Wayne Bent breaks silence, vows to keep “The last fast”

Church leader Wayne Bent ended his word fast Thursday with the release of his 43-page pronouncement titled, Going Home. Available as a 6.7 megabyte pdf download at strongcity.info, Bent’s latest entry declares that he is now embarking on a final fast.  His words seem to suggest that he believes he will not live to stand trial on charges of second-degree sexual contact with minors and contributing to the delinquency of minors (the trial is scheduled to begin November 17):

The first seven days of the fast I will cut my intake of food to one meal a day.  The second seven days I will take only juice.  The third seven days of the fast, I will take only water.  After October 31st, if I am still on earth, I will take neither food nor water, and I will not eat or drink again until I eat and drink anew with those whom Father has given me, in my Father’s kingdom.

Bent, known as Michael Travesser to members of The Lord Our Righteousness Church, writes that he feels the judge and prosecutors have been unfair, even corrupt, in their treatment of him:

But now I will tolerate this utter deception and molestation of rational thinking no more. If they ran the courts in an honest, factual way, I could cooperate. But now they have exposed themselves as running on pretense, traps and lies.

Also found within the 21,279 words published Thursday are Bent’s highly-critical opinions of former church member Prudence Welch and her blog and filmmaker Ben Anthony (The End of the World Cult).

He also blasts Beyond90Seconds.com and this blogger:

…he (Horner) scurries around the country interviewing our haters in a nice “neutral” way. This man is as neutral as a black widow spider.

This appears to be a reference to the Beyond90Seconds.com video Return to Castle Dome.  Part 1 of that video features former LOR member Johnny Miller.  Miller often spoke affectionately about Bent, but also expressed that he felt Bent had ultimately taken the church in the wrong direction.  Miller’s tone seemed to be one of sadness and disappointment.

From the beginning of its coverage of the Wayne Bent case, Beyond90Seconds.com has extended an open-ended invitation to Bent for an interview.  Over the course of several weeks, Bent wrote many kindly worded e-mails to this blogger.  Those e-mails have always remained unpublished as Bent wished for them to be.

The invitation for an interview remains.

Several members of Bent’s flock have also written e-mails—most of them friendly in tone—to this blogger.  Those e-mails remain unpublished as they were also not considered to be “on the record”.

Given the limited direct input from Bent on this blog (he has written several comments here), Beyond90Seconds.com has invested numerous hours collecting materials produced by Bent and his church so that readers here are clearly afforded the opportunity to consider Bent’s side of the story.  This seemed to prove especially valuable after Bent and his followers went on a “word fast” and removed all of their materials from various Web sites (strongcity.info, myspace, youtube, etc).

In Thursday’s entry available at strongcity.info, Bent also writes of this blogger:

The court clerk whispers in his ear every time a move in court is made about us.

This is an unfortunate and grossly inaccurate statement.

Many of this blogger’s 20 years in TV news were spent assigned to the court beat.  Five days a week, year after year, going into courthouses, checking files, leaving with copies of documents that might make interesting stories.  This includes several years of working the court beat in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Point is, this practice can only be executed because of the existence of public records.  Unless a file is sealed, it’s almost always public (the lone exception that comes to mind is when the file is lost).

In covering the Bent case, Beyond90Seconds.com has often been diligent—perhaps to the point of annoyance—about checking filings on the Bent case. No information was “whispered” this way.

This is not the first Beyond90Seconds.com report concerning a Bent fast.  On June 6 of this year, the headline, New Mexico church leader now fasting appeared here. One day later, Bent posted a comment on that story.  He concluded that comment with the following sentence:

My prayer and fasting will not end until I am satisfied or dead. (Wayne Bent, June 7, 2008 )

The Wayne Bent story has received the most comments on this blog.  It is also the only story where the comment sections have been suspended (twice).   This was done after the dialogue deteriorated to a point where the comments seemed more aimed at being hurtful than productive.

Still, the comments that were posted here, remain here.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

Clearly, this is an important story.  And an emotionally charged one, too.

Beyond90Seconds.com will continue to pursue all sides of the story.  No matter how unpopular that might be with some people.

The goal here is to be truthful, fair and informative.  If that ticks-off people along the way, that likely means Beyond90Seconds.com is doing its job.


