Report: Human foot found on Swedish beach

Update (July 9): Breaking News: Police to hold news conference about human feet mystery


Followers of this blog may be familiar with my recent interest in the case of the five human feet that have surfaced from the waters near Vancouver, Canada.  Most recently, I blogged about a fascinating “underwater pig” experiment that investigators say is lending insight into the mystery.

Still, I was caught a bit off-guard early this evening when I learned that a human foot turned-up on a beach near Stockholm, Sweden earlier today.  More to the point, I was surprised someone had wondered if the Swedish case is connected to the investigation in British Columbia.

But then again, why not ask?

Canwest News Services apparently did so; putting what may appear to be a far-fetched question to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“I’ve mentioned it to the investigators,” said Const. Annie Linteau from Vancouver. “We have not been in contact with the authorities over there and vice versa, they have not contacted us either. We are just continuing our own investigation.”

Read the article and, indeed, the mystery deepens:

Lifeguards apparently realized at 1p.m. on Tuesday that the shoe contained a foot.

“They had seen the shoe yesterday, sploshing around at the water’s edge,” Sjolander told The Local. He also said it was “far too early” to make a connection between between the foot in Sweden and five feet that have been found in Vancouver near the mouth of the Fraser River or on islands in the Strait of Georgia that separates Vancouver Island from the mainland.

The five feet discovered in B.C. are all in the care of the B.C. Coroner’s Service, which is being deluged with media calls from around the world, according to chief coroner Terry Smith.

You can read the entire Canadian News Service story here.

The english language Swedish newspaper, The Local, has a story that can be found here.

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