Bail granted in “barrel body” murder case

chad_davis_2Several media sources in Canada are reporting that one of two suspects in the grizly “barrel body” murder case was allowed to post bail today.

The Winnipeg Sun reports that Cory Tymchyshyn was released on “strict house arrest” and that Justice Brenda Keyser’s reasons for releasing the suspect are protected by a “publication ban.”

22-year-old Chad Davis went missing in February of 2008. His body was discovered on July 23 inside a barrel that had been floating in the Lee River. One day later, interviewed 69-year-old George Knight, one of two men who’d pulled the barrel from the river.

According to a story published on the Web this morning by the Winnipeg Free Press:

Nattily dressed in a pin-striped suit for court, Tymchyshyn was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs by sheriffs. He’ll likely be released from custody later today.

Tymchyshyn and co-defendant Kristopher Brincheski, 26, were arrested in September, shortly after police searched a small Manitoba home.

News of the arrests broke shortly after passed along a tip concerning a “Cory Temptation” to police in Canada. Whether that tip was, in any way, significant to the investigation is not known.

Both suspects are charged with first-degree murder. The Winnepeg Free Press reports that Bricheski, who remains in custody, has a special hearing scheduled for next week.

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