Maxim photos reveal Redding’s beauty

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Juliana ReddingUpdate: Maxim has confirmed that its model was the late Juliana Redding

(April 14) A woman who appears to be the late Juliana Redding is featured on Maxim magazine’s web site as the winner of the weekly “Hometown Hottie” contest earlier this year.

The young woman is pictured in three stunning photos. Her bio states that her name is Juliana and that she lives in Santa Monica, California. Juliana’s bio goes on to state that her favorite sports team is “Arizona Wildcats basketball” and that she first worked as a Hooter’s girl.

“I played varsity golf for 4 years and made the girls wear skirts when we played instead of our ugly uniforms,” the bio continues.

Redding, 21, was found murdered in her Santa Monica apartment Sunday, March 16. Los Angeles area media reports state the young woman died from blunt force trauma.

No arrests have been made. Police have yet to name a suspect.

I first blogged about Redding’s murder March 17 and I’ve continued to update that post with useful links concerning the case.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Santa Monica Police Department at 310-458-8451.

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  2. Please see this blogspot concerning a possible link to Julianna, Brianna Denison and Natasha Jennings death. Never mind the political rantings at this site, just take a look at the women. The Santa Monica police department has released little information, so except for the striking resemblance of these three young women, I don’t know if Juliana could be a victim of the same perpetrator. Their “victimology” is similar too. Thanks.

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