Christ said, “Whosoever lives and believes in me will NEVER die.” Those that he said that to died. Thousands who have believed those words have died since then. Did Jesus lie? The scoffers of today, if they were transported back in time, would say, yes he lied. The same people of today who deny the faith and hope of God’s people of today would tell us that those who were martyred for their faith were not delivered. The spirit that denies God’s ability has not changed. The Jews accused Jesus of being insane. They said he was a criminal and a bastard. By physical sight and the evidence of ones senses it all looked that way back then. But was it true? NO! NO! NO!

    Is Michael a deceiver, a manipulator, a child molester, an adulterer, a fraud who tells someone that they are healed one minute and then they drop dead the next? By physical sight, and hearsay, it might look like that to some, but I can testify from personal experience and intimate contact with him that just as Jesus was who he said he was, that Michael Travesser is who he says he is. They have the same Spirit and it does not lie. Verna IS healed. Verna IS delivered. God said so and I believe it so.

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    Johnny D. Miller

    Milton, I posted this last night on Prudence’s Website, and it basically sheads some light on what you have said here, at least concerning Verna and her desire to receive her healing from God. I also comment on Allen’s 14 year absence from the church. Yet while I was a faithful member of the church, and lived there on the land, and experienced these events first hand, I can say that I am not motivated by my imagination, or hurt feelings. I have no axe to grind with you or Wayne. I had a sweet last conversation with your wife the very day she had her stroke, and it was so full of faith, hope, and love that it still brings tears to my eyes to recall it. This conversation backs up what you say about Verna’s last days…. Lots of things said in a court of law are thrown out, but they do get said anyway. The sitting jury receives instructions on the law, and receives instructions from the bench, but still when they retire to deliberate the facts of the case, the evidence, the testimonies, and even the very law inself, the fate of the defendant rests totally with them, and them alone. I just came off a jury last week. I saw the process with my own eyes, and it does work. I am satisfied to leave it to the jury, and to all the people involved. We all have an opinion, and a slice of the story to offer. You and I were both there as witnesses. I say let the people judge for themselves, and God will also present His case as well. Everyone involved sits on this jury, and this jury will never be hung, as a whole, but individuals within it may very well hang themselves. Here is the post:

    I have just seen part 2 of Return To Castle Dome and I would like to offer my opinion of the presentation. I was there when Mark filmed the segment with Allen, and the editing is perfect. It is a good effort and work. Mark has retained the whole jest of what Allen wanted to present for the public archives pertaining to Wayne Bent and the Lord Our Righteousness Church. I would want to address something Wayne says about Allen though. In one of Wayne’s e-mails to Mark, the comment is said by Wayne that he has had no contact with Allen for 14 years, and Wayne questioned how Allen was able to know anything about these current events. Wayne speaks truly here, because he has had no contact with Allen. But Allen is not so much left in the dark here about these events concerning the LOR. Some of the comments Allen made were contributed to a conversation that I had with Verna the very day she had her stroke which made her bedfast until her death. That morning I had the opportunity to join her for a walk on the lands owned by Strong City. I was still a resident of the land, and I met her on one of the paths as I was taking a walk myself. We sat together and talked about her health, as she was at that time in great physical distress as a result of her female problems with her body. I was not too familar with the exact details of her case, but at that moment she was up and able to walk unattended and able to function quite normally, though a bit weakened. We as a church body were aware of her present needs and she had opted to be treated with natural healing methods using herbs and other natural treatments. I actually spent over an hour with her as we sat and shared on a bench set up in one of the washes on the property. She told me that she was in complete peace about her present condition, and she was radiant as she spoke with me. Her counternance was a sight to behold. I asked her if she was in communication with Michael (Wayne) about her present health options, and she told me that she was trusting Father to heal her completely. She also told me that she has had prayer offered by Wayne towards Father in her behalf, and she told me that she trusted Michael completely for her complete healing. She was so at peace and happy, and I marveled and praised Father together with her. We embraced as brethren would do, and she pranced off like a deer on high places. It was the last that I ever laid eyes on her. Later that day she had a major stroke which put her down for the last time. Verna and I had a sweet friendship, as my wife Lillian, her husband Milton, and her parents had shared a 3 bedroom home in Raton, New Mexico. Our three families had grown close during that time, and I greatly valued that time to get to know her and Milton. Verna and I had a lot in common. The last week I was on the land, I helped Milton hand dig Verna’s grave. It was the last thing I ever did with Milton. I knew and felt all of his pain. I cried like a baby each evening. I knew then that these final days of my friend could have been prevented had she only seen a doctor and had the simple surgery to remove the cysts in her female parts of her body, but she had been conditioned all of her life by the church to distrust the medical profession, and to trust God alone for healing. The teachings of the LOR influenced Verna’s thinking and reasoning abilities, and she paid for it with her life. In my opinion she made a wrong decision, but it was clearly Verna’s decision. Wayne told the truth. He did offer to have her to be treated by a doctor, and she refused. Wayne was not at fault here. But these offers came when the effects of the stroke had already done much of it’s final destruction to her vital force and system. The people in the land worked hard to help her in her final days, but she passed Christmas eve 2006. I had given this report to Allen before the interviews with Mark Horner, plus he had also heard from others as well. Allen’s rendition of the event was truthful, as far as I know, as I was a witness to many of these things. So I personally take responsibility for much of what Allen shared with all of us. Wayne can fault me for that.

