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Close-up photo of flames with text stating "2021 Wildfires".

Forensic Team Moves in to Investigate at the Village that was Lytton

Update #1: July 4th, 1:37 PST- Video (below) posted Sunday on CTV’s website features b-roll of fire damage in Lytton, including charred and smoldering railroad tracks on a bridge crossing a river. Railroad footage begins at 1:19. As a forensic team received the green light to move into the ashes of Lytton, British Columbia Saturday, […]

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Bald Eagle photographers Christian Sasse and Jack Molan appearing live on Beyond 90 Seconds from Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Dutch Harbor travel makes for wondrous bald eagle photography adventure

  Armed with several cameras, lenses and a myriad of other accessories, photographers Christian Sasse and Jack Molan arrived in Dutch Harbor, Alaska on Saturday to embark on a unique bald eagle photography adventure. Sasse’s pack includes a camera that shoots a thousand frames per second, allowing for a super slow-motion look at bald eagles, […]

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Dramatic sunset over Puget Sound

  MUKILTEO, WA — Clear skies and warm temperatures surrendered to cooler air and scattered clouds early Monday evening, making for a dramatic sunset throughout much of the Puget Sound region. And as daylight faded, there was a bit more drama for one small boat. While live streaming on Periscope, Beyond90Seconds observed the boat experiencing difficulty with its motor. […]

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