Bent wants trial moved to Taos County

Updated @ 11:30am PST, 8/8/08))

Amended Motion for Change of Venue (page 1)
Amended Motion for Change of Venue (page 1)
Ammended Motion for Change of Venue (page 2)
Amended Motion for Change of Venue (page 2)

In her Amended Motion for Change of Venue filed at 11:47am MST today, Wayne Bent’s attorney, Sarah M. Montoya, has asked that her client’s trial be moved to Taos County:

Defendant Wayne Bent, through his attorney, moves the Court to change the venue of this case to Taos County, where publicity will not taint the trial of the above entitled matter.



( August 8 ) A pre-trial conference in the state of New Mexico’s child sex crimes case against church leader Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser) has been moved forward one week.

Order to Vacate and Reset Hearing
Order to Vacate and Reset Hearing

According to an Order to Vacate and Reset Hearing signed by Judge Gerald E. Baca and filed in the Eighth Judicial District Court late Thursday afternoon, the court date is now scheduled for Tuesday, August 12 at 2:30pm.

The hearing had previously been scheduled for August 19.

A pretrial conference may be conducted for several reasons. *Pretrial conferences may be held to:

(1) expedite disposition of the case,

(2) help the court establish managerial control over the case,

(3) discourage wasteful pretrial activities,

(4) improve the quality of the trial with thorough preparation, and

(5) facilitate a settlement of the case. has also learned that Bent feels he can’t get a fair trial in Union and Colfax Counties.  A Motion for Change of Venue filed by his lawyer August 1, states:

As grounds for this motion, Defendant shows to the court that there has been substantial pretrial publicity in Union and Colfax Counties, regarding the issues in this case and it is the belief of this defendant that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to select a fair and impartial jury to try this case in either Union or Colfax Counties and therefore that this defendant cannot obtain a fair trial in these counties due to pretrial publicity.

Original Change of Venue Motion filing (page 1)
Original Change of Venue Motion filing (page 1)



Original Change of Venue Motion filing (page 2)
Original Change of Venue Motion filing (page 2)


(Read the archives on the Wayne Bent case here.)



9 thoughts on “Bent wants trial moved to Taos County”

  1. It’s interesting how little of lifes most human elements, emotions, and characteristics has been revealed by Mr. Bent lately. This is a side of him that I haven’t had much opportunity to witness, and that’s a venture leaning towards self preservation. A being who is humanity and divinity perfectly combined would not, as Wayne would word it, “give a stick” about where the trial is conducted, because God would be with him, and he would be victorious regardless where the trial would be held. And just how much of this negative publicity that he is afraid of has come to Wayne as a result of his own going public with these very private matters on his own Web site, and from his own church members broadcasting this business on internet forums. All of a sudden Wayne is frail, vulnerable, and afraid or what man can do unto him. Well I do want Mr. Bent to get a fair trial, and the jury base from the Taos area will provide the justice needed. But a jury of your peers should be selected from a mans neighbors and community, as these people would be more familiar with the accused character and motives, as they have opportunity to know the accused and have done business with him as well. That is what the word “peers” means. People who have daily looked upon your normal affairs of life, and people who know of you. A mans true peers would have a personal interest in the matter and would leave no stone unturned, actually be more of a help for the accused. Now that’s a fair trial. In the old Judaic Court system, the Judge was also the Defense lawyer for the accused. But things are not done that way any more in the Western culture. Cause and effect is sooooo fair and beautiful.

  2. Weeping Willows

    This is what Mr W Bent promised early July:

    I will write no more, speak no more, or listen to you no more.
    Not until the children are released from their prisons will you ever hear from me or us again.
    …~~~… …~~~… …~~~…
    Just why does he want the children returned?
    So he can have sex with them again?…
    he needs to stick to the old ladies there at SC!
    and leave the babies alone! or is that possible for him to do?
    Pedophiles will go to great lenghts! to get what they want!
    There’s always cold showers!
    …~~~… …~~~… …~~~…

    Soon after his vow of silence, Bent and his followers took their Web site ( off-line. Members of the church also took down their videos and posts that had been on myspace and youtube.

