VIDEO: KOB-TV’s exclusive interview with “starving” woman


Just hours before authorities removed Aquinnah O’Keefe (aka “Esther”) from a “cult” compound in northeastern New Mexico last Wednesday, KOB-TV’s Jeremy Jojola conducted an exclusive interview with the young woman.

O’Keefe, who said she’d not eaten since December 30th, had been fasting to protest the imprisonment of Wayne Bent (aka “Michael Travesser).


O’Keefe’s sister is now overseeing her care.  Last month, Lorraine O’Keefe appeared on the Dr. Phil television program.  The episode was titled, “Family Cult, part 2” (watch an excerpt of that episode here).


Jojola’s report also included an interview with Bent’s son and an exclusive interview with Elsa Sayer.  Ms. Sayer is the mother of Wayne Bent’s two teenage victims.
[wpvideo 6JxETp2z w=350]

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: KOB-TV’s exclusive interview with “starving” woman”

  1. Here is what I do not understand; a while back when the SC site was fully functioning, there were alot of photos up of different members there. It seemed that more of the members were involved and commenting on WB’s posts.

    What I am noticing now is the number of people from SC who aren’t commenting. Where are all of those people? Why are not the witnesses fasting for WB’s return to the land? What about some of the other male members there, where did they go? Have some of these people left?

    The thing I find curious is the lack of members speaking out against Esther’s removal from SC.

    I watched “The Unfinished Work” as well. I have some questions about WB and the story they told about how he consummated with Wendy Bent. WB claimed all the marriages took place in “the old barn” yet all other claims have been that it took place in his bedroom.

    Wendy Bent claimed that it was a sudden thing, where she was drawn to go lay with WB. Yet in the documentary WB said Wendy prayed outside his house for 3 whole months. I’m really confused here because the other accounts are different.

    Who is the girl that talked about her gates to the city being closed,and WB working on her for many months? She said she was “scared”. She actually looked very unhappy in that video. I wonder what happened to her.

    Healed looks like a 13 year old little girl. So sad.

    The music choices were so strange. Love them from Romeo and Juliet?? uhh.

    For those posting over on the site in support of people in SC I highly suggest they watch this video.

  2. What else is very creepy was the song playing in the background while Wendy Bent was testifying her story. “The End of the World”.

    I look at some of these older videos and compare them to now. The younger girls looked so young and fresh faced and healthy but now they look very weather worn, tired, sad, and drawn down. They look sickly and malnourished.

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