22 thoughts on “Wayne Bent breaks silence, vows to keep “The last fast””

  1. I believe that Wayne Bent truly believes he is Jesus Christ and his followers truly believe it too. Thankfully the group does not seek converts but they live in a highly compartmentalized little world. I believe that this group may have a very tragic end and it will be because of Bent himself. If Bent dies, will his followers follow suit, or will they scatter? If they take their own lives, who can stop them? I feel sorry for his followers, but only they can stop this madness.

  2. I’d never heard of a word fast before WB but I thought that meant you would not read or write anything. In this case, it seems like for the 100 days of this “fast” it was okay for WB and the other people at SC to READ anything and everything that was written and just save all the comments for the grand finale which he started writing the end of August. Except he didn’t repost all the previous essays or that mean British guy’s video that caused the state to file criminal charges. He doesn’t want just anyone to see those because they are too damning. Thanks to you Mark for conveniently posting them here for your readers. The Internet has retained ultimate power over him!

    I appreciate your reporting on the court case. As you stated, it’s public record and anyone can google court sites and see everything filed on anyone over the past years, including traffic tickets. Even Jeff’s divorce is on there. I think SC should count it a blessing that you have kept them in the news. Normally a church and its leader have a lot more than 50 followers before they get MSM coverage. Mark has kept them in the public eye and we (the public) are better informed because of it. It amazes me that WB can condemn Prudence, Johnny and others for their comments but God forbid they protest his hateful words or even publish them.

    Good luck to Mr. Bent, actually I should say his followers, because Mr. Bent’s luck isn’t very good right now! As my Mom used to tell me, “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it”.
    I truly doubt WB will ever be satisfied on this earth and from my perspective (although I’m not God and don’t pretend to be) the One, True God isn’t going to be very happy with him in the next life!

    Keep the news coming Mark. Your stories are always informative and very interesting!

  3. Mr. Horner, in the article, Breaking News: New Trial date set for Wayne Bent, you said,

    “Citing the Court Clerk, Beyond90Seconds.com initially reported that the defense had filed a motion to have the trial date changed. Later, a response aimed at correcting this information appeared in this article’s comments section.”

    Then in this article, Wayne Bent breaks silence, vows to keep “The last fast”, you said,

    “In Thursday’s entry available at strongcity.info, Bent also writes of this blogger:

    “The court clerk whispers in his ear every time a move in court is made about us.”

    Your remark about this is,

    “This is an unfortunate and grossly inaccurate statement….

    “In covering the Bent case, Beyond90Seconds.com has often been diligent—perhaps to the point of annoyance—about checking filings on the Bent case. No information was “whispered” this way.”

    Your own words are grossly contradictory. You first say that you are “Citing” the Court Clerk, and then change that inaccuracy when it is proven to be false by Mr. Bent’s attorney. And then you say that you have been “diligent–perhaps to the point of annoyance–about checking filings” when you were neither “diligent” in your facts or reporting from a “filing”. You DID cite the Court Clerk initially. So the Court Clerk DID tell you something that you were “citing”. In your first article you did NOT state that you were reporting from a filing. You DID say you were citing the Court Clerk.. In case you forgot what the word “citing” means, it means to quote and used as proof.

    How can you accuse Mr. Bent of saying something that is “grossly inaccurate” when your own words state that he is accurate? How can you quote yourself as “diligent” in “checking filings” when you were neither diligent nor reporting from a filing? I do not see any “grossly inaccurate statement” made by Mr. Bent at all, as you purport, but rather an attempt at covering yourself instead, lest your own grossly inaccurate statements be exposed.


  4. MB, yes, I cited the court clerk. I called her and I asked her who filed the motion to change the trial date. The information was reported with attribution. Bent’s attorney informed me that the information was wrong. I thanked her and updated the story with information attributed to Bent’s attorney. I also made a note to readers which explained how and why the story had been updated.
    The term “whisper” may suggest to some that the court clerk is initiating contact with me. She’s never done so.
    Anyone can call the court clerk and request public information. Whether you get it directly is up to the discretion of a given court and its policies. Many courts will give you information over the phone. Some will ask you to physically visit the courthouse and obtain the information in person. Some may refer you to an Online resource. Where there is resistance, a simple FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request usually yields the requested documents.
    Regardless of the policy, it is public information.
    If I am reading your comment correctly, your contention is that I am denying that the court clerk was source of a statement in my original post. If so, that contention would be incorrect.
    And yes, at times, I have been diligent about checking on the filings in this case.
    Thank you for your detailed interest in this blog. As always,this blog welcomes all viewpoints and–as demonstrated–will promptly correct information if its been incorrectly reported.