    …~~~… …~~~… …~~~…
    How stupid is that! People have all thier information,
    and have their entire web site downloaded and can post what ever they want!
    This just looks like a childish tantrum Mr Bent is throwing!
    …~~~… …~~~… …~~~…

    Bent’s resolve–as declared in that July 1 post–appeared unwavering:

    Go ahead and charge me with contempt. When you prove yourself not contemptible I will speak with you, but now the God of heaven holds you in contempt, for your deeds are exceedingly evil and grossly perverted.
    On this arraignment eve (a hearing that is also scheduled to address Bent’s conditions of release), one must wonder if Bent will speak in court tomorrow. That’s assuming he appears.
    It could all make for an interesting hearing Friday

    …~~~… …~~~… …~~~…
    So what I and many others would like to know…
    Just how did Mr Bent get his request conveyed IF he had kept his promises of a word fast?
    Looks like he’s already broken his own promise in order to defend hiself
    like any other worlding would do!

    Mr Jonny has a point, if Mr Bent IS God, he won’t need help from ANYONE!
    Let alone a change of venue or his peers.

    On his SC web site, he wrote/claimed that God ordered him to have sex with the younger girls as a way for the worlds attention be drawn to him and
    his story of being god.
    This would fulfill bible prophecy “Every eye shall see him”.
    This is what Mr Bent wrote to justify what he did in having sex with minors.
    How can he deny the charges of having sex with the two girls who talked openly on camera about having sex with him, how painful this was but they didn’t complain because it was god doing this to them.
    Any virgin woman remembers how painful your first time can be.
    This is exactly what the girls described.

    So how can he deny this now?
    Just who is lying now?
    Mr Bent or the children who described their sexual encounter with him?

    What a horrible tradgedy he did to the little girl “Healed” who threatend and promised she would kill herself if Mr Bent refused to have sex with her.
    She is a girl who is deeply troubled having a background being sexually abused…
    and now look what Mr Bent has done to her.
    Her name is no longer Healed…change it to destroyed, and disabled for life!
    …thanks to Mr Bent! In a few years she will see what he did to her.
    He has destroyed this girl and has committed soul murder.
    Without a doubt, once this case is over and she is a little older and realizes what this man had done to her planiing thoughts in her very vulnerable “psychie”…
    her hormones were only raging, Is what happens to 13-14 year old girls.
    The girl naturally wanting to have sex with just about anyone.

    She will need therapy the rest of her life IF she doesn’t take her own life in the middle of all this. I hope her family monitors her every move!
    This girl is in grave danger because Mr Bent couldn’t control his own sexual urges.
    He clearly took advantage of her vulnerability and damaged her beyond a point of no return.
    This story sickens ayone by just the thought of what he’s done with all these women and little girls.
    What happened to this mans former wives?
    Would be interesting to know why they took off.
    And Jeffs mother…what does she say about this?
    Somewhere that “man”s mind snapped or else his ego was being fed by misled absent minded followers.
    They must have put this man on a pedistal and he couldn’t resist being worshipped.
    So…why not claim you’re god, have all the adoration from every woman in the cult, laugh at the men how is able to take thier wives as well, not allowing them to have natrual sexual relations, making marriages void and null….
    begin with younger girls, all virgins to feed an old mans ego.
    Not to mention those living on the SC complex, where they turn over every penny and incoming Social Security checks, and any proceeds from the sale of their homes, when leaving Idaho and don’t forget monies being sent to him from outsiders/supporters who’re sending him tithe dollars and money!
    He’s got all the money he wants and needs,
    plus sex anytime and with whoever he wants. Nirvana!
    While the men are forced to watch their wives run off with this “man”!
    What is WRONG with these men?!
    I hope he practiced safe sex to prevent pregnacys, not to mention those sexually transmitted diseases 50% of the sexually active now carry….
    If not then he’s exposed the children had he not practiced safe sex…
    but I wonder how educated these girls are seeing they’re not receiving any education!
    Only told what the cult wants them to know.
    Should be against the law like it is in California!

