Judge won’t hear from Bent’s alleged victims prior to trial date


D.A. Planning Raid on Strong City

by Jeff Bent | 7:38 PM

I was informed by individuals “in the know” this evening that Deputy District Attorney Tomás Benavidez is trying to obtain a court order against our land this evening. The order specifies the names of three individuals are to be removed from Strong City by force and taken to Las Vegas for mental health evaluation. The order further stipulates that we must allow the sheriff’s office and emergency services to enter the property for the purpose of monitoring the welfare of the members of our church who live here. I learned later that Mr. Benavidez was unsuccessful in finding a judge to sign the order, and that the matter may be shelved until Monday. More to follow …


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(October 22) In a six page Emergency Motion for Evidentiary Hearing filed by the defense on October 16, the plan seemed fairly simple and direct: Convince Judge Gerald E. Baca to allow Wayne Bent’s alleged victims to testify prior to trial.  Get that to happen, and surely the judge would dismiss a case that would have unnecessarily consumed the court’s precious time and taxpayer money.

One problem: On Monday, the Honorable Judge Baca denied that motion.

If there is to be testimony given by the two girls whom the State has so forcefully argued were touched in a sexual way by Mr. Bent, then it’ll have to come during the church leader’s trial set to begin November 17.

The set-back for the defense is the latest in a series of rulings that have not gone Bent’s way.

Earlier this month, Bent ended his 100-day long “word fast” and embarked upon a food fast, vowing:

…and I will not eat or drink again until I eat and drink anew with those whom Father has given me, in my Father’s kingdom.

On his blog today, Bent writes that he’s been fasting for 12 days.


On October 7, Deputy District Attorney Tomas R. Benavidez filed a motion to have the original October 20 trial date rescheduled.  In his Motion to Continue, Benavidez included seven grounds for postponing the trial.  Ground number 3 contended that the State was overwhelmed by a heavy docket.

Grounds numbers 5 and 6 offered insights into how the State was putting together its case against the man who has long-led The Lord Our Righteousness Church (living with his Two Witnesses, Seven Virgins and assembled flock near Clayton, New Mexico):

5.  The State is in the process of identifying (an) expert witness, a juvenile forensic psychologist.

6.  The State is in the process of identifying a person who has either been published or is an acknowledged expert in the (area) of “Religious Followers”.  We have been working with a Behavior Analysis Unit in Quantico, VA, who has been on travel for the FBI since the first of October.  We had scheduled a conference with the agent and his team on Friday the 26th day of October, 2008.

One day after that Motion to Continue was filed, word came that the jury trial had been bumped to November 17 (the actual Order of Continuance came two days after the State filed its motion).

On October 8, a Notice of Hearing (telephonic) informed attorneys on both sides that a Status Conference had been scheduled for Tuesday, October 28 at 10am.


On October 2, the State set-out to defeat two defense motions seemingly aimed at fracturing the prosecution’s grip on its two most important witnesses; the alleged victims.

In its response to the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss as to State’s Witness L.S., the State asked the judge to deny the motion for several reasons, including:

The Defendant has admitted in a statement taken by New Mexico State Police Agent Matthew Martinez, on August 2nd, 2008 and in his Grand Jury testimony that he did touch L.S. in his bedroom when they were unclothed.

L.S. disclosed in the safe room interview and in the requested interview with the Defendant’s Attorney that she was touched on her intimate part to wit, her “breast”, by the defendant.

The State’s response also addressed a possible “freedom of religion” argument from Bent’s side:

There is no constitutional or religious exception to Criminal Sexual Contact of a Minor or Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor.

And appearing a bit later in the same document:

It is well settled by case law that where religious practice clashes with criminal acts that there is no constitutional or other religious protection against such offender that should shield him from being criminally prosecuted for such a violation.

The language from the State—especially the assertions about what L.S. had reportedly told a State Police Agent and mentioned in a safe house interview—has apparently become all too familiar to Bent’s attorney, Sarah Montoya.

In the Emergency Motion for Evidentiary Hearing, ultimately denied by Judge Baca this week, Montoya had argued:

The Court should determine if there are real disputes or if the evidence, as framed by the taking of testimony from the state’s two material witnesses, can sustain a conviction.  This is what Foulenfont (State v. Foulenfont) has to mean, that this Court can weigh conflicting facts, or every Foulenfont motion could be defeated by the state parroting what they perceive to be facts in dispute.

The prosection kept busy on October 2, attempting to fend-off motions filed by Bent’s attorney.

In its response to a defense request that L.S be appointed a Guardian Ad Litem, the prosecution enumerated 12 grounds for denying the motion.  Ground number 10 addressed the familiar concern about religious protection:

A Defendant does not have the right to hide behind the religious protection of the United States Constitution when he is unclothed in the presence of a minor between the age of 13 to 18, when he is in a position of authority, he is unclothed in his bedroom and makes contact with his unclothed parts of his person and makes contact with the unclothed intimate part of the victim.

The final ground (number 12) for not appointing a Guardian Ad Litem, the State argued, noted that the child now lives with her “current guardians.”  Her parents.

On October 14, Judge Baca denied Ms. Montoya’s request to have a Guardian Ad Litem appointed to L.S.



So, what can one surmise from this most recent flurry of motions filed in the Wayne Bent case?  Clearly, religious freedom will be addressed.  This post has already addressed some of what the State of New Mexico has argued concerning this topic.

Now, here’s an excerpt concerning religion written by Bent’s attorney in her Emergency Motion for Evidentiary Hearing:

It is significant that the Defendant and at least one of the witnesses have claimed all along that the meeting between the two individuals was for a religious healing and each of them should be afforded their 1st Amendment right under the Constitution of the United States of America to practice freedom of religion.

In its story about Monday’s denial of the Emergency Motion for Evidentiary Hearing, the Albuquerque Journal began:

The space between the collarbone and a girl’s breast could be the difference between guilt or innocence for a New Mexico cult leader accused of sex crimes.

A catchy lead with an explanation that unfolded in the final paragraphs of the story:

The girls initially said that they were naked while Bent kissed them, according to State Police documents. One of the girls said he touched and kissed her breasts.
But Montoya said Monday that both girls have since denied that the encounters were anything illegal. She said the girl told her in an interview that the kissing happened near her clavicle and not on her breast.
“This has been blown out of proportion by the media and the District Attorney’s Office,” Montoya said.

More than anything, this case seems to come down to what two girls will—or won’t—say if called to the stand.  And, at this point, it seems quite likely that they will be called to testify.

Now, talk about your Two Witnesses.

96 thoughts on “Judge won’t hear from Bent’s alleged victims prior to trial date”

  1. If the court allows old men to touch naked young girls and hide it behind freedom of religion, do you think they will allow human sacrifice?

  2. Mark, the information here is technically factual but basically untrue. I have always taught our young people to be honest and true. I have taught them to never lie. When they were questioned by the DA and the CYFD, they were completely unprepared for the idea that they were being entrapped, so they were not careful about what they said. I am the same. I understood that the police were being honest with me, and it did not occur to me that they would lie to entrap me. It never entered my mind.

    So, the girls both changed their testimony to match the actual facts of what happened. But even when the girls changed their testimony to what actually happened, the DA used the old testimony as the fact, when it was not the fact. Some of the court papers from earlier days are now fraudulent because the witnesses have told the story exactly as it was rather than generally or loosely as it was.

    I have always told the church to tell the truth and follow God’s voice to them, rather than my own. When these two girls asked to lie naked on my bed, to them it was “naked and unashamed before God.” The “naked truth.” “Nakedly honest.” When they asked for this, there was no way I could turn them away.

    No, I did not ever tell the police that I was naked in the presence of the girls. They have never seen me naked once. The police simply distorted my testimony. Mark, right now you are naked, aren’t you? Just look under your clothes. Well, I was naked too, but covered. Your report did not mention that little detail.

    I was never sexual with these ladies, and neither did I kiss either of their breasts. Yes, one young lady said that, but changed her story later when she saw that her statement was used incorrectly and she did not know what a clavicle was. The other girl sent the DA another letter clearly defining her contact with me, and it is quite different than what is reported by the DA. She did not realize that she was being set up to be a witness against me. So in her subsequent letter she carefully defined each thing, so that there would be no mistake in understanding. The truth is, the charges against me are entirely false. I have said so, and the State’s witnesses have said so. I feel it was entirely cruel for grown-ups, with years of experience in interrogation, to distort the testimony of these young women. It will only heap loads of guilt upon them, for they were used to destroy me, which was never something they intended, by sharing their testimony. I think that treating young people like this is tantamount to a criminal act.

    Ron: Whatever does this have to do with human sacrifice, except that the State is getting away with sacrificing these young women for its own agenda? It is unjust and wrong for the State to do this. It has caused a great deal of pressure on them. And Mark, you are part of that pressure, because you have not been part of the solution.

  3. Ron, just to help you understand, no one missed your meaning. Your meaning just does not apply here. No one is using religion to excuse crimes against people. Why would you even bring it up except that you want to change the subject? When a physician touches a naked girl, I do not hear any outrage over that. If we allow physicians to touch naked girls, pretty soon we will have to allow them to open whore houses in the name of medicine. Can you get the drift? Can you understand this?

  4. Wayne very bent.
    Lets make one thing clear here.
    Because what you just wrote sure isn’t!
    You’re going in cirlces and not making sense!

    What IS VERY clear to everyone is that you got caught with your “hand in the cookie jar”!
    You’re back-pedaling and trying to cover up to stay out of jail.
    You have a secret sin, addiction to porn.
    You’ve been visiting porn web sites and the Lord allowed this sins natural consequences to come to a head.
    Your old kinky sexual perversions is the fruits of the spirit you’ve never allowed the Lord to help you fully overcome this.
    Now you’re trying to make this into a “God” thing thinking perhaps this would get you off these charges.
    Too bad buddy! But you’re very wrong!’
    You are taking the cowards way out by not facing the crimes you’ve committed.
    Starving your body is just another way to kill yourself, but a little quicker than by eating junk foods and rich meats.
    Your long time claim of healthful living, eating the right foods as Gods commanded….and SOP teaches is opposite what you’re doing now, harm to your body!
    In the book of Matthew, The Lord commanded our fasting be done in private, that we’re NOT to tell others as you have!
    You’ve told the world!
    Why are you telling everyone this?
    To TRY and munipulate them to drop charges?
    Or is this the final stab to the girls you’ve so horribly wronged?
    You are a very sick man who could have done great things with your life.
    Instead you chose the wrong path because you wanted adoration and attention from others.
    You took your eyes off of the Lord and placed them on self. That is how you got of track!
    No matter what the reasons, but when you take your eyes off Him….you lose your way!.

    Go ahead, kill yourself, but leave others out of this!
    When the True Lord in HEaven returns, You WILL wake up to a nightmare and this is eternal damnation!
    But you still have time to repent of your sins…once you’re dead, there’s no going back!
    Then “It is finished”!…what a sick legacy you leave behind you…sick sick sick!
    May God have mercy on you!

  5. No name: Right away I think I am talking to one of my old members who got caught with her/his hand in the cooky jar. Your hatred is clearly expressed since you have lost your reason. No, you are very wrong about me trying to stay out of jail. I don’t even think of it. I do have an interest in the truth though, and you clearly do not. If you did, you would start off with using your real name.

    In real life anyone believes the witnesses, but in my case no one is believing them because they have an agenda to kill me, even if they have to lie. You have put out a lot of guessing as to my motives here. How would you know my motives? Are you saying that you are God? I believe that you are only expressing your own motives and pinning those motives upon me. You are accusing yourself.

    You ask me why I am telling everyone these things. It is because God always gives people the truth and exposes their lie before he allows destruction to come upon them. It would be unfair for Him to destroy the wicked except they are willingly wicked after having heard the truth. I think that you can understand this, can’t you? Your eyes have been opened, but you prefer to believe a lie about me. It better suits your own self-interests. The girls associated with me did not lie, and neither did I. But you are lying and assuming, and surmising all about us.

