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Family of mother murdered during carjacking speaks-out

Tina Davila was a mother of 5

UPDATE: August 11, 2009: Breaking News: Tina Davila murder suspect arrested


(July 2, 2008) Heart-wrenching.  That may best describe this morning’s Today Show live interview with two children and the ex-husband of Tina Davila (please see video below).

Davila’s teenage children struggled to find the right words. At times, no words came out.  But these were moments that told so much about the pain still fresh on this family’s doorstep.

Host Meredith Vieira even seemed to have difficulty holding back tears near the end of the interview.

Who can blame her?

Tina Davila was murdered as she walked up to a Houston-area cell phone store to pay her bill.  Someone wanted her car.

But Davila’s 4-month-old baby was inside that car.

And as surveillance video featured in the Today Show story clearly demonstrates, Davila fought and died while protecting her child.

The man suspected of stabbing Davila to death has yet to be found.  A spokesperson for the Harris County Sheriff’s Department says 24-year-old Timoteo Rios might be in Mexico.

Murder suspect Timoteo Rios might be in MexicoInvestigators say Rios is an illegal immigrant with a criminal record.

Anyone with information about this case can call Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS.

More could be said here, but no words written by this blogger could approach the compelling story told in the video below; nor express the reasons why a murder suspect must be caught.

(Please allow a few seconds for the video to load.)

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Breaking News: Wayne Bent arrested

Click to enlargeUPDATES: VIDEO interview with PRUDENCE WELCH

-From KRQE

According to the affidavit for Travesser’s arrest warrant:

* One girl told officials she and Travesser had lain naked in July 2006 when Travesser allegedly kissed her and touched his chest to hers.
* A few days after that, another girl said she had lain naked with Travesser. The two had allegedly kissed as a husband and wife, and then Travesser allegedly kissed her breasts.
* Then, in April 2007, a third girl said she had lain naked with Travesser, although Travesser was clothed. Travesser then allegedly laid chest to chest with her. She was 12 years old at the time.
* A 16-year-old boy told officials that ten people had received letters from Travesser. Seven of the ten were chosen, but not the boy who talked to officials. He had said that several people told him that the seven had lain naked with Travesser. In the community, he said, people were considered married when they slept together.

-Bent’s son, Jeff Bent, posts the following on The Lord Our Righteousness web site:

This morning at about 8:15 AM, officers from the State Police “Impact Team” served an arrest warrant on my Father, Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser. He was arrested and taken to the State Police annex in Clayton for questioning. They then booked him into the Clayton city jail. I was told by the agent in charge of the case that the arrest warrant specified charges of three counts of sexual contact with a minor, and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The bail was set at half a million dollars.

The State Police asked me to come to the courthouse in Clayton so they could question me. After my interview I, and a couple of other people went over to the State Police annex where Michael was being held. They were just escorting him out. He was in handcuffs, but looked serene and contented.

I expect we will be updating this site soon with a more complete response to these false charges, and the meaning behind these new events.

-Albuquerque Journal story confirms arrest:

State Police this morning arrested cult leader Wayne C. Bent, *67, and charged him with three counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor and are now interviewing Bent in Clayton, state Department of Public Safety spokesman Peter Olson told the Journal’s Thomas J. Cole. -Albuquerque Journal

(*Although the Albuquerque Journal reports Bent is 67, a prior record of an Idaho drivers license once held by Bent states he was born May 18, 1941. If true, that would make Bent 66 at this time).


According to an e-mail I have received at 9:21 this morning from a member of The Lord Our Righteousness Church, Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser) is now in State custody.

The information comes at the end of the following e-mail received this morning:

Dear Mr. Horner,

I am writing, first of all, to tell you that I appreciate the fairness of your approach to the news about our little community here at Strong City. Yours was a “fair and balanced” that has never been remotely entertained by Fox News, and likely any other mainstream media outlet.

Even with the contact and knowledge I have of the media, I was nevertheless appalled at the blatancy of the outright lies, distortions and misrepresentations propagated by the British filmmakers. If the names, faces and voices were disguised, and there remained only the producer’s description of the events transpiring here (even though I have been a first-hand participant in this community since its inception, and known Michael for nearly thirty years), I would not have recognized the film as having been about us — so thoroughly fabricated was it. The National Geographic’s cut of the documentary was much fairer, however, but even there, as would be expected, they presented their own viewpoint of matters, which naturally carried with it the distortion that comes from those not personally involved.

Also my purpose for writing is to inform you that the police came to our land this morning, shortly after eight o’clock, and arrested Michael. It will be interesting to learn what the charges against him are, since I very well know that no laws have been broken here. I thought, in light of your fair treatment of our case, you should be one of the first to know this, rather than the serpentine organization of the media.



