KOB-TV examines Wayne Bent’s latest Web post


After weeks of relative cyber silence, recently convicted sex offender Wayne Bent didn’t wait long to reclaim his familiar territory on the Internet.

Just one day after a jury found Bent guilty of second-degree criminal sexual contact of a minor and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Bent penned 6,493 words beneath the headline, The Trial and My Resolution on his church’s Web site (On Tuesday, Beyond90Seconds.com made mention of this development in this blog’s sidebar).

KOB-TV (NBC/Albuquerque) investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola produced a story today that examines Bent’s latest post. That video appears below:

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  1. Only three words of that post are significant. The rest is just cyber babble!

    Those 3 words are:

    Guilty As Charged!

  2. I noticed a poll on the Jeremy Jojola (fondly known in the news biz as “Triple J”) website http://jeremyjojola.com concerning reader’s speculations about the length of Bent’s upcoming prison sentence.

    Of course, from my understanding, Bent must be sentenced to at least 3 years and that can’t be suspended, because of the sexual nature of the 2nd degree offense But, those 3 years might be able to be served as parole… I’m not certain. He is eligible to be charged quite a bit more (Wayne thought it was 35 years in his post). But in spite of what he is actually eligible to be charged, perhaps it actually totals to “only” 18 or 19 years (it’s hard to calculate from the various online references), he will be given parole terms as well (that’ a requirement) for a period after any jail time. Many people don’t realize that parole is a sentence in itself and is a severe punishment too. A parole is not a “pardon.”

    So, my hope for Wayne is that his sentence of incarceration will be the minimum (hopefully, he won’t have to go to prison, but all will be on parole, if that’s possible). Think of his punishment.. it’s severe even with total leniency. He will be punished by having a “sex offender” classification (the rest of his life) with various restrictions which that imposes and his parole terms will probably require that he not associate with minor children and that he take extensive “sex-offender” training regarding appropriate sexual behavior.

    By all of this, he will have been taught well that what he did was wrong. The likelihood of recurrence is virtually non-existent (if he violates parole terms he would have to serve the full sentence). So, I wish for Wayne that a spirit of forgiveness prevails with the judge and that Bent is allowed to serve his entire sentence on parole.

  3. Sam, it might be better for WB but I’m thinking of the people left at SC. If he’s gone for a little while they might start corresponding with family and that would heal a few bridges. And I think the people who have left SC would rest easier knowing he was behind bars. Do you think they would be satisfied with just parole?

    Unfortunately I don’t think he believes he did anything wrong so the chances of him learning his lesson regardless of whether he’s in prison or on parole are pretty slim. An alcoholic has a difficult time trying to stop drinking if they don’t think there is a problem. Same with a sex offender. You have to own up to the fact that you have a problem. One moment he claims that he is innocent and the next he says what he did was meant to offend. I’m not sure if he knows which one is the truth.

    Do you think he will appeal? If he does then his latest diatribe won’t have much meaning. He’d have to rewrite it to fit.
    Also, I don’t think there were any psychological issues brought up at trial that could have given him the possibility of serving his sentences at the State Mental Hospital. But, I wonder if his attorney can bring something like that up at sentencing?

    Oh well, except for those of us who have followed this story and the families affected by him, it’s not big news anymore. He’s just “another” sex offender. I don’t really care what happens to him. He’s made his bed…

    But I do care about the people left behind in this sad saga and hope they have peace.

  4. The problem here is, there was more than one person running this show. When you read posts by the likes of Anaiah you can see that others were part of the molestation and the grooming. But nothing is being done about her or anyone else involved.

    People seem to think that this is over. It’s not over by a long shot. I predict that the people in SC will continue on with their beliefs. There may be a select few who decide to abandon SC but I’m looking at a people who have been brain washed for years and do not see them walking away from their beliefs so easily.

    Jeff Bent is there to pick up the leadership role until WB is out of jail/prison, if he makes it out of prison.