  6. Hello Wayne. I do not know where my communication with you now will take us, but I am willing to give it a go. It is good to see you commenting on this site. I would have to agree with you with several things you posted here. Mr. “No Name” is delivering a very cheap shot, and many people on these sites love to hide behind a name. Wayne, we have known each other for years. We’ve had our history, and I do question our “present”. My only problem with you is that I believe you made a serious mistake in judgement regarding your granding these private nude healing sessions with the underage girls. Had you have said no to them, I probably would have never left Strong City. David wrote I will not sin against thee, even if you slay me. I believe you had received council from some in the church not to do this thing with these minor girls. I believe Father would have delivered you from it, had you not entered into those things. I believed it was a test of faith for you from Father, a very difficult test of faith and you failed it. And I am also open enough to say that I could be wrong about all of this, afterall who am I? My own personal history with sexual issues is not a happy one, and I too have made mistakes. All sexual sin is the same in Father’s eyes. Yet I am not saying that you sinned. I believe I understood what you were about in those days, but those moments spent with these underage girls threw me for a loop, and I am still dealing with this “revealing”. Yet we all reap what we sow. And Father is faithful to see that we all get what we want and deserve. I have said some hard things about you on Prudence’s site, and I believe my comments were warranted and from my context of understanding. And I will continue to write as I am impressed. I have no agenda with you or the church. You have referred to me as a “hater”, and I do not hate you in the least, nor do I hate God. I just don’t agree with some of your actions and teachings. You have said I am a fence rider. I prefer to walk through provided gates in the fence, and not sit on them. Fences are man’s design to protect men and their interests. You have called me Lukewarm, neither cold nor hot. I do not approve of what you did, but I also do not condemn you for any of it as well. And if you are innocent, you should be honorated and restored, and in my heart of heart, this is my prayer for you. I do not want to see my friend go to prison. I also do not want to see you die as a result of your fast. This is not the translation you taught to me when I was a member of the church. Yet If you are guilty of breaking the letter of some New Mexico code or law, you should be man enough to stand up and take your medicine. Personally, I do not believe you did anything sexual with these underage women. This is what I said in the Return to Castle Dome interview with Mark Horner. Mark edited things from the interview that you were not able to hear. I said other things as well, things which defended you and your cause, but he did not use for the interview. I am still praying for Father to deliver you somehow from all of this for the churches sake. If you want to respond to me on this open forum, it is your choice, and if you want to speak to more in a more private way, you know my e-mail address. I do have my concerns about what you are doing. I have been gone for 2 years and have been left out in the picture for a bit now. Do you want to talk with me? I am willing, but be advised, I may post what you tell me.

  7. Mr. Bent,

    Mark Horner did an excellent job in investigating and presenting “technically factual” information. Information which even with all your doublespeak you can’t claim is untrue. If it is “factual – restricted to or based on fact” it is true.

    The first account the girls gave at the safe house of their encounter with you is the truth. Since then you have tried every means available to convince them that what they first said, what they felt and what YOU did is not really what happened. Everytime you open your mouth or publish a diatribe you intimidate them even to the point of suggesting they will feel guilty at your death because the state is “killing” you on THEIR testimony. That is an untruth because you are killing yourself. It has nothing to do with them at all. You are afraid to stand up in this life and answer not just to the State of New Mexico but to God Himself.

    You might be able to hold sway over the people you groomed to believe everything out of your mouth but It doesn’t work with the everyday people who happen to come across your “little” story in the news. Those outside the LOR/SC can only base the “facts” on your many years of previous writings and in those writings the “truth” has changed many times. And even though you removed your website to hide the things you and others wrote they are still available to anybody who chooses to search for them.

    What is the “truth” for today’s date? Are you through with everyone, again? You’ve said you’ll never speak again, yet here you are. So why do you continue to come around trying to persuade people following this incredibly sad story that you are the “messiah”? Why would you care to try and make “the beast” come around to your view? According to you It’s too late for us to be “saved” and as for myself I never had any hope as I am one of those you condemn. Is it because you need to change the “truth” once again to save your own skin?

    For the record I’ve never met you nor had I even heard of you until last spring when your name made it into the local news. I use my initials instead of my full name to protect my family, not myself, from people like you.

    But I wanted you to know the thoughts of a Catholic who even now is praying for your pitiful soul:

    You are not God! In fact, you aren’t even close. I, along with millions of other people on our earth, gratefully worship the One, True God and await His second coming in perfect peace. I have no fear of you now and I have no fear of your threats to haunt all of us from the netherworld. You’ll be too busy begging the prophet Abraham to let Lazarus bring you a drop of water to quench your thirst. But as you well know it is impossible to cross the great divide between Heaven and Hell.

    I pray most fervently that God will grant the people you have harmed a second chance at happiness and most especially eternal life with Him in Heaven.

    O my Jesus,
    forgive us our sins,
    save us from the fire of hell,
    lead all souls to heaven,
    especially those who are in most need of Thy mercy.

  8. Hello Johnny,

    I can understand your present mental situation. You sent us an email after one of my posts, saying that you were stupid and you asked for forgiveness. Then you repented of your repentance, evidently. I say this to just illustrate that you have wavered back and forth for a long time. It is your own sex sins that you judge me with. I and the witnesses clearly stated that what we did was at the command of God, and that it was not sexual. This is the issue and not man’s perception of the issue.

    In history God has often done things that greatly troubled the present society. Think of Moses. He took Israel out of Egypt and then personally killed thousands of them for dancing around a golden calf. He was instrumental in killing all of the firstborn of Egypt. These were often very young children. Elijah greatly offended Jezebel by killing 400 of her religious priests. Jesus was greatly hated for calling himself the Son of God (Messiah) and that people had to eat his flesh and drink his blood or they could not follow him. They said that he was a “self appointed Messiah.” One prophet was told to marry a whore, which was against the law.

    The people of God have always been hated. Isaiah was cut in two with a saw. Jeremiah was thrust into a dungeon in deep mud. All of the disciples of Jesus were banished or murdered by the present administration. Johnny, just how did you think this was going to look when you left here. Remember you said to me that if anyone came against us, and you expected that they would, you would stand true and firm, all alone, defending the people at Travesser. Did you forget that oath? You never said to me that you were leaving because a girl asked to lie naked on my bed. Why did you not tell of your offenses then? The young ladies would have been very happy to explain to you why they urged me to let them lie naked. Perhaps you should have, for to them it was “nakedly honest,” “naked and unashamed,” and the “naked truth.” Perhaps you might have learned something from them by this. My attackers now, mostly ex-members, were far from honest, and so when the girls did what they did, they interpreted that out of their own low moral state. They attack me for who they are themselves.

    I did not accused the girls for what they asked me, because I interpreted their own requests out of my own morality. I knew they were not sinning. I knew it was an act of God. I also knew very well that this would judge the wicked. I knew what the wicked would do with this before it even happened. This is the nature of the judgment. Johnny, when the Bible states that the dragon came against the women with a flood in Rev. 12, just what did you expect that would look like? It looks like this looks. No, Johnny, I have not sinned and neither have the girls. God set the world up for judgment, and God has not sinned either. Remember, he made us all, and in Him we live.

    You worry about suicide. Was it not suicide for Jesus to purposely go to the cross. He knew very well that they were going to kill him. He could have taken a vacation in Tyre and stayed alive. Was not his death intentional on his part? Remember Johnny, “They loved not their lives unto death.” No, we have no intention to commit suicide. Our intention is for our Father to deliver us. If he does not, then we will still fast and pray until He does. One of our women told me that God told her to leave off food two days ago, and Sabbath she will leave off water. God told her that deliverance was near. Should she say to God, “Now listen God, I might get hungry. Do you know what you are doing?” No, we just do what He says, and our self-protection is not in the equation. Can you understand this, old friend?

  9. KM: Never mind KM, for whatever I say to you will only be construed by you into a distortion. You are in error and you want to keep your error. I am happy for you to keep what you love. I have no desire to convince you otherwise.

  10. Ron: I need not be licensed by the State for I am licensed by God. You have no idea what happens in the heart of vulnerability, but God does, and God knows how to heal that heart. And yes, I am a physician and God has used me to heal many diseases, mostly of the mind.

    Why is it that you permit a state licensed physician to take steel knives and cut into young girl’s bodies in order to heal them, but you do not permit me to only touch them for their healing? Why do you permit earthly physicians to drug young children to keep them manageable while I would only need to touch them for that effect. Drugs are far more dangerous than touching. I think your ignorance is understandable, but it remains.

    I can surely understand that YOU should never lie naked with young girls for you may very well drool all over yourself, and that is why you suspect that of me, but I do not see nakedness in that way. I see nakedness as God sees it, and Ron, God, my Father, made naked girls. You were born naked also. He knows very well how to instruct me to carry on a deep healing. And this I have done.

  11. Please present your license from God to the court, with written permission from God that states the he needs you to lie with naked underage girls before he can heal them, and maybe the judge will throw the whole thing out!

  12. Ron: Now you are being foolish. The earth has never understood God, but His Son does. Did Jesus present his license? Did Elijah? Did Moses? No, sir, you ask an impossibility. You also misunderstand something and that is that I do not care for permission from man. I do not need man’s approval. I only need the approval of my Father.

  13. Ron: No, I will not be telling anything to the judge. And no, you have not aggravated me. I am leaving your world, for it is willingly ignorant and I am satisfied to leave it that way. You see, Ron, I cannot be threatened. I cannot be made afraid. I always do what pleases my Father, and you always do what pleases yours. Everything is fair enough.

  14. “but numerous times when Wayne spoke of the Song to the church in study and sermans, he referred to kissing of the breasts as an act of acceptance and closeness.”JDM

  15. Ron: Interesting that I remember nothing about this. I remember nothing about the breasts at all. Why are you quoting things that are not true to prove your own illusions about me? What I did say in church is this:

    1. God kisses us on the mouth so that our words will be His words.
    2. He kisses us on the neck, so that our mind and heart will be connected as one with a strong connection.
    3. He kisses us on the eyes, so that we might see as He sees.
    4. He kisses us on the heart (sternum, the seat of affections) so that we might have His heart.

    Ron, it is plain to see that you have never been in love with God. Here in this land, we are in love with Him. It makes a difference how you see things by who it is that you love.

    Father Satan does not love. He only accuses and abuses. He evil surmises all that God does. He invents attacks against God’s people. He bears false witness against them. So, these attacks against us are not a mystery to me. I understand them.

  16. Wayne. Thank you for responding to what I said. Far from me I am wondering, why your answer to me left me in peace, perhaps because I do understand. That e-mail you referred to was sent to you twice, and both times the mail server said it was returned to me as undeliverable, and indicated to me that you never got it. But you did get it… first time I ever saw a machine tell a lie. That is odd.

    Only people who were living on the Land 3 years ago will know what I am getting ready to talk about. Remember the dream I had at the land a few months before I left. I was not willing to speak again about that dream, because of the embarrassment I brought upon myself that day because of that fleece I had thrown out that I messed up so badly. I had received many e-mails from brethren asking for me to retell it. And I just couldn’t, but I will refer to it now. This is the dream with the three graveyards and portal to heaven in the Barn. The first graveyard (the one you picked out and nobody else knew about, including me) located across the wash behind Billy and Virgil had 5 graves in it. I do not know where Grandma Davis was buried when she passed on a short while ago, but I would think that she was buried in that graveyard with Purity. I do not know the significance of the number 5, but the change which came to the land as shown in that dream, did not happen until there were 5 souls resting under that sod. When I had that dream there was no graveyard there. The dream did not show who were in the graves when I had it. There were also two other graveyards, one located behind the wash behind where your old 5th wheel used to set, at the base of that large hill. Buried in that graveyard were souls who died on the land after the portal was opened in the barn, and residents of the land could not leave it for any reason. These residents were people who came to live on the land after the churches translation. The final graveyard was located off the land on the other side of the cattleguard. In it were the souls who died tried to come onto the land, but were slain by the unseen angels who guarded the land and kept unbelievers away. There were many spiritual things represented in the dream, and again it was just a dream, but we am starting to see much of it come to pass. My eyes are tearing up now so I need to conclude. Perhaps my repentance in that e-mail was ackward, so much is happening now, and again these are difficult times, and I am still weighing out my part in all of this matter, but I also asked you for forgiveness in that e-mail as well, and you haven’t replied to that request. By your own words you state that you will not be among us much longer, and I do care for you and my friends there deeply. My heart is very heavy and sad. I will miss you greatly, as you have affected my life more than any on this planet. I don’t want to see you leave this way, but in your own heart, you must be true to your vision, and I understand. Has my wife Lillian joined you in this final fast as well? I am going to write Lillian via snail mail. I would also desire to hear from her again.

