Wayne Bent case expected to go to jury today

Closing arguments in the State of New Mexico’s criminal case against embattled church leader Wayne Bent are scheduled to begin at 9am (MST) today in Taos. The jury is expected to begin deliberations today, as well.

On May 20, a grand jury indicted Bent on two counts of second degree criminal sexual contact with a minor and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. One day later, Bent responded to the indictment by writing a 30-paragraph post, titled Modern Day Witch’s Brew, on his Web site.

Please stay tuned for Beyond90Seconds.com’s continuing coverage of the Bent trial. Updates will continue to appear on this blog throughout the day, beginning around 9am MST.


2 thoughts on “Wayne Bent case expected to go to jury today”

  1. Just wanted to thank Mark and Jeremy. Your detailed coverage has been fantastic, and I hope that it shines a light on the dangers that all cults possess.

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