    Wayne was not the only one to also hear this “Voice” that Allen refers too in the land. It is written, “By beholding you become changed”. By connecting to Wayne, we all in Strong City also became connected to this “Voice” as well. I too heard and followed this “Voice”. Throughout my years in the LOR I had received several dreams and visions from “Heaven”, and I relayed them to the church. Many of these dreams and visions helped form the church throughout the learning process, including the final dream which I had shortly before I left the Land. This dream was about the final days of the LOR on the earth, the end of the church, if one could suggest, and it was quite illustrative and clear, and very spiritual in nature. Wayne refers to it a short while ago in one of his posts on Mark’s Blog. I, as all of us, had left my mark in this church as as well. So far, this dream is being fulfilled just as I saw it presented, as most of my dreams have been in the past. I cannot predict anything about anything. Wayne is bound by his own decided course, and he will do as this “Voice” directs him to do. Allen says that it is a demon. Soon we will all know where this “Voice’ leads Wayne. In my final dream there were five graves in the little graveyard. Will Wayne be one of them? There are two of them there now. Wayne does have a voice in the matter, for I know that God allows men to make up their own minds and go their own course. Wayne has been hearing this “Voice” since the 1970’s, and I do know one thing. He loves this voice, and will not turn away from it, not even to save his own life. Satan hates humanity, because man is made in the image of God, and Angels are not. Satan will not rest until all men are dead, and Wayne is a man. A man which hears a voice, a voice which can be argued that does not agree with scripture. A voice which tells him to do some rather hard things which go against reason. A voice which controls him and others, even to the extremes of human emotions and understanding. Everyone hears a voice and follows it, and that was the plan of God from the very beginning. That is why were told to test the spirits with the written Word of God, His Holy Bible. Man is not left to himself without a helper. We have all we need in these trying times, but man must do the work, ask for help, and then follow the simple instructions from on high. Soon we will all see where this “Voice” leads Wayne Bent, and The Lord Our Righteousness Church, and all will know without a doubt which “Voice” is indeed the correct one, the Voice of the True God, after all.

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    Milton Bernheisel

    Johnny you said, “Soon we will all see where this “Voice” leads Wayne Bent, and The Lord Our Righteousness Church, and all will know without a doubt which “Voice” is indeed the correct one, the Voice of the True God, after all.”

    When that time comes, those who wait to “see”, perish. You know this very well. The faithful walk by faith not by sight. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be when the Son of Man comes. Yes when Noah followed the “Voice” it was against all reason and scientific evidence. What Noah did in following the “Voice” was extreme and against all human emotion and understanding. Nothing supported what he did except the “Voice” in his soul. Eight heard that “Voice” and followed Noah into the ark. The animals heard the “Voice” too and went in.

    Those who waited to “see” if the “Voice” was of God, perished. They perished in the waters that the “Voice” said was coming. Noah heard it and was called insane by the vast majority. You have done the same with Michael Travesser. You have called him insane and the things we did you have called insane. You have said that it violates scripture. They said the same thing of Jesus Christ. He was seeking to destroy the established religion of the day and do away with their ceremonies. He was following a “Voice” that they refused to hear.

    Your fate is foretold by what Jesus said about the days of Noah and it is coming with the speed of lightning. The car you are on has a conductor whose grin is horrible. I see him, you do not. You feel safe in waiting to see, if the “Voice” is true, and in waiting you lure others into the same trap. Their lives will be on your shoulders. You have turned the truth of God into a lie. Your witness is false and when it is proven to be false it will be way to late for those who chose to believe you.

  9. Milton:
    To compare Wayne Bent with Jesus Christ is incorrect. According to Scripture Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and lived an entirely sinless life. Wayne Bent was born in sin, has sinned, and continued to sin after the “spirit” entered him as evident by his multiple acts of adultry.

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    Gods new messenger

    WB’s promises are never kept!
    Twice he promised they would ascend into heaven the last 2 Halloweens…didn’t happen!
    They were out blowing horns, banging pots and pans, yelling “Freedom, Liberty” all night.
    But when their magic spaceship didn’t arrive, he changed his promise to next Halloween.
    But his charriot was only an ambulance and he sat in jail while his promised time came and went.
    Don’t you just hate that when that happens?!

    Milton, in reading the hundreds of comments and blogs, only those who truly hear that voice that WB and those of SC hears
    and believes are there waiting to ascend as this voice has promised live at SC. Not 1,500 miles away!
    Why are you far away, not there with your savior, WB if you truly believe he is who he says he is,
    and the voice is the right spirit? Why are you so far away?
    You claim you believe, but only from a very far distance! WHY?
    Or do you fear WB will take YOUR new wife away, will consummate with her?
    IF that girl needs replacing, perhaps your wife will take her place!
    WB claims those on the outside are lost, is there an exclusion clause?
    Why are you not there supporting WB and those in SC?
    Could it be because you don’t fully believe?
    You contradicted yourself too many times.
    Do the people in Roseburg know what your beliefs are? Or are you ashamed to tell them?
    Could it be you and WB locked horns too many times?
    And you just can’t wait to take over?