  5. Weeping Willows

    what an utterly sad ending this will be.
    mr bents 43 pages of rambling ugly wrath is proof that he is both mentally demented as well as under direct control of satan.
    When they open their eyes on resurection morning, there will be no rejoicing on their part and they will only take part in the 2nd death!
    Think about it people…forever is a very long time to be seperated from the True God of Heaven!
    The bible says many false prophets will arrise, in the desert…big clue here!
    SOP and Scripture tells of how Jesus will return.
    Any other way is NOT of God!…is wrong, very wrong.
    There is time for you to repent…once you’re dead, is too late!
    The Lord will protect those whom wayne threatens to come back and haunt…this spirit is evil!
    NOT the Lord!…the Lords writtings are loving kind and sweet.
    Waynes Wraths are no where near!
    Mr Bent threatening to come back to haunt those who opposed, is proof this is from satan!
    There’s a God given reason his name is Bent!
    Is a wonder his mother didn’t name him twisted!
    He thinks he is putting pressure on the state to drop charges, but he’s only manipulating and hurting others thru this.
    This will no doubt hurt Healed till the day she dies.
    What do you think this will do to that poor girl when she hears of mr bents death?
    The man who betrayed and molested her in the name of god when she was so mentally fragile from being molested before this….but then he does to her much much worse than the other molestations!
    Laying naked, skin to skin?! What a horrible nightmare this was for her psychie!
    Is nothing more than soul murder!
    Mr bent will spend time in hell for this!
    His hurting one of Gods little children, is one of the greatest sins!
    what a sick legacy he leaves behind him.

  6. Ehr, Mark, I would just read this PDF file, written by my Prince. And I hope you understand that Prince Michael does not have a personal grunt against you, but is just telling the reader what Dad in Heaven told Him to write down. I understand what He writes, and it is written in order to save you and other people.

    And I agree on every word written by my Prince, although I have some difference in opinion about who killed Jesus Christ. Prince Michael says, that the Jews where accessory to the killing of Jesus Christ, while I only blaim the Romans, that have put the blaim on the Jews, as the Holy Inquisition is doing always in Europe. As an example, the Pope killed Jeanne D’Arc and blaimed it on the British. When the Pope was killing of the people in my country, it was blaimed on Spain. Semper Idem.
    But this is a theological debate.

    These Romans have sent their Pope to the USA in April 2008. Since April, the attacks on all non-Roman Churches have been enforced. FLDS children where kidnapped, Yahweh Group in Texas was kidnapped, taken hostage and robbed by your police. The infamous Conquistadores of Columbus running your Police and Judges. Tony Alamo was also arrested recently, we are very worried.

    Tony Alamo is also a Jew. Or was a Jew, he was converted to be a Christian. He is a very great hero to me, just like Prince Michael and several other American preachers.

    I hope you Americans will one day unite against the real enemy: The AntiChrist.

    Learn to know your enemy.
    Learn to know the False Prophet, the Pope, that has millions of Preachers and Knight working for him. Over here is a list of 276 Militant Orders that work for the Pope in America;
    Greetings from Europe.

  7. One thing that strikes me in the post from “Soldier of Truth” is that all the groups he mentions that have had problems in the past few months are very similar in makeup. Old white men who think they’re God, polygamy, abuse of children, financial abuse and improprieties and hatred towards other religions and races (not too many, if any, people of color in these groups).

    What a sad existence. And then they blame the government, law enforcement and anybody who gets in their way for the problems they brought upon themselves.