  17. Wayne, I think that the advice which you had been given earlier about not speaking (and taking your site down) was really the best approach. But, because many of your writings were re-published on this site and elsewhere, you may have come to the conclusion that further discussion would serve your case well. However, I don’t think that any further postings and publications are going to help you. In my opinion, the information you are offering to plead your case (to the public or perhaps potential jurors) wouldn’t be permitted in the courtroom (and jurors wouldn’t be allowed to consider it, even if they knew it). However, there is a courtroom approach, which you may not have considered, which might be better than what you are doing with your current statements and your defense attorney’s strategy and I want to pass it along to you. I am a writer with a published history of providing support to various people accused of crimes and I have always operated from the standpoint of presumption of innocence (even in the face what might appear to be damning evidence). But prior to my explanation of my defense strategy suggestion, allow me to wander a bit to establish a particular logical position.

    First, I think that there are very good arguments that what you have done (regarding the girls) isn’t really much of a transgression in relation to morality, nor is it actually a violation of religious principles or tenets. Although your actions were not committed as a deliberate manifestation or exercise of the privileges of religious freedom (that is a very dangerous and “slippery slope” to use as a defense). Instead, what happened appears to have been, innocently, a result of a combination of misunderstandings, resulting from your own personal history as a religious scholar, along with confusion about what was sociologically acceptable, caused by you having more of a world view rather than a local one. You were really are correct in your writings where you made references to the biblical “coming of age,” which is on the twelfth birthday. Therefore, according to biblical tradition, you are on firm footing regarding any physical contact with a girl of 14. It is an easy step of reasoning for me to believe that because of your decades of biblical studies, you would have really been totally ignorant of the laws of the state and would have been inclined to think in terms of biblical tradition, not acting as a matter of “religious freedom,” but just conducting yourself under an assumption of what was permissible, based on what you had learned and studied intensely over those many years.

    Secondly, legally, had you been in another location, what occured wouldn’t have mattered to the law, because in some locales, the laws are virtually in agreement with those biblical provisions. Logically, when it is considered that the legal age of consent in some places would have permitted anything you are being charged with in New Mexico, the severity of the “crime” comparatively is not so emphatic. To illustrate; in many states, such as Connecticut and Hawaii, the legal age of consent (for full sexual relations) is 16 and only a few years ago in many states, like Arkansas and Georgia, the legal age was 14. And right now, in Denmark and Greece, fifteen is the legal age. But even more notable to this discussion, in many other countries, for example, in Ecuador and Albania, the legal age is 14. And as surprising as it might be to most Americans, leading that list is Italy, a sophisticated country with a modern culture similar to our own.

    Only rhetorically, would anyone wonder if the people in those states and those countries were immoral, because, of course, they are not. There are no movements to enact world-wide sexual laws based on the most severe statutes of some of our states (like New Mexico). This is because the legal age of consent is really a product of what is the societal norm and the prevailing community standard and that age restriction is not so much of a moral issue, but a product of the current local climate defining what is appropriate. As an illustration, my own grandmother was married and had a child at age 15 (my grandfather was 26). That was in 1912, right here in the United States. No one ever thought (or thinks now) that my grandfather was an evil person (because such marriages were legal and quite commonplace). Your own mother gave birth to you at age 15.

    So, we can easily establish that your actions, while currently illegal in New Mexico, are not necessarily immoral. As illustrated, scripture has no restrictions regarding legal age of consent and even establishes the tradition of an age of twelve and there are, right now, civilized societies all over the world which permit and condone having sex with 14 year old girls. And while what you did may shock some people’s sensibilities, it is easy to realize that such a frame of mind is only a result of the way those persons have been recently (actually, just in the past few years) conditioned. It is significant that real sex (not just laying naked), between 14 year old girls and older men occurs acceptably and routinely in Italy, a country that is ninety-two percent Christian. A forty-year religious scholar, like yourself, would know far more about the country which hosts the Vatican, the headquarters for the largest Christian church, than he would about the rules of a local state (that’s an error in awareness, but not an act of willful malice). What you are accused of would be legal (and moral) in Italy. We don’t hear any outrage from anyone about what goes on there and that tolerant attitude should (and could) be applied to your situation..

    So continuing our sequential steps in logic, we can see that this is all “relative.” We have been able to reduce the issue to a matter of geography (you are in New Mexico and you should have been in Italy) and time (only recent changes in the law have made it improper) and conditioning (as a student, mistaking biblical tradition and world wide regulations for what is locally permissible). None of what is charged is shocking or disgusting (or illegal) in the perspective of previous times and current other locations. I think that it is apparent that if anyone could honestly look at your situation logically and consider the argument of relativity (as defined here by examples), they would dismiss your charges. But, as Shakespeare would say, “here’s the rub;” a jury would never be able to hear any of those arguments.

    Courts of law won’t routinely consider that kind of information without a skillful defense strategy to cause them to work on a different plane. This is because a jury trial won’t be considering the laws of God or religious tradition or the feasibility of arguments about what is moral or logical or relative (which is different from relevance). A jury trial only considers what is “relevant.” Only the provisions delineated in the current laws, enacted by the legislature of New Mexico, are relevant, even though, ironically, those laws just a product of whatever is the current sociological “norm”.

    Here is where the conflict between logic and the law becomes apparent. The law (that’s as interpreted by the judge) will rule than none of any of that information I described is relevant or probative. The law (described by the judge) will posit that only the exact provisions regarding the laws of New Mexico are to be considered, along with whether they were violated. The judge will instruct the jury that irrespective of whether the younger participants initiated the activities or whether there was any actual sexual motivation or intent, the facts (facts are the only matters a jury decides on… not the law) of the circumstances of an adult lying naked with children under the permissible age in this state will be all of what they determine. And if they so decide that those are the facts, they will be under orders from the judge to return a verdict for conviction. Many people do not understand that a jury only determines facts or the truth of what are purported to be facts (a jury is often defined as “finders of fact”) and their verdicts are, in effect, automatically issued based on their role as such “finders” When a judge clearly defines the law to the jury and definitively explains to them which facts they are to determine are true (or false), then the verdict they issue becomes rather routine.

    So far, I think you have been able to see that your attorney’s attempts have been and will be ineffective (most of them not even permitted) in the courtroom. Religious freedom is not relevant. Attempts at refuting previous testimony based on subsequently changed statements will be ineffective (it is too easy to demonstrate that the witnesses have been manipulated). Efforts to establish that you didn’t “groom” your candidates or intend your actions to be sexual would be refuted by your own writings, like the “Way of a Man with a Maid” and others (those items, including your oral teachings, would be allowed as evidence though the testimony of former member witnesses during the prosecution’s presentation of the case). I think it is apparent that if any of these are presented in a jury trial, you will not prevail, but are virtually certain to be convicted.

    It is also apparent that none of the steps of logic or any of the information, which I provided in those steps of reasoning (the very information which influences me and would bring other reasonable people to an opinion that you should be granted leniency), will be able to be presented in the courtroom in a jury trial. Every argument (and fact) which I have described will simply not be allowed to be heard, overruled on the grounds of immateriality and irrelevance. But, here is the what is most interesting; if you opt for the case to be heard not by a jury, but by the judge alone, you will be able to ask for the judge to show mercy and what is most important is that you (and your attorney) will be able to present a logical position to him (much as I have done), covering information not permitted in open court, which could explain the nature and reasons of why you were in the circumstances which brought about your charges. The expression, “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” has been accepted as principle in popular culture and in a trial being heard by a jury, that precept would be true. But, a judge deciding a case alone, with the jury dismissed, can consider anything, because of the peculiar powers that a judge is granted concerning consideration of extenuating circumstances. Wayne, I believe that everyone deserves forgiveness (especially for misunderstandings of the law). In the light of extenuation and after considering the logic which I have outlined, as I stated previously, if I were the judge, I would dismiss this case with your assurances that you won’t make the same mistakes again. Your situation would be best served with a non-jury trial, before a judge hearing your case in chambers.


  18. He kisses us on the heart (sternum, the seat of affections) so that we might have His heart.

    Ron, please cool your jets about the breast comments. It’s no big deal and easy to accept as Wayne just posted. I was there, and you were not. In meeting Wayne did use the word breasts at times, regardless if he remembers it or not. All of these meetings were recorded and I do have the CD, and I have years of recorded sermons sitting on my shelf, and no, I will not take the time to go through all of them all to find the quote to make this point or to refresh anyones memory. The breast were tied to the heart, and we all knew that then, and you are being told that now. What Wayne is referring to in his above quote is just as he shared it in our meetings. I don’t remember him saying sternum back in those days though. The heart is centered, right beneath the breasts. Lets not make a play with words here, OK .

  19. I wonder why Wayne even bothers to talk to us since he beleives we are so lost that we can’t understand what he says.

  20. Hello Johnny,

    No, I did not read any of your email to me. After reading some of what you put on Prudence’s site, I lost my heart to speak with you. I was simply told what some of the things said in your letter and that is what I was referring to in my post. I asked that the server return your mail, so it was returned. I am weary of all of the smoke out there about us, and it does not matter any more, either. We are done with this house of drunken feasting.

    Yes, Johnny, Lillian is in the fast with the rest of the church. She is rejoicing very much about it and completely free in heart and Spirit. She is completely happy.

    You say that I said “breast” in meetings. I don’t remember that, and the reason may be that I was talking about the breast in general, like the whole front of a person. I was not ever speaking of the pillow portion where a baby feeds. But I would not contest your assertion on that. The “heart” was always my point.

    I really appreciate your sharing your vision, for that is just what we were speaking about last night. You told me that you had forgotten it, last time I asked. The way you describe it is as I remember it, except for the number in the graves. We see it being fulfilled. Presently there are two graves, Purity and Grandma Davis. The sit just where you saw them.

    I will be posting another post tomorrow regarding the fast and just what is now happening with it. It may help you get our point in the matter. I know that the State has no intention of backing down, and neither do we. You may read why, tomorrow.

    You asked if I would forgive you, Johnny. The truth is, I have forgiven everyone, including Prudence. I do not have a trace of accusation in me or damnation for any of you. I just pity your poor little hearts. I know how it feels to be lost in the fog and how it feels to have a heart full of hatred. After I was converted that heart full of hatred went with the old heart. I believe that you do not have a heart full of hatred, but more a heart full of confusion. I do not blame you for that, but I do feel very sorry for you. I feel very sorry for all of those who lost their way over the past 21 years and went into rumors and accusations in regard to us. Even now, I and the church, is all they can talk about. They cannot just give up and live their life.

    So, Johnny, I hold no grudges against you.

  21. Sorry Johnny, but this does seem relavant, as that is what the whole court case kind of hinges on.
    Do you believe Wayne is who he thinks he is? Does he have a right to do things that the law of the land says that nobody else can do?
    Even if the court case falls apart, the bigger issue is the false messiah thing. That is the part that truly is offensive. Whether Wayne goes to jail or walks free, he is not the Archangel Michael or the return of Christ.

  22. Sam: Thank you for your little booklet. 🙂 I agree with you about posting my views here from your point of view. But actually, I am not writing for anyone else, especially the jury. I am writing for myself only. I care not to convince anyone of anything. I think all of my posts were only for me. They helped me work out the accusations and offenses of people in my own mind. I don’t think that my posts would change anyone’s mind in regard to these things, and I will give you an example concerning yourself.

    You write well in regard to legalities in other countries, etc. You say my actions would be legal here or there. But, Sam, what I have clearly said is that my actions were legal anywhere, except maybe in Saudi Arabia. I have not broken the letter of the law in New Mexico. I have not even broken the spirit of it. The charges are lies, even from the context of New Mexico law.

    In my last meeting with the court, my attorney clearly spelled out the law and explained exactly how the law was not broken. The DA then immediately, made up the most ridiculous argument about how the law does not mean what the law says. This has been my protest. I am accused of breaking a law that does not exist. If I am accused of a crime, then why not charge me with that, but not with what I did not do.

  23. Wayne, will you or someone who is able to pass a message along to Judy Halstead please give her this message.
    Please call one of her boys in regards to a family medical emergency and she can call collect. It is important that she calls asap.

