Prisoner Wayne Bent quick to fast (again)

UPDATE (Jan. 2, 2009):  Wayne Bent has ended his fast.  As a result, the poll below has closed.  Learn about the results here.



Wayne Bent had said he’d fast if sent to prison.  Tonight, it seems he’s determined to keep his word.

News reports about Bent’s refusal to eat while behind bars are appearing on the Internet this evening.  Here’s an excerpt from a report on the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Web site:

The 67-year-old Bent told prison officials he is on a “religious fast,” Tia Bland, a spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections, said Wednesday. “He has not eaten anything as of yet. We have medical personnel watching him closely.”

How long will Bent fast?  Earlier this month, he indicated that—if sent to prison—he’d fast until death.  On Tuesday, Bent learned he’d be going to prison for 10 years (a sentence that could be cut in half with “good behavior”).

Motivations for fasting range from health, religious and political concerns.  According to Wikipedia:

In Northern Ireland in 1981 a prisoner, Bobby Sands, was part of the 1981 Irish hunger strike, protesting for better rights in prison. Sands had just been elected to the British Parliament and died after 66 days of not eating. His funeral was attended by 100,000 people and the strike ended only in October, after 9 other men died.

Wayne Bent is no stranger to fasting, either.  His efforts to tame his appetite for both food and words are now well-chronicled on the Internet. On October 9, 2008, Bent embarked on what he called his “last fast” and wrote about it in a 43-page offering titled, Going Home.

Cynics have asserted that Bent’s fasts are publicity ploys.  His supporters appear to take the fasts quite seriously, and have even joined him by going without food and, at times, water.

Caught somewhere in between the cynic and the fervent Bent supporter are the people on the “outside” of Bent’s Strong City who happen to have family and/or friends living on the “inside” (some of whom posted dramatic pleas on this blog during the “last fast”.  That prompted a October 24, 2008 interview with Trudy Sayer.  Mrs. Sayer, 34, desperately hoped to hear from her mother and step-father). now asks you, the reader, “How long will Wayne Bent’s fast last?”  A reader poll appears below.

The poll is not aimed at trivializing the issue.  For the argument can surely be made that the health of more than one life is quite likely at stake due to Bent’s declaration.

It will be interesting, though, to gauge the opinions of this blog’s readers.

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13 thoughts on “Prisoner Wayne Bent quick to fast (again)”

  1. Sounds like another Celestial Tantrum mr WayBent is doing thinking he can force Gods hand into delivering him the way HE wants.
    God will NOT be mocked and his deliverance will not be what WB wants is demanding or expecting.

    With up coming budget cuts he could be out of prison in less than 2-3 months as they are having to release even dangerous criminals because of over crowding, budget cuts and our economy being if full recession about to become full depression any time now.

    Just what if we do go into full depression and prisoners released, WB ends up killing his body by not feeding it…then weeks later he will have been released…what a tragedy THAT tantrum will have been!
    WB should pray for budget cuts being his deliverance and not taking the cowards way out.

    Killing ones self is considered a selfish and very sinful act that is an unpardonable sin, therefore he will loose his soul and end up going to Hell just as Judas did.
    Won’t his mother truly be sad on resurrection morning looking for her son and he is not there!
    It will break her heart knowing her son CHOSE Hell!

    (1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NIV) [19] Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; [20] you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

    (1 Corinthians 3:16-17 NIV) [16] Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you? [17] If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him; for God&’s temple is sacred, and you are that temple.

    WB think of your mama! She lost her life so tragically,so young by satans own hand!
    She didn’t deserve to die then and she doesn’t deserve to be childless in Heaven just like you were motherless on earth.
    Think about this Mr Bent…and will your son Jeff, will he then turn and do the same.
    Just what if you are wrong…and you ARE going to Hell! Death is NOT from God…it is from father of all lies whom you have served for very long time.
    Your mother, WB…your mom, mommy, mama, mother.
    A woman who held you close against her breast, she loved you as only a mommy can love.
    She held and suckled and nurished you!
    Don’t do this to your mommy!
    For Gods sakes! Stop being selfish.
    Your mommy shouldn’t have to have her own flesh and blood end up in Hell because he killed the body SHE gave you and Nourished to give you life.
    Do you want God to have to wipe the tears off your mommys face as she weeps over learning her son lost his salvation and in to satans clutches?

