UPDATE: Good Samaritan seriously injured while helping crash victim on SR 522

Story updated on March 20, 2014

Note: Very few details about this story were known Tuesday & Wednesday. Until this updated story, there had been no news of an injured Good Samaritan.  Many new details appear in this story.

(Snohomish) A Monroe woman was seriously injured as she rendered aid to another motorist on SR 522 in Snohomish late Tuesday night.

According to Trooper Mark Francis of the Washington State Patrol, the injured Good Samaritan is 34 year-old Robin L. Davis of Monroe.

Francis said that—as of Wednesday night—Davis was in the intensive care unit at Harborview Medical Center, and has a “fractured skull and brain swelling.”

Tuesday night’s scene happened on the edge of a construction zone about a quarter-mile east of Echo Lake Road, nearly at milepost 19.

Francis explained that what transpired ultimately involved two crashes at the same scene.

Those two crashes were only about six minutes apart.

Davis was rendering aid to a driver in the first crash when the second crash happened.

Based on information provided by Francis, here’s a chronology of how the two crashes unfolded:

CRASH #1   Called in at 11:12pm

-An eastbound 2007 Honda CRV stopped for a construction crew.
-The driver of a 1999 Honda CRV stops behind the 2007 Honda, then turns off his car’s engine and lights.
-A Dodge Ram pickup truck approaches and rear-ends the ’99 Honda, pushing it forward and into the ’07 Honda.
-The driver of the ’99 Honda is hurt, suffering cuts to his head and feet.
-The Good Samaritan (Robin Davis) was not involved in this crash.  Davis was in another car already stopped on the road in the construction back-up.
-Davis leaves her car to assist the injured driver of the ’99 Honda.
-The injured driver of the ’99 Honda is Ernie D. Allsop, 68, of Monroe.
-Allsop is now out of his car.  He’s receiving help from Davis.  They’re near the Dodge Ram’s driver side door.

   Called in at 11:18pm

-Davis is tending to the injured Allsop alongside the Dodge Ram pickup truck.
-A 2005 Ford Focus approaches and rear ends the Dodge Ram.
-Impact of this crash forces the Dodge Ram’s driver side door to swing open.
-Dodge Ram’s driver side door strikes both Davis and Allsop.
-Davis is seriously injured and transported to Harborview Medical Center.

According to Francis, no one else was seriously injured in these crashes.

Three drivers were cited.

Allsop was cited for failing to operate a motor vehicle with its headlights on.

The drivers of the Dodge Ram pickup (Fernando A. Soberanis, 46, Monroe) and the Ford Focus (Drew J. Jackson, 21, Monroe) were both cited for driving too fast for conditions.

Washington State Department of Transportation's traffic tweet late Tuesday evening.
Washington State Department of Transportation’s traffic tweet late Tuesday evening.


Live Stream (Low-resolution. Includes some reporting/narration beginning at 4:59)


B-Roll (HD / 1080p)

8 thoughts on “UPDATE: Good Samaritan seriously injured while helping crash victim on SR 522”

  1. Adalinda Vaona

    Robin is family of my best friend. She is a good Christian woman who is involved deeply with her church. Her husband is also a great man.

  2. I was in the 2007 Honda that was hit. My heart goes out to our Good Samaritan who was so gravely injured. I pray she has a complete recovery!

  3. Robin is my oldest daughter. Very grateful to all who saw her safely to Harborview and those who are caring for her there now. It could have been so much worse…Be blessed today!

    1. Update on the story: My daughter left Harborview today to go home and finish recouperating. She is going to be fine thanks to that hard head of hers, fighting spirit, and the prayers of so many. Thank you paramedics, doctors, nurses, friends, family and even strangers who participated in the gift that is Robin Davis’s recovery. And thank you, Mark for your blog. Keep praying for those affected by the mudslide, everyone. God is so good!

  4. My question is: when stopped in traffic at night on the highway, why the heck would someone shut the car and headlights off? That’s very dangerous, and possibly the main cause if the first accident!

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