    Thank You!

  24. You know Ron, my views on what is a breast does not apply at all, neither does yours, and I don’t think this whole case centers around this “breast” issue. If this case does goes to trial, the court system will debate it and rule according to testimony already received and testimony yet to come. And it will be judged according to the existing laws on the books of New Mexico. I said in my Beyond90Seconds interview, that Wayne would put his hand on my heart and my wife’s heart and others and this was for the purpose for blessing and comforting distress. I posted on HaloScan information to shed some light and my opinion on the issue. Neither you or I were in that bedroom, so what do we know? really ! We know zip. Leave this up to the ones who were there, and those who are needing to know these details for redress of these current issues. As for my position of what I believe concerning Mr. Bent’s religious claims, go back and read all of my posts on Prudence’s forum. I am very clear there. I was a member of this church for almost 20 years, I surely did believe something then, and so did Prudence and every other former member of the LOR. We each have a different story to tell, a different piece of the puzzle. This trial will play itself out and there will be a conclusion to the matter. It may or may not meet to everyones approval, but it will be concluded. Wayne’s trial is NOT about his so-called messiahship. It is about what happened in his bedroom and in his home with underage women, and if these acts were in violation of any New Mexico law. This is the only issue on trial. What Wayne has done with adult women is not on trial. If they want to someday make a case about his supposed adultry, they would have to go and arrest every cheater in every honky-tonk in America as well. America’s Bible Belt is simply busted. Jesus said it best. “Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.” The state of New Mexico doesn’t give a rip about Wayne’s religious beliefs or claims, or even his sex life with consenting adults.

  25. I just hate to see people die , just like Jonestown, or Heaven’s Gate. There is very little differance. I never said his messiahship was on trial, but this is why he even made the news, and if his followers thought of him as a man, they wouldnt have allowd this to happen.

  26. I have been praying and hoping I would have a chance to speak in the presence of Michael about how *my* freedom of religion has been severely violated by my own family.

    I came to know of the LOR through the documentary, and of reading the church’s original web site. I was able to see past some of the negativity portrayed by the producer, and saw into the people who felt like my long lost family.

    I began a wonderful conversation with one of the women, because *I* reached out to her. No one coaxed me. It was from my heart to know these people more, to know who Michael is.

    Once my heart grew closer with the young woman I was exchanging conversation with, I felt as if my entire life as I was living it, was not ever going to be the same. It had nothing to do with anything that anyone said to me, it had to do with what I knew was right inside of my heart. I was already living free of the churches, close to God, all alone. What the LOR doesn’t know is, I prayed for years to be led to people who would understand me.

    I became at peace, and felt such a rich closeness in reading Michael’s words on the old web site that used to be up. Some days, those words were all that got me by. I began to withdraw and spend alot of time in prayer.

    When I started to share my new found happiness with my family, and tell them about Michael and the young woman I had been messaging with, my husband was fine with it until he looked up the LOR himself, and saw all of the troubles the church was heading into due to the documentary.

    Immediately my email was shut down and all communications were ended. I’m a grown woman with two children. Completely sane enough to make my own decisions. My husband threatened to leave me with nothing, despite my years of loyalty to him. My own sister took over my email to find out what was being written, and posed as me to get “incriminating evidence” of some kind, and continued pretending to be me, while I was locked out of my own computer at home.

    All of this, because I was conversing with a member of the LOR. I had no intention to leave and go to Strong City, nor was it ever once mentioned. All I found was a light at the end of a dark tunnel I had been walking in most all of my life. Finding Michael and the people, was the light for me.

    When Michael wrote that he came with a sword, and that this may break apart families, it was true for me. As my own “husband” walked out on me simply for communicating thousands of miles away with people who brought me peace. People I had never met.

    After I got back on my feet, and got my own computer, I began a search for the old web site and realized it was gone, and that everyone was gone. I had no chance to explain what happened to me. It was a gaping wound in my heart to be cut off, yet I understood what was happening and prayed about it.

    Prudence, I have been to your web site, and all I can say is this, you choose your reality. You choose to be angry, spiteful and full of hate. Your life will be flooded with it and it will never go away until you make peace with yourself and with Michael, and let this go.

    Willow testified that she was not being harmed by Michael. Healed has testified and has also asked the DA to excuse her from testimony. It is time for all of this to be dropped, for Prudence and her people to go their way and live their lives as they choose to, and let the people of Strong City live in peace. Prudence, I don’t know you but you really seem to have alot of energy invested into bringing down someone. So if you accomplish this, what will you have in your heart left? Your hate is frightning, and sad. You have children, do you not? Does this hate spill out into their lives? I speak to you as a mother, because I know how my actions affect my children’s lives. Prudence, you can go your way and live your life as you please. You do not live at strong city, nor are connected to these people in your heart. You even chastise your own mother.

    Your comments section on your web page is full of hate and judgement. Yet you say you believe in God? I am confused. God is our judge, not you. That is all I need to say to you about that.

    I do not believe these girls were harmed. I simply do not. I cannot imagine being held in bondage, and not given the right to live as you choose. Healed is not a child, she can think for herself. She can change her mind, and the court is wrong to force her to testify to something that did not happen.

    I am praying for you Michael. And all of those at Strong City.

    Mark Horner, I would ask you please allow respectful comments here. Mud slinging and flame wars are unecessary.

  27. Johnny, in regards to this court having nothing to do with religion, then why must we place a hand on the bible for swearing in? We take an oath to be honest, but even that is disregarded by the court.

    I have had my own personal dealings with the system, and I know all too well how it works. You can give the truth until the sun comes up and goes down, and they are not going to see it any way, but their way.


  28. Well Wayne, lets talk graves. I do not recall forgetting that dream ever, or saying to you that I had forgotten it. I still remember the other dream I had at Castle Dome as if it was yesterday. I have had so many dreams through the years. After I had lived here in Yuma after a few months I had received an e-mail asking for me to retell the dream for Ami, who was inquiring about it. I believe it was Grace who sent to me the e-mail. I did not reply to the e-mail, as I simply did not want to look at it any more. I still wrote the dream out for myself though, and I remembered when I told it to the church that I had said there was a small amount of graves in the first graveyard. I mentioned in that meeting I saw between 3-5 graves. I could not count them because of how it appeared to me in vision. When I re-examined the dream again here in Yuma, I was troubled about the dream and the graves in the first graveyard, I don’t know why, and I asked Father to show to me that part of the dream again. It was several months after Purity’s passing that I heard about it from anyone. Nobody was talking to me then. A few days after I heard about Purity’s passing I had parts of the dream again one night, but this time I saw the number of graves in the first graveyard. I did not know the significance of the number then, and I still do not know. And now you have two graves there. How many more will be there when this is all over? Will you be one of the graves? I am not saying this to put you on the spot but this brings to my mind a valid question. What if Father does not deliver you when you expect and people start dropping like flys from the fast, and the men are too weak to go out and dig new graves, and Azaniah (Barry) can’t build more caskets, what will be done then? This is all just part of counting the costs. Hopefully you have got this all covered and have talked about this in meeting. Perhaps your post tomorrow will cover this detail.

  29. Tabatha, I was angry at one point… I don’t feel angry anymore. When I read Wayne’s 43 page mud slinging letter… I couldn’t believe some of the lies that he made up about me. You seem to take what he says as “truth” so I will not try to change your mind. It doesn’t matter to me what anyone things anymore. I know what happened while I was there, and I will leave it at that. I wish you the best.

  30. Wayne what a diabolical mastermind you are! I have told people for sometime that you were going to kill those people out there, but I have to admit, having them to commit suicide and believing at the same they are not committing suicide is, well, pure evil genius. I was right in calling you Lucifer on that one forum back at the beginning of this year and I have to said as soon as I posted it I knew being the bastard you are, you would sleep with my ex-wife Kathy to stab me, even indirectly as it may be. Then I heard afterwards you made her one of your virgins.

    So is my timing off concerning her. Did you sleep with her after my post or before? Again I called you Lucifer in that forum in the first couple of months of this year. I would be very interested in knowing this if you don’t mind sharing it?

  31. Sorry it was in December of 2007 when I posted this

    “The Son of God came into Jesus’ body.”
    This statement by Wayne needs to be brought to light. You see Wayne does not believe that Jesus is the Christ. He believes that Jesus was just a man that had the Christ Spirit in him and that the Jesus the man was not Christ, that Jesus body is still in some grave, cave, or tomb some where; that Jesus did not raise from the dead. This is what he told me in private himself before I was asked to leave the property. Of course this belief of his undermines what is the fundamental christian faith. That Christ Jesus had rose from the dead. His belief is not Christian and even the bible tells us Wayne is antichrist, “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist.” 1 John 2:22.
    For Wayne to make the claim that he is the second coming of Christ he has to kill Jesus as the Christ in the minds of the people especially in the minds of his followers. But the bible warned us about Wayne 2000 or so years ago and the only reason those people in his group don’t call him on it is because they no longer read their bibles for themselves, if at all. Wayne one day pick the bible up and said, “This is not the word of God.” and threw into a chair next to him. Jim Jones did the exact same thing at a meeting. Wayne, like so many so-called christ, has to undermine the authority of the christian bible before he can transgress it’s principles, fulfilling his own lusts before the very eyes of his followers, even getting their blessings to do so. Again Wayne Bent is antichrist and this is all that need to be known to understand what is going on or being done out there in New Mexico. Those poor condemned souls out there have had their minds taking captive by a devil. A devil who is going to do according to his own will no matter how many lives he destroys.
    So those of you reading these posts, realize that these things written here are not about whether or not Wayne is Christ, the bible makes it plain he is not. They are here to show us what a true blue Antichrist is and looks like. Wayne is our example of what antichrist looks like in it’s purest form.
    Edited by enterthedoor on Tuesday, December 18, 2007 – 18:28

    Wayne responded with this:

    enterthedoor: You show your exceptional ignorance of Christ and me. No one would actually believe that a human body could be Christ, because you do not believe my human body is. You see, you are faking it, and your own perverted life will prove it. Perhaps this is why you use another name. The flesh that the Son of God inhabited was not Christ. This flesh he had was like unto our own. He had to wash it, bathe it, clothe it or he would have died as we all do. But the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary with LIFE. She provided the body for that LIFE.
    That LIFE came into me, and everyone else who will be saved. “Christ IN us.” “Christ comes to be glorified IN us.” Can you not hear the Word of God???? So when Jesus appeared, they looked at his flesh to judge him as you look at mine. They said he had a devil (antichrist) as you accuse me. You would have shouted loudly, “Crucify Him, Crucify Him” and you do. If you knew anything at all about Christ, you would know me, but you are of your father the devil and that is why you do not know me.
    This issue is this: Satan, the one who posted this accusation of me, DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT CHRIST COMES INTO YOU. THE DEVIL WANTS YOU TO WORSHIP A HISTORICAL BODY, AN IDOL OF YOUR OWN IMAGINATION. He wants you worship a god somewhere. He does not care if you call that god Jesus or anything else, JUST DON’T LET HIM APPEAR IN YOU. Antichrist is the one who denies that Christ comes in the flesh, your flesh. Antichrist were those who refused to believe that Christ came in Jesus’ flesh. Antichrist wrote this post against me. Satan does not want you to know this truth, and he will do anything in his power to keep you from knowing it.

