Posters asking, “Who killed Juliana Redding?” plaster Venice street

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Well, it’s been suggested that I include a disclaimer in this post, so I’ll begin by doing so.

DISCLAIMER: I had nothing to do with the posters/flyers found on a popular street in Venice, California on Sunday, May 4, 2008.

Okay, got that out of the way. But I can certainly see why some might have had any conspiracy theory tendencies twitching today. And in the event that you have that inclination, you might want to read this story before you pull the trigger.

Let me explain. The posters not only show a picture of the late Juliana Redding, they also ask the question, “Who killed Juliana Redding?”

It’s the same question that appeared in a March 17, 2008 headline on this blog. In fact–as of this moment–if you were to Google “Juliana Redding,” that post is likely to rank #1 or #2 out nearly 29,000 results.

A Los Angeles woman did just that. We spoke on the phone this morning. She does not wish to be identified.

I contacted the woman after learning she had photographed the posters. And she’s kindly agreed to share her photographs here.

The story of the “mystery posters” unfolded not far from Santa Monica (where Redding had been found murdered in her apartment March 16).

The posters recently turned-up in neighboring Venice on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

“Abbot Kinney” features high-end shops popular with tourists. It’s also a short distance from the beach.

At about 10am yesterday, the woman approached the café where she’d planned to meet a friend for coffee.

“I was walking down the street and there were just all of these pieces of paper all over the pavement,” the woman told me.

She initially wondered if the posters were aimed at promoting a movie; a somewhat common tact taken by folks marketing films in the area.

The posters simply said, “Who killed Juliana Redding?” The woman had never heard of such a movie. Nor was she familiar with the person’s name within the question.

(Fact is there is no such film. But Juliana Redding was once very much alive.)

“So, I walked over to my friend who was sitting outside of this café, and I just said, ‘What are these posters?’ And she said, ‘I don’t know, but it’s really annoying because it’s all over the pavement.'”

The woman, who has her own blog, felt compelled to take a brief stroll down the block and document the scene.

“They (posters) were just all over the ground. Sprinkled on the ground.”

She tells it so well, let’s give her the next few paragraphs:

”So, I just walked up and down the pavement and I took some photos. And there were probably at least 15 that I saw within a two block radius on Abbot Kinney. And it seemed like they’d either been put there Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

“Some of them were stuffed underneath doorways or wedged into windows at the retail stores. But it was clear someone had just gone and thrown them all over the sidewalk.

“And I guess it was just surprising because there was no contact information. And it seemed odd that if someone was trying to help solve this mystery, why wouldn’t they put some kind of contact (information)?

“I mean, the only thing it seemed to do was make people want to go look at it and then go Google (the name) Juliana Redding to see what this was about. So, it’s just kind of an odd campaign.

“You might want to do a disclaimer and say (the posters) have nothing to do with you. Because it’s odd.”

Point noted. Whew!

But the posters remain interesting.

Why not any contact information? Even a number to call police?

And why strew them along a trendy Venice street?

According to at least one media report, Redding “was working to make ends meet as a hostess at a tapas restaurant and wine bar in Venice.”

Perhaps the flyers are aimed at pressuring law enforcement to step-up its investigation. Miffed shop owners get the attention of local leaders.

Yikes, now I’m posing a conspiracy theory. I’ll slow down

And who’s to say police aren’t working their tails off? They’ve kept a lot of information between themselves and the killer(s).

Including the findings of the autopsy report.

As always, your comments are welcome here.

16 thoughts on “Posters asking, “Who killed Juliana Redding?” plaster Venice street”

  1. The police are still working hard on this- interviewing and re-interviewing key people. Maybe the posters were to pressure/scare her killer! This was an isolated incident, not some random attack. She knew the bastard, maybe only for a short time, but she def. knew them. I can’t share too much, I’m too close to all of it- but know that someone’s going down for this- just wait, it’s all going to line up- you’ll be surprised to see who did this!!!!

