Filmmaker Ben Anthony returns to U.S. for Wayne Bent’s trial


Early this evening, spoke with British filmmaker Ben Anthony. Anthony is the man who directed and photographed the documentary at the center of the Wayne Bent case, “The End of the World Cult” (later reworked for the National Geographic Channel and given the new title, “Inside a Cult”).

Anthony is in Taos, New Mexico filming Bent’s trial for a follow-up documentary.

To listen to the interview with Ben Anthony, please click HERE.

(UPDATE: conducted a follow-up interview with Anthony after the first week of Bent’s trial.)

Photo of Ben Anthony

5 thoughts on “Filmmaker Ben Anthony returns to U.S. for Wayne Bent’s trial”

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  2. National Geographic rented a house in Taos and paid the travel expenses of the “former members” to get them to Taos for the Wayne Bent trial. What was the purpose of that? To add to the “drama,” of course! It is my understanding that Ben Anthony represented to the members of Strong City that the documentary he made would not contain voice overs. By using voice overs in the documentary, he completely changed the tone of the film. …and he didn’t expect that the members would ignore him? Why wouldn’t they, when he violated their trust and acceptance of him? He is here now to make a buck off of these people. He had Prudence Welch walk up to her mother and accuse her of abandoning her family, while on camera, to create drama for his new film. Mrs. Cline did not abandon her family, she had both her daughters with her at Strong City. They chose to leave and build separate lives for themselves, as do most childen when they grow up. Prudence has often stated how ill her mother is. Why does she need to add to her mother’s burdens? Ben Anthony seeks to keep the animosity alive, while others are hoping for reconciliation. He is one sick puppy, seeking to keep hate alive. Why can’t we all just accept one another’s differences and love one another the way we are? We don’t have to believe the same things or the same way, but we can seek to be more tolerant of the differences between us. My fondest hope is that the families that are now apart from one another, either physically or by ideology, will reach out to one another with love. This is not a television soap opera, these are real people with real feelings and real lives. Seek to bring them together, not to tear them apart. Peace.

  3. Sarah Montoya states in her above post “By using voice overs in the documentary, he (Ben Anthony) completely changed the tone of the film. …and he didn’t expect that the members would ignore him?

    What Ben Anthony actually said in the interview was “I was intrigued to know how I would be received by member of Strong City and, in the main, people ignored me, which I expected I suppose.”

  4. Mrs. Montoya
    You may have represented Wayne in a case, but you obviously have not looked very deep into this cult. When you have read all of Wayne’s rants, and read everything from Prudence and other former members, then maybe we can openly discuss this.

  5. After reading Ms. Montoya’s comment, I can tell she has based her “understanding” on LACK of information. Yes National Geographic donated SOME to help the expense of former members going to Wayne’s trial, but there were about 20 different people who donated in one way or another. The cost that was donated by National Geographic was about 1/10th of what it actually cost. ALL of us would have gone to the trial no matter what.

    As far as Ben is concerned. He treated all of us with respect. As far as the previous documentary is concerned. He was very kind to Wayne and his following. In real life… it was worse.

    On the stand… Mr Bent could not remember anything except where he put his hand… He remembers things quite well. They all wrote about it and read about it several times. And Mr Gabriel AKA Dale Brown… Down right lied on the stand. BUT it wouldn’t be a lie, if he was doing it for “Michael” He also went around saying very rude and sarcastic comments. But that is very typical of Mr Brown.

    I know this was “just a job” for Ms. Montoya. I do wish her the best in life. I hope that when her daughter goes through puberty that she doesn’t find her naked beside a 66 year old man. I hope that when she becomes an adult that she doesn’t disown her because she doesn’t agree with some of her adult choices. I know that Sarah has drawn her “understanding” from one side. BUT she could NEVER “understand” it EVER. It would take her years to understand it, and since it is only a job for her, it really doesn’t matter. She doesn’t know the history of family disowning family members that won’t “believe” in Wayne. I know that Jeff said that he doesn’t know anyone willing to wipe someone’s bottom for 6 months… I know I would wipe my parents bottom for years if I was allowed to. They try to make themselves look like they are the only ones capable of loving…. till the end. AND that is simply NOT true.

    If this was truly religion, then EVERYONE would be laying naked literally with Wayne. Including the men, the sick, old ladies, etc… Wayne has told us through the years that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that comes to us is our own fault. AND that cause and effect will follow us where ever we go. The bottom line is Wayne did something wrong. He knew it. So now there is cause and effect. He is paying for his own actions. NO ONE made him do this. he did it on his own. Wayne is NOT exempt from the rule of cause and effect.

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