    The older women there are still going to lead and the witnesses will continue on. The younger set will be led by them.

    Unfortunately just because WB is going to be behind bars soon does not mean this is over and done with for the people there.

    I hope they find a way out but I simply do not see it.

    The state has greatly failed to investigate further and bring forward the women who have been part of the grooming process.

  5. The objective of the arrest and prosecution (and conviction) was to stop Wayne Bent (and serve notice to anyone else there) from any future molestation of children. I think that objective has been accomplished. It won’t happen anymore.

    However, what’s left at the compound (even if Wayne goes back as a parolee) are adults. While many people may not like what they are doing to each other or how they have cut off contact with families or how devoted they are to the will of one man, all that is a matter of personal choice. All of what they are doing out there as adults and their privileges in doing it relates to personal freedoms (including freedom of religion).

    Wayne’s sentence should have nothing to do with anyone’s personal views about the invalidity of his doctrine or how anyone is being manipulated to stay there. It is not up to the courts to attempt to change the circumstances regarding how adults decide to worship (or fawn over). One could easily argue that nuns or monks in convents and monasteries should be forcibly removed because they are being unduly influenced. Or, perhaps libertines could argue that mainstream Christian women, who are pledged to being faithful to their husbands are being coerced to a very boring existences and should be liberated from their bondage. No, we let people alone in prisons of their own design and choice (some people are happy in chains).

    About parole… It is quite interesting to know that the way the court system works is very much based on the biblical principles of confession and repentance of your sins before others. The terms of parole or probation would be quite specific. Wayne would have to admit to his guilt (take responsibility for his crime) and show an attitude of wanting to get better, best demonstrated by taking positive steps during (and after) his incarceration toward rehabilitation, probably by taking the appropriate classes and therapy to “heal” himself of his ailment. Parole today is “all about” rehabilitating criminals and unrepentant ones are repeatedly denied parole even when eligible.

    If (and when) Wayne does get parole (and probation), that in itself is quite a punishment (ask anyone who has had to serve a probation or report to a parole officer). It would be a public humiliation, which first requires the admission of his crimes (sins). He must then obey the terms of the probation for a given period, which might be for many years. This would mean that he would have to go meet with his probation or parole officer frequently (often once a month), where he would receive further guidance and counseling (discussing his progress in overcoming his sexual proclivities). And an additional part of any parole offered offered to Wayne (since it is a sexual crime) would most likely be that he would have to attend an extended course and psychological therapy, which would have the purpose of rehabilitating him.

    So, I am happy for Wayne to serve a small sentence (perhaps a few months) and then go into a parole or probation program. I like to see leniency when it comes to imprisonment, unless someone is likely to offend again (I don’t think that will happen considering the consequences might mean never getting out again).


  6. Wayne does not strike me as a man who would ever admit he has a problem. Afrer all, he thinks he is Christ. I would rather he not go to prison because I think he would directly or indirectly cause a mass suicide.
    I do believe that he should be in a mental institute. He has already proven that he can be a danger to himself and others.

  7. I thought the objective of the arrest, prosecution and conviction of Wayne was to punish him for breaking to law. Although he may not have ” touched intimate parts”, he got them in a compromising position and in submition to his will. Considering that a lot of his writings are about consumating with him, it is not hard to see where this is leading.

  8. Sam

    I disagree. I do not believe the entirety of the situation has been addressed.

    While WB may be stopped from further crimes, there are others who have not been held accountable for their role in grooming the young women from laying on Wayne Bent’s bed. I would like to understand why the state never investigated it further.

    I wouldn’t know what minors are on the land but Willow is a minor and still connected with this church.

    I also believe that there have been many lies told. I believe WB did consummate with the minors, no matter how much he denies it. When you read through the document that Anaiah Travesser wrote, it clearly encourages the minors to lay with and consummate with WB.