    God forbid WB wasn’t the one building the ark,
    who knows what tangent he’d gone off on, those poor animals! He wouldn’t have finished the ark, too busy consummating.
    Noah was called a lunatic ONLY because they’d never seen it rain!
    Something that had never happened!
    NOT because he was having sex with anything that slithered into his bed!
    Sex and adultery wasn’t something new!
    And when Noah said the doors were going to close, THEY CLOSED! And it began raining right then!
    Noah didn’t have to go in and out of the ark trying to explain, next year the rain is coming! NO!
    Can you imagine going in and out of the ark as Noah got the dates wrong AGAIN like WB has!
    You know why? Because its NOT the voice of GOD! Is voice of the father of all lies!
    And Moses fasting for 40 days did this in private, didn’t advertise all over the net, then quit after 5 days like WB has!
    And Moses returned with something God wrote with his own finger! His face was bright, not sullen and hallow as WB face is!
    He didn’t take a harem of women up the mountain with him for his own self gratifications!
    And Elijah’s Chariot took him up into heaven, WB chariot, aka ambulance ride only took him to the hospital
    for medical and psychiatric evaluation, then on to jail awaiting trial.
    The Prophets never had people write defense letters. They NEVER lied either!
    WB is using smoke and mirrors trying to make it look as if he’s being tried for touching a woman’s sternum as he wants you to believe!
    NO, he’s charged with having minor children laying naked, skin to skin, chest to chest,
    kissing their breast with his mouth, then kissing them on their mouths as husband and wives kiss, in his bed, alone with him!
    A child describing such kisses doesn’t mean their lips touched for quick peck. This tells it was pretty involved kissing!
    The letters the little girl wrote, defending this man, looks like she’s afraid they will find out a lot more than she’s told.
    It sure tells me they had literal, actual sex, intercourse took place.
    God knows what is true, and in 5 years from now when WB is STILL in jail,
    those in SC still living in old trailers, people waking up and leaving,
    A few more bodies placed in the graves…will you finally give it up?
    Or will you still be standing around, being unproductive, looking in the sky, standing on a soap box STILL defending WB?
    Or will you finally see this “man” had fooled all of you because he heard the father of all lies and believed this.
    Then you go out and do as the Lord commanded in being “Fishers of Men”? out winning souls, helping the hurting, feeding the hungry.
    There’s so many people hungry for the true gospel, So many broken and torn lives, desperate for the “Good News”!
    Not the ugly bad news of some creepy delusional old man who is having sex with everyone’s wives!
    By his fruits we shall know him! His fruits are so rotten even the worms won’t touch it!
    How sad and pathetic anyone who supports a pedophile who is having sex with just about anyone
    Milton, I’d like to hear what you have to say 5 years from now.
    I have suspicions you’ll be changing your mind about the voices WB heard.

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    Milton Bernheisel

    God’s new messenger said, “I have suspicions you’ll be changing your mind about the voices WB heard.”

    Never, “Though he slay me yet will I trust in him.”

    Come out from behind the rock you hide behind (the name God’s new messenger) and (show us your real name) then we might be able to talk about some of the issues you raised.

  12. avatar
    Gods new messenger

    So why does it bother you that I use this name?
    Those in SC change names all the time!
    So if you find fualt with me, then you must find fault with your “god” aka WB.
    Yes…He WILL slay you and the rocks won’t be able to hide you!
    You and Mr Wayne are going to the same place, where those who do harm to others.
    You are filled with rage, anger and hatred.
    What a miserable life you lead.
    Having sex with under aged children IS very harming!
    This is this “mans” legacy.
    He is a classic case cult leader!
    You are a laughing mockery in Gods Holy Name!
    But you still didn’t answer the questions I raised.
    So tells us that you don’t beleive all what WB claims.

  13. Here’s yer sign!
    The Last Day by Jeff Bent, daddys lil gopher!
    ~~~Today is the last day of the year of Jubilee~~~
    ~~~The Jubilee is the year God’s people are delivered from this earth~~~~
    Looks like your spaceship didnt make its stop at SC this time….ooops!

    ~~~The Scriptures calls it “The Last Trump~~~final message brings judgment~~~announces deliverance~~~the change~~~end of **all** things~~~
    Well, chalk these up to more lies!
    9 days later….ALL things has NOT ended!
    ~~~perhaps for the last time~~~to wrap up a few details of the last few days~~~~
    we are waiting…call it a wrap!
    Wrap it up!
    ~~~ We have been promised deliverance, we are actively seeking and requiring this of heaven now.
    It is time, for our earthly work is finished.
    God has never failed us in the past.~~~

    But people in SC, it was NOT GOD telling him these things, it was the father of all lies…he lied to you again!
    Why can’t you see this?
    What will it take for your eyes to be opened?
    Or would you rather beleive a lie?

    ~~~Last night my father, Wayne Bent, was taken to the new private prison~~~I remember the promise, “For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell~~~ prison industry represents everything that is hellish~~~

    Lets see what they have to say a few years from now when mr waybent is still there!

    ~~~Wayne Bent is no longer eating food or drinking any water. He calls this “the fast of Moses,” where Moses didn’t eat or drink for 40 days while on the mountain waiting for the covenant of God to Israel. My father will not accept sustenance from the beast. He awaits the deliverance promised to him by God, will not stop fasting until he receives it.
    If God sustains him, he will live.
    If not, he is ready to die, for he will not be the play-thing of the beast, made a spectacle in a court of liars and perverts where the truth is squelched~~~

    Just who’s the perverts here? mr waybent laying naked, skin to skin with underage girls IS perverted!
    And why is he now taking food and water from the beast when he just claimed he would NOT?
    Another lie, from the father of all Lies!

    Yeah….I hate that when that happens!