    Then I responded back with this:

    Thanks for backing up my accusation of you as being the antichrist. As far as what point I am trying to get across, it is this, that the flesh and blood man Jesus the Christ is still alive and his body isn’t still in some grave somewhere. Being so simply means you are a fake because Jesus still lives. So no matter how you might reason that the flesh and blood man known as Jesus Christ is dead and buried somewhere, here is what the scriptures say about it….
    Luke 24:1-8 Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain others with them. And they found the stone rolled away from the sepulchre. And they entered in, and found not the body of the Lord Jesus. And it came to pass, as they were much perplexed thereabout, behold, two men stood by them in shining garments: And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the earth, they said unto them, Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee, Saying, The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again. And they remembered his words….
    St. John 20:1-9 The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark, unto the sepulchre, and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulchre. Then she runneth, and cometh to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved, and saith unto them, They have taken away the Lord out of the sepulchre, and we know not where they have laid him. Peter therefore went forth, and that other disciple, and came to the sepulchre. So they ran both together: and the other disciple did out run Peter, and came first to the sepulchre. And he stooping down, and looking in, saw the linen clothes lying; yet went he not in. Then cometh Simon Peter following him, and went into the sepulchre, and seeth the linen clothes lie, And the napkin, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself. Then went in also that other disciple, which came first to the sepulchre, and he saw, and believed. For as yet they knew not the scripture, that he must rise again from the dead….
    Luke 24:36-43 And as they thus spake, Jesus himself stood in the midst of them, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you. But they were terrified and affrighted, and supposed that they had seen a spirit. And he said unto them, Why are ye troubled? and why do thoughts arise in your hearts? Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have. And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them his hands and his feet. And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat? And they gave him a piece of a broiled fish, and of an honeycomb. And he took it, and did eat before them….
    And Wayne there are more than these verses to prove that the flesh and blood Jesus rose from the the grave. That the man Jesus who is Christ (not you) still lives and is still the only mediator between man and God… 1 Timothy 2:5 “For there is one God, and one Mediator between God and men, the MAN Christ Jesus;” This book of Timothy states this fact after Jesus died and raised again. If the flesh and blood “man” Jesus hadn’t risen they would not have written this.
    No Lucifer/Wayne it must be irksome to you to have tried so many times to kill Jesus just to find he lives still. Only those who have put aside their bible will not see you for what you are and be taken by you. Only those who no longer trust that the Bible is the word of God, given to us to keep us safe, but trust your words instead, proclaiming as you did, that the Bible was not the word of God and tossing it in the seat beside you. Jesus himself warned us in the scriptures of you and what to watch for when you appear to deceive men. Even those who left after I did have told me that after they started reading the bibles again see now that the very things being taught by you and the others out there are not even scriptural.
    Your followers say they saw a definite change in you after you proclaimed yourself messiah, well so did I. You have not cease, since that day, to continually call God a murderer, thief, liar, adulterer, and any other evil thing you can think of, just so you can appear righteous in your own perversions! All anyone has to do is search the scriptures and what Jesus said in them to know the truth about you Wayne Bent. You are without doubt Antichrist.
    Edited by enterthedoor on Friday, December 21, 2007 – 01:37

    And when I posted this last one the thought came to me you would sleep with Kathy just to get be back for calling you by your right name. As I said I then heard you made Kathy one of your virgins and it was my understanding I think from something you wrote that you were to “consummate” with these seven. Was I right or am I wrong? I would like to know please.

  32. Wayne, stick to your plan.
    You will be remembered as another Jim Jones, David Koresh. And the sheep shall follow their shephard !
    Why would a real messiah need to explain himself in a blog ?????????????????????

  33. Hello Wayne,
    I have tried to email you at the strongcity link but it does not go though. I have not talked to my mom and dad for some time now. Shiloh saw my dad on the road and he smiled and touched his lips to tell Shiloh that he could not talk. So Shiloh smiled and dorve on. I so wish I could have been there. I so badly want to just give my mom and dad a hug and tell them that I love them!! I know that you do not think that I can love them because I am of this world now. But I would so much love to share my heart with them and have them understand that I really do love them in a very special way. I spend time crying on my couch thinking about mostly mom and dad but also other folks there (you included). I love you all very much. Yes I have been frusterated about things that happened while I was in the church. But I was not happy there and because of that I could never go back. But I still love you all and care very much!! You may not believe me but God knows my heart!! And I trust that!! I plead with God much in this. Because when I have expressed my love in the past, for anyone there or my love for God you have turned everything around so that I feel like I do not love anyone including God. I am crying as I type… I do love you all and I do love God!!! I just can’t live a life of hell. I am not saying that you made my hell while I was there but it does seem that you definatly new how to use my mind and so I was very confused and that was my hell. I could go on much longer if I were to share my total heart with you. But there is no need to drag all the ones here into our past because most could not understand because they were not with there. I would like you to tell my mom and dad that I love them and I would love to see them once more before what ever happens happens. I do not want to talk religen with them. Please tell them that. I just want to hug them and cry and be held by them and tell them that I love them and for them to tell me that… tears… they love me too… more tears…. can’t write anymore… Please have them get a hold of me I want to see them again just for a little bit…I think of them so much!!!I would have emailed them but everyone has changed their email so I guess I must write on here even thought it seems very much NOT the place to share my heart.

  34. Tabatha: I am grateful to hear from you. We have wondered what happened to your heart. I think the little lady you were writing to is the one in today’s post on strongcity.info. We opened it for the last fast.

    You now fully understand the blasts that come from unbelief, and a heart that is unregenerate. It has always been this way. I will not be writing on this forum again, because it is mainly peopled by the lost and offended who cannot think or feel. They were like this while with us, and they continued their darkness even more when they left us. Being in our presence seemed to quell their outbreaks for the time, but after they separated over the years, they just let it all come out. They cannot live their own life now, but they must continually think of us, for they cannot get resolution. After reading your little post here, I knew you were one of God’s children and He will not desert you. He will not throw you away. You know what it means to bear the cross, and that is what few souls understand.

    There is an email address that I don’t use anymore, but the free mail service still continues it. This address is: wcbent@mail.com. When I hear from you I will give you the email address I use to communicate with. My heart is with you little friend. Now you may have a sense at how the sheep are separated from the goats. The earth and its dark inhabitants cannot understand us. They will never know us, for we have a Spirit that they don’t recognize. All they can do is attack. I am looking forward to hearing from you, and I will pass your message on to the heart that communicated with you previously.

  35. Hello Trudy,

    Your mother has joined the fast and your dad also. I can surely understand your heart in the matter. Your mother has had a strong faith over this past year and she seems happy and settled over many things. With the attacks that have come over the years, your mother naturally has felt that she had nothing more to give. She has nothing more she can say. All she receives from her old family is mostly the howling of a mob. When they have come here to visit with her they howled more. Your mother loves God, and she loves the truth, and whoever does not love these things, cannot love her either. She knows that. Christ has appeared in her, and her visitors mainly spend their time calling for their rocks and mountains to cover them.

    You may follow our progress on the web site. All pertinent information will be stated here.

  36. Helly again Wayne,
    You did not say anything about my dad except that he had joined you in your fast. But I am glad that you care about my mom. I do follow your web site but I still want to see my mom and dad. Last time that I saw my mother I did not say anything bad to her or treat her bad nor try to change her mind!!!! Even when my dad decided to move back out there I said nothing to stop him. I took his cat and I just looked at him and cried because I new I would miss haveing him in my life.

    You say, “Christ has appeared in her, and her visitors mainly spend their time calling for their rocks and mountains to cover them.” No that is not what I did when I was there and that is not am going to do now. I just want to see them and tell them that I love them. I know that you feel that I can not possibly love my mom and dad but I tell you right now, that I do. You have even said that you do not hate the sinner you hate the sin but love the sinner. So on the same note I can say, I do not hate my mom and dad even though I do not agree with what they do, but I do love them.
    Please have them contact me by email or phone. It is all still the same.


  37. Wayne, don’t give up hope regarding the outcome of this trial. Surely, you realize that these situations are often not as dire in actual trial situations as they seem to be during all of the pre-trial maneuvers.

    I believe that you are underestimating the effect and power of “live” testimony from victims who are now enthusiastically testifying on behalf of the accused. I am convinced that in a jury situation with your victims there to witness in your favor in person, especially from their vantage point of being now “of legal age,” your chances are quite good. If these (evidently quite articulate) young women are not antagonist toward you, I think that the result will be a very acquittal-friendly environment.

    So, I think you stand a very good chance of not being convicted. As I described in my previous post, your “crimes” are not extremely significant when the age of the so-called “victims” at the time of the alleged infraction is considered (these weren’t five year olds). You seem to have been alarmed (unduly) by the prosecuting attorney’s threat to impeach them on the stand with wording from their previous interviews, but I don’t think those variations will have much weight in the face of their forceful in-person testimony. Their physical presence as mature women (their writing indicates to me that they will come off very much as adults) will go a long way towards convincing a jury not to vote for conviction.

    So, all is not lost for you. I do, however, think you should push all efforts forward in an attempt to have the trial moved (local publicity can be prejudicial). And then, in your new location, I think you will most likely be granted an acquittal.


  38. Sam,
    I’m not sure how familiar you are with the whole story, but you may want to do a little research. Charles Manson could have gotten off on a technicality, but he still would be a dangerous person.

  39. Wayne, could you have my mother contact me via my e-mail. I would like to say good bye to her before you all leave this plane of existence.
    Thank you
    Rob (skater_puke@hotmail.com)

  40. Charles Manson was a psychopathic killer. Wayne is a decrepit fondler of teen-aged girls. Still, it would be nice if they could share a cell…

  41. Wayne,
    I was just reading the post that you put on today.

    In it you stated, ” How would you feel if your dad was attacked by muggers out on the street, or your own earthly father was verbally assaulted by liars? I remember when I was a little boy, a neighborhood bully threw my little brother into a hole and it knocked the wind out of him. I was so offended, I climbed right up the front of that bully as if I were mountain climbing, and then I started hammering on his face with my little fist. He peeled me off of his front and then said, “OK Wayne, I will leave him alone.” Don’t you have any heart in you for someone who is weaker, or one being attacked by a bully?

    Yes Wayne, I do!
    Now Wayne, how would you feel if you had a mom and dad who loved you very much. Say your dad was the best friend you ever had. He would take you to the lake and just sit there and talk to you. He would take you on long walks and hold your hand, just to be with you. You were the apple of his eye. He got up early in the morning and got home late every night, just to make sure that you had the things that you needed.

    His was your best friend. Then one day, someone comes along and promises your mom and dad freedom and salvation. So they begin to follow the “new life” they are offered. Then it time it gets to the point where you can not longer see them or talk to them because you are not part of their church. You start to miss your mom and dad very much. Then one day you hear that they are not eating anymore and may soon die. So you bear your heart to the leader of the group and share with him how you would love to be able to see your parents one more time.
    You say this to him, “I just want to hug them and cry and be held by them and tell them that I love them and for them to tell me that… tears… they love me too… more tears…. can’t write anymore… Please have them get a hold of me I want to see them again just for a little bit…I think of them so much!!!”
    And this is what you get back.
    “Your mother has joined the fast and your dad also. I can surely understand your heart in the matter. Your mother has had a strong faith over this past year and she seems happy and settled over many things. With the attacks that have come over the years, your mother naturally has felt that she had nothing more to give. She has nothing more she can say. All she receives from her old family is mostly the howling of a mob. When they have come here to visit with her they howled more. Your mother loves God, and she loves the truth, and whoever does not love these things, cannot love her either. She knows that. Christ has appeared in her, and her visitors mainly spend their time calling for their rocks and mountains to cover them.
    You may follow our progress on the web site. All pertinent information will be stated here.”

    You do not want me to step in and try to save my mom and dad. Because then you would call it force. You have “no trespassing” signs on the fence around your place, so I can not come onto the place to help them either. But yet you say we are doing nothing about it. Do you want me to come and forcibly remove my mom and dad from the land? I could not do that either because I do not want to force my parents against their will. I want them to be happy and I know that they believe that they are on the path to heaven. And I respect that. BUT, all I am asking is to see them one more time. I am not asking that they change their minds. Yes I would like it if they would. But I know that they will not. If you can truly put yourself in my shoes, like you say you can, then you might be able to help me and give my dad and mom my messages to you, so they will know that I want to see them. I know my dad will want to give me a hug also and tell me bye. Because he loves me very much!!!!

    Would I step in and save them, YES, but they would have to accept my help!


  42. Trudy: How can I answer you? Nothing goes in? You speak so wonderfully loving, but the real world escapes you. I spoke with your mother and she said, “What would I say?” She knows you want to see her for I told her that you did. She then looked at me and told me a story of a recent time she was with you. She took a picture of some of your family. She was blessed and pleased until she saw the pictures. It was then that she saw your daughter giving her the finger.

    We never intended to exclude her from you or keep you off the land. We don’t intend that now. Remember, you were always welcome, even when your husband became so angry that he was ready to kill me. Remember sometime before, he came to kill me but his engine blew up in his car and he never got here. I am saying these things to say, Dear old friend, let us get real.