  8. I am sadly surprised and stunned by this latest fast that my old friend Wayne has entered into. This is something that I thought would never come into the picture due to his persistant claims and testimonies that suicide would never be an choice for him, or any member of the Lord Our Righteousness Church. He has taught this to us for over 20 years and I believed him. Now I have no idea where he gets the idea that I am a “Hater” of him, the church, or his message. I have never spoke, written, or even thought thoughts of hate towards him, or anyone. Just because I have choosen to not be a member of his group, and have offered opinions on issues that he and I strongly disagree on, is not grounds to label me as a hater of the LOR, or a hater of God. Everyone there at Strong City knows me, and knows me well. In their heart of heart, they all know my heart and where I have stood and sacrificed for the cause of God, and this last days message. I have wanted to live and love with him since 1989, and have never been ashamed of what we stood for through the years. But I am not going to support this present vein of thinking and decisions that he is entering into now. It looks like he is throwing away everything and giving up the fight, and not willing to wait and see Father’s Salvation. He labels this final fast as going home, but really he is giving up, and is desiring to die. This is so sad and disappointing. I pray souls there are seeing the truth of the matter, and they snap out of it. Fasting, (Starving) to death by choice is clearly suicide, and there is no way to repent of suicide. Suicide is the most final act of a scared, confused, desperate, and cowardly soul. It is a slap to the face of God.

  9. Johnny, I have thought of you often, wondering what ever happened to you. I am glad that you remain in the land of the living. Please contact me as you find convenience to do so.

    Thank you, Mark, for this forum.

    Serving in Africa,
    Chick McGill

  10. Weeping Willows

    Johnny we met via the websites when I made ugly remarks and taunted those there at SC.
    You wrote me with very VERY kind and tender spirited urging to not be so full of hate towards those he loved.
    He was right…it was NOT my place to judge any of them. His heart is breaking as he’s watching his loved ones choosing death.
    He holds no bitterness, rage or anger towards mr bent who betrayed him by breaking up his marriage, to his wife who is still there, as well as other marriages there at SC.
    Johnny…you have shown me that a man can have a charachter of Christ a million times more than mr bent has shown.
    All I’ve seen or read is uglyness and spewing out vomit/wrath towards those who are not beleiving in himself, mr bent! That is proof alone he is controlled by satan!
    Johnny was lead out of there by God when his eyes were opened when they began to not follow scripture….
    and then began doing ugly things with young girls, adultry and being a man whore.
    mr bents mind has been taken over by satanic control just as other cult leaders have done before him.
    They always have lots of sex…isn’t this interesting?
    Then when satan is done using him, as he is now, it always ends up in suicides.
    mr bent has murdered many souls when he molested the girls laying naked, skin to skin and touching them.
    Now he will murder himself and convincing others to go down with him into the depths of hell.
    Lets pray for these dear people…the Lord loves them too and has pity on them for their eyes and ears are closed to His gentle pleadings.
    Please dear people…don’t do this!
    The Lord will not allow you eternal life if you do this to yourselves.
    Jesus was very clear on this issue and was very clear when he stated that if you fast you MUST keep this to yourself, tell no one!
    What did mr bent do?….he told the world he is fasting till he’s dead!
    Is NOT what scriptures say!
    Who will be there to pick up the peices?
    Life will go on a few more years until the true God in heaven says “It is finished”.
    Then every eye shall see Him, coming in the clouds with angels who will take us up to meet Him. Every single grave will open then and the dead will be raised to witnessed His 2nd return. The righteous dead will be raised up to meet Him…the damned will be put back into their graves until the earth is cleansed and destroyed as we know it.
    Only AFTER this is when Jesus will touch this earth. But NOT before, while in its filthy sinful state.
    Is what scripture says…any other way is NOT of God!

  11. Weeping Willows,

    Thank you for the support and words, yet I still sense a desire on your part to express some rather strong opinion. I do understand as you have shared much with me via the web about your past, and your concerns. I am in the position now of laying all of this matter down, and leaving it all up to Father. I simply am not able to carry it any longer… My humanity is just to weak, and Father’s Divinity is just so strong and more able to carry the load much better. I trust Him completely, and I trust the final outcome will be as accordingly to the best of all involved. Nobody will get away with anything, and Heaven will prevail. The people at Strong City know what they are doing. They want this with all their heart, and they need to see the conclusion of their vision. They had their chances to flee before hand, and if there is to be a remnant to be saved out of her, it will be so, and I would rejoice in that outcome. And if anyone perishes within that city, that too will have it’s effects as well. They are reaping what they have sown, and that is very fair. They are all adults there, and can do as they please. If the state could step in there, they would… but they also have to abide by the laws of the land and stand off from a distance and watch. True, people could drive out there and try to force people to leave, but if their hearts are not convicted and converted to the desire to leave, it will be fruitless. They have to have their eyes opened by God, and not by men. This matter will just have to be played out to the end, and maybe then, there will be those who snap out of it. God is well able to save those, even at one minute before midnight. Perhaps seeing Wayne Bent laid out in a box with folded hands will be what will do it, I do not know. Extreme situations call for extreme actions, and extreme actions will bring about extreme results… And if he is resurrected shortly after his passing, then we will all get new game plans. Personally I doubt that will happen, as that would go against everything God has written in His Word. But if God wants to do that, who can stop Him? We will all see very soon. Until then, I can be at peace and enjoy God at His Word in my own heart.

