British tabloid’s list includes Wayne Bent


Today’s  Online edition of The Daily Mirror includes the headline, 13 apocalyptic scenarios that never happened. The British tabloid’s list of 13 well-publicized cases includes the Heaven’s Gate cult and the “Y2K bug”.

And beneath a lone word in bold typeAPOCALYPSE–is the mention of “former sailor Michael Travesser.”

Travesser’s legal name is Wayne Bent.  The controversial church leader presently faces criminal charges in New Mexico, including two counts of sexual contact with a minor.  The state alleges that Bent’s victims are two girls.

The Daily Mirror’s snappy read devotes just three paragraphs to the Bent case.  And some might well argue that the tabloid still managed to get the story wrong.

Did Bent really predict that the world would end October 31, 2007?  That did seem to be the case in a British documentary titled, The End of the World Cult.  The program first aired on Britain’s Channel 4 in December 2007.

However, the program’s apocalyptic tone seemed a tad lighter when re-edited for an American audience on the National Geographic Channel earlier this year. The Nat Geo airing included a new title, too:  Inside a Cult.

In its entry concerning Bent’s Lord Our Righteousness Church, Wikipedia states that Inside a Cult “covers Bent’s announcement that the day of Judgment began on October 31, 2007.

Whatever one feels Bent may–or may not–have said about that controversial date, no one can dispute the intended purpose of a still-looming day in October.  For on October 20, 2008, Wayne Bent is scheduled to go on trial.

One might call that October appointment, the first step towards Judgment Day.

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