BREAKING NEWS: Wayne Bent sentenced to 18 years (8 years suspended)

(Las Vegas, New Mexico) A New Mexico judge has just sentenced embattled church leader Wayne Bent to 18 years. This information comes from KOB-TV investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola’s Twitter updates from inside the courtroom.

Jojola also reports that 8 of the years in Bent’s sentence are suspended.jojola_twitter_123008

Earlier this month, a Taos jury convicted Bent of one count of second-degree criminal sexual contact of a child and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Please go here for more on today’s develoments in court. also has an extensive archive of stories about the Wayne Bent case. The archive includes numerous court documents, photographs, and audio & video interviews with key people in this compelling story. Please do note that the archives consist of seven pages of posts, so be sure to click the “older entries” link at the bottom of each page.

12 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Wayne Bent sentenced to 18 years (8 years suspended)”

  1. Wow! 10 years. But will he actually serve half that time because of over crowding, nonviolent or serious criminal.
    I wonder if that little girl Healed finally got to consummate (Have sexual intercourse) with him as she has begged for so long.
    She was all over him during the trial. Was sickening watching a child rubbing all over the man like a cat in heat! She was just begging him to take her to bed.
    I’m betting for sure that happened! After all, what are they gonna do with him anyway? Ha!
    Nothing stopping him, including her horrible parents!
    They should be charged in this as well!
    This girl is going to need years of serious psycho therapy when she wakes up from this nightmare and realizes he was not God. That he was only a skanky old man and only used her and others to satisfy his own devious sexual needs and wants.
    Same goes to those “men” aka Eunuchs out there in SC giving over their wives to mr Bent. How stupid can they be?! Very!!!!
    The fact he used God as his angle to gain sexual pleasures from so many, is reason enough to be him away for ever! He’s nothing more than a pervert!
    Its terribly offensive even for atheist and agnostics!

  2. Anyone else notice that Anaiah dragged her minor child Willow to court? She had her head down and looked upset. It amazes me that this woman couldn’t even protect her daughter from this mess.

    Michael got as he deserved, and I am thankful that justice has been served. I agree with the DA, he was extremely arrogant but what else did anyone expect? These people do not believe any laws were broken.

  3. Ok so what happened after the sentencing? Did they take him away in cuffs? I notice there are no pictures of this.

  4. Someone please explain how Michael is making blog posts?? Didn’t they take him to jail? Anyone?


  5. Stephanie
    Someone please explain how Michael is making blog posts?? Didn’t they take him to jail? Anyone?


    What exactly do you mean, by Michael making posts? Where is he doing this. And I too was hoping for more in the way of pictures and the events of when he was taken off. Seems like a strange way for it all to end.

  6. I saw a short video on KRQE last night of him being taken out in handcuffs by the Sheriffs presumedly for the drive to Los Lunas. I think the reporter said the followers were distraught and wouldn’t talk to them. You can probably still locate it on last night’s news on the internet. Don’t know what happened to Jeremy, maybe technical issues but I don’t really know for certain. He was talking to Mark and he cut off to go film the “Perp Walk”.

    If you are talking about that long essay WB wrote on the SC site that was published the morning of his sentencing. It will be the last one he’ll write for awhile unless he left a bunch to be posted. The Editor’s note at the top of it was added last evening.

    In it and even at the sentencing he was blaming everyone but himself up until the bitter end, it’s never been his fault.

    There is no internet access in prison and most inmates are only allowed to write two letters (that fit in a normal envelope) a week and they are checked and read before they are mailed. They can receive mail but it is also checked. Only legal or privileged communications (like to your Pastor/Priest) is allowed in or out without being read. There are a lot of rules that aren’t going to sit well with someone who has been free to be king for so long.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen!

  7. So is Wayne Bent recognized as a Pastor and will letters from SC be allowed to go to him without being read?

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