    Your family has been asked to stay clear of us until the after everything is over. I have been told by the court to stay clear of you. No, not you specifically, but you are among those who have supported the absolute hatred of me. So when you say you want to come and love your mother, she is somewhat surprised that you could say that, and she knows that she does not love what your family has done to her family here. Your mother has had real love for you, and not sentimental, pretend love. We have fought hard and long to help the confused see the truth in life, be we only received violent accusations and rude responses. Outright lies and demonic accusations have been thrust at me. Do you remember our last visit old friend?

    So, Trudy, let us obey the court and keep our families apart until the end of things. It is truly the best and it is evident that this is how your mother wants it. And, your mother knows she is free to contact you anytime she likes. No one here is coerced or forced to do anything. Everyone is completely free.

  43. What a shame it all turned out this way. StrongCity seemed to be so filled with promise in the beginning…before the two witnesses incident, that is. That should have been the wake-up call.

  44. “Trudy: How can I answer you? Nothing goes in? You speak so wonderfully loving, but the real world escapes you.”

    You escaped the real world long ago, Wayne. Now, thanks to your love of media exposure, it has caught up to you again. How ironic that your path has led you to a place where none but your victims will feel any pity for you.

  45. Wayne,
    First let me repeat your own words here. “When we speak we only speak to ourselves.”
    Here are your words.

    “How can I answer you? Nothing goes in? You speak so wonderfully loving, but the real world escapes you.”

    I was not the one that came out there and tryed to do you in. I was not the one that fliped off my mom. I was not the one in the car when the motor blew.
    I also just talked to the athorities and I was never asked to not contact any of you. SO,I am in complete obedience with them. I have done nothing wrong.

    You know why Shiloh came to your house and was angry with you and you told me that you did not blame him. You would have been angry also. So there is a reason that he come out there the way that he did. When I came out to visit with you concerning the matter that Shiloh came there for, I feel that I tried to understand your point of view and I told you that I believed you and so I droped it. I was nice to you, even though when I got there I was a bit upset. I held it in and listened to you tell me what the truth was according to you. I have never said that my mom did not love me. You are the one trying to convince me, that I do not love her. I know that my mom loves me. Even though she has disowned me for the sake of eternal life. I do not judge her for that. I know that God sees her heart and knows that she loves him and will give up anything for him. (her husband, children, grandchildren, parents, sister….. ) Even her own life. It is fine that she does not have anything to say to me. She does not even need to tell me she loves me. I would just like to see her face and give her a hug. That is all.

    You wrote,”We have fought hard and long to help the confused see the truth in life, be we only received violent accusations and rude responses. Outright lies and demonic accusations have been thrust at me. Do you remember our last visit old friend?”

    Yes, I do remember our last visit. And I have no hard feelings about it. I do not know why you connected it with your comment, but I guess you do.
    I did not have untrue accusations against you, I was just simply asking you what happened, and you answered me. Yes there are many things that I do not understand about my past in the church, but I have to let them go and move on in life. You seem to be implying that I have offened you by violent accusations, rude responses, outright lies and demonic accusations. I do not feel that I have been violent or rude. I have not said any outright lies or any lies to my knowledge, and I have not made any demonic accusations against you.

    Now with all that said, I want to give my mom a hug and tell her that I love her if she will allow me. I have also requested to speak to my dad. You have said nothing about him in your last letter to me. Please tell him that I want to see him and give him a big hug and tell him that I love him. Tell him I have nothing to urge upon him. I just want to hug him for a bit. I will drive over there and do it at your gate to make it easer on them. But please have me dad call me or email me himself.

  46. Trudy, I will tell them. If they want to speak to you, they are welcome to. If not, I would suggest to you that you give them that freedom.

    It is also true that when the lies of the outside world cease, and the false charges dropped that have been made against me, initiated by your sister, then it will all be over and every lying wonder will have passed away. You know very well Trudy that I have never accused you or come against you for choosing the way that you did. Your life is your business and not mine. I still feel that way. I have never been against you or the rest of your family. But I can see and hear, so I have spoken plainly.

  47. Wayne,
    Thank you for giving them my message. I have not and will not force them to see me. But I would really apprecaite it if they did. Just for my sake. I know that sounds selfish and maybe it is, but that is how I feel. (-: Again and Again, THank you Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving them my message. Incase they lost my email address it is shilohmahana@gmail.com. I would much rather here there voice on the phone but it is up to them.

    Thank you again,

  48. I only took what you said as truth, and voiced my concern. You initiated everything that is happening to you. You have lied about me and the things I have done. But we won’t get into that.

  49. Wayne, I would just like to say “Thank You” for getting the message to my mother as I was able to speak to her last night.

  50. Wayne,

    Publishing the letter from Bernice without expressing that you would act quickly to prevent her self-destructive acts was a very unfortunate tactic in relation to the proper handling of your case. Surely, you were aware that the “authorities” would be obligated to act to protect the welfare of any person for whom they have evidence is taking actions which would do themself irreparable harm. And, your handling of such a letter as though what she proposed was perfectly normal, caused you to immediately be subject to questions about your own mental health.

    And what you may not realize is that by doing that, you put yourself in the unenviable position of being unable to prevent a court-directed order for your own mental evaluation pursuant to determining if such a mental illness is related to (or a cause) in the commission of the crime for which you are presently charged. Plus, what is unfortunate is that New Mexico law is unusual in this regard. With such an evaluation, your trial could proceed with the prosecutor asking that you be found GBMI (guilty, but mentally ill). If that verdict is reached, theoretically you could be looking at a life sentence in the state mental health facility, because, if psychiatrists don’t eventually rule you sane enough to function in normal society, you will be treated until they say you are well (it’s as simple as that).

    Acting “crazy” is not a very good tactic for defense in New Mexico, because, instead of walking free or being found “not guilty by reason of insanity,” like you can in some states, in New Mexico such a finding can result in a very long (even for the rest of your life) incarceration.


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  52. Trudy: I just received this note from your dad. He writes: “If Trudy contacts you again, Amana and I have talked and agreed that we are still on our word fast until after the 31st. So visiting is out until then. You may pass that on to her.”

    He said nothing more. Trudy, I know how people get when they fear losing a loved one. But why is it that these people cannot see the issues? We have not persecuted anyone for their faith, even you. But at the behest of some of your family, we are persecuted for our faith and religious practices. Instead of mourning over what might happen to us, why don’t they just tell their beast to stop persecuting us. Tell them to stop and we will not be forced to fast and pray for our deliverance from the beast.

    One thing is sure. We are not going to give up our faith because other people are persecuting us. We will not. History teaches that this has never worked. This persecution has taken the form of sex charges, but these have long proven to be false charges against this “separatist” church. Now they want to charge Jeff with “assisted suicide.” What a crock of BS, if there ever was a crock of BS. It just keeps getting deeper.

    Martin Luther King Jr. wrote: “A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.” What this means is, that if a man will not stand for his faith, even to death, he is not fit to carry out life. Instead of mourning over your imagined loss, why don’t you stand for something? We will never back down, for we do not love our lives unto death. We will be free to practice our religion or we will not be.

  53. Sam: What do you mean “tactic?” You think I am running a manipulative game with the snakes who have come out of their den to attack us. No, we are just transparent here. We have always shared all that we did, with the public. We do something, and then we tell everyone about it. We live on a sea of glass, which is transparent. We do not play the games of your world. We are not political and do things from expediency. We just tell the truth and we tell all. So when Bernice told me what she did, I posted her letter. That is not a game and it surely is not a game with her. She is not going to tolerate the lying forces any longer. When the lying forces stop their lying, then she will stop posting her comments against them and taking stands against them.

    In life, sometimes a soul has just had enough, and your world of deceit has certainly put her over the edge of tolerance. She is over 21 year old, and she has the prerogative to do whatever she likes with her life. Tell your world of donkeys to stand down, and that will be her solution.

  54. Wayne,
    Thank you for the note from my dad! I will patiently wait.

    You wrote the following:
    “Trudy, I know how people get when they fear losing a loved one. But why is it that these people cannot see the issues? We have not persecuted anyone for their faith, even you. But at the behest of some of your family, we are persecuted for our faith and religious practices. Instead of mourning over what might happen to us, why don’t they just tell their beast to stop persecuting us. Tell them to stop and we will not be forced to fast and pray for our deliverance from the beast.”

    No, you have not persecuted me for my faith. You have persecuted me, because of my lack of faith. But I understand that it was because you cared for me and felt that I was going to go to hell if I did not have faith in what you were doing. I apprecaite it when I look from your point of view, but it was hard from my point of view. You want me to tell them (the beast) to stop. You have made the athorities very upset by your “not so nice words” to them personally, and to others that you are blaiming. You do not even know what or who started this but you are blaming my sister. Yes my sister has posted things about you on her site, that are truth according to her. And some things that are posted there were written by you and the 7 virgins. Her site, is her way of dealing with the hurt that she feels inside. I know my sister personally, and have seen her tears that no one else but God has seen. You take what she says from your point of view and so she looks a certian way to you, and you do not like what you see. Her site is also, to help the ones that have left your church to vent there feelings and get them out in the open air so that healing can come. I have not needed to post their because I have had other ways of dealing with my feelings. I just cry and then go on. And it has worked well for me. That way when I feel hurt, only God knows and then it is all gone and I am better. God has been very good to me and listened to my every cry and held me through it. Even now with all of this going on, yes my heart aches for everyone involved, but I believe in your teachings on cause and effect. When I see you pleading for deliverence and saying that you have been wrongfully accused, I ache inside, because I know what that feels like!!! I used to feel that way a lot when I was in your church, but we were not to argue because we were told that we were not only guilty of what we were accused of but much more. We were guilty of every imaginable bad thing. I remember you coming to where we were living and telling me that I had lied, when I only repeated your words. When I told you that I had only repeated your words, you informed me that you had told me what I wanted to hear. I felt hurt by it but I have had to move on. There have been other things like that that have happened also, that is just the one that comes to my mind right now. I know that time and time again you have told me that it is just the way that I take things, that I twist everything because of who I am, that I look at every thing through my own eyes and judge from who I am. Now you are saying that everything has been twisted and that is what is causing the problems, but that you had no sexual intent. You have also started that you did not know that the state would lie and so you were not expecting them to twist things. I am not saying that they did or didn’t. But I know that you always told us that the state workers, could and would use everything we said against us because they were all liers and murders. So I know that you are not as supprised as you act. All these state workers were good people until they did not do what you wanted. Why can you not see cause and effect? I do not understand, your teachings were good for us but not for you? I find it strange. You have always said that there is freedom in realizing that we have caused everything that has come to us. I fully agree!! That is where I have found freedom. Because I caused it, now I can change it. There is a rest in that revelation, even if I must pay for what I have done and it may not feel good, it still feels good to submit to the things that I have created and not continually fight everything around me.

    These are just a few things that I have noticed. I am not trying to attack you. I am just simply stating what I see.

    I am sorry that you are having to go through all of this. I know too well what it feels like. But I can not save you. I have done nothing to you. You have done it all to your self.

  55. Wayne, could you please ask my mom to contact me if she feels so inclined and is not still on a word fast?
    Thank you your response is appreciated.

  56. Trudy: You seem to be uninformed about my comment that your sister started this. I was clearly informed that Prudence Welch issued the complaint to the CYFD that started the attack against our children first and then myself. She then boasted of it on her website. So, I only know what the authorities tell me. If they made it all up, then I believe wrongly, but I would find it strange that they would implicate Prudence if she had not done so. They have no motive for falsely accusing her. They do have a motive for falsely accusing me.

    I am very aware of the laws of cause and effect. “All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” I expected this, since we live a godly life. We live for Him. People who live for themselves and their flesh will not suffer persecution.

    Yes, I made a lot of people mad because I called their sins by their right name. I don’t patronize evil. Yes, they complain, and retaliate by lying about us, but that is from their context. If they have a heart of evil, they will imagine that I have one also. God made it that way. They did not murder Jesus for nothing. He also said things plainly.

  57. No Wayne,

    You are not being persecuted for being Christ. You’re being held accountable for the indecent actions you took part in with underage minor girls. Jesus did not molest little girls. You can cut it anyway you want but its not going to fly.