  9. Stephanie – Yes, there were certainly transgressions from the “two witnesses.” You are correct that “Anaiah” did a number on those kids, even the ones who were legal (barely). Her real name is Jody. She was (is) married to a church member, named John Thompson, who gave her up so that she could be one of Wayne’s mistresses. One of the lies told in the trial (and often on the website) was that this was about healing. It was about sex (she and Wayne made that clear repeatedly for many years, starting with his Song of Solomon studies) and all of the legal-aged virgins did have full sexual intercourse with Wayne. We could speculate what went on further with the under-aged girls, but Wayne talked about how he for these girls he had been directed by God not to consummate, but to “spill his seed on the earth.” Sounds like he relieved himself after the skin-to-skin sessions (or had them or one of his “witnesses” give him a “happy ending.”) That might have been Jody’s role… to get them “sexed up” so that Wayne would have under-age girls laying naked under his nude body (he was on top, as “Healed” graphically described it in a letter to the assistant prosecutor), pleading for sex, which he would deny and then (possibly) have Jody come in later for the “finish.”

    Here was the quote from “Healed” (one of the under-age girls, who wrote (and testified in court)that she lay naked with Bent who was also unclothed, writing about the “seed” spilling:

    — Beginning of Healed quote —-

    “The 26th of July, Michael had a meeting with those on the land. He shared that in addition to the two witnesses for Shullim, Father had sent to him another witness to lay naked with him on his bed. Moriah was this witness. She told Him that she had to come, and that she was driven to by Father. Michael also shared with us that Father had shown Him that during this final judgment, that the time was past when God’s Seed had any power to produce His Life in the earth. That now, instead of God’s Seed going into the Women like it did at the first Consummation and producing Life in all who desired it, God’s Seed would now be spilled on the earth, not going into people. It would be void of any beneficial effect, thereby allowing death to work out its purpose. It had been presented to Michael that as a physical symbol of this, He was going to have to spill His seed on the earth.”

    —end of Healed quote —

    And a final note to Stephanie: Although, you are correct that Jody Thompson and the two other older women, who became Wayne’s whores (one being his own son’s wife), are very guilty of being a part of that sexual coercion… no prosecutor will attempt to take them to court. Often that is that case with crimes, that the primary criminal is prosecuted and the others “slide.” But, you can rest assured that God is still in charge and they will be dealt with accordingly by divine judgement (which does grant forgiveness, you know, should they repent and ask for it).

  10. Not at all, Ron. Ms. Montoya’s most recent comment appeared in the comments section of the first Ben Anthony post, Filmmaker Ben Anthony returns to US for Wayne Bent trial. This post was published 12/8/08. Ms. Montoya commented on 12/15/08.

    I suspect she’d meant to leave her comment below my second Anthony post, Filmmaker gathering stories behind Wayne Bent trial (12/15/08), but likely clicked on the archive link on that page that brings up the prior story.

  11. Perhaps it is a controversial opinion to be advocating leniency in regards to the sentencing of Wayne Bent. I have to admit when I first read the posts of Mr. Redman, my first reaction was, “you have got to be kidding … probation or a short sentence, after what he has done?” But rather than immediately postings my objections, I thought about what he said and reread it all a couple times. Sometimes a first reaction to things is not always the best. Giving such well constructed arguments some time to digest seemed prudent.

    To base the sentence on personal views would of course be wrong. There are so many people that are very offended by Wayne Bent’s actions that it is
    natural to want to see him pay for what was certainly disgusting behavior. There are also those with ties to Strong City and have emotional reasons for wanting the maximum sentence in this case. Their feelings are understandable too.

    Thankfully sentences are not imposed in situations like this based on that kind of reasoning. This is not a murder case when a loved one has been taken from a family and friends. Yes, in those types of cases personal opinions do come into play. But personal outrage has no place in Wayne’s sentence.
    Their life style at Strong City really is none of our business. As Sam said, we have freedom of religion in this country. And that alone allows them to practice and live as they want, provided no laws of the State are broken.

