Wayne Bent sentencing updates

jojola_1Sentencing in the state of New Mexico’s criminal case against Wayne Bent is about to get underway at this minute. The sentencing phase was set to begin at 8:30 (MST) this morning in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Earlier this month, a jury convicted the embattled minister of the Lord Our Righteousness Church on one count of second-degree criminal sexual contact of a minor and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Beyond90Seconds.com has learned that former LOR member Prudence Welch is attending this morning’s sentencing and that Welch might be providing a statement during this sentencing phase of Bent’s trial.

Also, be sure to check back here at this post for updates from KOB-TV investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola. Jojola is also scheduled to provide a video webcast report to Beyond90Seconds.com shortly following the completion of today’s sentencing.

Jeremy Jojola’s updates:

8:42am (MST)

Court about to begin. Bent, followers in court / 1 minute ago

8:47 (MST)

Defense motion to dismiss count #2 (contact of minor) denied. Sentencing begins. / 1 minute ago


9:05am (MST)
(Read Jeremy Jojola’s Twitter updates from inside the courtroom. He’s posting photos, too.)

9:07am (MST)
(Twitter update)

Former LOR member Prudence Welch speaks: “Bent molested hearts and minds” / 2 minutes ago

9:18am (MST)
(Twitter update)

DA Donald Gallegos: Bent “arrogant,” recommends 15 years / less than a minute ago

9:41am (MST)
(Twitter update)

Bent’s Atty Sarah Montoya wants ankle monitoring instead of prison / 1 minute ago

9:43am (MST)
(Just a quick note here to let you know that Beyond90Seconds.com is planning to do a *video* interview with Jeremy Jojola–via Skype–following this morning’s sentencing. The plan is to post that interview on this blog later this morning.)


10:02am (MST)
(Twitter update)

Bent’s followers speak, praise Bent. / less than a minute ago

10:20am (MST)
(Twitter update)

Judge limited hearing to 10:30. Expect sentence after that in about ten or 15 minutes. / less than 20 seconds ago

10:42am (MST)
(Twitter update)

Bent speaks: “No crime committed at Strong City”. Hearing going over time limit. / half a minute ago

10:58am (MST)
(Twitter update)

Bent sentenced to total of 18 yrs, 8 suspended. 10 yrs net / half a minute ago

11:22am (MST)
(I suspect many of you have already noticed, but I did post the news of Bent’s sentence in a “Breaking News” post immediately after Jeremy Jojola reported the sentence on Twitter.)

11:42am (MST)
(At this minute, Jeremy Jojola is preparing his story for KOB-TV’s noon newscast. Be sure to look for it at KOB.com. After completing his live report, I expect to hear from Jeremy. We’ve planned to do a video interview w/Q&A, via Skype. Some of you may recall I interviewed former LOR member Prudence Welch in this same fashion earlier this year. I hope to have today’s interview with Jeremy Jojola posted early this afternoon).

12:47pm (MST)
(Just spoke with Jeremy on the telephone briefly. He shares that things are taking longer than expected. He’s now waiting for the “perp walk”, that moment when the criminal is taken away in cuffs. Jeremy says he hopes to be on the road to Santa Fe soon and that we can attempt to do our video interview at that time. Of course, he won’t be driving. Jeremy and I each have Skype on our laptops. He also has a wireless card. So, as long as he’s got a signal, we should be able to do a video interview.)

1:27pm (MST)
(Jeremy Jojola’s live report for KOB-TV’s 12/30/08 noon newscast appear below.)

[wpvideo 77DtlPVG w=420]

3:10pm (MST)
(VIDEO: Beyond90Seconds.com interview with Jeremy Jojola concerning Wayne Bent sentencing will appear here shortly. While there’s video here, the signal was too poor to include video of Jeremy. So, he spoke by telephone.)

[wpvideo 49cv3JkP w=420]

23 thoughts on “Wayne Bent sentencing updates”

  1. Mark
    9:43am (MST)
    (Just a quick note here to let you know that Beyond90Seconds.com is planning to do a *video* interview with Jeremy Jojola–via Skype–following this morning’s sentencing. The plan is to post that interview on this blog later this morning.)