Hossencofft Linda Henning mug shots News Oxygen Snapped television true crime video webisode

Programming Note: Henning subject of “Snapped” episode


-Oxygen channel to repeat Snapped’s Linda Henning episode on July 6, 2008 (details)

video: SnappedWebisode” of Linda Henning case (runs 9:43)

-video: Police interrogating Linda Henning (runs 4:49)

-video:  Exclusive footage of Diazien Hossencofft working his “charm” on Caribbean cruise

Convicted killer Linda Henning is the subject of the Oxygen Network program Snapped scheduled to air Sunday, April 13, 2008. Henning is serving time for the 1999 murder and kidnapping of Girly Chew Hossencofft. Hossencofft’s estranged husband was also convicted in the case. Some of you may know that I wrote a book about this case. The title is September Sacrifice (Kensington Publishing Corp., December 2004). I was one of several people interviewed for the upcoming Snapped episode concerning Henning. The Hossencofft / Henning case will also be featured in a repeat of the truTV (formerly Court TV) program, The Investigators. The episode is titled “Alien Conspiracy.” I was also interviewed for this program. Excerpts can be seen here. This was the first episode of The Investigators and the producers really did an outstanding job of explaining a complex story. The final result was quite compelling. However, if you want to catch the repeat of “Alien Conspiracy,” you’ll probably want to set your DVR as it’s on at 4am Tuesday (April 8th) in much of the country. You can check the truTV program schedule for this episode here. And if you’re wondering about how on earth “aliens” work their way into this story, you might enjoy this courtroom exchange between Henning and yours truly:

[youtube_sc url=””]

Anyone wanting to learn even more about this case can do so at

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Pedro Espinoza mug shot and booking sheet

Pedro Espinoza mug shot


Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton said Wednesday that the department’s controversial policy on dealing with illegal immigrants was widely misunderstood by the public and some of his own officers, and he would clarify the rule in the next couple of weeks. -Los Angeles Times

  • KNBC, 19-year-old pleads not guilty in Jamiel Shaw, Jr. homicide case, April 9
  •, Shaw’s family proposes law to help curb violence (VIDEO), April 8
  • FOX News, “Jamiel’s Law” targets illegal immigrant gang members, April 8
  •, Jamiel Shaw’s parents meet with city leaders, April 8
  • The Daily Collegian (Penn State University) Cities bleed with ‘death by percentages, April 8
  •, Fear of a Black-Brown race war in Los Angeles, April 3
  • Independent Weekly (North Carolina), For Eve and Jamiel, and everyone else (commentary), April 2
    •, Family of Jamiel Shaw to voice support for “Jamiel’s Law” on Doug McIntyre tomorrow morning (posted April 1) *note: Doug McIntyre is a radio host on KABC (Los Angeles). You can listen to his program here.


  • Having just surfed YouTube’s collection of Jamiel Shaw, Jr. videos, I learned that The O’Reilly Factor recently obtained this same mug shot. You can see the report here.

*** has obtained a mug shot and a jail booking sheet for a man named Pedro Espinoza who was arrested by the Culver City Police Department November 18, 2007. formally submitted a written request for this information with the city of Culver City on March 17. This request was made because had learned from a source within law enforcement that the suspect in the Jamiel Shaw Jr. case had been previously arrested in Culver City. The Los Angeles Times had also reported that Shaw’s accused killer had served time for a November 18, 2007 arrest in which he was charged with exhibiting a firearm and resisting arrest.

According to a Los Angeles County Booking and Property Record obtained by, Pedro Espinoza was initially charged with assault with a firearm when booked on November 18, 2007 at 3pm. His bail was set at $50,000.

According to the November booking sheet, Espinoza stands five-feet-5-inches tall and weighs 130-pounds. The booking sheet also states that Espinoza “declined” to provide the name of a person to contact in the event of an emergency.

At the time of his November arrest in Culver City, Espinoza was 18. However, his date of birth is redacted on the copy of the booking sheet provided to

Please continue to follow this blog for the latest information on the Jamiel Shaw, Jr. murder case.

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Follow-up: Forbrick pleads guilty to attempted child sexual exploitation

(Safford, Arizona) A follow-up now to an in-depth story first reported in January. Stevo Forbrick has pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor.

This case unfolded January 3, 2008 in Safford, Arizona after Stevo Forbricktwo Wal-Mart employees noticed that Forbrick had several photographs of nude and partially nude boys.

(Listen to podcast of January story here.)

Forbrick walked out of the store that day, but law enforcement officers caught-up with his distinctive van a short time later.

This afternoon, I spoke with Graham County Deputy Attorney Allan Perkins. Perkins tells me Forbrick pleaded guilty March 14 and that one of the victims was less than 15-years-old.

The second victim was less than 18 years of age.

Perkins said that investigators were not able to identify or locate the victims.

Forbrick’s sentencing date is April 1.

Van driven by Stevo Forbrick