Grand Jury indicts Wayne Bent on 4 counts

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(Clayton, New Mexico) Union County District Court Clerk Karen Vieites tells that a Grand Jury indicted Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser) today on four counts.

“Two counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor in the second degree, unclothed. And two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” Vieites told shortly after 5pm.

According to Vieites, the Grand Jury began to hear the State’s case against Wayne Bent at 10am today and finished around 5pm. Vieites said that jurors only recessed for a 30-minute lunch

New Mexico State Police arrested Bent the morning of May 6 at The Lord Our Righteousness Church. The LOR is located in a remote area known as “Strong City” in the northeast corner of the state.

On May 8th, Bent’s son, Jeff Bent, appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live. King’s panel included former LOR member Prudence Welch. During the program, Jeff Bent said his father would not post bond.

Jeff Bent posted his father’s bond the following day, after an ambulance was sent to the jail. A judge had reduced Wayne Bent’s bond from $500,000 to $55,000.

On May 10th, Wayne Bent wrote about his experiences in jail and the charges he faced.

Just yesterday, a new post on the church’s Web site included 22 letters written in defense of Wayne Bent’s character and conduct. According to that post, the church delivered the letters to the District Attorney yesterday and requested that the letters be read to the Grand Jury.

No word yet on whether the letters were presented to the Grand Jury.

The Union County Courthouse is one of several courthouses in New Mexico’s 8th Judicial District.


Update: Read the Associated Press story here (May 21)

District Attorney Donald Gallegos said he made the decision to pursue indictments — shifting the case to district court — to avoid an open preliminary hearing in magistrate court in which the girls could have been subjected to cross-examination by Bent’s attorney. -Associated Press

49 thoughts on “Grand Jury indicts Wayne Bent on 4 counts”

  1. Lock Him Up! This man has abused his followers for years now with both Mental and Sexual abuse and its time for him to be locked up.

  2. I find it interesting that in wendys’ letter to the grand jury she did not mention having sex (oops I mean a consumation) with wayne her ex father in law as an example of his healing touch! Thats what she says it was right? A healing, spiritual consumation not “sex”? They like to play on words a lot.

  3. I can not understand, why people take such accusations serious.
    Michael Travesser did not even have sex with these minors, while USA is run by Larry King types and lyers. 100’s a day killed by the Great Satan in Iraq and else where, European Immigrants in America run the State stolen by the Natives, hypocrasy all over.

    It seems Satan is blessing America for these lies.

    I saw American Military men in Iraq talking about them gang raping 14 and 12 year old girls, until these committed suicide. I would see the “Conspiracy of Silence” movie, where you can expect many kidnapped FDLS children will be recruted into child prostitution. I would see the Clinton Chronicles,
    Bill Clinton, the Butcher of WACO and Serbia. Having a trail of dead bodies behind him.

    These people are the worst criminals, protected by police as always.

    What is the point in attacking a man, who has done nothing wrong?

  4. Travesser clearly teaches that the only way to heaven is by having sexual intercourse with him. I wonder how do all the men followers feel about this? Here is a “quote” from Travesser: “I have been contacted by a number of people regarding the vision that I enquired about in an e-mail. Some said that I would have intimate sexual relations with the seven messengers. Some thought the vision concerned others. But I say unto you, every person must have sexual intercourse with me, or they will have no life in them. My Seed is the only life, for my Seed is life indeed, and my flesh is meat. Anyone who does not receive of my Seed, will be left desolate.” – Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser.

  5. Renee,

    “Travesser clearly teaches that the only way to heaven is by having sexual intercourse with him. I wonder how do all the men followers feel about this?”

    I am a man who lives at Strongcity, and I am fine with it because this question is answered in our movie, Experiencing the Finished Work, which is accessible on our site: The fact that the word Seed is capitalized should be enough to give a person with any degree of Spiritual perception, and/or basic knowledge of English grammar the eyes to see that the sexual intercourse is not referring to physical contact. One’s soul must be impregnated with the life (Seed) of God, or they have nothing, it’s really that simple.

  6. Mercy Chanter

    Travesser does not ‘clearly teach’ that the only way to heaven is by having sexual inercourse with him. Just like many in Jesus generation accused him falsly of crimes he did not commit just because they did not understand his speech. Wayne Bent, aka Michael Travesser has never had sexual intercouse with anyone, but the minds of filthy people conjure up filth, they only expose their true selves since that is what is in their minds. Michael’s seed is not the seed of mankind, but the seed of the Holy Spirit, it has to do with a spiritual mind not human mind.

    “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45 45

    “But these men revile the things which they do not understand; and the things which they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals, by these things they are destroyed.” Jude 1:10

    When Jesus said “Truly, truly, I say to you, Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats my flesh, and drinks my blood, has eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. He that eats my flesh, and drinks my blood, dwells in me, and I in him. As the living Father has sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eats me, even he shall live by me. This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead: he that eats of this bread shall live for ever.” in John 6:53-58, he did not mean to literally to eat his flesh and drink his blood. This is what Michael meant about the “consumation”, it is all about the Spirit seed and not mankinds seed.

    Those who accuse Michael of being corrupt know nothing about him or the manner of which he speaks, for he has not done anything in secret. I know, I have been following his teachings for over 7 years now and I completely understand his speech.

    “Now no one after lighting a lamp covers it over with a container, or puts it under a bed; but he puts it on a lampstand, so that those who come in may see the light. ‘For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” SO TEAKE CARE HOW YOU LISTEN for whoever has, to him more shall be given; and whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has shall be taken away from him.” Luke 8:16-10

  7. Mercy, you are speaking untruths.

    “Wayne Bent, aka Michael Travesser has never had sexual intercouse with anyone, but the minds of filthy people conjure up filth, they only expose their true selves since that is what is in their minds.”