    You are doing a great job Mark – you and Jeremy make a great team. I have never felt so connected to a Court room. thanks again.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for time in following this case. I have a family member in the LOR and when their site was shut down and communication was stopped with outside influences, our communication ended. This has been a lifeline as to the state of affairs with the group. The photos also helped to locate my family member. I appreciate both your’s and Jeremy’s time.

  3. Strongcity.info has Bent’s statement he wishes to give to the court today.

    Thanks to Mark & Jeremy for there updates!

  4. Thank you for providing these updates. I am Wayne’s half brother and live in Orange County California. All of his siblings live in southern California.

  5. Hey Mark! Thanks for covering this story all these months. I’m sure there will be much more when we see your video interview with Jeremy but I’m hopeful that this is the beginning of the end for many people and that much peace will bless those affected by this pitiful soul.

    “the Shadow.” Love it!

  6. Thanks Mark. Brief question – I have kept Mr. Gallegos’ mother in my prayers over the holidays and wondered if you or maybe Jeremy know what happened with her.

  7. KM,

    I’ve also wondered about the condition of Mr. Gallegos’ mother. Don’t have an answer for you at the moment, but I should have an answer some time this week.


  8. Can’t believe I stumbled on to this just today. I was in the original group when we chose the name LOR. My daughter and I were able to escape from the clutches of this group in the late 1980’s but the damage done in those few, short years has affected our family and relations since. Praise God, this man is stopped. I only pray that Jeff can see the light.

  9. Thank You! Mark you have done a excellent job for us with family members still in Strong City.

  10. While we were waiting for more info from Jeremy I did a little research on NM Correctional Facilities, particularly Los Lunas or Central New Mexico Correctional Facility.

    Seems that most new inmates are first sent to the RDC. The RDC “is the Receiving and Diagnostic Center located in Los Lunas , NM . The RDC unit for female inmates is in Grants, NM, where all the women are housed. Every inmate is evaluated by mental health, education, STG, (Security Threat Group), medical, and security staff. The classification staff completes an initial custody scoring form based on significant factors listed in the risk assessment policy and procedure. These factors include: history of institutional, adjustment/violence, severity of current conviction, escape history, prior felony convictions, severity of prior convictions, alcohol/drug abuse, current age and gang membership in the past 10 (ten) years. All the information is reviewed and points are then assessed (added). The most appropriate custody level for each inmate is then determined based on the score”.

    “The Main Unit is broken down into one primary and five secondary missions. The primary mission is the Reception and Diagnostic Center for the Department. Fifty-four percent of the individuals incarcerated within the unit are a part of the Reception and Diagnostic process. The first secondary mission is the Mental Health Treatment Center (MHTC) with a total of fifteen percent of the population. Next we have a small portion of general population inmates that are required to remain at the unit based on medical or mental health care needs. The general population encompasses thirteen percent of the population. The next two missions surround the Long Term Care Unit (LTCU) with six percent and the Geriatric Unit with five percent of the total population. Lastly, the Main Unit carries a 48-bed segregation unit that totals seven percent of the population”.

    Some inmates are moved to other facilities after being evaluated but it looks like Los Lunas keeps most of the inmates who have physical or mental health issues. It also houses the Geriatric unit as mentioned.

    To visit an inmate:
    “Inmates must request to have your name placed on their visiting list. A visiting questionnaire will be sent to you for completion. The questionnaire is to be filled out completely and accurately. When the application is returned, it will be reviewed for an approval or denial in accordance with visiting guidelines. Your name will be added to the visiting list once it has been approved”.

    Visiting Hours:
    CNMCF – Wed. – Sun. 8:30am to 3:00pm
    CNMCF – Level V – Sat. & Sun. 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
    CNMCF – Level II – Sat. & Sun. 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
    Hospitality Center – Wed. – Sun. 8:30am to 3:00pm & Holidays

    I haven’t found any reference yet to internet access, just regular mail and phone calls.

