NO VERDICT: Wayne Bent jury to resume deliberations Monday

Without having reached a verdict, jurors in the State of New Mexico’s criminal case against the leader of the Lord Our Righteousness Church have been sent home for the weekend.

Closing arguments in the Wayne Bent trial began shortly after 9am (MST) on Friday. Jurors began deliberating shortly before 11am. About five-and-a-half hours later, they were dismissed and instructed to return Monday.

A grand jury indicted Bent earlier this year on two counts of second-degree criminal sexual contact of a minor, and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

During one moment of Friday’s closing arguments, Bent appeared to dabbing lightly at tears.

Shortly after the jury began deliberating, Bent stood outside the courthouse and stated that he would go on a food fast if convicted and sent to prison.

For a detailed account of Friday’s day in court, please visit the post, Day 5: Reporter’s updates from Wayne Bent trial. That post features regular updates from KOB-TV investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola. Jojola’s rich contributions to include e-mailed updates, Twitter posts, photographs and audio interviews.

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5 thoughts on “NO VERDICT: Wayne Bent jury to resume deliberations Monday”

  1. I would like to see Wayne convicted, but rather than prison, he should be labeled a sex offender and given intensive probation with court ordered therapy sessions. This should be enough to show that he is subject to the authority of the state.
    I still dont understand why his mental condition wasnt part of this trial. Delusions of Granduer, messiah complex, control freak, master manipulator!

  2. My instincts tell me that this is not good for the Prosecution the fact that they could not yet reach a verdict. This was not really all that complicated when one truly has all the facts regarding Bent’s actions and long term grooming of these young girls.

    I honestly feel so very much was left out that would be critical in determining guilt, that if I were sitting on that jury, even I would be confused at how to vote. Chavez, in my opinion was either over confident or inept in his preparation and I fear he might not get the conviction he should have.

    The best thing that could happen, might be a hung jury. If that happens perhaps the Prosecution team might do some studying of the legal pages of Mr. Redman’s because there the whole case is straightforward. It clearly shows what Bent has done and how his belief’s and immoral actions should put him behind bars for a long time.

  3. With the evidence that was presented (as reported by the media)…I think if the jury’s focus is mainly on the letter of the law then Wayne might get off. If they focus mainly on the purpose of the law then Wayne will be convicted.

  4. Surrounded by his followers, Wayne Bent waited outside a Taos Courthouse on Friday.

    News 13’s Mike Paluska asked Bent if he’d do it again. At first, Bent and his followers chuckled at the question and he refused to give an answer. However, he’d later respond.

    “Yes I would do it again, but I would have the state’s permission,” Bent said.


    Found the above on KRQE. The State better be prepared if the jury acquits Wayne because he has already announced that he will do this again. AND HE IS RIGHT, now he will have the State’s permission.

  5. Right Marie, thats what I got from that statement. By not convicting him this time around, they are basically putting their stamp of approval on his activities… lying naked with minors as a religious activity, as a form of religious freedom.

    Not only would this message of approval given to Wayne in this case, but it will communicating to other perverts that the laws of the land allow this kind of activity if you call it religion.

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