Larry King Live *VIDEO*: “Inside a Doomsday Cult”

New Update: ( May 25, 2008 ) A reader of this blog has correctly pointed-out today that the Larry King Live videos are no longer available. Turns out the person who had posted these videos on Youtube has had his account suspended.

Update: Rush transcript of Larry King Live program


Here is a look (below) at last night’s Larry King Live program concerning Wayne Bent and The Lord Our Righteousness Church. The program appears here in 5 parts.

Larry King’s panel:

  • Jeff Bent, son of church leader Wayne Bent
    -“First of all, he’s not Jesus Christ.”
    -says documentary’s claim that father had predicted “the end of the world” is a lie
  • Prudence Welch
    -much more from Welch in my interview with her here.
  • Rachel Bernstein, psychotherapist & “cult expert”
    -“I see him (Wayne Bent) in the candy store of his own making.
  • Ben Anthony (film producer)
    -“Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.”
    -“…also quite a disturbing experience…”
  • Allen Armstrong, Former Minister of Bent/Travesser’s Church
  • Matt Grubs, KOAT-TV reporter
  • Capt. Robert Shilling, New Mexico State Police
    -says W. Bent’s bail reduced from $500,000 to $50,000 at Thursday’s arraignment

This program begins with an update on the Texas polygamy case making news in recent weeks. Guests are Rod Parker (spokesperson for Yearning for Zion Ranch familes) and KTVK-TV reporter Mike Watkiss.

This program concludes with Anderson Cooper promoting his AC 360 look at developments in the “cult-like” Charles Manson case.

(*clicking play button at lower left of video window conveniently keeps you here. Clicking play button in center of video takes you to youtube)






What do you think of what came out of this program? You’re comments are welcome below.

(*After searching the ‘net this morning, I found that “torbenmiller” had uploaded these videos on youtube. Thank you, torbenmiller.)

3 thoughts on “Larry King Live *VIDEO*: “Inside a Doomsday Cult””

  1. The video’s are taken away from Youtube.

    Any way, I do not understand why Strongcity is still accepting media coverage.
    I myself refuse all media coverage for about 7 years now, since the killing of Pim Fortuyn. Pim Fortuyn was also used to prevent people discovering what was happening in Strongcity back than. You might understand, we in Holland love such communities very much.

    The first documentary made about Strongcity was by BBC. Now I can watch BBC over here in the Netherlands, and I would never accept any camera, let alone any interview by BBC! This because BBC is having a Roman Catholic Counter Reformation program. In short: Tony Blair has been converted to Roman Catholicism, and efforts are made to convert all British parliament into Roman Catholicism. BBC has made documentary to hide the truth behind the Bonfire Plot in 1605, BBC is bashing Queen Elisabeth 1th while making Roman Catholic monarchs into heroes. BBC is only Roman Catholic Propaganda, Jesuits where expelled from Iraq in 1969…
    Well, I can watch BBC here, I know what I am talking about.

    Geografic Channel documentary on Strongcity was maybe less damaging as the BBC effort to take down this brave community of the honest in Travesser land, but was based on some lies that where created by the BBC.

    George W Bush and Tony Blair together on Crusade in Iraq.

    The lies about Iraq where proven. No weapons of Mass Destruction. What do people do? Well, just make a new lie, where is no proof against yet. Whatever they want, but why attack people that do not lie? Hmmm. Killing the messenger will not prevent the truth to prevail.
    The Lord is as patient, as the devil is in a hurry.

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