    If you are interested the link is http://corrections.state.nm.us/prisons/cnmcf.html

    As far as fasting this was on WB’s diatribe published on his website this morning regarding his first jail stay which I think was in May:

    “While in jail I could not eat or drink because of this gigantic disappointment in mankind, and my own humiliation from the public lie being fostered in regard to the church and myself in particular”.

    Back to waiting and surfing the rest of the world’s news.

  11. KM ~ Very interesting. Of most interest to me was a “victims services” link this website had that contains a page with the Victims Rights Statutes that I would imagine Healed and her family might find value in reading. Especially if Healed wants her diary back.


    Also of interest to me is the “Purpose of Act.” I would invite all professionals that had direct involvement with the victims to remind themselves of the purpose of these statutes. Cutting out the reference numbers it basically says:

    Recognizing the state’s concern for victims of crime, it is the purpose of the Victims of Crime Act to assure that:
    A. the full impact of a crime is brought to the attention of a court;

    B. victims of violent crimes are treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity at all stages of the criminal justice process;

    C. victims’ rights are protected by law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and judges as vigorously as are the rights of criminal defendants; and

  12. Betsy, I think we all at times forget the impact this whole thing or any crime has on the victims and their families. And I’m sure at times the girls felt like criminals themselves with all the questioning and prying into such personal areas of their lives (which is where a GAL would have definitely helped).

    But, we have to remember if WB had not decided to break the laws of the state and of God, they would never have had to deal with such scrutiny. I hope that this family and especially the girls will be able to pick up with their lives which have been in limbo for much of the past year and find the power within themselves to begin again.

    I found it disturbing that in his message today WB mentioned the older girl by name and condemned her and her parents as having recanted their faith in God. But then said that he and Healed have not. Will he ever drop his hold over that child and let her truly heal?

    Or will he drop that hold only to find another child or young woman to follow his sickly sweet charm?

    Then again perhaps he won’t have the chance if he doesn’t get out until at the earliest at age 72. It makes me feel really old (maybe I am) but it sounds like he might be considered part of the geriatric population in prison.

  13. Richard Bent, many would love to read your input regarding your brother, how he was as a young person, perhaps giving us insight as to why he’s gone down this path. Prudence website is great for this!

    WB is missing out on great opportunity to share his faith with numerous others there in prison, hopefully not laying naked with any of them.
    But his promise to commit suicide by not feeding his
    body is nothing more than childish tantrum and evil!

    Is too bad they won’t bring charges against those witnesses who lied while under oath trying to protect WB? Especially Gabriel who lied on witness stand in stating “No one is a leader in SC”.
    He tells on a recent video made by SC about WB being their leader. Proof he lied!
    But these people are no different than most low lifers and common criminals, after-all, a president lied when he said he didn’t have sex with that girl! Forensic evidence proved positive that he in fact did so!

    They must have all had their fingers crossed behind their backs as it was more than obvious the lies that came flying out of their mouths!
    The jurors and judge caught this and perhaps offended the judge so much he gave him a stiffer sentence.

    Perhaps had he told the Gods honest truth, that yes he did it, but at Gods direction “To Offend” as WB has stated numerous times. But then on witness stand said he didn’t. He just can’t have it both ways.
    WayBent must think everyone is terribly stupid and laughs about it, he tells this on his SC website!
    But look whose “Laughing” now! But sadly, nothing is funny about this case. Is all about destroyed lives all over the US. May God have mercy on his soul!

  14. KM
    30 Dec 08 at 5:07 PM

    I found it disturbing that in his message today WB mentioned the older girl by name and condemned her and her parents as having recanted their faith in God. But then said that he and Healed have not. Will he ever drop his hold over that child and let her truly heal?

    Yeah, I noticed that too…and he described waht happened with Healed as heart surgery, and basically intimated that AS was like a wart. Not nice and not godly by any standards that I’m aware of.

    I think that what he meant by the parents and older girl recanting their faith in God is that they recanted their faith in Wayne.

    I hope they don’t blame God for this.

  15. Well I am so glad he got the time he did to bad it wasnt the whole 18 years. Maybe he will have some time to think about all the lives and marriages he has destroyed. I wish that the judge would have made him register as a sex offender. I so wished I knew what I know now when being on the jury.