    Chick McGill, I am not at a loss of not knowing what you have be up to this past 20 years. Your views and mission are well represented on the internet. I have read them, and at this time I have no desire to connect myself with another mirrored LOR “Cult” called “Yahweh Our Righteousness”. You appear to be a clone of Wayne in many ways, and I have had my fill at this time. I am not interested. You walked out of my life in 1989 because of your own personal issues with the LOR, and you went and done your own thing. I tried to get ahold of you back then, but you would have nothing to do with me. We have grown apart, and that was Father’s doing. If you want to talk to me now, then you take the steps nessessary. I have no desire to seek you out on my own. This is nothing personal, as I am not offended in you. My spirit and heart simply cannot take any more of this business. I am tired, and I will be resting now for I am done with “Cults”. I have Father, and He is enough.

  12. Weeping Willows

    My dear Freind Johnny…the current heart breaking issues I’ve going this time is nearly crushing me.
    I’ve been taking to heart what you wrote about leaving this in Fathers hands, that its not up to “man” to open doors or hearts.
    The recent tragic death of a dear freind has me totally questioning the meaning of “life on planet earth”
    This recent “trial” with my grand daughter is hard for me to just let go, let God!
    I want to go over there, rescue her!
    But your words of wisdom rings all too true.
    I must let go, let God, as there is no other way!
    The song, “Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way! To be happy in Jesus, must trust and obey.

    “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

    The Bible definitely points to the presence among us of evil personalities who are extremely active in the affairs of others.

    By waynes refusal to teach what the Bible states is so, he is personally responsible for many becoming prey to diabolical and demonic forces whose objective is not only the destruction of righteousness but the ultimate enslavement of those in SC.
    Jesus and His disciples recognized the existence of these evil personalities.

    Scriptural evidence that they exist and some of the marks by which their works and their presence may be detected.
    Laying naked, skin to skin, adultry, sex outside marriage with anyone is a sin!
    Doing this to innocent children who’ve sensitive minds is beyond anyones comprehension.
    And this done in the name of the Lord, is more than wickedly satanic and sickening! It’s soul murder!
    He’s damaged those girls and seared images in their minds with his ugly self serving sexual acts.
    This IS about SEX!
    Did any of you notice the electrical charge that surged thru wayne, where he nearly salivated when he began to speak of doctors touching naked women, performing pap smears…I thought he was going to make slurping smaking his lips sounds!
    I’m not trying to be mean here…I am serious!
    Go veiw it if you don’t beleive me.
    This is PROOF the man is demeanted and sexually excited when comes to talking about naked women!

    If this isn’t about sex, then have there been any men laying skin to skin with this man? If not why not? Men there have same history of being molested, traumatic birthings as well.
    God forbid he did this with young boy Matthew!

    If this isnt about sex, you should have healed them too!
    And waynes claim of perfect seed, or his seed must be in them for their salvation is a lie.
    He had a vasectomy years ago and his shrivled up cajonies no longer contain seeds!
    Many also wonder about the spread of STD’s…
    HPPV is most virulant and highly contageious.
    Simple touch or skin to skin will transmit it!
    This will cause cervical cancer in the women he’s been shagging with!
    This will not only render them sterile in short period of time, but will kill them when proper health care isn’t received.

    It will be well for those who would escape the ever-increasing influence and suggestions of this malignant “man” to know and understand what the Bible teaches concerning “leaders” like him.

    Perhaps Johnny, you’re correct in saying they may have a “wake up call” seeing waynes rotting corpse laying in a cheep cardboard box, cold stiff hands folded, his bible in hand WILL be too late to save him now, but not for those alive to witness this.