    It really is not up to the Court to decide how people worship, or who they deem their spiritual leader or what path those beliefs take them on, in their own lives. None of that should be applicable when imposing a sentence on Wayne Bent. So I agree with almost everything Mr. Redman has offered for the reasons it should be a light sentence and probation.

    The only issue that remains, and it is may be an even greater point to consider is whether Wayne Bent is insane. It would seem that through his writings and actions in many ways he has shown true signs of diminished mental capacity. I would hope that the Court would truly investigate this and confine him first to a mental institution for evaluation.

    Having Wayne declared insane might be the best sentence of all. And hopefully in time many of his followers could come to terms with this and reevaluate their devotion to one they thought was the Messiah. Maybe then they would realize, by finally having some distance from him, that he was nothing more than a crazy man with a true talent of writing and speaking, even though his words were for the most part lies and deceptions, influencing his followers falsely.

    For me a psychological evaluation right away would be the best pronouncement the judge could make on December 30th.

  12. Thanks Mark, I got lost in the maze! It has been really interesting to read the posts from former jurors. You get the sense that they were only allowed a glance into a situation that would normally take months of research just to get to the close to the truth. I always heard that justice is blind, but I didnt know that the jury had to be blindfolded also.

  13. Ron were did you read post from former jurors? I thought I was the only one posting anything. And you are so right about the blindfold, If only I had known anything about this case before I was on the jury. I noticed you and some others have been following this story pretty close. If there is anything you would like to know about the hearing feel free to ask I can tell just on my point I cant speak for the others.

  14. Thanks, Juror. I guess I was referring to what I read from you, and there was one other juror that made a comment or two either here or on Prudence’s site.
    I will have more questions for you later.

  15. Mrs. Montoya,
    I’m glad to see that you are still looking into this, and I hope that the whole picture will come into focus for you. The intent of laws to protect us and our children should not be diluted to loop holes in the letter of the law. Can you imagine how many pediphiles wanted you to win that case, just so they could cite your case as justification for getting their jollies? I understand that your job would be to protect Wayne’s rights, but not to allow him a legal means to do what common sense says is wrong.

  16. Ms. Montoya, I wonder if the transcripts from the trial are available yet? I would like to study them. What is the appropriate procedure to request them in New Mexico?

  17. Sam Redman,

    I submitted my request for the transcripts last week and intend to post them here on this blog. Free, of course, to the readers here.

    The transcripts are stored on CDs. Cost is $4/CD. No word yet on how many CDs as they have yet to arrive at the Union County Courthouse. It should be soon.


  18. I agree with Sam – You are the man Mark! I too look forward to reading what exactly was said in this trial. Thanks again for being so thorough!

  19. avatar
    Johnny D. Miller

    I am a little concerned about Ms. Montoya wanting Juror to contact her at her Raton office. The gag order is lifted and this and any juror is free to say what they want about the trial. So what if the juror would have wished that he or she had some extra information about the evidence offered at the trial, so this defendant could have been found guilty on all four counts. If I were this juror, I would ignore Ms. Montoya’s requests. Let her do as any other lawyer would do. I would tell her, “Go fish.” Juror, do whatever you want, but you have no legal reason to talk to this woman ever again. Don’t let her bully you, you did your job properly, and now it is over. Ms. Montoya, you have only scratched the surface on what Wayne Bent is about, and if you were to spend a week speaking with former members and family members of those still in the cult you would run away screaming. You haven’t even spoke with “all” the people who knew Wayne Bent from the very beginning. Grace Travesser and Gabriel Travesser only will share one side of the story. You should also speak with David Mead, John Witcomb, and some of the other original ministers of the LOR. If you knew what happened in Europe, and the first time when the Song of Solomon was first looked at by the LOR, you would get a interesting picture of the roots of Mr. Bent’s reasoning. When all the facts are spread out on the table to review, then there is more to be considered. This is not the first monster Dr. Frankenstein created and released unto the world. There are alwys two sides to every story, and frankly my dear, you have been given a snow job from day one. This story is deeper than you can imagine. By the way, you did do a excellant job of defending your client, considering what he gave you to work with. You were used, just like most of us were used by Wayne Bent. Everything came out exactly like he wanted to, the only problem is, did he “Really” convince God to want to go ahead and end the world, and translate the LOR to heaven without seeing death. This was Wayne’s objective all along… this was the “offense” he wanted all of us to see, so we would cast them out of this world, off this planet, and force God’s hand to interviene and destroy the wicked and vinicate the good. This has been Wayne’s plan from the beginning, and you played right into it. You should read what Wayne Bent’s true opinions of lawyers are. He has also spoken about them as well in years past. They are the lowest of the food chain, if you would take the time to research it. I have said enough.