    Wayne has CERTAINLY had sexual intercourse and even had physical pleasure from that act. He has a son, Jeff, to prove that. Also he has had sexual intercourse with Jeff’s ex-wife. Even Wayne and she admit that. He has also admitted to having sexual intercourse with his first 2 witnesses.

    For knowing Wayne for so long and completely understanding his speech, you sure haven’t paid much attention to what he has said about his physical sexual life.

  8. Casidi:

    Every perception of events commanded by God depends on which spirit you are of.

    When God told His prophet to around walk naked or to lay on his side for almost a full year, those looking on would have called that insanity when, in reality, it was an act of holiness…obeying the Voice of God in one’s soul to the complete disregard of any personal trial or loss.

    Michael does what Father gives him to do, no matter the cost. His instructions were to consummate at specific times and with specific people. The body Father used to fulfill His will is inconsequential compared to what was accomplished by Michael’s obedience. The act itself was not one of human lust or desire in the least degree. You cannot understand this because you have an adversarial spirit. You see as flesh sees.

    The judgments of the earth came about as a result of the events here in Strong City. Father’s purpose was to be as offensive as possible ON PURPOSE, so that souls would judge themselves by revealing what spirit they were of, in their judgment of God’s orchestrated events in this land.

    You have done this very thing.

  9. Hanifa,

    I’m not saying you all don’t believe his reasons. I’m saying that Mercy LIED. She said, and I quote, “Wayne Bent, aka Michael Travesser has NEVER had sexual intercouse with anyone”. That is a blatant lie. He has a son!! And yes that required physical pleasure. Read any biology book. To ejaculate requires pleasurable stimulation of the penis. You are not going to get ejaculate from a male penis without pleasurable stimulation. Even if he and you say it wasn’t pleasurable (which is another lie), he did indeed have sex with Jeff’s mother and hence Mercy’s statement is untrue.

    And again there’s many people and even Wayne himself who say that he has physical, sexual intercourse. I’m not disputing what he says his reasons are, rather I’m disputing Mercy’s lies that he has NEVER has sexual intercourse.

    According to a lot of posts from your fellow city mates, once you have the spirit of Wayne within you you no longer sin… isn’t lying a sin? I do not have an adversarial spirit and I have not proven your point of seeing this in the view of the flesh, rather I’m asking for the truth from you and yours. You, however, want to continue back up a lie.

  10. Casidi:

    My point to you was that the events that took place in this land were orchestrated by God and were not driven by human lust or desire. You cannot understand that because you are of a different (otherwise known as, adversarial) spirit.

    Although body parts were involved, the act of consummation was not a human one. God used human bodies to get His point across. There are those with His spirit who realize this, even if they have never heard of Strong City before. When they hear/read our story, they immediately recognize God’s hand in the events because they have God’s spirit in them.

    Regarding Mercy’s statement, all I can say to you is that spiritual things are spiritually discerned. Jesus said He was the bread of life. Was He a piece of bread? He also said that people had to eat him in order to be saved. Did people begin to take bites out of him? Michael has said that everyone must have sexual intercourse with Him and receive His Seed in order to have life. Do you actually believe that means that one man intends that every single person on this planet must come and lay physically with Him in His bed? God’s children know what it means. The spirit of Michael does not “have sex” as your humanity understands it. Michael has never had “sex” with anyone.

    Just so you know, I never lie, nor do I “back up a lie”. I hate the lie and all my efforts go into bringing the father of lies to his end. This is what God is doing and it is coming to pass.

    Every knee will bow in acknowledgment of God’s marvelous and perfect way of judgment, brought to pass in a living and true parable here in Strong City.

  11. Wayne Bent compares his indictment and trial to what Jesus went through when he was arrested for his crimes. He likens the court system to the “beast” for which is trying to destroy him.

    Wayne Bent is not Jesus, returned. He’s a self-professed messiah.

    The minor named Healed clearly stated she was indeed brain washed. “Michael washed my brain clean…” she states. That is not all of it, only part of what she says. Wayne Bent controls everyone around him, by use of the scriptures. He uses mind control by planting seeds of thought and pressing people to come to revelations.

    Jesus would have never returned to find seven virgins (minors) to have sex with to fulfill some prophecy. And if Jesus indeed did return, he would not shut himself out from the world by staying on a private piece of land with only a small group of followers.

    There’s a video on the Strong City blog showing Wayne giving healing by laying on of hands. There’s nothing wrong with this. But the fact remains, he was naked with minors who were naked. He claims “Oh but THEY asked for it to be done”. I’m sorry but the man is an adult, and these are CHILDREN. And he has the power to say no. I seriously doubt that God came down upon him and asked him to commit crimes that would hurt children.

    I have been following this very closely for some time now, and I cannot believe he was even given bail. The authorities need to watch closely as the minors do sneak back to the land. Their lives are potentially endangered.

    These people claim they have no desire to end their lives as other cults have done. What concerns me is, if Wayne is indeed found guilty of his crimes, what will happen? Will he become desperate and lead his people into a nightmare? Or will he go on to jail quietly while the remaining members continue living on the land.

    The child protective services acted correctly in the removal of these minors, for we have no idea what is going to happen.

  12. Whoa.

    I can see that God is in BIG trouble because He did not check in with you first before He gave His Son instructions on what to do upon His return.

  13. You know Hanifa, for a people who claim to be very spiritual and happy with their lives and happy to be with the Son of God you sure do sit around on the internet alot and follow everything that people opinionate about. I see you feel the need to defend Wayne but it seems you all are not as centered on God Son that much if you spend all of the time on the internet going back and forth with everyone.
    If the Son of God has returned why are you here? Would the Son of God ask you to be on the internet arguing with people all of the time? Your actions do not speak to me as someone who is currently serving the returned Son of God. But that is just my own observation.

