Does murder suspect’s myspace page lend insight into shooting spree?

Update (June 10): Remembering Officer Erik Hite (videos)

Update (June 6): Witnesses say killer laughed as he fired (Arizona Daily Star)

Delich told detectives his MySpace screen name was “Bogoljub.” His last log-in was the day of the shooting, and the pictures of him in camouflage with guns appeared to have been taken that day as well. -Arizona Daily Star

Update (June 5, 2:41pm): What are those weapons featured on Delich’s myspace page?

Update (June 5, 9:41am): Delich’s “other” myspace site (user name “zeljko”). Videos on Muslim topics will no longer play. Link to Serbian site. More plants…
(*special thanks to reader “Bonnie” for this tip)

Update (June 3, 1:10pm): The Tucson Citizen has dug-up more disturbing content on murder suspect David Nickolas Delich’s myspace site, to include this entry dated February 22, 2008: Suspect's myspace entry

(please note: a link to VIDEO appears at the end of this post)

Slain Tucson Police Officer Erik Hite

(Tucson, Arizona) David Nickolas Delich had apparently not logged into his myspace account since Sunday, June 1, 2008; the same day investigators say he shot three law enforcement officers, fatally wounding one of them.

But it appeared someone logged-in to the account shortly after 3:30 this morning. It’s a moment I recorded on video.

The video also includes two photos of Delich with weapons. A third picture appears to be aimed at showcasing his effort to display his arsenal.

A caption beneath one of these photos states, I love you bella donna.

Is bella donna a porn star?

Delich on his myspace page

Or, perhaps, a highly toxic and mind-altering plant?

Belladonna plant

Delich’s myspace site features many pictures of a green plant.

Before watching the video, I hope you’ll read the brief article above it.



14 thoughts on “Does murder suspect’s myspace page lend insight into shooting spree?”

  1. The death of Officer Hite is a huge loss to our community. I was hoping, as I’m sure everone was, that he would pull through. My sincere condolences to his family, friends, and fellow officers at TPD. Also, my prayers are with the deputies that were injured and at this moment- still recovering.

    Thanks for the great report, Mark. Awesome work, as usual!

  2. Hi Tami,

    Thank you for your thoughts on Officer Hite and the two deputies who were also shot Sunday.

    The local media have been doing a very good job of covering this one.


  3. The person that logged into his account was either his father Dave Delich, or his brother Brent Delich. His father owns a business in 22nd st called sagauro restorations and his brother is a student at U of A

  4. Let me point out to you that Nick had 2 myspace sites. The 1st that you have included in your video and the second under the name zeljko (

    As far as his father or brother being the person(s) to login to his myspace ad delete his blogs, I doubt that. A few years ago David Delich, Nick’s father, had to place a restraining order on him because Nick had made several threats of killing him and his brother. If I were to bet on any 1 person to have removed that, it would be his attorney. It wasn’t removed until it was made public that he was making threats to the police prior to June 1st. If I were his attorney, I would want that gone and fast.

    His other myspace profile still contain the same blogs that were posted on the
    bogoljub profile. This other one also shows his semi-newly found interest in the Muslim religion.

    Nick had problems long before all this happened, I can think of times back into high school that he behaved very erratically, for lack of a better term, and its a shame that he fell through the cracks the way he has. Although I honestly don’t believe that this even could have been prevented in anyway.

    One thing is for sure, insane or not, he will not see another free day in his life. His days will be spent in prison or a secure mental facility and that is a breath of fresh air in all this mess.

    My heart goes out to Ofc. Hite’s family and the rest of our brave police and sheriffs.

  5. Good morning Bonnie,

    What an excellent and thoughtful comment! Thank you for sharing your thoughts & insights here.

    I do hope you’ll visit this blog again.

    Mark Horner

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  7. avatar
    Heather Robinson

    As usual, Mark Horner has the best information out there.

    I wasn’t shocked when I found your link and the information you have provided.

    Thank you!
    Heather 😉

  8. My sincere sympathies to the officers, Nick’s actions could have been prevented in May 2004, and in Febuary 2008.Nick used to be a caring, sensitive person , he’d feed the poor and give his clothes to the needey, even off his back, he cared about prople, but he was a troubled child and a difficult childhood, a major cause of his deviation from reality. My heart goes out to the officers and to Nick and his family also ,he is not a monster, he is just a man, If Nick had the proper psychiatric care this would probably not have happened. Sadly Nick Delich’s rampage is not an isolated circumstance nor is he the only person out there with psychiatric problems, We must all be vigilant and watch our children and there friends.
    thanks for listening

  9. Today is one month ago Officer Erik Hite was shot in the line of duty and with tommorow being one month since his death. My prayers are still out to the family, friends, and fellow officers. From all of us down here in Cochise County; God Bless-
    E10 Cochise County Explorer Post 417
    Senior Officer Charles Myers

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