  20. With WayBent holding the titles to all the trailers, cars and peoples “junk”…plus owning large chunk of proptery…why do the tax payers have to pay for wayBent defense?
    And one comment about his defense when laying skin to skin he states “Nothing between them”…is that what he calls his….uhummmm….a lil nothing?!
    Sickening, just sick!
    It was just too obvious the lies flying off their lips! May God have mercy on them because they’re gonna need it! Lots of it!
    Wonder what he’s going to pull next…what ever it is, its NOT going to be very nice!

  21. Mr. Miller: You, too, are free to contact me at my office. I would discuss any concerns you have that would not violate my duty of attorney/client priviledge.

    I did not ask “juror” to contact me at my office to be bullied, and, as usual, you are reading a whole lot into a very short post. What, exactly do you think I could possibly bully a juror about? The case is OVER. I am a professional and do not engage in “bullying.” Your post was juvenile. The jurors are free to contact the attorneys in the case. They were so instructed by the Judge sitting on the case. I want to know what the juror or jurors would suggest I could do better for the next time I am in trial, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Bent case, but only as to my own ability to improve for my future clients. Frankly, I don’t believe the person posting here was a juror on the case, but just another somebody trying to keep things stirred up. Otherwise, I believe I would have received a legitimate telephone call.
    I have no interest in being chastised by you or by anyone else for doing what I am contracted to do: my JOB! I have a family to feed, and I do not pick and choose my clients, but rest assured, if you were ever in trouble and I was assigned your case, I would fight tooth and nail to insure that YOUR rights are protected. I don’t care if my client is an Al Capone or a Mother Teresa, people like me are there to insure that the rights of EVERYONE are protected. That is what insures that MY rights and YOUR rights are protected. You may say what you like about attorneys under the guise of being critical of Wayne Bent, but know this: I could have taken the corporate route and made a buck off of the back society, but instead I struggle to make ends meet, just like most people, and I do it because I want to help the indigent. I don’t need to hear that Wayne Bent is not indigent. I was assigned the case pursuant to a legitimate assignment. If you don’t like it, then take it up with the Judge who assigned me. I was given an Order of Appointment and I obey such court orders. I was indigent once and no one would help me, so I now take up the staff for others in need. You know nothing about me or my background, so before you start casting stones, maybe you should look into it a little further. I will repeat: My fondest desire is to bring people together, not tear them apart. I will not be posting here again. Before this case I was unfamiliar with blogs and postings of this nature and it is frightening the amount of hatred there is out in this world. I am not interested in participating in such. It is apparent that no one who posts on these things is interested in finding out about the truth about anything, but they are trolling the internet looking for someone they see as “less” than they are so they can engage in a feeding frenzy, like sharks in bloody waters. It sickens me. I am available to any person willing to engage in legitimate intelligent conversation which is not laced with hatred and accusations. Instead of engaging in continuing the hate, why not go out and volunteer the time you would otherwise spend blogging about this at some legitimate organization that helps the less fortunate? Why not visit the sick, help a single mother, buy a bar of soap for someone imprisoned who has no one on the outside, volunteer at an animal shelter, or clean the yard of an elderly person? It would serve your fellow man and bring great happiness to you to see the faces of those you assist in a time of need. A friend once told me that one will never truly be happy until we realize that we are put on this earth to help one another. We may not have a lot, but if we’re healthy, we’re still able to lend a helping hand.