    And IF mr bent does in fact come back to haunt those in spirit as he’s promised….will NOT be the spirit of the Lord.
    We need only speak 3 words that will make this demonic spirit disappear “Jesus Shed Blood”
    as there is power in His shed blood!

    People of SC…when mr bent comes back in spirit to guide you, test these spirits with these 3 simple words. Satan cannot stay once these words are spoken.

    I challange you all to pray these simple words, then ask for Heavenly Fathers guidence for your eyes to be opened BEFORE is too late for your soul to be lost forever.
    Do not surrender to satans evil spirits that is hiding inside this mans soul!
    He IS a wolf in sheeps clothing.
    If you fail to follow this advice, is because you only want to beleive in him for fear of looking foolish all these years.
    Your continuid spirit of selfrighteousness, arrogance, stubborness, meanness and hatred towards others will only lead you into hell.

    After mr bents body lays rotting in the ground, perhaps the stench rising above it will be enough to open your eyes.
    Or will you continue to worship and continue beleiving the greatest lie?
    May God have mercy on your souls.
    For right now He is looking down with great pity and longs for you to turn from this horrible lie.
    Many are praying for and love you besides yourself.
    Lord have mercy.
    Weeping Willows

  13. Weeping Willows

    Sorry my message was so long…but I am very worried and can see clearly how they’re being lead astray.

    Are there other of his followers outside SC that are following this fast unto death?
    I wonder what impact this will have on your families?
    Your loved ones, your children, your mother, father, sisters, brothers?
    Will this lead them to salvation?
    Will your death only want them to follow the same demise?
    Or will this embitter them and turn them off to any gentle calling and leading the Lord calls to them?
    Think and pray, and use those 3 words…are you bold enough to ASK the Lord for the truth be told to you?
    Jesus Shed Blood!

  14. I want to bring up a quick point. Some may consider that I cut off Pastor Chick McGill rather quickly, and one can sense that he and I did have a history together. Chick is the man who brought me into the LOR in 1989, along with Allen Armstrong. But Chick’s testomony is the one which convinced me to take the leap. Plus I spent 2 weeks with him in his motorhome when I first joined the church. His extreme love and sacrifice for me melted my heart, and was very contrary to all the negative literature being passed around in those days about the LOR. He truly loved my soul and went well beyond the extra mile. He was a true minister of the gospel then, and I was some of his fruit. But Chick had his own personal struggles which were also coming to head at this very time. I will not go into his story, but I had desired for him to come and baptise me into the church shortly after he originally dropped me off at a established LOR church in Medina, TN. I called him on the phone, and he said that he would come and do the honors. I really wanted Chick to do this for me, and on the day of my baptism I was finally told by Allen that Chick was not coming, and I never seen or heard from him again for years, as he simply dropped off the radar, and nobody was willing to tell me what happened to my friend. There was much secrecy in the LOR, and this was my first encounter with any of it. I had somehow years later got in touch with Chick, but by then, he had reestablished himself in a new life and his own church, and we simply never was able to reestablish our old friendship. I have kept tabs on his church throughout the years, and he is perhaps the closest clone to the LOR that is out there. Why am I telling you this? Cults have to regruit in order to survive. The last I have seen, Chick’s church it was very small, and needing new life. I just don’t want to get envolved in another Cult. Chick should understand all this very much. I know he wants to help me, andI have nothing against his little group, yet I do disagree with some of it’s teaching, and I question where he is wanting to take his little church. He has copied very much from Wayne Bent, and sort of looks like a split from off the LOR. If Chick and I should ever meet again, I know that it would be a nice visit, but I am finished with these off-shoot SDA, LOR groups. 20 years of my life were invested and now gone in all of this “by sight works trip”, and I am done. It’s just a personal choice. I would invite Chick to respond as he so desires, … He is entitled to tell his story as well.

  15. Judy Halstead

    I know you are a BELIEVER in HEAVEN and “OUR” GOD in heaven wants you to think about the three boys you brought into this WORLD. They do not deserve you breaking their hearts for your selfish, brainwashed,
    looking your whole life for something that is not there reasons. I don’t mean to sound unkind but I want you to wake up because ther is a real heart that believes in there. You have been so blessed with those boys -not many mothers get that lucky.


