Breaking News: Barrel body identified as missing 22-year-old Winnipeg man


(July 25) In a phone interview with Friday afternoon, Constable David Higgs of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed that the body found inside a barrel pulled from the Lee River Wednesday was that of 22-year-old Chad Randall Davis.

Davis as reported missing in Winnipeg on February 10, 2008.

Special thanks to reader “Leo” for leaving a comment that the body had been identified as Chad Davis. That prompted a quick Google search which turned up nothing.  However, I called the home of George Knight (one of the men who found the body).  A person answering the phone at Knight’s home explained that Channel 5 in Winnipeg had reported the identity of the body.

Update, August 14, 10:40pm PST: RCMP set up tip line (Lac du Bonnet Leader)

Update, August 3, 3:49am PST: Family mourns son (Winnipeg Sun)

Update, July 27, 4:43am PST: Facebook page, Help find Chad Davis (a Facebook account is required.  After logging into, enter “Help find Chad Davis” into Facebook’s search engine)

Update, July 27, 3:37am PST:
Who could do cruel act? Girlfriend cries for Chad Davis, plans funeral (Winnipeg Free Press)

“This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard of in the world. I can’t get it out of my mind,” his weeping girlfriend Courtney Sych told the Free Press in a telephone interview from her Calgary residence. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Update, July 25, 8:16pm PST: New insight concerning Davis’ disappearance is found in a February 27, 2008 Global Winnipeg news story (thanks to reader “Tami” for forwarding the link):

His family told police he has never gone missing like this before and they are very worried about his safety.
Davis appears to have a troubled past: police say he is “known” to them, and court records show Davis has a number of outstanding charges for failing to comply with court orders and a drug related offense. He also has a prior conviction for assault. –Global Winnipeg
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