    Have a good life, and may you and those you love never be wrongfully accused of a crime. May you find peace.

  22. I’m sorry Mrs. Montoya, I may be wrong, but I really dont think anyone here meant to attack you in any way. Their anger is directed at your client, who obviously has hurt and angered alot of people. I read many complements given to you as a compasionate, caring person. Please accept my apology if I have offended you in any way.

  23. Sara Montoya… Yes I was a juror I know that one day your car would not start, I know that the judge may have asked what the reason of bring Dr Oleary up on stand he was way confussing I did write the judge a note asking what the purpose of him, he shock his head and smiled and then asked for any other witnesses. I also know that the video at the end he said you had to play without the music. Maybe you will beleive me now. I still may contact you after the sentencing.

    If I was ever to need an attorney I would contact you. I would also recommend you. I thought you did an excellent job I was back and forth with my verdict. You were very professional and I saw compassion in you too when you would stand behind your client and put your hands on his shoulders.

    Hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  24. Ms Montoya…Johnny is the most kind hearted man I think this world has. He’s been terribly used, shunned and betrayed by WB AND had his wife taken by him too!
    You say this trial is over? I guess that means you will not be appealing then?
    Of course there is loads of hatred spewing towards waybent…but read what hatred he spews out, lies about and did all sorts of ugly things towards others for many years.
    You’ve got your facts wrong and one day I hope you will see waybent for who he is…a very wicked soul!
    Look at the “fruits” he has produced!
    That should be enough for anyone.
    And Prudence begging her mother to just talk to her and others who’s parents refuses to see or talk to them, one was seriuosly ill, needed ER medical treatment…but they didnt contact them…why?
    Because your defendant influences them not to!
    He may lie and say he did.
    Ask yourself this…what would you think if your daughter up and joined his cult? Cut off contact with you the rest of your life!
    Would you not feel anger towards the one influencing them not to contact?
    If not…somethings wrong with you!
    One day this world will be over…maybe the SC cult will wither up, die away because non of WB prophecies never came to be…and one day, maybe only then, you and many others will know the truth!
    Go read everything wb and others wrote…then come back here and lets just see if you have the same convictions you now hold.
    The Babie doll was a cheap shot, 1st of all most Adventist won’t allow such sleezy model, just didn’t fit the type of people you were trying to represent…next time borrow a maniquin from fire dept or Red cross…they have a “ressesa Ann” CPR doll, can use/ practice on!
    I hope you’re rigth when you say this is over.
    Sadly I think we haven’t seen nothing yet!

  25. Ms. Montoya it is too bad that your experiences with this case have to a certain extent colored your opinion of blogs and internet posters. Certainly posting on web message boards/blogs is not for everybody. And I would agree that there are a certain percentage of trolls and those that find pleasure in attacking others in a “feeding frenzy.” But they are for the most part the minority. And often a good board administrator, like Mark Horner has been, will keep that kind of posting in check.

    I have found that most of the posting here has been by people that actually have researched this case and are well acquainted with Wayne’s thoughts, ideas, actions and prophecies over many many years. I have been amazed at the amount of knowledge these posters have had to offer regarding Wayne Bent and LOR. It has been quite an education for me. So it would be wrong to characterize most of the posters here as uneducated, nasty and hate filled.

    I honestly have not seen anyone that has attacked you or the job you did trying to defend your client either. I for one, am a big believer in “innocent until proven guilty.” I am very supportive of public defenders and say “everyone, no matter what they may have done, deserves a strong advocate for their defense.” You did your best, the facts of the case just were not on your side. As Wayne Bent broke the law and thus, a jury found him guilty.

    As for you, please know that the majority of the people I would hope, would want you and other defense councils to continue to always work diligently for your clients. We would certainly be in a hopeless and helpless world without you.