    Hell is forever…and ever…and ever…and ever….
    so is eternal life. Is YOUR choice now WB!
    You DON’T have to do this.
    You get to choose whether you want to see your mommy again! Her death will have been in vain…
    for it was a purpose to urge you into the ministry.
    You just chose the wrong path long ago.
    Your mommy WB…your beloved mommy…
    I believe God urged me, as a mommy, to write this letter to you.
    Guards. Please print and give this “note” to him…
    its a note from a mommy who loves her child.

  2. He may fast until death, like Teshone Abate (in Arizona) and become the second man to die in prison by fasting for religous reasons. Google it.

  3. And incidentally, I voted “Other” on the poll, because there wasn’t the “Until death” choice that he predicted, which I would have chosen.

  4. Not surprising that Wayne is fasting. He really has to make this attempt because his people expect nothing less. And I would imagine he hopes they will join him. He cannot be too pleased thinking that their lives will go on without him.

    It will be interesting to see what is happening at Strong City. And this is the very concern that some have worried about, whenever Wayne takes such drastic actions. Much more to think about than Wayne not eating.

  5. Perspicacous,

    I had first considered putting “until death” as a choice in this poll, however that seemed to open the door for two possible correct answers. For example, if Bent died as a result of 13 days of fasting, there would be two correct answers: “Between 1 and 14 dies” and “Until death”.

    Because I don’t know how long it would take Bent to die should he never eat and/or drink again, it seemed difficult to avoid having two correct answers in the poll if it were to include the “Until death” option.

    HOWEVER, a fast has surely ended when a fasting person dies. So, the proposed choices in the poll all still work for the person who feels Bent will die as a result of fasting. This person, of course, must estimate how long it will take for Bent to die.

    For anyone wanting to provide the specific “Until death” (or any other) response, there is the “Other” alternative at the bottom of the poll. And, despite the risk of receiving off-color remarks, a text box is also provided directly below the “Other” option.

    So in addition to clicking “Other”, the reader is afforded the opportunity to write something more specific in that text box (for example, “Until death” or even “Bent will never die” or “Fellow inmates are slipping him a steady flow of Frito Pie”).

    In the interest of clarity, I can see that my post should have made mention of my reasoning for the the lack of an “Until death” option. I could have also explained that a text box appears below the “Other” option and the potential for it.

    I hope this explanation, here, sheds some light on my decision process as I formulated this poll. I’m not claiming it’s perfect, but it’s what came together after 15-minutes of contemplation last evening.


  6. Poll Update:

    I’ve noticed that the poll results view does not display the text entries made by some of you (below the “Other” option). However, I am able to view your entries in my administrative panel.

    So, I thought I’d share the text entries entered, thus far, here.

    Once I’ve closed the poll, I’ll share all of the results, including the text entries. I’m thinking of closing the poll on or around January 12. Of course, if Bent’s fast ends prior to that date, I’ll share the results promptly.

    Here are the text entries entered so far:

    *Like Teshone Abate – until Death (in Arizona), Google it. 1

    *When he believes God has instructed him to end his fast. 1

    * Till death if they let him 1

    *As long as he wants. 1

    *until medical intervention 1

    *until he has passed 1

  7. I have 2 posts. This first one is short and is copied from the NEW MEXICO CORRECTIONS DEPARTMENT website. I am only posting the pertinent sections.

    CD-150900 Food Service Procedures:

    I. Food service shall allow for special diets for inmates whose religious beliefs require the adherence to religious dietary laws. [4-4319]


    C. Menus shall provide for reasonable variety and provisions shall be made to address legitimate religious requirements or health restrictions (special diets).

    My point is that he can’t say that he is unable to eat the food in prison because they will accommodate his needs, if he asks!

  8. I wonder,
    What ‘father’ has told the people in ‘the land’.(I try to use there terms) what will be there direction? Will they fast, will they communicate with the out side, or dose each now begin to take there own path?

    Over and over again it comes to my mind: Mr. Bent is upset with the situation, “charge w/ crime not committed”, if he is soooo righteous in his endeavors why fight at all, lawyers and such. Christ Jesus (anointed) never argued with his own death, this guy is merely go to prison for a few year, a life much more comfortable than living in the days of old as a free man. I mean they get 3 square meals a day and a bed and a toilet and hot showers Jesus never had these luxuries as a freeman. The clear and obvious fact is that he is going from the top to the bottom and from loved to hated or worse ignored and confined. I would compare his statements to that of a ranting child not getting there way.