  14. I liked the video. I found it to be well-produced, utilizing some very excellent presentation techniques which made it very watchable (even without knowing the whole back story of this saga). Plus, the camera work was really nice (what a backdrop those mountains and the newly constructed “ghost-town” created). The images were spectacularly clear, demonstrating an excellent usage of the wide screen with high “def” resolution (at least it looked that way to me).

    I really liked the positioning of Armstrong in a wooden chair out in that open area (framed by those strange unidentified shapes we can just wonder about.. that was photographic art). Having him out there in that foreign (to the rest of the world) environment, being interviewed by a disembodied questioner gave it the eerie feeling of an interrogation in another dimension (I wouldn’t have been surprised by “Twilight Zone” sounds). Horner did a good job in not only allowing a rebuttal (it was nice of Bent to respond), but really giving the answer a full equal treatment to Bent’s “live on tape” critic (which is quite a challenge working from merely an email response). To accomplish that effect, we saw a very nice method, showing the letter in text some of the time and then other times having a voice-over reading by the narrator. That was impressive.

    I thought that the subject (Armstrong) came off sometimes as a lovable curmugeon and other times as bitter and spiteful (unforgiving), but that’s what a good documentarian does… exposes people’s flaws along with their good qualities. I found the “demon possession” explanations amusing… almost like he had never heard of modern psychiatry and various manifestations of mental illness (but, again… that sort of quirkiness is why a professional documentary is fun to watch).

    I had a lot of questions while watching the presentation. I wondered, “Who owns Castle Dome?” We learned that it was once the property of the LOR church, but “then what?” Did Armstrong get the land in a settlement with Bent after the big church split? I found it interesting that Armstrong’s situation had a very strange similarity with Bent in his New Mexico group, both of them in odd desolate retirement situations on extremely remote barren western tracts of land (the kind of places most people ironically refer to as being “god-forsaken”). Another question, which came to mind watching the video, was about the source of income Armstrong has to conduct this sort of real estate development (tourist ghost-town building). Did the several ministers all take cuts from the contribution kitty when they went their separate ways? Those thoughts all crossed my mind while watching… but, I was left to wonder. Of course, none of those questions (or their answers) relate to the current Wayne Bent dilemma, but, I like for documentaries to wander off a bit to set the stage for better consideration of the whole picture. On balance, it was a very good piece, fun to watch and seriously contributing to the on-going story.

  15. Excellent “clip”.
    I sense Mr Armstrong as very disgusted, perhaps frustrated in watching people he once lead and cared for blindly follow mr WayBents madness down into a pit of destruction and confusion, perhaps into death.
    mr WayBent doesn’t make too much sense,perhaps his mind is slipping because of the fast and being stressed, clearly he looks scared.
    He’s made many demands from God, begging for deliverence, for God to take them from this earth and claims they will NOT live here!
    But God hasn’t been complying with them the last few weeks and has remained silent for a very long time.
    Perhaps the voices mr WayBent wasn’t God afterall, and now he’s realizing he may have been fooled by satan the entire time.
    Only now he doesn’t know how to save face, plus he’s going to spend a long time in prison for the crimes he’s committed having children lay naked alone in his bed at nite. This isn’t about touching sternums has he tries to make this out to be, read the charges!
    Read what the girls said…they all said they layed naked, skin to skin with him on his bed.
    Someone is NOT telling the truth here!
    Don’t you just hate that when that happens?!
    Is time to tell the truth! It will set you free!
    Praying for those people who’ve been horribly deceived. Their blood will be on his hands, but they chose this because they were lazy in their studies!
    He also comes off as flipant, catty and just plain silly…but you can see he’s loosing ground now and back-peddaling, grasping for straws…anything to save his own butt now!
    I would expect more from someone who supposidly holds a higher position, a son of god!
    Didn’t mr WayBent write on his web site a few years ago how he spent hours and hours alone with Wendy trying to help and councel her?
    But now he’s claiming to have spent only few minutes or 1 hour helping with wall paper, doesn’t match up with what he wrote on his web a few years ago.
    What is truth?

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    Milton Bernheisel

    “And the chief priests (former church members, like Allen, Prudence, God’s new messenger, Johnny, wdawn55 and others) accused him of MANY things: but he answered nothing.
    “And Pilate asked him again, saying, Answerest thou nothing? behold how MANY things they witness (“…I was a faithful member of the church, and lived there on the land, and experienced these events first hand…”) AGAINST thee.” Mark 15:2,3

    “For he knew that the chief priests had delivered him for ENVY (“I can say that I am not motivated by my imagination, or hurt feelings.”). Mark 15:10 Yes it is envy instead, you think your dreams are so important. After all the dreams, “helped form the church throughout the learning process”…and of course “I, as all of us, had left my mark in this church…”

    “And they that passed by (come on blogs in order to make snide remarks) reviled him, wagging their heads,
    “And saying, Thou that destroyest the temple (have sex with underage girls, violating their bodies, i.e. their temples), and buildest it in three days, save thyself. IF thou be the Son of God, come down from the cross (see if you can get out of jail now).
    “Likewise also the chief priests (former members) mocking him, with the scribes and elders (reporters with their court documents and videos), said,
    “He saved others; himself he cannot save. IF he be the King of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe him (then we will know without a doubt).
    “He trusted in God (He heard Voices); let him deliver him now, IF he will have him: for he said, I am the Son of God (This is the REAL crime he is being accused of).” Matthew 27:39-42

  17. Mr. Bernheisel, you do sound a bit melodramatic. Bent isn’t going to be executed. These charges aren’t as big as so many people (like you) are making them out to be. Yes, it’s a sex offense, but it’s a lesser one; he isn’t being accused of rape. Probably (if convicted) he’ll get a six month sentence (with time off for time served). Then he will be back home again and able to “marry” those same gals he had his dalliances with while they were under the legal age. Remember the school teacher with her 13 year old lover? After her jail stint (far more than Bent will get), they are married now and raising their two children. With Bent’s gal pals getting old enough to do whatever they wish, I think they will all be able join and resume his “messiah” mission with impunity. The prosecutor already offered Bent a “deal” with a chance to walk and I think that’s probably a glimpse of what he’ll get with a conviction.