  14. Yeah, and, you know? it is very interesting that those who hated Jesus and His message found fault with things His disciples did also…like following Him around all the time, abandoning their families to do so, “worshiping” a man, acting like drunkards…..

    Why would they be in the town square, “arguing” with the people of their time? Their actions certainly didn’t speak of someone who was currently serving the Son of God, now did they?

  15. Hanifa,

    Has Wayne has sexual intercourse with anybody in the physical sense? If you say no then you are lying, if you say yes you are admitting that Mercy is lying.

    I’m not talking about the feelings behind it or why it happened or who said it needed to happen. I’m simply asking if Wayne indeed had sexual intercourse with anybody ever. Again, if you say no, you are lying, if you say yes then Mercy is. She said “sexual intercourse”. And hey lets even use your metaphors for a “spiritual” intercourse. Then Mercy is even going against Wayne’s own words. He indeed has has sexual intercourse in the “spiritual” sense. That just proves that she has no idea what she’s talking about because Wayne himself (and your own eyes can see through the birth of Jeff) admits that he has had both physical and “spiritual” sexual intercourse with people.

    You all can babble all you want about the reasons behind it, but lets call it what it is and stop trying to mislead people into thinking Wayne is some virgin. It only makes your cause look bad.

    By the way, why all the anger and judgment and explanations? If you were so uplifted you should be able to say “aww poor people, you are lost” and leave it at that. Even Wayne has said it’s too late to save the rest of us. Why bother even arguing your case. Why not just go about your “heavenly” existence and prepare for the end of this world? Jesus might have argued, but then again, there were people to save. Wayne says that time has passed. You sure are spending a lot of time defending your Messiah for already knowing that you are saved and the rest of the world is not. Do you have something to prove? It seems like it through all the comparisons to Jesus… but hey we are of the devil, why do you have a to convince the devil?

    I would really love to hear your answer to that one as I think it really shows that you are actually trying to convince yourselves.

  16. Mercy Chanter

    When I wrote “Wayne Bent, aka Michael Travesser has never had sexual intercourse with anyone, but the minds of filthy people conjure up filth, they only expose their true selves since that is what is in their minds.” I was talking about Strong City. Wayne is not accused because he was married and had sex before Father revealed he is the Messiah. I am talking about NOW, not what he did in the past. Why do people love to twist the meaning of words to fit what is in their own thoughts?

  17. Hanifa,

    You seem like a very angry and bitter person. I just do not understand. Again, for a group of people who claim they are peaceable and non violent, you certainly spend much time arguing. And, I don’t hate anyone. I might disagree however.

    What will all of you do there if Wayne is sentenced to jail? The way he writes on his blog indicates that you all may “translate” or leave the earth soon. Many of you claim you would lay down your lives for Wayne Bent. If that is true does this mean you would take your own life if he instructed you to? Do you not even understand why the minors were removed from all of you? Maybe it has something to do with Wayne’s insane blog posts?

  18. I have the best of both worlds. I have a loving “earthly” husband and my husband in heaven. I cannot believe Wayne would advocate adultry when it is one of the ten comandments. Adultry is adultry. There is nothing spiritual at all about sleeping with your son’s wife. I do not believe our true Messiah would come down and tell someone to sleep with their son’s wife.

    I cannot imagine how it would be to live in a place and share one man with all of these women. They think they are fulfilled, yet tonight they sleep alone while Wayne has his choice of the brood every day. It’s a sad existance to me.

    And why do people who claim to have the love of the Messiah and be in heaven have use for computers?? Why would they want to communicate with all of us devils?

  19. Stephanie

    Your view of me as bitter and angry is in error. I hate lies and sin and especially, the father of it all who has blinded men’s eye to the truth of God. But it is not a personal hatred towards a soul.

    What you perceive as arguing is simply the truth of God coming against your personal kingdom. You say you do not understand. You speak rightly. You say have the best of both worlds but in reality, you have an earthly kingdom built on sinking sand. The evidence of that is that you insist on believing lies (Michael sleeping with his son’s wife, for instance) when the truth has been plainly spoken and witnessed to.

    You see from a human perspective that is self-interested. What we have been given to say threatens your comfortable world and so you reject it in favor of your own ideas. The glasses of your perspective color everything you read or hear regarding the Strong City story. No one can “understand” unless they are given it of God. We speak what He gives us to say and leave others’ “understanding” with Him.

    If you truly believe that what you read on Strong City is “insane”, then there is no point in me answering your many questions. We are in the time of judgment and every individual is judging themselves based upon their judgment of God and His marvelous work here. Those who reject this parable and mock it have counted the cost of giving all, in order to have have God alone, and found it too great a price. The reward for that is to end up with oneself alone. I cannot think of a worse fate.

  20. In my “kingdom” I have a beautiful and close relationship with Jesus Christ who is the one true Saviour. And, I have a beautiful and close relationship with my husband. Whom was brought in union with me by God’s work. His hand was completely in it.
    Should I leave my husband for someone such as Wayne Bent and sleep with him that is comitting adultry. Open the bible and see the ten commandments for yourself. I would not leave my husband who was joined with me to sleep with a self professed messiah, Hanifa. It’s against God’s laws. I know that Wayne has twisted God’s words as they are in the bible.

    So I do not believe my life has been built on a foundation of sinking sand. My husband has been with me for almost 20 years. And my Saviour since I was created. We as a couple believe God is in control and we are faithful to God and one another.