  9. Now, my rant!

    WB just can’t let it go, he can’t stand the fact that he isn’t in charge anymore so he’s going to “fast” again – how many times is this now, just in the past year?

    Does he think that if he fasts and then his “followers” follow him in fasting that he’ll get a “get out of jail free card” because everyone is so worried? I don’t think so! Worried about others that follow him in fasting, probably. But not about him and it won’t get him out of prison.

    He’s like the boy who cried wolf. He’s started and stopped so many times that no one is sure whether to believe him or not. In his unstable mind he thinks he can control not only his followers, but the authorities who are now in charge of him and even God.

    He doesn’t get it! His control is gone! Sure, he’ll fast and throw his hissy fits so that people will pay attention to him but after awhile they’ll get tired of it. He’ll get the usual IV, feeding tube, etc. and he’ll cause a scene about that to get more attention. Eventually they’ll throw up their hands and say they tried and will just let him die. And all that will be left of him will be a few links on Google when you search for cult leaders and/or suicide.

    Not quite the Christ figure he’s trying to portray. Christ said almost nothing on His way to the cross. He didn’t die fighting and screaming. He was meek and humble. WB is so unlike Christ it makes me sick to my stomach that he puts a picture of Christ Crucified on his website trying to show that him being put in prison is the same thing. Bah! A more appropriate picture would be of a little boy stomping his feet in the store because his mama won’t buy him a toy.

    As far as his followers, as adults they’ll be allowed to do what they choose. The only people who can legally do anything about them fasting to the death are their family members. And that requires getting Adult Protective Services involved as well as attorneys and numerous court appearances to obtain legal guardianship over them.

    These people have forgotten who they are. They are just the blind leading the blind now. They think that God is going to zap them up to Heaven, placing demands on Him instead of honestly, thoughtfully praying to God for His guidance. They don’t seem to care that they have family who truly care about them. WB doesn’t care about them either, this is all a show and it’s his show. If they follow him in this fast he’ll be vindicated in his mind, but he doesn’t really care if they die or not.

    I hope for the sake of all the wonderful people I’ve met or come across on this blog and on Prudence’s that the people still out at SC will wake up and weigh what they’ve been doing against God’s word in the Bible. I pray that God will touch their hearts and make them alive again and at peace.

    Mark’s Quote of the Day for today is so true! Come alive people, the world needs you, we need you!

  10. Johnny D. Miller

    It just appears that Wayne Bent and Strong City are not able to come up with anything original once again… it’s back to the old drawing board and get the public’s sympathy by staging another word and food fast… and again where will this one lead everybody? It’s the same old lets force God to move His mighty Hand and end the mean, bad world. They keep playing the same record over, and over, and over again, and once again they will get the same results from Heaven….. Absolutly nothing. You cannot bully God, twist His Arm, or force Him to do anything contrary to His will and plans as set up in the scriptures. True Moses had God’s ear, and yes, the plagues came and fell as Moses and God worked together to free the Hebrews from Egypt. Wayne Bent is not a Moses. God Himself sent warnings to mankind all throughout History, and yes, God acted as according to His Own Words and wishes, but never did God allow any Man or group do anything on their own without His very visible blessing to back them. Not once, has there appeared any visible, audible, or anything from heaven to back up anything Wayne Bent or Strong City has put before God and heaven. Of course they would say this is because this is the end times of Jonah’s message to the world, when there is no sign given to this present age for the last judgements of God to a doomed planet. I have heard this serman from Wayne’s lips too many times now, and they all end up the same way. But never has there been a people who has “demanded” God to destroy the entire planet right out from under their feet as well, a people with no regard to their fellow human beings, a people with no mercy for the widows and fatherless, and a people whose church has no desire to reach souls with the saving message of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ had a very balanced message… he taught Grace, Love, Cause and Effect, Judgement, Hope, Peace, and the whole rhealm of the Goodness offered by God to man. The LOR teaches nothing like Jesus ever did… all they believe in is Judgement, and the vidication of an angry God towards and rebellious and unloving world. They point to themselves and their fruitless, self-driven messiah, Wayne Bent as the example for mankind, and they have no fruits what-so-ever of being anything which even loosely resembles a loving church of Christ with a message of redemption. It’s their way or the highway. I was with them for 18 years… I know what Wayne Bent has attempted to channel through me and my former friends and family. The only gospel truth really ever taught well from Mr. Bent was that all men do indeed reap what they have ever sown, and we all now see the fruit of that in Wayne Bent’s life… and the final judgement that they have thrust upon their fellow man will now fall upon them, unless they break free from their error and repent, and return to the balanced saving message of a living Christ not just only alive in us as His people, but also a living God who is returning once again for a faithful and loving people who truly follow where-so-ever the Lamb goes. Won’t they now see and admit that the ride is over, and the carnaval is packing up and leaving town. There aren’t any suckers left out there who are going to buy their bill of goods anymore. It’s now over and time to move on and live out their lives with freedom and peace, and return to their familys who will accept them back with open arms, arms that are full of love, forgiveness, understanding, peace, and all the true fruits of the Holy Spirit….
    Or they can return back to their 45 rpm record which continues to play the same old sad song of doom and gloom. What a choice is before them. God still offers them life, but will they still cling to their old sins and death? Only God knows.