    And also, I would hope that you would not judge our world, Sarah, by a few message board or blog posters that spew hate filled words. I honestly have more faith in my fellow man, and believe those “net trolls,” are in the minority.

  26. After a trial, any juror should have no legal problem in discussing the case with the attorneys on both sides. Ms. Montoya’s intentions are noble in wanting to improve her trial tactics and methods. I would recommend that the “juror” not hesitate to sit down with Ms Montoya for a full explanation of everything which influenced the final verdict (it’s a kind thing to do). Now, I, personally, am critical of Ms Montoya’s techniques and I know that I would have recommended a different strategy (of course, it’s easy to second guess after a trial is over, like a Monday morning quarterback, but I think there is value for any attorney to consider and evaluate various tactical views and critiques from different sources). I am happy to share my thoughts with her at any time, but, I want to do a complete study of the trial transcript before I make a final analysis.

    I disagree with her about the nature of posters on the internet. She made some rather broad generalizations. There are haters; that is true. Internet forums have been plagued with the “troll” problem since bulletin boards were first online (going back ten years, or more, before today’s iteration of the web was in place). However, you will find that many people who are posting online are indeed looking for the truth and stay consistent with a tone of reason and courtesy. I have enjoyed some excellent debates in various forums. There are lots of motivations for people to post. But, some of us are here because we write for a living… and people like me engage in discussions about criminal cases for the purpose of researching possible future publications (either books or magazine articles). Document analysis (my specialty) is critical to researching any case and sometimes internet postings by various principle figures (and others) are quite revealing and point the way to new sources and perspectives. So, not not all (not even most) posters are deserving of scathing condemnations.

  27. Ms. Montoya seems to have lost any critical thinking capabilities she may have had, but that is not uncommon in situations like this. It sounds like she is the one is very willing to point fingers based on opinion and not fact. I find that to be very unprofessional and I am just glad she will never be a judge.

    I am an uninvolved observer who has trouble with some of the reasoning in these posts. Wayne Bent has told his followers and the public that God made him do things, like have sex with his son’s wife. He says that he cannot control what “God” makes him do. Mr. Bent is not an accused molester. He is a CONVICTED molester. Research studies have proven that most sexual offenders do offend again, even after a prison sentence. With Wayne Bent’s lack of remorse and inability to stop doing what “God” tells him to do, I hope he gets the maximum sentence for the sake of children everywhere.

    I have read some of Mr. Bent’s writings going back to “The Winds” when he was in Sandpoint, Idaho, where he was friends with the known white supremacist, anti-government group ‘America’s Promised Ministries’. ‘The Winds’ pages are filled with conspiracy theories and I am concerned about the physical terrorism subject brought up many times in Bent’s writings.

    “Thinker” on Prudence Welch’s forum is the only person I have observed to bring these concerns up. I expect that the people who knew Bent from his earlier days never thought he would pronounce himself to be “God” or molest children in the first place. Wayne Bent is capable of anything his “God” might tell him to do.

  28. Observer:

    “Thinker” on Prudence Welch’s forum is the only person I have observed to bring these concerns up. I expect that the people who knew Bent from his earlier days never thought he would pronounce himself to be “God” or molest children in the first place. Wayne Bent is capable of anything his “God” might tell him to do.


    Excellent, Observer to bring this out again. “Thinker,” was alone on Prudence’s board raising the concerns regarding terrorism. There is no question Wayne reveals in his writings his intense hatred for our country. I have included a few of Wayne’s recent threats, revealed by “Thinker.” It should give us all at lease a pause in our concern about what might happen at Strong City, with or without Bent being there.
    Posted by “Thinker,” Jun 06, 2008
    A few of the Wayne Bent quotes from April and May 2008
    This is just a small sampling of what Bent has recently threatened. He hates America and now routinely calls for its destruction. This is a guy who tells his followers to interpret his rantings literally. His followers are very weak minded and follow him like sheep, taking his words as commandments. That’s what creates the danger.

