A daughter’s plea during parents’ “final fast” (audio)


Her name is Trudy Sayer.  Perhaps you’ve read her recent pleas to Strong City’s Wayne Bent in the comment section of this blog. As her parents have reportedly now given up both food and water in a “final fast”, Sayer hopes to hear from her mother and step-father at least one final time.

Especially her step-dad.

Sayer is the far less famous sister of outspoken Bent critic Prudence Welch.  And Sayer prefers to keep it that way.  But times appear to be changing.  Sayer fears this fast really could be Strong City’s last.

So, she’s just began to step out of her quiet life, braving the arrows flinging between blogs, hoping to make contact with her folks.

Sayer’s parents are Dean and Louise Cline (aka “Seth” and “Menora”).  Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law also live at Strong City.

And there’s another familial connection to the case that is New Mexico v. Wayne Bent:  The two girls the State alleges are Bent’s victims are very much Sayer’s nieces.

Trudy Sayer says she was a member of The Lord Our Righteousness Church from the age of 15 until age 32.  She is now 34.

Her interview can be heard here:

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  1. My heart goes out to your little family and I too await for this deliverance of all our loved ones from this long sad saga of shame and misguided affections. Continue to be strong and don’t dispair. The night has been long and dark, but look, the light is beginning to shine. Have faith friends.

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