  58. Just for the record. When I became aware of what Wayne was doing (by his own emails). I did contact the Authorities. They said that They couldn’t do anything, which puzzled me. But … At least I could say that I let them know. That’s it folks…

  59. Julie: Molestation is in your own mind. I would wash it if I were you. Your own evil heart has created a monster in you, and unless you give it up, you are going to be his dinner.

    Prudence: It is all the same. You cannot explain away betrayal of these young people. No crimes were committed here. And by urging me to let them do what they did, they are not criminals either. You simply invented a crime to report. I have never posted that I molested children. In my many thousands of pages of information, I have never said that. Neither did the witnesses of the events. You want to project yourself as a loving, caring individual, but your Web site gives you away as a malicious gossip and a bold mocker. You cannot hide behind yourself, for you stick out quite clearly.

  60. “.. that it is just the way that I take things, that I twist everything because of who I am, that I look at every thing through my own eyes and judge from who I am.”

    Wayne these words are just as true for you as anyone else. It also says in the bible that a man ways seems right in his own eyes, again this is just as true for you as anyone else you may accuse of having a perverted view. Your insanity stems from your belief that you are different from other men and that these words do not apply to you.

    “People who live for themselves and their flesh will not suffer persecution.”

    This is a lie because it was not only Christ hung on a cross that day but two criminals as well. Your view is twisted because criminals suffer persecution as much as anyone else does for their “beliefs”. No one escapes cause and effect. What so ever a man sows, so shall he reap. But again Wayne your ways are right in your own eyes and you see yourself as perfect and above all else in the world. You can fornicate with other mens wives, including your own sons wife (ex or not, still fornication because your not legally married to them) and you call it a holy act of God but if any one else was to do it you call it evil. Why? Because you are perfect and holy in your own eyes. You see your self as one of a kind.

  61. Sol: You are wrong. The criminals on each side of Christ were not being persecuted. They were being punished. Jesus was being persecuted over false charges. He had committed no crime.

    Yes, I have judged people’s motives out of my own. I have always judged all men pure and honest until they prove otherwise by their own statements. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they show by their own works and words who they are. I then can make the judgment that they are criminals, if they tell me themselves, or show me themselves that they are. But until they do that, I judge all men pure in motivations.

  62. It’s very true that Jesus did not commit a crime. What he did was spoke a few words. That is where you differ. You just didn’t speak a few words. You carried out an action that is against the law. It does not matter that an underaged girl may want to fornicate with an older man. That has no bearing in a legal sense. What matters is that the older man should have the sense to abstain from relations with underage girls. On the other hand, we are not talking about a 20 year old man and a 14 year old girl; we are talking about a 66 year old man and a 14 year old girl. How much sense should a 66 year old man have? You do not judge men’s motives as pure or you would have judged mine as that.

  63. Yes Jesus had not committed no crimes. Yes Jesus didn’t even sin but you have. Fornication Wayne, is fornication. Jesus didn’t fornicate with his followers wives but you did. And we who left gave you the benefit of the doubt until you showed by your works and words who you were. Then we made the judgment that you are a criminal, because you have told us yourself, and show us who you are. Until then we judged you pure in motivation.

  64. Wayne,
    I want to speak directly to your heart. I am currently sitting on a Superior Court trial jury here in Yuma. This is my first jury duty. I cannot tell anybody anything about the case, but the individual on trial is accused of much more serious offenses than you are. The jury selection was a very painstaking process. I was very impressed with the fairness of it all, and how much the judge showed his great concerns for the accused. It appeared that he really wanted to help the accused and did have the accuseds best interests at heart. I was even more surprised that I was selected. His questions weeded away everyone who could show any degree of unfairness to the court process. And then the legal councils asked all of us questions as well to weed out more. It took us all day for this process to happen. In my opinion this soul is going to receive a fair trial, despite what the lawyers may have said or done, or any other legal procedures in the preparations before the trial. The lawyers and the judges are not the final judges of this person. The jury is. We will judge the facts of the case, and every other issue shown in the courtroom pertaining to the case, in obedience to and also regardless of our instructions from the court. The judge or anyone in that room will not be able to look into any jury members heart, or mind. We will judge from all of our own combined consciences, and a soul will have their day in court. You do not trust the system. The jury is not there to judge the system. We judge the law and the facts of the case presented. The defendant that I looked upon was very peaceful and calm. The defendant reminded me of you. With what I have so-far experienced, I felt honored to be this defendants servant, and I will see and do my part to assure that truth will prevail, as God is my witness.
    Have faith that God would do the same for you and insure that you would receive a fair and just trial. Please end your fast, receive nourishment and water, and get on with your life, and we can get on with ours. You have your followers lifes in your very hands. They will support whatever you say and will follow you, even to death. They have proved their love for you. Many of their hearts are pure and undefiled. I know that. Have mercy on your people, and deliver them from a certain death. Lead them unto life, and trust the supreme Life Giver Himself. I beg you, do the right thing. God will not fail you. God’s Hands are not tied. He can deliver the faithful through many means, if we just allow Him to make the choice.

  65. Dear Michael,

    In case you enter a word fast, and I do not get the chance to say these words to you, I hope you see them now.

    Thank you. From my heart to yours. I sense that a great peace will enter your land, and surround all of you there. I know that God has you all in his care.

    Please convey to my sweet sister Bernice, my gratitude for her kind and loving guidance. She is wise beyond her years. Her example, changed my soul, my heart, and my life beyond any word that I could express.

    Thank you for teaching me so much about Father, through the old web site, that I did not know. I am blessed for finding all of you. I pray that you’ll be around longer, because I feel that there is so much more for me to learn. Even though my heart is aching today, I understand in the depths of my soul what is taking place here.

    I ask, what is it that I can do? If there is anything, please let me know.

    With love from my heart to all of yours,

  66. I must say I do not have the strength to visit any more with all of my disgruntled and offended ex-church members. I don’t think Mark Horner’s site was intended for a host of discontents to vent their rage at me. You all have a personal vendetta, and a miserable grudge, and I will leave you with yourselves. I have tried my best to answer honest hearts, but I have found very few of them here. You forget that I know you all. I know of your many perversions, your sick attitudes, and your own vile lives. You accuse me, but you are only looking into your own mirror, accusing me for your own fornications. You believe that I am one such as yourselves. I think your accusations against me fit you very well, but you do not know me, and it appears that you never will. I will not answer the ex-members again.

  67. Dear Tabatha, perhaps you missed it. Please write to me at wcbent@mail.com. It is an email I no longer use but I will check it for you. I will then tell you how to reach us.

    I want to say also, that your statement about your sister turned on some bells for us. Bernice said that when she received some emails that were supposed to be from you, she knew a different spirit was writing. We believe that others were using your email to write to us, saying that they were you. It introduced much confusion into the discussion. But now it appears God has delivered you from those wicked forces. Please write, for you are welcome, and the word fast will not be for the likes of you. We only fast from the devil and the adversary.

  68. Goodbye Wayne. Your manipulative, spoiled brat shenanigans aside…I wouldn’t want to keep you from your appointment with insignificance.

  69. “I must say I do not have the strength to visit any more with all of my disgruntled and offended ex-church members.” That quote sure says alot!

  70. As I said before you think you are better than us, one of a kind, perfect in your on eyes as always Lucifer. You have always believe that about yourself.

    “I know of your many perversions, your sick attitudes, and your own vile lives. You accuse me, but you are only looking into your own mirror, accusing me for your own fornications.”

    And again anything you say of us applies just as well to you. All anyone had to do is read your sites to see that is true. I was with you for 11 years and I believe I know you well enough. I was told to leave the property because you knew I had your number and wasn’t just going sit there while you spread lies. But you see I never wanted to worship you as a god like the others around me there did and that is why I could tell you to your face you went over the edge. Told Dave and Vicky when I was leaving to call me when you started sleeping with the wives out there. Apparently I was right on both counts. So did I know you? I know a devil when I see one.

  71. Well Tim, I think I owe you a little response since I have never communicated with you knowingly. I appreciated having you in our little church, but over time you seemed weary of life. Whenever I visited with you it was always about how bad your wife treated you. I always told you it was you, and not your wife. When you had the little sexual contact with Elizabeth, you had to be separated for a time and when you came back you seemed humble and sweet. I hoped you could make your wife happy for once, but after a few weeks you were miserable again by how your wife treated you. Your wife was a sweet little creature with a lot of life in her, but you just seemed to weigh her down with your “poor me” spirit. She felt as though you were using the Bible to make an excuse for owning her soul. You demanded that the husband has the right over the woman. I told you that he does not. No woman could stand your oppressive behavior for long. Why is it that you cannot just repent of yourself, and go on with life, instead of being miserable and hateful.

    After you left us you stole the wife and kids of another man. She had five children. You stole her affections while the husband was working, as I understand. She was with you for awhile, but finally had to leave you. She reported that you were always depressed or angry over something. I thought, Yes, that is the Tim that I know. I know you are miserable Tim. I haven’t seen a more miserable person lately. But I honestly tried to help you.

    No, I didn’t know you had any number. I was not threatened by you at all. No Tim, I never said that I was God. I said that God was in me, and I wanted Him to be in you too. I never asked anyone to worship me. I told them not to, because some of our folks loved me very much. The appearing in me was for everyone. I was not better than anyone, and I still do not see myself that way.

    I have never slept around with anyone’s wives. Ask the families in our church who have husbands and wives and children if I have slept around with them. Everything that has happened here is fully documented by all witnesses. I did not do what you did, Tim. Things here were quite different, but I can surely understand why you attack me, because of your own character. You are making me into one such as yourself. That is understandable.

    I hope you can get on with life. Your ex-wife told me the other day that she thought that at one time there was a light in you. Is it all out now Tim, or is that sweet Spirit still hanging around somewhere. I hope you find it.

  72. Wayne, you used to “I am an angel”, “I am Christ” and “I am humanity and divinity combined.”

    Now that you are up to your ears in trouble, you’re saying “Yes, I’m Jesus, but so is everybody else who believes in Jesus.

    This is such a childish tactic and obvious attempt to cover your tracks! I have no personal reason to hate you, but I do hate liars, and manipulators of children, and you are both.

  73. Hanifa, I know that you must be reading this and are fasting too. I think often of our conversations and just re-read portions of them tonight. I was so worried but you were so sure back then that this wasn’t going to end in suicide. I believed you, I think, or at least I wanted to. How can you do this? How can you let this happen to your girls? I don’t know how to say goodbye to someone that is starving themselves to death.

    And Wayne, just shut up. I already know what you think of me and I don’t care. You’re a monster to let this happen.

  74. Sir, I’m blown away by the recent events with the LOR Church. Ive always believed in the return of Christ not in one man but every man. That Christ is seen by the world in his bride. His return to me is as real as his resurrection. Maybe you dont remember but ive conversed with you before i sent a cd and some letters. You did respond a few times. I read the Shillum text it was genius. The Winds although i didnt agree with all the interpretations i always felt it was very intelligent, and for the most part the father was being represented well.I felt maybe you took to much glory for yourself with the return of the Messiah. Instead of Christ returned in me, it was hey look at me i am Christ. I’m not judging you i couldnt. I dont know Gods plan for you maybe these things he has put on your heart are for a diffrent outcome than what i would expect. That being said I have misinterpreted what God has said to me. Because of somthing i wanted i thought surely God must want this for me also . i’m not saying thats your case only mine.I’ve tried to put sanctions on God to get help where i thought i should have it, by fasting, and other means.later i realized what i was trying, and asked for forgivness. Sir im not saying your doing this only i have done it . I hope you dont think I’m hitting you with anything negitive i dont feel that way for you. although, i see why some people might be more emotional torwards you. To me your like a teacher i had and respected whose having a very hard time. What im asking is, wasnt the message more important than the man? Wasnt it more important that Christ return instead of superman in everyman?That was truly my hope for the world. I know God is at the helm, and all things work for his Glory. I guess i didnt want that message, Gods message, to get lost some how, but as i finish this somehow im sure it wont..Good luck sir im sure this will all work out as God intended it to. I pray he brings a resolve to your church .. In Yashua’s name I pray AMEN! mikejames

  75. Mike James. Do you really believe God wanted Wayne to force himself upon his son’s wife? Or that God wanted teen aged girls to lay naked on Wayne’s bed?

    I have news for you, Wayne Bent is about as far from God’s idea of a spiritual leader as you can get. Don’t believe me, just ask the people whose families have been torn apart by his manipulations.