    I am sorry for you Hanifa, because you believe that Wayne sleeping with mulitple women will get them all into heaven. I’m sorry for whatever lonliness you must suffer while you live on a ranch and must follow an old man around for attention. I cannot imagine having to pray outside of my husband’s window for hours until he let me in so I could just be with him and be loved. It sounds like a mental game to me Hanifa. Sounds like manipulation and control. I also cannot imagine being treated like an object that can either be taken or left behind. And I cannot imagine going to the door of Jesus Christ when I need him the most only to find a “Please Come Back Later” sign hanging there. All of these things plus more including laying naked and having sex with minor children sounds like a life built on sinking sand.

    I can think of a worse fate Hanifa, I can see Wayne Bent telling all of you to take your own lives and go to heaven with him to fulfill a prophecy before he is put in jail. According to all of the brides there you all can barely live without him. I sincerely worry for all of you there. All of you talk about how horrible and sinful the earth is and how you cannot wait to leave it. You talk about how you just cannot wait to be rid of it. It makes me sad that none of you really want to live at all.

  21. Just call me stupid. No wonder all Wayne Bents followers see heaven as paradise because they wiil finally be able to eat ,not be cold, not be lied to , manipuliated, molested, made to feel stupid by his posts or sermons, not have to worry about their weight, (he had to put the weight stipulation on everyone to keep his seven in model form). Talk about self interest, what about the people at he ranch that need medical care or they will die. Dont’ say we are leaving and getting new bodies because Wayne could of just stayed in jail then. Wake up! He is stealing social security from the brainwashed that need care.

  22. One other thought, Why do most members live in tents and old trailers and he lives in a new modular home? Wayne didnt have any trouble coming up with 55,000. But wait his brainwashed give him all their money and with no hesitation. The money could have been spent on their needs and Wayne I know you know there are members who have needs. We and you have seen first hand the end has not come and you have predicted it for some time so at least take care of your brain washed followers so they do not suffer with pain. I know some are in pain and can not admit it to you because they are brainwashed that the end is always coming from you and thir new bodies will arrive. Plain and simple you are selfish

  23. Exactly Stephanie. Hanifa, Explain the come back later sign? The answer is brainwashed by the devil and from God there would not be no other explanation

  24. Mercy,

    Again you lie. Wendy, Anaiah and Amianah (whatever their real names are) and Wayne admit they have had full physical sexual intercourse SINCE BEING IN STRONG CITY. I haven’t twisted anything.

    You again are trying to project an image of Wayne that isn’t true. No he’s not on trial for being married and having sex, and he’s not even on trial for having sex with ADULT women, but your words have said that the rest of us don’t understand his speech and that he HAS NEVER HAD SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH ANYBODY. That is clearly a lie. Why are you trying to project an image of him that he himself denies????

    Then you try to cover it by saying “I was talking about Strong City” and again that’s a lie. Why not just admit that he does have/had sex with several women (he admits that and they do too) and just say “I don’t believe he’s had sex with children”. You might not make him look as angelic as you would like him to look but at least you stop lying. And don’t go back to the “but god made him do it” it doesn’t matter who made him do it.. there was still physical sexual intercourse with several women.

    For being such holy people it sure is easy for you to lie to the masses. =/


    Did you miss my question above? I’m still curious why you are wasting your breath on the devil and on people of the devil. What is the purpose? If we don’t believe in Wayne, why try to convince us so. I tried to find the comment from Wayne in response to a person asking about why you aren’t all out spreading the word where he said that the time was over for saving people. Possibly you can find it? But I digress, even Wayne says the time for saving people is over, so why would you continue to try to convince anybody that you all hold the truth? Why debate with the devil’s own?

  25. To all who’ve shared their thoughts on this thread:

    I have truly appreciated that so many of you have come to this place to share your points of view regarding The Lord Our Righteousness Church and its leader Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser).

    While, at times, the discussion’s been less than civil, the opinions have also seemed heartfelt.

    I like that. And I both enjoy & value providing a space where all points of view can be expressed.

    But–as many of you know–there often comes a time on blogs when healthy discussion deteriorates into something unproductive.

    Are we approaching that mark on this thread?

    It seems to me that there are times when people just have to agree that they disagree.

    The purpose of my comment is not to diminish a worthwhile and important topic. I would like to see this thread continue with well thought-out and respectful contributions.

    However, I will start deleting comments that go in the opposite direction.

    Please, let’s make this thread continue to work.


  26. This mr bent really bothers me.
    I was sexualy molested, then raped when was 14. MY son was raped by a supposidly godly man, leader in SDA church. People wrote letters, the church and pastors back him up, claiming he NEVER had sex with my 13 yr old son!
    How the H did they know? They weren’t there! My son and brother were, the man’s wife was in next room. That was 20+ yrs ago. NOw many “men” are coiming foward, all victims of the man…ashamed to tell what happened to them.
    So there’s no way anyone can be there and make such claims that a person did NOT do something. Only 2 people can be sure of this AND the Heavenly beings, God and all.
    So those letters to grand jury, all claiming what a nice guy mr bent is just worthless!

    When I watched the “inside cult” document, I wanted to vomit at the thought of what mr bent did to those young girls. Then the way mr bent talks of doctors having sexual ideas while doing pap smears….what is wrong with this mans very bent mind!
    How ironic his name is bent!…No Kidding! Bent, twisted and demented!
    And the corny stories posted on strong city web site…the story “Out of sda hell”…what lies!
    IF this MAN IS GOD…then NO one would have cancer or thyroid problems!
    Ooops…maybe they gotta consumate with mr bent before he’ll heal.
    I want to know one thing….did mr bent use condoms? If not, then why not?
    What about STD’s?,,,,HPV is at epidemic stage….nearly 50% population is infected with this…chances are mr bent now has this STD.

