6 thoughts on “Snowstorm blankets Western Washington”

  1. Hey Mark…What about the neighbors to the south of Washington.
    I’m on the Oregon Trail, foot of Mt Hood.
    We have a few inches of soft powdery snow.
    Is good for Timberline and Meadows ski areas, but getting up there’s the hard part with black ice underneath the snow…it melts a little, then freezes over making a deadly combination.
    We’re getting it pretty “hard” here in Oregon but nothing like those to the north of us.
    Our bad weather is mainly the Colombia River Gorge area…what melted is now frozen over on the bridges and passes, making it slicker than oil.
    Its much more dangerous than snow, especially the bridges, exposed to the cold air masses that seem to snake above the river and gorge area.
    Thanks for the lovely video clip!

  2. Its still snowing…we have a foot of snow and down Town Portland has 8″ snow.
    Its not those big fluffy flakes, its tiny crystals coming down, tells its bitter cold!
    Is supposed to turn to freezing rain over nite…
    this could spell a deadly mixture, especially for holiday travelers.
    Sea Tac and PDX have numerous flight cancelations and there’s a lot of stranded travelers filling up the airport hotels.
    This icey blast is supposed to last a few more days, then turn to rain by Christmas day. We shall see!
    We were able to drive into town, but we have a big SUV with 4w drive, snow tires and chains.

  3. Is now being dubbed “StormaGedan”.
    Portland hasn’t seen it “this bad” in over 40 years, most are saying as they’re trying to compare this to the storm in 1962’s.
    It doesn’t seem to want to quit snowing. We have more than 2 feet of snow atop 3 inches of thick ice, making it impossible to walk on, ice breaks, crunches down!…but we’ve been told we will “enjoy” a few hours reprieve until the next cold system comes thru, tomorrow night is supposed to be more of the same, snow, ice, bitter cold. Major freeway I-84 Portland to Walla Walla Washington is still closed.
    Hundreds of anxious travelers, truckers patience worn thin waiting for the road to open.
    Food supplys running low, McD’s had to close for lack of bunns!
    PDX is now looking more like rescue mission, kind hearted souls taking food to share with stranded travelers as the restaurants there have run out of food and many supplies…
    We’ve 2 more days before Christmas…a lot of disappointed familys unable to get to their intended destinations…and no break in sight until this weekend, my heart goes out to them.
    We’re all hoping the weather people have it wrong this time!
    So many without power, children driving their parents nuts! Stores and malls closed, anxious to open for few hours of very last minute shopping, but we are still hopeful.
    Afterall, it’s the Christmas Season!

  4. In near whiteout conditions and the wind howling out my window it’s a chilly morning in my little piece of the world. Although here in the desert southwest we are grateful for moisture most anytime of the year it could stop now, I think we have enough!

    I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful day and that you were safe and warm even in the midst of bad weather.

    Chat with you next year if not before. 🙂

  5. We had cabin fever so bad after being near prisoners up on our hill, snowed in 2+ ft, then topped with 2 inch layer of solid ice.
    We don’t mind being snowed in too long, but loss of power, internet and satellite TV then having to operate off 2 huge very NOISY generators,
    one for the well & pump house…and constant having to keep horses and goats drinking water from freezing, means lots of hard work!
    Were finally able to get out our front door so we loaded our truck, then headed for our favorite beach cottage…Cape Kiwanda resort.
    In the mid 60’s was “Dory” capital.
    We love to lay in their very comfy beds where can watch big flat screen TV while warming our toes by the nice fireplace just below.
    As well as a giving perfect vantage point looking directly onto Hay-Stack Rock and the waves directly below just outside our window!.

    We had gale-force winds the first nite,
    I worried the roof would be blown off these newly built cottages. I was told the winds were well over 100 mph with gust even stronger. Eeeeek!

    Then all roads leading in and out of Pacific City were closed because of flooding and huge landslide.
    Am not too sure about theses being good investment for 2nd home ownership/vacation place.

    It was snowing popcorn hail for few minutes this morning, very unusual for the Oregon coast,
    but the sun broke out long enough to give us a breath-taking gorgeous sunrise!
    The tops of each wave broke as misty spray lit up a golden glow by the angle of the morning sun hitting it just right…perfect! Beautiful, but not long enough time to capture on camera.!

    Was precarious drive home finding roads open and not underwater or covered by major land slides…
    was a little scary coming back home as we listened to news reports of homes sliding off and football field sized landslides too close to home closing a major road that leads to ski resort Mt Hood.
    We’ve had too many homes come sliding off the hills, some being there for many years and not some new development built on newly scraped land.
    The major landslide close to us is pretty major ordeal. I’m sure will make national news tomorrow when daylight hits. They said they kept hearing low rumbling.
    Our friends live on same road, but we haven’t heard from them yet. Time will tell!

    With us moving from “never rains” San Diego, So Calif we welcomed snow and rain when we first moved here 30 yrs ago…but having to put chains on our 4 wheel drive truck just to get up our driveway this evening we are beginning to change our views.
    We had no idea the little “dusting” of snow last nite gave us more than a few inches and we’ve been promised more on its way this weekend! Record snow here for our area! Here we go again!
    And thats what we’ve been dealing with just 30 miles east of Portland!

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