  11. Excellent, excellent words, Johnny — particularly coming from a man with your grace and compassion. I’ve always found it strange that a church based on Jesus Christ (no matter its degree of error) never once talked about Christ’s pivotal focus — His going to the cross to take the punishment for our failures — unless it was twisted into some reference to glorify Wayne Bent.

  12. Thank you Mark for making this forum available.

    These days are important as they may present the opportunity for the truth to speak for itself. Wayne is not the Messiah, the great Michael, the Lamb, a divine being, or a prophet, and this may truly be his last fast. He thinks he can force “the deliverance he expects” Something paranormal to substantiate his claim to divinity. It’s all about Wayne.

    Thirty years ago we met “Pastor” Bent and his family. As time went by, the successful pastor of our small church became the object of accolades and the admiration that damaged a simple man and changed him into someone so special others had to make an appointment to see him. LOR separated and had training meetings. Those coming one minute late were left outside to wonder. A cruel and distressing experience was LOR membership. By God’s mercy my whole family was casted out. Their shunning was very painful. We, as many more can say, were set back financially and in other ways. Some never recuperated. Twenty years latter, and through this year events broadcasted by the media, we have come back in contact with some old friends, old memories, and the reality of how far Wayne has gone.

    I hope the group’s infatuation and open worship of Wayne has come to an end. To please him and be accepted by him, (proof of conversion) one is willing to do anything. I read and heard Wendy words, I could understand her need to be accepted and be smiled upon. She realized asking for the “consummation” would do it. It did, but at a very high price, price I hope she takes back.

    I hope Wayne’s prison incarceration leaves his confused followers raising questions that will cause awakenings in their mind since nobody can convince them unless they have a negative experience on their own.
    • Michal prison? The tribulation should come upon the world and not to him and his bride.
    • How could the Lamb marry his bride just to leave her and to go to jail after consummating?
    • Why so many crucifixions? Crucifixions are not part of the experience of the marriage of the Lamb or the great Michael standing on that Great day.
    • Jesus did fulfill his promise and sent The Comforter after His real crucifixion and His real death and the spilling of real blood! Wayne doesn’t need to re-send it.
    The mixing of Bible events and the roles taken by Wayne at liberty and as they fit the circumstances, can confuse anyone.

    We can’t purchase our salvation by marring a man or being perfect. Not by works. Membership in SC or marriage into LOR can’t save anyone. For God so loved the world… We have eternal life through Christ only. There is only one intercessor: The Only Son of God. The Only one.

    Wayne may decide to stop being the Lamb and now be Elijah to report that the angel touched him and said “Get up and eat”. Or he might say he needs to go so he can send the Holy Spirit. The manipulation his followers are exposed to by his tantrums and pseudo prophecies. It’s upsetting. I hope Jeff’s integrity trumps his fidelity for his father and takes the lead advising people that they are really free to go without condemnation because the reality is that they are really free and no man can condemn them.

    God has not failed them. He’s in the process of delivering them.


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