    OK…just for sake of aurgument here…lets just say mr bent didn’t have sex with the young girls…only laid naked next to eachother.
    Now tell me WHAT man wouldn’t get arroused by this?…NO WAY!…and what did mr bent do once he was arrousd?…if he self released would be a sin!’ Perhaps he had to summond his sons ex wife.
    And if was only symbolic…the laying naked side by side…why was it necessary for them to be virgins?…why not just be symbolic virgins!…I mean if we’re just playing games…and mind games.
    I only veiw you groupies, followers, cultest who beleive in this man as very delusiond…some desperate to run away from the real life!
    If not that, then you’re down right evil as is mr bent.
    Don’t try put curse on me…don’t be mad, angry with me. I’m damned in your eyes anyway, so not even can pray for us as we’re all headed for 2nd deaths,
    People….when comes time for mr bent to ask you to translate yourself…you all claim you willing to die for this MAN…think about this…WHAT if…just WHAT IF this MAN is wrong! and you drink the koolade or applesauced laced with arsenic or how ever you plan on ending your lives…if this man is wrong…when you open your eye’s and you see the Real Jesus returning…remember, every eye shall see him, graves will be opened, your loved ones will be there….will you be translated, caught up? Or will you experience the second death!…the final death! where you will be dammed forever! You better rethink this…remember what I wrote here before you end your life because mr bent ask you to…that if he’s wrong…you will NOT be having salvation or eternal life!…what a tragedy…all because YOU wanted to beleive in this very evil very delusioned man, mr bent!
    Like I wrote…can’t pray for me because in your mind our souls are already lost, the sealing has already taken place…so don’t bother.
    But I ask anyone who reads my blog to pray for those who beleive in this satanic, demonic controlled man, mr bent.
    Each one of us pray that satan will no longer have power to control their minds, to open their eyes…pray this by our Lord and Saviors shed blood.
    There is power in the blood!
    If we can save just one! will all be worth it.
    Pray especially hard for the young girls…I feel very strongly they’re in grave danger of killing themselvs.
    Remember, history always repeats itself…and everytime satan is done with one, their death is always very tragic and traumatic ending…like Waco, Jonestown and others, this will end same way….is just matter of time…then Mercy Chanter, lets see what you think then? Or will you go join them?…what would that do to your mama? Sisters? and loved ones..would break their hearts…don’t do it! Open your eyes.
    Ask in Jesus name, by his shed blood, satan be bound and their eyes be opened!
    I know most of you there is strong city have lots of reservations, but don’t know how to get away….please leave before its too late…you only have very short time!
    May God have mercy on you. what a tradgedy…too bad you’re not out helping those who really need help…just like Jesus did!
    We shall all pray for you. Please don’t pray for us because YOU are not praying to the right spirit…is demonic! scary!

  27. Yes, I was hoping Hanifa would answer that question for me. Would the real Jesus Christ have a “I’m busy, please come back later” sign on his door? Would the real Jesus Christ tell minor children to lay naked with Him?

    Would the real Jesus Christ take the best lodgings while leaving everyone else to fend for themselves in smaller, not so nice dwellings? Would the real Jesus Christ force everyone to figure out their food situation and go hungry or on welfare? The Jesus Christ I know, fed thousands by providing fish and bread.

    I really do not see any similiarities here between Wayne Bent and Jesus Christ.

  28. Cheryl,

    When one studies and reads alot of interviews from Jonestown survivors, it is glaringly obvious that most all of these people never dreamt that Jim Jones would lead them into mass suicide. They saw Jim as a very spiritual man. An excellent leader, lover, friend, and spiritual icon. Sure, Jim started off in People’s Temple on a good path, but somewhere along the line he chose to take hundreds of people away to a desolate place claiming they would all be happier there. He called it paradise. Once something like that happens it’s a red flag. It signifies to me that when you try to cloister people away from society, you want to implement total mind control. And this is exactly what Wayne Bent has done with these people.

    Sure, he has come out into the open about his activities with minors, but only because in his mind he feels he is in the right since he’s just following his father’s instructions. He doesn’t take responsibility for his actions as Wayne Bent. He claims that Michael is being TOLD what to do. Even physically FORCED as he wrote on his blog to have relations with his own daughter in law.

    He makes all of this public and comes against the government and puts up videos to present himself as innocent. He likens his trial with the court to Jesus’ trial. He justifies every single action as something religious or something he was told to do by his father. If you look at their photos, you’ll see smiling faces, but when you see the videos it looks alot different to me.

    When I watch those videos I see people who are strained, afraid, desperate, and unhappy. Maybe even worried because they don’t want to be left behind when Michael “translates” or “ascends” into heaven. Most of these women spend their time praying to him, about him, worrying they will be left behind in the world without him, and have said openly they would die without him or lay down their lives for him. They do whatever Wayne tells them to do. He has control of them.

    How many more blog posts will Wayne and his followers continue to put up about being happy to leave this earth behind until they finally follow through with leaving it?
    I find it absolutely frightning that the state cannot do anything to disband this group. At least the minors are protected (hopefully).

  29. Cheryl,

    I’ve edited your comment. I’ve removed the name of the SDA leader you say raped you and your son. I’m not saying it didn’t happen. But I’d have to consider any records of an arrest, charge(s) and/or convictions before including the name here.

    I’ve also removed some of your text. As mentioned in my very recent post (directly prior to yours), I don’t want this thread tumbling down into some unproductive space filled with personal attacks.


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  31. Mercy Chanter

    For the last time, I will try to explain what I meant when I wrote that Michael did not have sex with “anyone” at Strong City. Michael is accused of having sexual intercourse with minors, so I based my answer on this and not on the “7 virgins”. He is not accused of having sex with consenting adults, he is accused of having sex with minors and I believe in my heart that this is a false statement. Hope this clears everything up.

