Breaking News: Picture of shoe that contained human foot

NEW: Sixth foot not a match with B.C. finds, RCMP say

(Updated: August 5, 10:48pm PST)

A sixth floating foot to wash up on West Coast shores in the last year likely belongs to a new victim, RCMP say.


(Updated:  August 5, 7:01pm PST)

The shoe, in which the remains of a human foot were found, is an Everest brand, size 11. The sock, not shown, was a Levi’s brand tube type. –Peninsula Daily News



(Updated: August 5, 1:46am PST)

Bones and flesh inside a shoe discovered Friday on a beach west of Port Angeles have been determined to be human, adding another layer to the mystery of five severed feet washed ashore in British Columbia over the past year. –Seattle Post Intelligencer

The next step is DNA testing to see if it matches feet found washed ashore in nearby waters in British Columbia. Five severed feet in shoes have been found in the past year, and a sixth found in June was a hoax with an animal paw. –Peninsula Daily News


(posted August 3, 6:14am PST)


An athletic shoe containing bones and flesh has been discovered on a Strait of Juan de Fuca beach about 30 miles west of Port Angeles.
The discovery Friday — and reported to Clallam County authorities Saturday — came nearly a year after the first of five shoes containing feet were found washed ashore in British Columbia. –Peninsula Daily News


Sunday morning arrives with yet another possible twist in
the case of the mystery feet that have washed-up along the British Columbia coast over the past year.

Authorities in nearby Washington state say a woman discovered what may be a decomposing human foot inside a shoe on Friday.

This is not the first Washington state case destined to get the attention of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigators assigned to the B.C. mystery feet case (see complete archives).  Although, the prior investigation in Washington didn’t include feet.  Rather, it concerned a rotting corpse–sans feet— found on Washington’s Orcas Island (Let’s hope the RCMP learns about Friday’s discovery near Port Angeles faster than it gained knowledge of that Orcas Island find).

Given the recent world-wide media attention aimed at the British Columbia case, count on Washington investigators to have a quick and open line of communication with the RCMP.  Today’s edition of the local paper certainly made the connection, including a re-cap of events that have unfolded in B.C.



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