    I guess there was some question as to if I was really on the jury…yes I was. Believe me I didnt want to be there but I am now glad I was there to convict him. He is a creepy dirty old man!!! I pray that Healed will come to her right mind and get out and live a real life. I hope that the marriages he destroyed will get back together and the sick ones that were not able to go to the Dr will now go and get the right help they need before its to late.

    Jeremy and Mark… Great job on this case!!! Keep up the good work

  16. Raycot, he was so cruel to her, even describing why she supposedly came to him in the first place. And I agree that the faith they recanted was in him. With the support of the others who have been able to leave I’m hopeful they will hold fast to faith in the one True God.

    Juror, I haven’t seen all the reports of today so I could be wrong but I think that he will have to register as a sex offender after he is released from prison and face several years of supervision.

    Lots of people are praying that with him locked up people will take charge of their own lives and get any help they need.

    Thanks for serving on such a gut wrenching case. God put you and the others in the right place at the right time.

  17. Juror…I want to thank you as well. I’m a victim of sexual abuse. My husband and I were personally responsible for turning these seemingly Godly Orphanage workers in for sexually abusing so many children. We opened up a nightmare can of worms down in Tecate Mexico when we went to the Mayor with our complaints and findings. We spent 2 long years trying to get our adopted girl out of the hell hole. So we witnessed first hand how cruel they all were while wearing the mask of God and awarded “Woman of the Year” several years in a row. We spent our lifes savings on supporting all the children now back home being cared by their too poor parents. Most children have parents but no welfare there to help.
    It was terrifying having death threats and satanic curses placed on us then. We sold our home and moved up to Oregon…We lived in nice home there in San Diego Country Estates, Ramona Calif where WB once lived! We have over 10 hours news media coverage for our case, plus on several talk shows. They did half hour story on us, how we were able to uncover this church supporting the orphanage. They paid few dollars, got an orphan for weekend to do whatever they pleased! Children just too scared to tell.
    But we refused to keep our mouths shut.
    THIS is why we’ve been so interested in this WB saga.
    Uncovering the Christian mask pedophiles wear and our own sons experiences within the SDA church where he too fell victim at one mans dirty hands. Now many coming forward to tell their ugly story. Too many ruined lives.
    I was an advocate within our church conference in forcing anyone dealing with children MUST clear a criminal and background check before even stepping foot in children’s class rooms!
    There ARE many pedophiles within each church.
    This is their perfect hangout to find victims!
    Recovering Pedophiles have admitted their ploys and have shared how they operate. They say churchs are their # 1 target/hangout. Especially when the father is missing, women often glad when a man offers to give their child missing out a fatherly figures.
    Women…take this as a warning! Always question ones motive. If you have the smallest inkling, its a loud voice from God! Run the other way!
    Our children need us to protect them from such animals. WB is one of them. He’s spent years grooming the entire cult for this. Sadly they still believe in him. But time will end their dreams and they will one day wake up and realize far too late that WB was nothing more than a minion of satan and that legions of demons are hiding out there in the land! Run, don’t walk away from there! What more proof does one need!
    The fruits of WB spirit has been nothing more than destroyed marriages, destroyed lives, ruined dreams plans and futures of many, not just inside SC, but countless others around the world.
    One question. WB claims one of the jurors mouthed the words “I’m sorry” to him right before the verdict was read. Is this just another one of WB lies…? If not then why was it unanimous verdict? Who is lying?

    And did you feel that GabLIER was telling whoppers by saying no ones the leader, all same status?
    While on a recent video made days earlier he claims WB has been their leader for years. Why don’t they charge him with purjury?!
    I wish the DA would bring charges against all who got up and told lies on the witness stand! Why not?!
    Blessings to you and your fellow jurors on doing such a heart-wrenching job at having to listen to WB madness. I don’t think he’s nuts. I think he’s demoniacally controlled and possessed with legions of demons! Its not going to stop with WB gone, but it will soon fall apart as they lacking leadership. Scripture tell us in Hosea, “For lack of wisdom they fail”.

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