Day 2: Reporter’s updates from Wayne Bent trial

NM vs. Wayne Bent / December 9, 2008

Reporter Jeremy Jojola is seen studying paperwork.

KOB-TV Investigative Reporter Jeremy Jojola is providing with updates from Taos where the Wayne Bent trial is now entering its second say. Jojola’s e-mails to me will be copied and pasted below.  I’ll also include the time (MST) the e-mails were sent.

8:19am MST

Just got word that the Bent trial will be delayed by two hours today because of snow fall here in Taos.  Attached is a picture I took right outside my hotel door.
Court is now expected to resume at 11 am.


Snow has delayed the this morning’s start of the Wayne Bent trial in Taos, New Mexico.


(*Note: Much coming down right now…stay tuned for pictures and interview)

11:23am MST
Interview conducted by with Jeremy Jojola shortly after 10am (MST). Jojola is speaking on his cell phone from inside the Taos courthouse.
Jeremy Jojola interview (1)


12:47pm (MST)

Trial is in recess for lunch. As you may have caught on my twitter account, the mother of the two alleged victims (Elsa S.) took the stand today. It got a little emotional, with her crying on the stand. She described Wayne Bent’s hold on her family when they lived within the cult. She says Bent violated her daughters and violated her trust. She described to the court how she feels “she lost” her youngest daughter and that her oldest daughter “wanted to commit suicide” after lying naked with Bent. She also believes her youngest daughter is “still in love” with Bent.

Mother alleged victim appears on screen of video editing machine.

The mother also described how she was once one of Bent’s seven virgins, and that she once believed that Bent was God. She described how Bent would post messages around the compound that said one “must be naked with God” and that because he was God, members of the church took that message literally and as law.

She also described it was difficult to raise her children, because her children would often avoid chores like dish washing by claiming the voice of God told them to go take a walk.

The girls’ father also took the stand today. I was not in the court and haven’t looked at the tape yet. I’ll try to get to that later. Court resumes at 1:30 pm.

More updates soon!


12:57pm (MST)
(Read a report, “Mother testifies in trial of court leader”, filed by Jeremy Jojola and Webmaster Reed Upton.)

2:57pm (MST)
(I have an unconfirmed report that court has already ended for today.  Trying to reach Jeremy Jojola to confirm at this moment.  Also, Jojola has provided a pic of John S. on the stand this afternoon.  John S. is the father of the alleged victims.  I will post that picture in a few minutes…)

2:28 (MST)
(time listed is the time that received the photograph below)

John S. on witness stand (father of alleged victims).  John says he doesn’t trust Bent.


3:22pm (MST)
(Haven’t reached Jojola, but I believe that unconfirmed information I had received a few minutes ago about the court day already ending was bad info.  It seems more likely the jury was briefly excused, as it appears court is still very much in session at this minute.)

4:19pm (MST)
(Please stand-by for new audio interview with Jeremy Jojola. Court has concluded for today.)

5:05pm (MST)
(Audio interview with Jeremy Jojola conducted shortly after day two of Wayne Bent trial concluded.  Jojola describes an unexpected development at the conclusion of court that sounds like concerns were addressed about possible witness tampering.  Jojola addresses other aspects of today’s developments, too, including the appearances on the witness stand by both parents of the alleged victims.)

Jeremy Jojola interview (2)

7:20pm (MST)
(Jeremy Jojola’s 5pm live report from Taos, New Mexico for KOB-TV appears below.)

[wpvideo f1Z1uk9w w=420]

(Jeremy Jojola’s 12/9/08 6pm live report for KOB-TV now appears below.  The story features interviews with two former members of Bent’s church; Johnny Miller and Allen Armstrong.  Earlier this year, traveled to SW Arizona to interview both Miller and Armstrong.  The result was a two-part VIDEO documentary titled, Return to Castle Dome.

[wpvideo nxwPdCAF w=420]

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11 thoughts on “Day 2: Reporter’s updates from Wayne Bent trial”

  1. Mark –

    Could you ask Jeremy the following as time permits:

    1. I know Ben Anthony has cameras in the courtroom – are other cameras in the room?

    2. What is the seating capacity of the room – is it full and if so, how are the seats being allocated?

    3. Is the Strong City contingent traveling each day or staying in Taos? (I’m assuming staying, but . . . )

    4. If he goes to Michael’s Kitchen and gets a cream puff, I’ll live vicariously through him. 😉 I had one *mumbles* 20 years ago and have never forgotten it.

    Thanks as always for your outstanding coverage. Fascinating stuff.

  2. Mark, I’m curious to know if witnesses were excluded from the courtroom?

    There were at least 10 witnesses subpoenaed from SC. How are people coming into the courtroom being checked to make sure they aren’t on the witness list? Do they have to show an ID or some proof of who they are?

    Great coverage! After yesterday evening’s snowfall, I’m so glad to be able to follow the trial while relaxing in my warm home.

  3. Mark, I read your very interesting post about whether Wayne Bent’s tome would ever reach the jury. Then I went further and read the legal pages of Sam Redman’s. That was a fascinating read. Could you perhaps ask Jeremy the next time you speak with him if there is any discussion as to whether this man will actually get an opportunity to testify. I would think this would be an important element for the Prosecution to prove their case. And just wondered what Jeremy’s thoughts were on this? The fact that Wayne is supposed to testify would seem to open that door.

  4. Marie~I recommend you listen to the interview with Jeremy, if I remember, that is addressed in the interview.

  5. Hello Marie,

    Don’t know if you’ve had the opportunity to listen to my interview with Jeremy Jojola this morning, but he did say that Bent is expected to testify.

    The interview is a link that appears directly above the photo of Wayne Bent and his supporters standing outside this courthouse this morning (scroll up this page to find that photo).

    When given an opportunity, I might as Jeremy additional questions about Wayne Bent’s possible moment on the stand.


  6. Thanks Mark, I just now listened to your interview with Jeremy. What a great opportunity for us to get updates like that.

    Anything more you are able to discover on Bent testifying or others on the State’s witness list would be great.

  7. Mel Gibson wants to play the part of Wayne Bent/Michael Travesser in the Ben Anthony production of “What the hell was I thinking?, the movie”

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