    (italics added for illustration)

    I pray day and night for the desolation of the earthly city and sanctuary. I will burn you with fire, and leave you as ashes upon the ground. There will not be a single spark remaining. “I will cause the earth to shake and the cities to fall,” says the Lord God of heaven. “You are a stench in the universe, a sore blot upon My creation. I will bring you to your end and furiously drive My chariots against you.” You have gone too far. I have borne your sins for many generations and now I will bear them no more forever. The day of My wrath is come and who will be able to stand it?

    I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the ending. I swear by the One Who lives forever and ever, even my Father, that these things are true. You are weighed in the balances and found wanting. Heaven has cast you off, and will no more reach out to you, except in the wrath of the Lamb, and for the destruction of this vile earth and its thieves and kidnappers. “Woe unto you America, one who was once endowed with light, I will bring you down to hell, and never will you be anymore.”

    Next on the scene is the casting of the beast and the false prophet into the lake of fire, too late for forgiveness. The monster must be crushed. The offenses against heaven are not just one horn of the social services. It involves the demonic military, the political parties, and the public educational system among others. The greatest of these might even be the Homeland Security and its host of dark possessed persons. “Demon possessed” is an accurate description of what has happened to everyone of these monstrous anomalies. The earth is finished, and it will burn as an oven. This is the day for it.

    It all must go. No forgiveness will be offered now, for you have crossed the line, O earth, and you have played God long enough. The Father in heaven will not allow you to sit in the temple of God showing yourself that you are God, any longer. His rebuke has gone out into the earth. You are nothing, and I pray for the day of your fire.

    Jesus said, “I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled.” Luke 12:49. I say this also and I say that it IS kindled.

    The USA is a terrorist state exposed by its illegal wars and kidnappings. It is a rogue entity that has gone insanely berserk in the earth, and its own citizens are largely drugged, controlled, enslaved, and forced into a mold that shuts out anyone with differing lifestyles. It is a “benevolent” dictatorship. But the benevolence is only realized by those who submit to the mark of the beast. All others are killed, in one way or another. The Bible calls the USA and its dark leader, “The Lawless One.” USA is an appropriate acronym for Unholy Satanic Alliance. I say this by the authority of the One Who lives in me, the Father Who dwells in the heavens and the One True God.

    The insane and the mentally challenged will now say, “O, there goes Wayne Bent threatening us again.”

  29. Thanks to this site, I was able to watch Wayne Bent’s trial highlights and some of his comments. As a long time observer, I now doubt Mr. Bent really believes he’s divine. If he did, he would have acted as such in court, but there he stood meek and forgetful wasting the opportunity to proclaim boldly to the world what he believes is the most important message for this time: His version of The Marriage of the Lamb and his illustration of the Consummation of the Marriage. He blames his father for the immorality since he only carried out “instructions”.

    Michael, one like God, stands and the mountains tremble. The little Michael trembles as he sits on the witness stand doing his best to minimize his involvement, calling it a religious healing, and forgetting events. Surprisingly he didn’t plead the 5th.

    A change of venue was granted to give him a greater chance of a fair trial. Why worry about a fair trial if he knew he was going to be found guilty? He asserts he planned the offence, called it a prophecy, and contradicted himself by pleading innocence. Double talk his followers do not question but swallow as truth. He explains that he couldn’t have been found innocent because God would have to find this society innocent too. Jesus said at His crucifixion: “Forgive them …” At WBent’s multiple crucifixions he invariably says condemn them!

    This Monday morning prophet mixes and matches Biblical events to his convenience. His son should know it first hand. Jeff’s fidelity to his father has blinded his integrity. This is very sad because the young Bent has the possibility of influencing others and remaking his life to the glory of the real God. I hope Jeff takes his wife and runs. His father is not the great Michel or Messiah he says he is. He proved it when he stood in court and he could do no other than the role of a coward human he is.

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