  16. Taylor Halstead

    To My Mother, This is probably not the best place for me to give you this information, but I have no other way of communication with you now. I have a tumor on my left kidney and it has to be reomoved soon and I will be going into the hospital on Nov. 13th to have it removed. Please write or call me asap.
    I love you Mom.

    Taylor Halstead

  17. Just reading the 2 post above brings tears to my eyes.
    I would love to have had children who loved me like those mothers in SC have.
    Taylor, my prayers are with you now and when you have surgery. I pray isn’t too serious, and pray the Lord will guide the surgeons hands.
    A mothers prayers for her children is one of the mightiest of all prayers.
    If I was your mother, I would put self aside, then run to your side, hug, kiss and pray your fears away.
    But the Lord didn’t bless me with one like you!
    Stay strong and know the Lord is there beside you, no matter what!
    May God Bless you and comfort you.
    He will see you thru this as you are His child and He is YOUR God! He loves you so much that He died just for YOU alone!
    God Bless you.

  18. Mr wayne Bent….in 2003 you wrote that you were without sin, therefor making it impossible for your body to die.
    But I’m sure you have some twisted explanation outa that lie as well.
    Where you’ll claim you were translated and come back in spirit to harm and haunt them.
    But satan can impersonate you just as he has others.
    He can cause calamities and suffering on those who have opposed you as well.

    So after they lay your body in some cardboard box, what will happen to the land you owned there in New Mexico?
    If you fully beleive it will be nothing more than burned rubble….then why not leave it for the cult members who’ve left there….
    “This” will be their perfect punishment for leaving your wonderful world for a sinful life outside your gates.
    If you left this horrible rubble,Travesser Land New Mexico, over to someone like Prudence or Mr Miller, leaving it all over to them to clean up after!
    This goes for the trailers and very nice modular homes that you lived in as well….but not the junky ones you forced others to live in…just the nicer ones!
    Leave these to them as well….because since you’re dead, as well as your followers….this property will have served its purposes for you and you no longer want or need it.
    So give it to those people!
    They can divide it amongst themselves.
    Or better yet….why not heap these coals of damnation (Your property there in NM) over to the SDA conference…let them suffer the clean up!
    But…if you don’t turn this property over, then we will know that you were not serious in what you’ve claimed all these years.
    So I challange you to take action before your death, abd turn over the property.
    Your lawyer there can draw up the papers necessary for this.
    What a way to die!
    You wrote and promised you would NOT take the cowards way out, by killing yourself.
    “Silly us”! for beleiving that you would for once tell the Gods Honest truth! I Guess not!
    BTW….Not feeding your body IS doing harm!
    Just as not putting oil in an engine.
    I’ll bet you’re scared spitless, knowing you’ve painted yourself into a corner, and are facing many years jail time for your sex crimes.

    You can only see SELF, see your only way out is to “Off yourself”…but convincing others to follow your leading is murder.
    You WILL be going to Hell for this!
    Your legacy you leave behind is nothing BUT sin, pain and suffering. You have hurt a lot of people.
    This was never Christ way.
    He was about love, never about harm and hatred as
    you’ve proved numerous times.
    Its not too late to turn back now, ask forgiveness and admit you’ve told these terrible lies.
    Soon time will have proven once again, that joining a cult is very dangerous as these always end up a tragic and needless deaths for them.
    But is same old story…
    A smart and very charismatic man full of self, desperate for attention and adoration!
    Worship me! Or else!
    satan said the same thing long ago…he knows he’s got just a short time left!
    Tic toc, tic toc…..times up!

  19. Just what I thought…couldn’t come up with answeres for doing what is right in giving over that property because Bent KNOWS he’s wrong!
    Soon to be DEAD WRONG!

    What mother could not read her daughters pleadings just for one last hug goodbye!
    A mother who’s heart is cold as ice!
    This IS NOT from the Lord!
    How sad, sad utterly sad.
    Judgment day is a comin mr bent!
    YOU will be found wailing and gnashing your teeth and screaming for the boulders to cover you!
    Yes…your assention rock will soon be your fortress!
    When the True God of Heaven has had enough of your BS, your body will rot and buzzards will pick your sicko eyeballs out of your gourd!
    Your need and want for adoration got you this far, just as it did the father of all lies, satan…the one who whispers in your ears….when he wispers your eyes glaze over and you are mezmerised by satans smooth talking…you think its God.
    No way!

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