Wayne Bent court recap

Four new developments came out of Tuesday’s pre-trial conference in the State of New Mexico’s criminal

case against controversial church leader Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser).

Here is the rundown of Tuesday’s developments, according to Union County Court Deputy Clerk Karen Vieites:

  1. Motion to Quash Grand Jury Indictment: denied.
  2. Change of Venue:  sending out 2nd questionnaires.  DA and Sarah Montoya has 7 days to come up with questions to the jury , to see if local court can get a impartial panel.
  3. Conflict of  Interest:  No conflict. Sarah Montoya will still represent Wayne Bent.
  4. State’s witness list:
  • (alleged victim #1)
  • (alleged victim #2)
  • (mother of alleged victims)
  • (father of alleged victims)
  • Kat Duff
  • Agent Matt Martinez,  NM State Police
  • David Oliphant, Investigator for DA’s Office

In May, the 67-year-old Bent was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of second-degree sexual contact with a minor and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Although the legal names of the alleged victims and the names of their parents are available in the public record, Beyond90Seconds.com is not publishing those names.

When asked by Beyond90Seconds.com about the alleged conflict of interest involving Bent’s attorney Sarah Montoya, Vieites explained that the State had asserted a conflict of interest because Ms. Montoya had previously represented one of the alleged victims in a prior matter involving New Mexico’s Children, Youth and Families Department.

Judge Gerald E. Baca ruled that Ms. Montoya’s representation of her client presents no conflict of interest.

Bent’s trial is scheduled to begin October 20, 2008.

(*due to a business trip that took me out of state, I was delayed in posting this story. -Mark)


Free downloads of the Beyond90Seconds.com special report Return to Castle Dome (part 1) are now available in iTunes and QuickTime formats.  Here is a direct link to the download page. If you haven’t seen the video and would prefer to simply watch in on the ‘net, you can do so here.

Return to Castle Dome (part 1) focuses on the one-time winter home of Wayne Bent’s church. The area is located in the open desert north of Yuma, Arizona.   The story in this video is largely told through the eyes of former church member Johnny Miller.  Miller spent nearly two decades in the Lord Our Righteousness church.  He left the church in November 2006.  His wife remains in the LOR.

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