    So, comparisons to Jesus notwithstanding, instead of a crucifixion, I think we will see a short jail stay (which won’t be much different that what he is experiencing now) and then it’s back at the ranch to practice his religion (but, my guess is that this time around he won’t be having “revelations” about laying naked with underage girls).

    The irony of your rant is that in this country you can even practice Satanic worship if you wish or hear voices and say you are “God incarnate” and as long as you don’t break the laws, the State will not only protect you to be able to continue to do it, but give you tax-free status as well.

  18. “(This is the REAL crime he is being accused of)…”
    Milton Bernheisel

    9 Nov 08 at 3:28 am

    In case you missed it…here are the actual crimes that Wayne Bent is accused of.

    Grand Jury indicted Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser) today on four counts.

    “Two counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor in the second degree, unclothed. And two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor,”

    Now Wayne’s other behavior might be considered as “very unsavory” by some, but they aren’t “crimes” in the legal sense.

    Wayne ran into legal trouble with these two minors because he forgot to take into account that minors cannot consent, and there is no religious or constitutional exemption to criminal sexual contact of a minor or contributing to delinquency of a minor. It is not a requirement of the law that the affected minor think it is criminal, or become aroused, or believe they were touched in a sexual manner.

  19. “So, comparisons to Jesus notwithstanding, instead of a crucifixion, I think we will see a short jail stay (which won’t be much different that what he is experiencing now) and then it’s back at the ranch to practice his religion (but, my guess is that this time around he won’t be having “revelations” about laying naked with underage girls).”

    Sam Redman

    9 Nov 08 at 5:05 am

    …And in time Wayne will come up with a new narrative to disguise the truth of what happened…and if anyone should accuse Mr Bent of being a child molester, he will respond that only a person with the heart of a child molester would see it that way…and, in unison, all the SC people will break out into a chant of “WRONG SPIRIT”, “WRONG SPIRIT”…and they will be free to live haphazardly ever after.

  20. Mitlon, are you for real? Tell me you’re joking?
    If not then, Oh ouch! Where did you come up with this comparison?
    I’d love to fast foward this saga, 10-20 years, see what you have to claim then!
    I’m sure will make as much sense as it does now.
    Sam…they ARE practicing satanic worshiping.
    Sadly they just can’t see it.
    What an abomination to the true RISEN SAVIOR IN HEAVEN who is sitting next to His father.
    He is looking down and weeping for He knows they are so blinded by the darkness.
    But the reason they got to this place is they were not firm in scriptures.
    Had they been they’d know when mr WayBent began going off course, having intercourse long ago with other mens wives, they wouldn’t now beleiving all these lies.
    There’s nothing we can do, Only God can open their eyes, but they must first be willing to admit their sins of accepting and beleiving a lie.
    Remember, bible says even the elect will be decieved!
    He’s a laughable, shameful false christ.
    My Lord doesn’t force anyone to act like an animal in heat, climbing on anything that moves!
    This is MORE than sickening.
    I feel sorry for you and those who follow this false “teacher”.
    Your words here will all come back to haunt you, this is promised by the one who will judge you!
    Deep down inside you know this is wrong and you question, but too embarrased to admit.
    You still have time, after you’re dead you cannot change your mind.
    I’d be careful, satan would love to take the lives of those who are lost in thier sins!
    May the Lord have mercy on these poor souls.

  21. avatar
    Milton Bernheisel

    Crytears said, “Mitlon, are you for real? Tell me you’re joking?”

    I would never joke about something as serious as this.

    “If not then, Oh ouch! Where did you come up with this comparison?”

    The God of heaven and earth who created all these things and wrote the scriptures told me that this was so.

    “I’d love to fast foward this saga, 10-20 years, see what you have to claim then!”

    I do not expect the earth to continue on near that long. It has been ripe for self-destruction for a long time now. I thought I would tell you of this overwhelming evidence since you do not see it.

    “I’m sure will make as much sense as it does now.”

    This is the mystery that angels cannot look into and will be the science of the redeemed for all ages. That is why it does not make sense to you because your views are earthly and not heavenly.

    “Sam…they ARE practicing satanic worshiping.”

    “And the scribes which came down from Jerusalem said, He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of the devils casteth he out devils (heals by placing his hand on their sternum).” Mark 3:22

    “My Lord doesn’t force anyone to act like an animal in heat, climbing on anything that moves!”

    Can’t you see how you grossly exaggerate something that even the “victims” say was not sexual into a whopping lie? No wonder people believe a lie when something is said like this that is a vile gross distortion of facts. You should be ashamed before God and men for imagining something like this. The recording angel is ashamed to even write this down against your name.