    As for killing my self, I see no point to it since God is against suicide, and I do not believe that Michael believes in suicide either. Michael told me on an email long time ago that “comiting suicide is not a way out of ones troubles” because none escapes Gods’ judgement on the last day.

    I am desperate to run away from this life, but not by killing my self. not because I desire it either, I am waiting for Father to do this, in His own time, not mine. I have been in Father’s bosom, way before I ever new Michael, I have experienced what heaven is like when Father took me up by the spirit and took all my fears away. I am not afraid of dying, but I would never kill my self.

    I believe every word Michael says because the spirit in him is the same spirit that is in me also. I have never heard Michael speak words other than what Father tells him to speak, I know this because the spirit in me is in complete agreement with his and Fathers. I don’t expect anyone to believe my testimonies either, every heart is guided by whatever spirit they allow to be yielded to. I only hear one voice, that of the Father in heaven, and that voice has never let me down. I don’t have any need for others praying for me either, Father knows the intentions of my heart, mind, and soul, and He is my only judge. I always pray for His will to be done, and none else’s. I pray everyone does the same instead of trying to falsely accuse others of doing wrong. Praying does not save anyone if the one that does the praying does not have a clear conscience.

    “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone..” John 8:7

  32. I believe your testimony, Mercy.

    You testify to the “just and true, great and marvelous” ways of God by having His faithful character revealed in you.

  33. Mercy,

    If Wayne Bent and his followers have no intentions to “translate” or “ascend” into heaven by means of suicide, then how will you all be leaving this earth soon? Everything that I have read from the messages being posts indicates that this is going to be happening soon.


  34. Stephanie

    There are promises in the Scriptures for the people of God in these last times.

    One is:

    “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”

    1Corinthians 15:52

    Since October 31, 2007, the last trump has been sounding. It is the Jubilee trumpet that declares the freeing of every soul from every type of debt/bondage and the restoration of every individual to their patrimony.

    You can read more about it here:

    and also in the related linked articles at the bottom of that page.

    The translation you refer to is mentioned in Hebrews 11:5.

    “By faith Enoch was translated [transport, change sides; carry over, change, remove] that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.”

    The people of God in these final days have the testimony of the Son of God, (see Revelation 12:11) that is, that they please God.

    We will be removed from this earth by the Word and the hand of God and in His appointed way. We watch for it and we wait for it and we expect it’s imminent revealing because not only is it time, but He has always been faithful to us, as He ever will be.

    Just what it will look like, we leave that to Him. What we know is that He promised and His promises never fail.

  35. Mercy Chanter


    No one knows the exact day and hour but the Father in heaven alone. Not even Jesus knew the exact day and time, but he did tell us to WATCH for “the signs of time” so we will know that the time is “at hand” meaning, very close. Because of all the things that are going on in the world right now, as stated in Mathew Chapter 24, we know that the time is very near.

    Mat 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet (chapter 11), stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:).

    That “holy place” is the spirit of God that is in our soul, because where the spirit of Father dwells it is considered as a “holy ground”. Only the souls who completely yield to the spirit of God will understand, for Father will reveal this to them in due time.

    I don’t have all the answers either, only what Father’s Word reveals to me. If you yield your heart, mind, and soul completely to the Father in heaven, you too will be given understanding. If I try to explain to anyone everything that was shown to me, it will take a very long time, because one needs to be willing to be “taught by God”, it takes many years of “learning” and this can not be done by posting few sentences.

    The right person to ask these questions would be Michael, that is, if you believe he is who he says he is, as I do, and he will explain it a whole lot better than I can since I am having a hard time writing my thoughts down because my English is not that good.

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  37. Thank you so much, Mercy, for clearing up what exactly you were referring to. While it might seem like a game of semantics it is very relevant for people who are coming into this forum without all the knowledge of what has happened and what he is accused of. While he is not being charged with having consensual sex with adult women it does play a part in evaluating his overall actions and to deny that happened can sway a person’s understanding of the situation. That is what I was disagreeing with. I’m sorry if I came out aggressive, but we are coming from 2 different perspectives and as Wayne says “media spins the truth” and this is a form of media. We are both responsible to be truthful and forthcoming to help keep this media from becoming a “spin”.

    I’d also like to thank you for “I don’t expect anyone to believe my testimonies either”. Your humbleness is refreshing and (sorry to say if it offends) very human. Some of the other followers of Wayne have had less cordial interactions with non-believers… even to the point of name calling. I, personally, feel that Wayne has been the biggest offender of name calling, but that is just my opinion. Maybe he has a right as the son of god… I wouldn’t know as I don’t see him in that light.


    To also clear up my continual questioning of why the “chosen” keep arguing is this. I hate to compare and please don’t feel that by my making my correlation I’m in any way saying you are wrong in your beliefs… beliefs are personal and you have every right to believe as you choose whether it’s socially “right” or “wrong”, but I’ve seen the same “justifying”, arguing and trying to convince others that what they are doing is “ok” in other destructive realms such as drug/alcohol addiction. The “if only you understood” and “you just can’t know unless you have it” are common in people who are doing things which their subconscious/inner feeling is not in agreement with their actions. If you are strong in your beliefs and are secure with the actions taken, you don’t argue or try to defend/make others understand. You just don’t need to, because you know you are right.

    So are you trying to save us by continually arguing or are you defending your beliefs to the devil’s own? If you are trying to save us non-believers, why not give us examples of how awesome it is, the benefits you have experienced and how we will be forever changed for the better. If you are defending, is it because you yourself aren’t sure? I don’t see a reason to defend to those that are lost or, as you state, of an adversarial spirit. It’s just a question from an inquiring mind.