  2. Hello Anon,

    I’m sure the police are still hard at work on this very sad case. Let’s hope a solid arrest comes soon. Thanks for posting here.


  3. I’ve been following this story and was so heart broken by this beautiful girl so full of a promising life and her little dog. I’ve thought of this often and how creepy it is they knew her. I googled her name for an update and found this. This whole story really bothered me.
    Those posters are weird but my feeling is it’s someone who’s so frustrated they want the person caught. I’ll be waiting for this scum bag to get caught. I hope he gets it in prison. I’m sure her family is itching for Julianas justice.

  4. Hi Lori,

    I’m sure there are a lot people who feel as you do about this case. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. It’s much appreciated!


  5. ANON – KEEP TALKING – BUT TO THE POLICE IN CONFIDENCE!! THIS GIRL WAS SO GORGEOUS – THIS WAS SO SAD!! I FEEL HORRIBLE FOR HER FAMILY! Please turn the person in who did this – or at least anonomously tip-off police!! PLEASE!!

  6. There has to be someone who knows who did this to her. The longer it goes unsolved the less chance there is to find them. This is so disturbing their still out there

  7. avatar
    Area Local who cares

    ANON – You talk a lot like the girl who has been responsible for these flyers and moreso has been terrorizing neighbors in this area with rounds of 2am screaming, accusations, banging on doors, and threats harassing signs and notes – including threatening me personally for asking you to stop scaring out neighbors with these constant 2am attacks.

    ANON- if this is you – please stop terrorizing the neighbors we are all behind you in wanting justice and taking it into your own hands. If you have leads or evidence please get the police involved – your arrest last night for your recent round of attacks and screaming as well as threatening anyone who asks you to stop ONLY discredits you as a source worsening your efforts.

    If its not you then pass on the info rather than taking matters into your own hands. No one wants to live into a town where these things happen – but – you are damaging your creditability and shifting the focus away from who did this horrible crime and shifting it to – who is the crazy woman terrorizing the neighbors but wont work with the police. Having an arrest record for this behavior that lead to being taken to an institution for 72 hours of involuntary mental evaluation does not make you a creditable source for helping bring this person to justice.

    Spread the word – share the knowledge – get people to your side by sharing your passion NOT defacing property and attacking neighborhoods with 2am screaming murders accusations – you are making enemies out of allies .

    Please stop who ever you are.

  8. I had this sudden nudgey feeling that the killer may have gotten cocky and put those everywhere. But it’s just one of my opinions. I get them sometimes. But the killer may’ve been cocky and decided to put them up in a psychotic way to showcase his ‘work’.

    But it’s just my opinion. Myabe the police should take one of these and scan it for fingerprints. But they may’ve been washed away. Again, I do not know, these are just guesses.

  9. I saw this for the 1st time today on I am very saddened by all of this. I never knew the girl but my friend Trent had worked with her on Kathy T. I find it baffling that SMPD or FBI is not releasing more information on the case, it only leads to assisting in capturing the person(s) responsible for these heinous acts. My condolences go out to her family and friends. I am very certain that she had friends close enough to her to know what really happened or at least have some suspicion. I pray that this case is solved.

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  11. WTF..It’s been a year and no leads? This will really suck if this person gets away with this

  12. Justice will prevail. Incidentally, Nathan Alan Morgan was murdered on the 9th of March, just down the block from where Julianna worked.

  13. I am wondering if there is a correlation between the two murders, perhaps done by the same person(s), or affiliates? Both had come here recently. Both around the same age. Both had been in the same area of Venice. He, a homeless man living near the boardwalk close to Brooks Ave. She, an up and coming actress, working as a waitress nearby where Brooks Ave. becomes Abbot Kinney Bl.???

    Whatever the situation, may justice be served!!!

  14. If the police aren’t solving this case, plus keeping everything sealed regarding evidence, don’t you all think it’s time for them to come forward with what they got? Just a question.

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