  22. “My Lord doesn’t force anyone to act like an animal in heat, climbing on anything that moves!”
    ~ Crytears

    Can’t you see how you grossly exaggerate something that even the “victims” say was not sexual into a whopping lie? ~ Mr. Bernheisel

    If you follow the context you can see that she was referring to Wayne having sexual intercourse with three other women in Strong City, not the criminal sexual contact with minors…or at least that’s the way I read it.

    No wonder people believe a lie when something is said like this that is a vile gross distortion of facts. ~ Mr Bernheisel.

    Did Mr Bent not have sexual intercourse with (at least) three Strong City women? Did he not say that God forced him to?

  23. I just read the many comments from Milton, Raycot, Sam,Cry Tears, Gods New messenger…I’ve been following the story regarding the LOR since I saw the documentary on TV. The main thing I cannot get passed is the fact that Wayne Bent claims many things…regarding the end times etc. However, what gets me is the “Instructions-The BIBLE states” God’s Holy WORD clearly explains Jesus Christ is THE ONLY WAY to Heaven….Life eternal with God. Narrow is the way. Yes, there will be many false teachers in the last days….God’s WORD says that. I don’t see where in the Bible it mentions anything about a man (not Jesus) that can Save us. If it is not in the Book, the Bible….I cannot put my trust in it. There is too much at stake. My eternity…My focus is my FAITH & HOPE I have in Jesus Chirst. He, Jesus Christ, will come back for me & his people who believe in him. The one sent from God…there is no Michael…no Wayne Bent that could do this. He is not Jesus, God did not say in his WORD he would come an inhabit the body of some human man with sin….this is all wrong and goes against God’s WORD…that never lies…never changes. His WORD is the same yesterday, today, and eternity. That is why my heart is so heavy for those following a false God. He has blinded you and you have accepted his lies. This is a scheme from the Devil. My prayer is for God to remove the scles from their eyes.

  24. avatar
    Milton Bernheisel

    Raycott, Crytears qualified it by stating, “climbing on anything that moves.”

    “Anything” is a whole lot more vile than “three other women”. I stand by my statement that it is a grossly exaggerated lie. If this person were on a jury or on the prosecution side it is hard telling what the outcome would be, except a whole lot more severe than I could imagine. This person is crying “crucify him”.

  25. avatar
    Milton Bernheisel

    Heather, if I may I would like to address a few of your concerns with scripture alone. You decide.

    You said, “I don’t see where in the Bible it mentions anything about a man (not Jesus) that can Save us.”

    All the prophets until Christ were a type of saviour in the sense that they were to be believed and followed. Noah, Moses, Joshua, Samuel etc are just a few examples. And after Christ the things that the men of God wrote down were sometimes simply letters that were much later cannonized. Prior to that they were just letters that people believed were from God. Jesus was thought to be a bastard and if you go back in history to THAT time and look at it as they had to see it, it would take a leap of faith to believe the testimonies of just a very few people. The mother of Jesus saw an angel that NO ONE else saw and so most thought that Jesus was a bastard. Even Joseph had a hard time with it. Then Mary had to believe a dream from him to go to Egypt. The three wise men believed their dreams. Most people of that day could say that they were dreamers. A lot thought that Jesus was insane. Today, two thousand years later it is much different, but go back to that period in time and try to see it as they had to see it and it looks much different.

    “If it is not in the Book, the Bible….I cannot put my trust in it.”

    I agree, but at one time there was no bible. Noah did not have a bible, but he believed a “Voice” that told him to build an ark and his three sons believed too. The scriptures do state that when Jesus comes that the earth will be in the condition as it was then. Only eight people were saved. Should we expect a huge number to be saved today when Jesus said that that would not be the case?

    “The one sent from God…there is no Michael…no Wayne Bent that could do this.”

    Read Daniel 12:1 Speaking of the end of time, it says, “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.”

    “He is not Jesus,”

    Michael Travesser does not claim to be Jesus, never has. He says that the same Spirit that inhabited Jesus, does inhabit him.

    “God did not say in his WORD he would come an inhabit the body of some human man with sin….this is all wrong and goes against God’s WORD…that never lies…never changes.”

    “When he shall come to be glorified IN his saints, and to be admired IN all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day.” 2Thess 1:10 emphasis mine

    Consider these things.


  26. Raycott, Crytears qualified it by stating, “climbing on anything that moves.”

    “Anything” is a whole lot more vile than “three other women”. I stand by my statement that it is a grossly exaggerated lie. If this person were on a jury or on the prosecution side it is hard telling what the outcome would be, except a whole lot more severe than I could imagine. This person is crying “crucify him”.

    Having sexual intercourse with adult (even married) women is not illegal. The only significance that it has is to provide insight into Wayne’s character and patterns of behavior. After one or two incidences of this, what qualitative difference is there if Wayne has sexual intercourse with three, five, seven, or even one hundred women of his flock? It’s all peripheral to the legal question of whether or not Mr Bent had criminal sexual contact with minors. Crucifixion is no longer a practiced punishment. If Mr. Bent is found guilty, he will get the same sentence that anyone else would get.

  27. Milton, you asked Heather to consider some things. Now I’m asking YOU and all the people involved with SC and WB to consider a few things.