    So wordfast…Looks like another lie he’s tried to pull off…
    Mr Bent.
    You can fool some of the people, some of the time!
    But you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time!
    Count me as one of those who are NOT fooled!
    If those “children” are never returned…does this mean you will never speak a word?
    Will the word fast end when they turn 18? No longer considered children, legal age to have sex with! or…what if they don’t want to come back once they awaken from this nightmare you’ve put them through?
    Or you’re put away in prison the rest of your life?!!?
    The prisoners in there will tear him to shreds!
    They don’t like pedophiles and child molestors, let alone one who claims to be god!
    Mr Bent has good reason to want to defend himself now…he’s running like a scared rabbit being chased by hungry coyotes in the desert!
    Hope you can find a snake hole you can climb down for safety!
    But remember, crawling down a snake hole you may end up face to face with aother like minded side winder! or Diamond back!
    Your bones will be shaking faster than the rattles on end of that snakes tail!

  3. Taylor Halstead

    What Would Jesus do? Well he wouldn’t be doing what Mr. Bent is doing here and this just shows you that the man Wayne Bent is scared. Wayne your days are numbered and in time justice will be served and you will be held responsible for your wrong doings.

  4. Hi Mark – I enjoyed the first part of “Return to Castle Dome” and look forward to part 2 coming soon.

    Any word yet on the outcome of today’s preliminary hearing?

  5. I have known Michael Travesser for 12 years. The peoples clearly have no idea what they are dealing with here. You see, truth cannot be moved. It is stable and no amount of effort will change that. Sadly, the world is gnashing its teeth and groaning instead of rejoicing and celebrating. Then again, celebration is also greatly misunderstood. My point is simply this, those who question the validity of Travesser need to take a serious look at what is real and what is not – and if that is not possible then it seems fair to say that that one is lost forever. What has Travesser done that is so hard to understand and comprehend? The nude girl episode is not enough to convince me. I am a 30 year old heterosexual man and I find the accusations against him a complete joke, but understandably offensive to those who are drunk with mainstream morals and the teachings. Again, take a look at reality. I’m done.

  6. Peoples have no idea what they are dealing with? What could possibly not be real about having sexual relations with a minor – who has been brainwashed to believe some jackal is the messiah? I’ve done my fair share of soul searching and destruction of conventional wisdoms, but the manipulation of a child for your own personal fulfillment is the worst of all crimes. I may ask the same thing, what about what he’s done is so hard to understand and comprehend as absolutely appalling. I think, James, that we undoubtedly have the clearest understanding of what this monster has done to these children and he will be dealt with accordingly. Call me drunk with mainstream morals, but that man is drunk with power and his followers are drunk with idiocy.

    These poor children’s lives are ruined because one man has the audacity to claim divinity. Disgusting.

  7. Taylor Halstead

    James are you a member of Strong City? If so what happened to the word fast?

    You said ” My point is simply this, those who question the validity of Travesser need to take a serious look at what is real and what is not – and if that is not possible then it seems fair to say that that one is lost forever”

    Seems to me that you have known Wayne Bent long enough to become just like the rest of his followers who have lost touch with reality and what is real and what is not.

  8. What creditable source ever said he had sexual relations with a minor? None. Mainstream morals is drunk because the coordination required to think and reason seems to be lost which is evident with ideas of sex crimes while there is no evidence. I am not on any ‘word fast’. I do choose not to talk with drunks at times because it is pointless, since reality is so fuzzy for those intoxicated. Drink a few beers quickly and you will have an idea of my analogy. Justin, Taylor, you say the same nonsensical things that I have already heard before. Do yourself a favor and fast from your television.

  9. James Reynolds is my step-son and I would desire that he please contact me via e-mail. I do want to talk to you very much son about your Mom. You know me very well and we need to talk man to man and heart to heart. E-mail me at :

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