Tonight’s Larry King Live to focus on Strong City church

Larry King


Watch the program here. (May 9, 10:50am PST)

I’ve been told Jeff Bent, son of arrested LOR church leader Wayne Bent, will also appear on tonight’s program. This is not yet confirmed. (May 8, 12:08pm PST)


CNN’s Larry King Live is scheduled to include a segment this evening focussed on the The Lord Our Righteousness Church and this week’s arrest of church leader Wayne Bent. has learned scheduled guests include former church member Prudence Welch and British filmmaker Ben Anthony.

Anthony produced the documentary, The End of the World Cult. The program first aired in the United Kingdom December 12, 2007 on Channel 4.

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Later, a revised edit of Anthony’s documentary found an audience in the United States. Inside a Cult appeared on the National Geographic Channel April 23, 2008.

NGC repeated Inside a Cult May 7, 2008.

According to its Web site, the National Geographic Channel will be showing Inside a Cult, once again, May 11 at 12am (please check your local listings).

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If you want to hear more from Prudence Welch, you can watch my 46-minute interview with her here.

Welch also recently appeared in an interview with Shepard Smith of FOX News. That interview certainly got the attention of her mother.

Welch’s mother lives at Strong City and soon fired-off her own videos.

You can watch it ALL (Shepard Smith interview, Welch’s mother’s videos and my interview with Welch) by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Tonight’s Larry King Live to focus on Strong City church”

  1. First of all, Michael (Wayne Bent) did not predict the end of the world, but instead the END OF PROPHECY: Daniel’s 490 year prophecy that was fulfilled on October of last year. Second of all, the world does not end, never has and never will end. It did not end after the flood with Noah, it did not end after Lot’s time, it did not end after Jesus resurrection, only the wicket came to their end.

    I have been following Michael’s website/s for over 7 years now. I have been in touch with Michael and many of his followers in New Mexico through email and IM’s, and still do, and I testify, as the Father in heaven is my witness, that the spirit of Christ is in him for it is also in me and those close to him, for we all obey one voice, one spirit, and we are in agreement of what the Spirit of God reveals to our heart, mind, and soul (John 17).

    The arrest of Michael by his false accusers is a great example of how carnal minds misinterpret what Michael said about the consummation [the soul being exposed to God that feels no shame for being naked in front of God] and instead they spread false rumors by calling it “sex crimes against children”, “based on “three counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor”, ACCORDING TO THEIR WAY OF THINKING, because carnal minds can not understand his speech nor his actions, as God said many times, “Your thoughts and your ways are not my thoughts nor my ways”, because carnal minds conjure up evil all the time, this is the true nature of mankind, for the carnal mind can not discern the things of the spirit. The unlearned of God’s ways call evil good and good evil because their thoughts are not guided by the Holy Ghost.

    Yes, Michael did lay “skin to skin” with 2 minors, he did not deny it (he wrote all about it in his website), nor did anything wrong in secret, as carnal minds imagined. He did not fondle them, he only placed his hand on their chest (not breasts), as a way of spiritual healing. Gynecologists do a lot more than what Michael has done to these girls, and they are considered doctors. Nothing wrong with that either because they are also healers, but those with evil minds conjure up all kinds of false accusations based on their way of thinking.

    Just like the false accusers accused Jesus of crimes he did not commit, they are doing the same with Michael (Wayne Bent). The worldly powers want you to believe that by arresting Michael (Bent) and locking him up they are doing justice. They sit on God’s throne giving judgments according to “their ways”. (2 Thessalonians 2-14). How can the unrighteous accuse the righteous? On who’s authority?

    “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way.” (Those with eyes that see and ears that hear will understand)

    What they do not understand is that secular power and authority was bequeathed by God, not by man. Luther quotes at length from Romans,13. “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.”

    Thirdly, there may be 50 people on the compound, but there are many more of us outside the compound from around the world, such as my self, who testify that Michael only says and does what Father instructs him. Michael has committed no crimes, if choosing to follow only ONE voice is a crime, then count me in also, as well as all his followers, for we stand beside him in spirit and truth.

    Some people believe that Michael brainwashes his follower to do what he says. If that is true, then how was I led to him? I knew nothing about him nor his followers at that time. I always pray to the Father to guide my thoughts, and He always answers my prayers. It was the spirit of God that led me to Michael when I prayed to the Father to show me THE TRUTH about 9/11. On Michael’s first website, he had 3 pictures of doors with links to each one of them, that said something like “If you believe I’m the Messiah you can enter the 3rd door”, can’t remember what the first two doors where about, maybe because I did not click on them. Before I clicked on any of the 3 doors, I prayed to the Father in heaven to guide me to the door I should click on. Father spoke to me in my mind and guided me to click on the 3rd door. I read Michael’s articles and also the testimonies of Michaels two witnesses. At that time, Michael was not spiritually married to his two witnesses. What I read amazed me because I was in complete agreement with what they believed. It was like being ONE with them in spirit, for their thoughts were exactly like my thoughts. It was the Holy Spirit that connected us together, for we all had one mind. Later, I started to send emails to Michael asking him many questions and interpretations of some of my dreams, which he promptly answered back. You can read some of them that I have posted on my website. Since that time, the rest is history. Michael is my Messiah, Father led me to him, for he only speaks the words Father gives him to speak, just like Jesus did, and I understand “his speech”, As it is written “My sheep hear my voice”.

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