    Correctly you stated that at one time there wasn’t a Bible. For centuries there were only scrolls and it took over a 1000 years for the Old Testament to be compiled. Even by the time of Christ there was no common canon that all Jews followed. In the fourth century AD a series of synods (meetings) of the Roman Catholic Church produced a list of texts that became the 39 to 46 book canon of the Old Testament and the 27 book canon of the New Testament that are still used today.

    As Martin Luther states in the sixteenth chapter of his Commentary on St. John “We are obliged to yield many things to the papists [Catholics]—that they possess the Word of God which we received from them, otherwise we should have known nothing at all about it.”

    Since we now have a Bible and put our trust in that Bible we MUST use it to test the words that “men” would have us believe.

    So even though I am one of those “Catholics” you so dislike, I am compelled to ask you and others who follow WB a question.

    Have you become so lazy that you can’t read God’s Holy Scripture for yourselves but must have a “man” interpret, even adjust it for you, to make what YOU WANT to do FIT, sinful or not?

    Are you so immature, naïve or hurting that you can be manipulated and controlled by a mere, inherently sinful mortal, giving him the status of a god and shamelessly worshiping at his feet? Listening to him and reading what he’s written, giving his words the same status as that of Holy Scripture and not even bothering to test it against that same Holy Scripture?

    I believe you’ll recall this passage from God’s Word:

    “I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. Exd 20:2-3 (NIV).

    God’s not kidding friends! Our life on earth is not a test run for the best way to get to Heaven. It’s the only chance you get. You have a choice and I’m not talking about choosing which church you worship at.

    The choice is between choosing to follow the One, True GOD who created you and loved you enough to send His only SON to die on a cross for you OR following a smooth talking man into the fires of Hell – it’s not possible to do both!

  28. I just read some of the writings of Wayne Bent that Mark Horner has posted at:

    Take a look at #40; go down the page a little more than halfway to where it says Addendum by Anaiah Travesser and begin reading her message to the congregation. It appears that Anaiah is culpable in urging minors to engage in illegal sexual activity with Wayne Bent. It’s no mystery to me why these young girls in Strong City were dying for a sexual experience with him. This brought to my mind the following experience of Ellen White (a writer frequently quoted by LOR):

    “In New Hampshire, in Vermont, and in other places we had to resist the stealthy, deceptive work of fanaticism. Presumptuous sins were committed, and unholy lusts were freely indulged by some, under the cloak of sanctification. The doctrine of spiritual free-love was advocated. We saw the fulfillment of the scripture ‘that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils’ (1 Timothy 4:1).” –The Southern Watchman, April 5, 1904. {2SM 26.2}

    The “free-love” doctrine that Ellen White was referring to was a movement begun by a perfectionist preacher by the name of John Humphrey Noyes. John Noyes demanded not only complete religious loyalty from his followers, but also minute control over their sexual lives. For more than 30 years, his group of two hundred adult members lived together in a community that pooled all their resources into a common fund. John Noyes believed that the second coming of Christ was a present spiritual reality and also that the resurrection judgment was imminent. You can read more about this group at:,M1

    There’s nothing new under the sun. History is being repeated by Strong City. Here’s an additional quotation from Ellen White that speaks right to the point:

    “But we had a still worse element to meet in a class who claimed that they were sanctified, that they could not sin, that they were sealed and holy, and that all their impressions and notions were the mind of God. Conscientious souls were deceived by the pretended piety of these fanatics. Satan had worked artfully to have these deluded ones accept the Sabbath, as through their influence, while professing to believe one part of the truth, he could crowd upon the people a great many errors. He could also use them to good advantage to disgust unbelievers, who pointed to these inconsistent, unreasonable ones as representatives of Seventh-day Adventists. This class urged upon the people human tests and manufactured crosses, which Christ had not given them to bear. They claimed to heal the sick and to work miracles. They had a satanic, bewitching power; yet they were over-bearing, dictatorial, and cruelly oppressive.”–The Review and Herald, Nov. 20, 1883. {2SM 27}

  29. “Take a look at #40; go down the page a little more than halfway to where it says Addendum by Anaiah Travesser and begin reading her message to the congregation. It appears that Anaiah is culpable in urging minors to engage in illegal sexual activity with Wayne Bent. It’s no mystery to me why these young girls in Strong City were dying for a sexual experience with him.”

    9 Nov 08 at 7:31 pm

    This is really shocking! I didn’t realize that things were THAT far along and blatant!

    I find most of the Strong City ramblings to be hard to wade through, and I expect other people do too, so I’ll post a portion here.

    Up until this time, the congregation has been content to hold hands with God and feel Him close to her, to have Him kiss her on the lips, as long as it doesn’t get too long and drawn out and she begins to feel deep things that she didn’t feel before. But she hasn’t wanted Him to do “that sexual stuff” with her. She’s “not comfortable” with the “physical.” She likes having her nice, safe little devotions with God in the morning before she begins her day, where something she has read makes her feel good about her relationship with God, and she gets up from her “time with God” content and fully satisfied with God saying some sweet things to her that made her heart feel “drawn out” so to speak, but she has been TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH with what Father and Michael have been FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did she expect to be consummated with God WITHOUT having to have sexual intercourse with Him, where she craved Him coming into her most private places? Where one touch of His hand in her most intimate parts causes everything in her to respond to Him, and she is aroused with drawn out desire for Him to touch her more? Did she expect to be consummated to God without craving His invasion into her privacy, her most private parts? Your physical body is a visible picture of your heart and mind and every private place that makes up who you are. Your feelings tell what you are desiring with your heart and mind.