  38. Mercy & Hanifa:

    He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. Revelation 22:11

    There comes a time when CPR just doesn’t work anymore. Some souls are just eternally dead and better off left that way.

  39. Mercy Chanter

    Casidy, no need to apologize, it is my fault because English is not my first language (Greek is), and I am having problems expressing clearly what I try to put down into words. Having gone over what I previously wrote, I can understand why you said what you said. It did sound like I was saying Wayne never had sex with anyone, what I meant to say was that he did not have sex with minors and since this is the reason he is being falsely accused of, I thought that the point I was trying to make would be understood.

    The reason I do not accuse Michael of any wrong doing is because I don’t believe he did anything wrong. That is, according to “God’s ways”. I don’t consider it as sin to sleep with more than one wife. Abraham did it, King David did it, as well as many others in the OT. To me, a piece of paper from a priest or the state does not mean being legally married to someone. These are man made laws, not God’s laws.

    Man made laws allow gay marriages and don’t consider them as sin. Man made laws allow most criminals and pedophiles to live freely, even in neighborhoods where children live or near school. Man made laws have taken the teachings of God out of schools while they allow Halloween to be celebrated in schools instead. In my opinion, man made laws are not always “just laws”, at least they are not according to “God’s ways”.

    In Abraham’s time there was no need for a priest to perform a union in marriage, there was no need for civil marriages either, this was all God’s doing as stated in the scriptures.

    “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” Mark 10:9

    This is why I believe the union with the 7 virgins was God’s doing and not Wayne’s. Jesus was speaking the words Father spoke to his heart for “that time”. At that time, having one partner in marriage was ok, just like having more than one wife in Abraham’s time was ok also. This time, which is “our time” the consummation with the 7 virgins was God’s doing also, as Michael explained on his website. I am not going to go through explaining fully the consummation with the 7 virgins. Whoever in interested in understanding what it was all about can read it in Michael’s website.

    What I’m trying to say here is that sometimes we might not understand how God works, this does not mean that when one choses to obey God’s voice is doing wrong, for who are we to judge God ways? When God speaks to our heart we obey because we have complete trust in “His ways”, and Father does nothing without purpose, and His purpose is always revealed in due time.

  40. I want to end my responses on this particular blog entry with as much respect as I can. We will have to agree to disagree, or disagree completely. I have nothing against anyone here on a personal level. I believe you are good people.

    There is absolutely no way that I could ever believe that Jesus would return to lay naked with minors even if the intent was a spiritual one. Secondly, after having read Wayne’s latest blog entry about fasting, I noticed something he had written in one of his paragraphs and that is “I will not forgive you.” This was another thing that jumped out at me crystal clear. Jesus’ teachings never ever included the inability to forgive. In fact most of his teachings were based on forgiveness. Because of those words I still do not see the Son of God in Wayne Bent. Truly, if Jesus were here I must wonder if he would have better things to do than blog.

    I will end here on this blog entry by quoting the following:

    For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.
    Matthew 24:5

    Many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and will deceive many.
    Mark 13:6

    He replied: “Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not follow them.
    Luke 21:8

  41. Mercy Chanter


    I can understand how you feel, If Father’s spirit was not in me I would not understand any of Michael’s ways either for I would find everything he says and does offensive.

    When Michael says “I will not forgive you” it is Father doing the talking through him. Father did not forgive Pharaoh and his followers either when Pharaoh refused to let God’s people go. Many to this day also believe that Jesus spoke his own words when it was Father speaking through him. In Jesus time, many did not understand his speech either, so they falsely accused him of many wrong doings. Jesus even laid down his own life because he chose to stay faithful to Father till the end. This is how Jesus has defeated evil. He did not “give in” to the ways of this world in order to please “the world”, just as Michael is also doing now.

    Just like Jesus, Michael is not using weapons to defend God’s ways, Michael is using “GOD’S WORD” that is more deadly than the man made weapons of this world that are used by the kingdoms of this world for personal gain, “For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

    The war of Michael and his saints is not a war against flesh and blood. Michael is not gaining anything from this world by staying faithful to Father, (unlike the word rulers that start bloody wars for their personal gain). Michaels war is against the wickedness of this world.

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

    Who is able to hold captive God’s children against their own will and get away with it? No one can stop God’s children for wanting to serve God freely. The wicked can hold their flesh and blood captive, but they can never own their souls, for their souls belong to God because the spirit of God is in them. Flesh profits nothing, it dies, it is the spirit of God that gives LIFE to the soul.

    Sure, many confess they believe in God and His Son [HIS WORD], but when the time of judgment comes they don’t actually believe they exist if God’s word is offensive to their souls. How can they believe God’s word if they have never experienced the voice of God in their heart and soul?

    If the word of God that is spoken through Michael offends people, how would they be able to stand in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and not feel offended?

    Father does not have two types of fire, the soul that can stand the words of God can not be burned in the fire, likewise the soul that is offended by the words of God can not stand the heat.

    (1 Peter 4-12) Beloved, think it not strange concerning THE FIERY TRIAL which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified.

    “Here is the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus [THE WORD OF GOD].”

  42. Jerry Montelius

    Casidi, you suggested that (1) we might be trying to “save souls” or (2) we are defending ourselves to the devil. I would like to suggest a third option as to why we would post on a forum like this. Everywhere in the media misinformation and deliberate lies are spread, especially in the two movies that were produced about us. Mr. Horner is rare, in that he has a blog in which he desires to present only the facts. However, individuals come to this site and post lies and misinformation which should be addressed and corrected in keeping with the spirit of Mr. Horner’s intent. So I would like to exercise this third option in the following paragraphs.

