gets mention in Tucson Weekly

After recent mentions in Australian and Canadian media, is now getting a bit of  attention here at home.  This week’s edition of the Tucson Weekly includes a nice write-up about this blog by “Media Watch” columnist John Schuster.

Because Schuster’s column specifically mentions my coverage of the murders of aspiring actress Juliana Redding and Tucson Police Officer Erik Hite, I’ve provided links here to my archives on both cases.

If you’re checking-out this blog for the first time, you might be interested to know that this site also includes several videos and podcasts.  Most recently, I traveled to a remote area north of Yuma to shoot a video concerning the history of the controversial Lord Our Righteousness Church (aka “Strong City Cult”). The video is titled, Return to Castle Dome (part 1).

Part 2 of Return to Castle Dome will likely appear here in a couple of weeks.  As noted earlier on this blog, I’ve been busy, lately, producing a freelance video assignment that took me out of state.

You’ll also discover that I often contact and interview news makers.  So, when others are blogging about a guy who found a body stuffed in a barrel that had been floating down a river near Winnipeg, I actually interviewed the man over the phone (podcast).

Finally, what you won’t find here is a blog laced with opinion.  Some might call that approach boring.  But I like the “just the facts” approach.  Facts can be compelling without a bunch of adjectives strung around ’em.

In the few posts where my opinion is found, you will find bold text stating “COMMENTARY” or “OPINION” directly beneath the headline.

I do not blog every day.  Although, there have been days when I have posted as many as three stories. Still, several days may pass without a single post.  Point is, I don’t blog simply to blog.  Something’s got to strike me as very compelling in order to fuel my engines up into the blogosphere.

If you’d like to learn even more about this blog’s approach to news, you can do so here.

Thank you for your interest in  It’s where you really do get to decide.

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