    Pray for poor Wayne if you want, but I will pray that he gets what he has coming in court!

  76. Mike James. Do you really believe God wanted Wayne to force himself upon his son’s wife? Or that God wanted teen aged girls to lay naked on Wayne’s bed?

    I have news for you, Wayne Bent is about as far from God’s idea of a spiritual leader as you can get. Don’t believe me, just ask the people whose families have been torn apart by his manipulations.

    Pray for poor Wayne if you want, but I will pray that he gets what he has coming in court!


    28 Oct 08 at 3:13 am

  77. Mike James. Do you really believe God wanted Wayne to force himself upon his son’s wife? Or that God wanted teen aged girls to lay naked on Wayne’s bed?

    I have news for you, Wayne Bent is about as far from God’s idea of a spiritual leader as you can get. Don’t believe me, just ask the people whose families have been torn apart by his manipulations.

    Pray for poor Wayne if you want, but I will pray that he gets what he has coming in court!


    28 Oct 08 at 3:13 am
    I’m sorry, i’m not very computer savy.
    I thought i said I didn’t know what God wanted for Wayne, but sometimes i dont express myself very well. Thank you for the news about Wayne and God’s idea for spiritual leaders. It seems ive offended you and i dont know you. I’m very sorry.I did not want to offend anyone. Please forgive me. I thought I would pray for the Church and poor Wayne also. To me what was important was the message that Christ has returned. Not in one man but all man. I will disengage i had no desire to create more problems or emotional stress for anyone..

  78. Now I’m sorry Mike. I just didn’t want you to waste your time worrying about an obvious charlatan. I am not offended in any way, and sorry if it seemed like I blasted you.

    My 2 questions were sincere though…

  79. I guess since Michael (Wayne) has passed judgment on the world for so many years, and sentenced all who are not members of his immediate church to death, it’s now the worlds turn to judge him for the sins he is accused of.
    It sounds like many have already made their decisions based on what others have said, but maybe some should wait for the whole evidence of both sides to be presented before making that choice.
    I myself have read most of the LOR’s web-site and have most of their writings on file. In a lot of the writings from the women of the church they made their own decisions of whether or not they wanted to live a certain way or not. They all feel they are being lead by God in heaven, so who is to say they are not? If Michael where a 30 or 40 year old handsome man, would he be more acceptable to many of you who seem to be stuck on his age or looks? As for the women who were supposedly under the age of consent according to the laws of the state of New Mexico, what laws were actually broken? The one known as Healed, I have read her testimony and her blog. She apparently knows what she wants and her parents even after removing her once before, returned her back to the camp. Now if she was in that much danger then why was she returned to them? She has never complained about being abused by Michael or anyone else at this place. I have watched many of the videos from the web-site, and have only seen total devotion on the faces of all the women when speaking of Michael or their life with this Cult. The only time I have seen Stress on their faces is when the State started their investigation.
    My own Mother was 15 when she got married and had her first child at 16. She knew what was going on, and she and my father stayed married. I have had friends and relatives that have married as young as 13 and 14 years old. They had to have parental consent, but were able to marry, and it was their decision. If man passed a law that all people over the age of 30 must be put to death because they have lived too long, would that be acceptable and enforceable? Many young adults are emancipated at 16 yrs of age by their parents for some reason. If they can be emancipated at that age then why don’t we give every 16 year old their own voice and right to chose?
    I remember when I was 12 and I knew exactly what I was doing every moment of the day. If I made a wrong choice I had no one to blame, but myself. These women that are involved with his church they new what they wanted and asked for. As for brainwashing I don’t believe it for a minute. To be manipulated, if guidance is being manipulated then we are all being manipulated.
    My prayer is that we give him more consideration and judge him like you would want to be judged if you were in his shoes’. Look at all the evidence and not just the words you hear. Look at faces and expressions, read body languages. This will tell you more than someone’s’ words. Read the testimonies of all who are involved and weed out the one’s that are not.

  80. this is not for wayne, wayne is already hopeless,there is nothing anyone can say that could bring wayne back into the light of god or jesus, this is for waynes followers and others decieved by his works and for those that god is dealing with presently showing you the fruits of gods work here on this planet we call earth, first its no accident you are here in the flesh on this planet earth ,god makes no mistakes., you are here for a great purpose and it may not be evident to you yet, but to harm yourself or give away the great gift of life that GOD has purposefully given and assigned to you to be here is no less than a blasphemy against god, your purpose here will be revealed in the time that GOD will choose and not wayne the man., and I know wayne the man claims that god works and speaks thru him but i say ask yourself would jesus isolate all of his followers from the world., take all they have and all they will have away for himself to control and use how he pleases., dissovle all the marriages made by god, (and it is by god as in your early marriages you loved each other) would jesus want any prophet to dissolve all your marriages so that he may have the wives for multiple sex partners??? Just look at the slow progression of what is happening at strong and you will see the children were next in line for his use, do you think he would say no sex with them when there 18?? He is already on the blogs speaking of thier maturity of age in the law., is that not enough evidence of his intensions., would jesus use the calling of god, the greatness of gods word., the power of gods greatness for destroying families so that he may fornicate with the wives and children??????? please listen,, wayne is going to tell you all kinds of words to turn you to him and follow but i say to you to look at the fruit the tree of wayne bears., the works of wayne., you are all great children of god and always will be , but just look at the direction wayne has taken you, and its not the worlds fault., its waynes works., wayne will tell you the world and all the people in it are evil but did god say the earth was good in genesis., yes all created of god was and is good and jesus said no different of it, you have a destiny here and its not waynes destiny., jesus had no doctrine of fear and hate ,but i assure you ,if you look , all is bad in waynes eyes which is much different from our saviours eyes and light., jesus was the light., when you think of wayne does the idea of light come to mind??? Just like wayne is here so are other dark figures and spirts that are self absorbed and working for thier own purpose but that is the reason our GOD prescribed earth journey is so important, to enlighten our spirit to what is good or evil so that we will be great angels in heaven and GOD put you with wayne so you can see the darkness and know what it is and now you are ready for a new earth journey as jesus prescribed to move on to other places and people as he did and think no bad of yourself, it was all forseen and known and gods way of making you a better spirit and now you are ready to enlighten others of your times at strong with wayne so that they may not be decieved., GOD BLESS YOU YOU ARE LOVED YOUR LIFE OF LIGHT IS HERE TO SEE

  81. Dolly, you have an interesting arguement. What do you think of this part of Healed’s testimony:

    “That night I went to Michael’s house. He was in bed. I went in and I was talking to Him, and I asked Him if I could lie next to Him on His bed.
    He said I could but He told me that He first wanted me to ask my mom and dad. He told me that He always does things the RIGHT way. It was hard for me because I didn’t feel like I wanted to wait later, but I did. The next day I called my mom and dad and asked them about it. They HESITATED at first but then I told them I was not asking to be naked with Michael. I was asking to with both of our clothes on. They agreed to that. I felt unsure what I wanted. It was in my heart to lay naked with Michael, but I did not think I could and I was afraid to. My mom and dad could tell I was unclear what I wanted. That evening I went and said good night to Michael and told Him what my mom and dad said. He agreed also.”

    A few days later (after yet another of her peers has slept with Wayne) she writes,

    “I went to bed that night with it strong on me to lay naked with Michael. All the time since Michael shared with us about Danielle and Esther lying naked with Him I desired to lay naked with Michael. And when He shared about Moriah it became not only a desire, but that I had to lay skin to skin with Michael. At times I would be lying in my bed and it was almost like Michael was in my bed with me holding me skin to skin with Him. This particular night I was lying in my bed and I had been reading things in my journal. After I was done I was lying there and the desire became so intense that I did not want to be in my bed anymore. I wanted to be in Michael’s bed with Him. I wanted to lay naked with Michael so much that I thought about calling my mom and dad that night and asking them if I could. I thought that I would share it with Michael and see what He would tell me. I went up to His house. I went and stood at His window. I remember giving the desire to Father, and it was ok if He did not give it to me. I was out there for about half an hour then Michael called out the window and asked if someone was there. He asked me if something was on my heart and I said yes. He told me I could come in. He told me the he was just about to sleep and he heard a cracking sound, and He thought He would call out the window to see if anyone was there. He asked me what was on my heart, so I told Him. He asked me what I thought it would do for me. I told Him I didn’t know except that I needed something, something deeper. I was lying on His chest and He then said to me,
    “You may.” I didn’t move. I thought for some reason that He was spiritually speaking or something. He then asked me if I was scared and then I realized He really meant it. I said,
    “You really mean it? Right now, take my clothes OFF?” He said, “YES.”
    I said, “But I thought you said I had to get permission from my parents first?”
    He said, “Yes, but I remember they said they trusted Me. That is enough.” I said, “So I really can, right now?” He said, “Yes.” So, I jump off His bed, strip my clothes, and jumped in bed with Him. It felt so natural to me and it did not feel weird, almost like I had done it many times before.”

    Do you think a 13 year old, raised in this closed off environment, has the knowledge to know whether or not she is being touched in an innappropriate manner? When all of her peers & adult mentors are doing the same thing? Is she not feeling peer pressure? She self-admittedly states she is confused before it happens? Do you not think her parents “trusted Wayne to do the right thing” and NOT touch their daughter? Could he not have touched her….oh, say…forehead, and healed her? And this one has not been addressed in any forum: Why did only people of the female gender get skin to skin? Is it pure coincinence that the only people that needed healing or to be part of the “religious parable” (nice one, Jeff) are female???

  82. David, I asked them that question over and over when several members talked to us at great length on the Heathen Hub. Not once would anyone acknowledge the question because it cuts too close to home. If it was only about healing and not about sex why don’t the men and older women need that kind of healing? One time when I asked about the men I was told that it was a homosexual abomination. That wouldn’t be true if it wasn’t about sex.

    The other question that no one would answer was whether or not they would commit suicide if ‘Michael’ wanted them to. The only answer that I could get was that only satan’s voice would tell someone to kill themselves. I guess that somehow they’ve redefined suicide.

    No matter how strange their cult is I’m having a terrible time accepting that those people that I talked to could be dead very soon. I hope so much that ‘Michael’ tells them to stop this fast.

  83. God bless the people at strong city now and those that have recently left for your desire to find your way to god and piety is your witness to your true spirit., in acts peter when asked how to find god truly without deception., explained that god channels to those who read the word themselves., 2pe 1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation
    2pe 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
    2pe 2:2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
    2pe 2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.
    2pe 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;
    2pe 2:9 The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished:
    2pe 2:10 But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.
    2pe 2:11 Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before the Lord.
    2pe 2:12 But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption;
    2pe 2:13 And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you;
    2pe 2:14 Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children:

    2pe 2:15 Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;
    2pe 2:18 For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error.
    2pe 2:19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.
    2pe 2:20 For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.
    2pe 2:21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.
    2pe 2:22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.

  84. to the followers at strong city., you are truly loved and precious beings and if jesus were here today, he would want nothing more, but only to save your life,as the written word states when jesus moved among the people he brought no suffering and only healed the people., if all around you seems dark and evil with hopelessness forever then you need to get out of there as this is the spirit of death lingering., as you look all around you at the suffering on the faces of loved ones you are looking at the death mark., dont accept this mark on your spirit and it will leave your physical body and you will truly be saved., six feet of spirit lost and six feet of body six feet under the earth is not going to be the right answer.,please save your soul and allow it to be nurtured and delivered the way it was destined to be by god as it is no mistake that you are here., when god first created heaven and angels lucifer turned 13 of the angels against god and those turned were cast out of heaven and so now we must go thru a flesh exisistance and thru this we find our way to where we go and heaven is at peace as promised on our arrival and help me to stop lucifer from winning this in new mexico at strong city., please help me ., you know what to do,,, just leave ., wait ., the new direction will come., you cant see it now its blocked., you have to put the first foot forward and god will follow as we have CHOICE WHERE WE WANT TO BE., NO ONE CAN STOP YOU., JUST LEAVE., THE DIRECTION WILL COME IF NOT INSTANTLY THEN JUST BE PATIENT SOMETIMES IT TAKES MANY DAYS BUT BE SURE IT WILL COME AND THRU GODS WAY OF TEACHING YOU WILL BE DIRECTED

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