    Father, and Michael, have been INTENSELY DESIRING to have SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with HER!!!!!!!!!!!! Father, and Michael, have been INTENSELY DESIRING TO HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH EVERY MEMBER OF THE CONGREGATION!!!!!!!! They want to have sexual intercourse with YOU — NOT business intercourse, NOT religious intercourse, NOT friendship intercourse, where you hold hands and feel God close, but REAL, ACTUAL, FACTUAL, PHYSICAL, SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, where YOU ARE FULLY AROUSED, and you CRAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH GOD, SO STRONGLY THAT YOU FEEL IT PHYSICALLY; where you MUST HAVE God take ALL of HIS clothing off, and you CAN’T WAIT to take off all of yours, because you can no longer stand to FEEL anything in between you and God; it is harsh and abrasive and unnatural to you, and IT JUST MUST COME OFF. You cannot bear to have all that STUFF between you any longer! You have lost all toleration for it!…”
    ~ by Anaiah Travesser

  30. Thank You! Mark this is a very well done video and I would also like to say Thank You! to Allen Armstrong for shareing his story with us.

  31. Wow – that piece (quote from Aniniah Travesser) is stunning and frightening. It is actually hard to visualize that this could have been presented as part of a religious group’s communications without everyone bolting. I am now beginning to understand more of the state of mind of those who say they exited when they were exposed to these kinds of sexual tirades.

    This document certainly describes a climate of sexual coercion. Plus, with Mr. Bent adding his comments, after what she wrote, he shows that he is giving his approval to everything that was being presented. I am actually stunned by this (and I must say, reading this really turns me around.) I am not as inclined to be giving the benefit of the doubt to what went on there with the children.

    I think that a jury seeing and hearing this would probably conclude that not only was there a rather intense grooming, but that the encounters were indeed sexual (because these discussions were not about healing, but raw, explicit sexual acts).


  32. Whew, Sam’s right. That quote from Aniniah Travesser really does stop the word twistings and spinnings. Let’s hope the jury will be allowed to see it.

  33. In the process of moving I’ve come across a small booklet of 35 pages, plastic-bound, produced by a current member of Strong City. Grooming is very evident in this work. I quote from the author, the one they now call Judah,
    “By late July Father was pressing upon His Son (Michael Travesser) that there was going to be a literal physical consummation to the Marriage of the Lamb. He had always been a moral man, even before he was a Christian. Adultery or fornication were never a part of his life or thoughts. So when Father revealed this to Him, He responded at one point by simply saying, “NO! I will not do that. It would make You look bad and the church would be ridiculed.”……Knowing what effect this could have on the church, if it should come to pass, He often stated, while in our meetings together, that everyone of us should ask the Father if what He was presenting concerning Himself was true.
    In His own words: (these are now Wayne Bent’s own words):
    “The Father showed me that this was an important visual revelation for those who would have faith in it, and that they must take it to their hearts and be infused with the visual impression of it. They were to be literally married to God. Anything less than a literal marriage to God would not be sufficient for them to enter into the kingdom of light…….While I understood these things in theory, I could not get past the earth view of adultery if these things actually occurred, and it troubled me continually……….I could not bear the thoughts that thrust themselves into me, where a leader of a group of people would manage to get around to having an intimate relationship with some of the women under his charge. My situation seemed worse, since the ones who were chosen were married women and my involvement with them would constitute a breaking up of the family.”……………….”
    The narrative continues, with Judah writing now:
    “On Septmeber 30 He announced in meeting that there was going to be a literal physical consummation to the Marriage of the Lamb. He wanted to have everyone ask FAther about this to know if it was of Him or not. Without Father’s revelation many were ready to pack up and leave, even Wayne’s son and daughter-in-law.
    Then at another meeting he asked if there were any who were not in agreement, and there were none that objected. He said, that if there was a consummation it would involve every man, woman and child, since there was no one who was against it. Everyone giving their consent made everyone as responsible as if they were personally involved. I was certain that it was of Father and I (Judah) strongly felt that it was going to be with my wife….It tore me to pieces….”
    It goes on. But it’s very clear that sex was involved, and understood by ALL residents to be necessary for their salvation even prior to the actual occurrence of it. It was agreed to by all residents, and those who did not agree to it left at that time. In my opinion, this makes all residents of Strong City complicit in what occurred with these children.

  34. Milton why aren’t you living in Strong City now? And why aren’t you complying to the word fast stated by Wayne Bent? Why are you so defensive when it seems quite clear that you are not actively in the group holed up waiting for their next instructions?

    I’ve heard many through out the blogs refer to you as a hypocrite? Is that you?

    Did you consummate with Wayne Bent? It was required for all who want to be saved. Correct?

    The whole group of you should pray for deliverance from the evil force that is leading you down and not up. Really, step beck, take a look. Anyone can see that almost everything Wayne has said to happen, have not. It’s a bit like the Great Disappointment of 1844. Then they revisited the Bible and found they were mistaken and had misunderstood. Here we are 160 + years from then, still striving for the coming of Jesus. But no one can demand his coming or will know when it will be. He will come like a thief in the night.

    Something that blows me away is that Wayne claims to be Messiah. The Bible states very clearly that is Blasphemy. If you aren’t sure of the meaning refer to Websters Dictionary.

    Wayne is most definetly hearing voices not connected to the Heavenly Father.

    I pray for the innocent children and even adults that have been deceived by Wayne.

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