    Stephanie has been one of those who has posted some of this misinformation. She wrote regarding the sign on Michaels door: “I’m busy, please come back later.” There has never been a sign on his door that said he was “busy”. That word seems to imply, “I don’t have time for you right now.” The truth of the matter is, Michael is often visited by those in the land who feel a need to talk with him and his door is always open for the needs of the people. However, there are times when Father calls him away to be alone or he is processing through difficult things such as the consummations. His sign says, “Please come back when I am available.”

    Secondly, she wrote, “Would the real Jesus Christ tell minor children to lay naked with Him?” Michael never “told” or “asked” minor children to lay naked with him. Her words distort the truth and reveal her ignorance of the facts. This leads people to conclude that Michael is a manipulative, controlling person which cannot be proven. He was very resistant to that action and requested of the young ladies to ask their parents before he would do that. He has always held himself and everyone else around him to the highest moral standards and he has been VERY protective and sensitive to the vulnerability of woman in his presence.

    She also wrote: “Would the real Jesus Christ take the best lodgings while leaving everyone else to fend for themselves in smaller, not so nice dwellings?” When we first arrived in this land everyone was responsible for their own personal finances and living arrangements and expenses. About three years later two of the ladies in the land felt strongly impressed to move out of their trailers into something more like a real home. When they told Michael, he said words to the effect that he had no such unction but they were free to continue praying for whatever was on their heart. Father was moving on these women to express a parable in the land that our bodies are only temporary dwellings and his desire was for us to have our new bodies. This experience brought about the purchase of the new houses. I do not know for certain and am willing to be corrected, but I believe Michael personally paid for the first three from his own pocket. In total there were 9 houses purchased and distributed to people in the land. As the vision of the new houses progressed it was his desire for everyone to have a new house and he believed that all would have.

    Also there came a time when someone wanted to purchase our land. We as a body agreed to sell about 1700 acres but we still had the right to walk and camp on it. Those who had invested money in this land and the previous land in Idaho, were given back their investment. The rest of the money was divided equally among the people to the tune of $5000 per family. Michael only retained his personal investment from Idaho and did not take any of the excess money for himself. He also purchased the remainder of the land from the church and then put it in a trust with the church as the beneficiary. Not exactly the behavior of a manipulative, self-serving, controlling cult leader.

    Stephanie also wrote: “Would the real Jesus Christ force everyone to figure out their food situation and go hungry or on welfare?” No, and neither has Michael. As I stated before Michael divided up the money from the sale of the land and left himself out.

    A few years ago when the “new government” was instituted at the behest of the people, we all decided to pool our financial resources and live from that one common pot as was done by the early church in Paul’s time. As a result, our diet changed to that of one that was more healthful and simple eliminating the use of all dairy products. The by-product of that is that we no longer get sick with colds and flues and a number of the people who have had a history of weight problems, have lost their excess weight. The main source of our money at this time is Social Security and retirement benefits none of which is “welfare”.

    And lastly, Stephanie wrote: “I really do not see any similiarities here between Wayne Bent and Jesus Christ.” To be honest, I do not see any similarities between the Wayne Bent that Stephanie has here described and the Wayne Bent that we know. She has truly contrived an imaginary person. It is true that the coming of Christ in Jesus’ day and the coming of Christ in our day could not look the same for they have different missions. But as far as character goes and the love that I have seen emanating from this human frame I believe to be exactly the same as that which emanated from Jesus of Nazareth.

  43. Indigoandblack

    This man – for that is what he is, a man, nothing more – deserves all that our criminal justice system can deliver. And deliver I hope it does… both for the sexual crimes he’s perpetrated against minors, no less… but also for the sake of a flock of deceived individuals.

    I only hope that these people will have the strength to throw away not only the cult itself, but belief in supernatural mythology as a whole.

    This is a sublime example of why faith in and of itself is evil, and deleterious to our society in general. Would that faith itself – and the whole of modern religious thought – would go the way of Zeus, for *all* religions, *all* gods, *all* of the “supernatural” is mythology.

  44. Recently on this blog, I shared my concern about the direction some of the comments had taken in a thread concerning the Wayne Bent case. I’ve attempted to make it clear that this blog is not a place for personal attacks. Rather, the aim has been to see a constructive and respectful sharing of ideas in the comment sections.

    Over the past two days, it was encouraging to see what has appeared to be a genuine effort by some people to express their differences in a respectful way.

    Once again, though, personal attacks have returned.

    As a result, I’m going to spend the next part of my day learning how to shut down the comments sections within posts related to the Wayne Bent story.

    I don’t know if I’ll permanently suspend these threads or not. I’ll give that some thought.

    Mark Horner

  45. Some of you have sent me some well thought-out e-mails requesting that I allow additional comments to be added to the Wayne Bent / Strong City posts.

    I’m going to do so.

    The lively debate in these threads is much appreciated. Please keep it respectful.

    Mark Horner

  46. I saw the documentary about him and he said that the doomsday new date is will 15th december 2007 , well , here we are still alive.

    What his followers have to say about the doomsday that will never come ?
    Some day , everyone is going to die but not everyone together.

  47. Jerry Montelius

    Nicholas, You have fallen prey to the allusion of the film maker, and that might give you cause to rethink a lot of other things that you may think you “know” about us. You should watch the film again. You will never hear Michael say anything about the end of the world. Those lies were spun by Ben Anthony to sell his film. He asked almost everyone he filmed, “What will happen on the 31st” and was told the same thing by everyone, we did not know. Ben also knew that the Dec. 15 date was know about for over 3 years. And was not proclaimed to be the end of the world. More of Ben’s movie magic.

    Perhaps you should go to and read a bit from the source to discover the truth.

  48. Nicolas,

    Matthew 24:1-51

    It explains so so very much as to why WB IS part of a prophesy, just not as how he’d like to imagine he is.

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