Home searched near Barrel Body case


(September 7) Police had their guns drawn as they entered a small home in Manitoba around 5pm Thursday night. According to an article in this morning’s Winnipeg Free Press, investigators will only say the search is linked to “a homicide”, but investigators aren’t saying anything more specific.

The Winnipeg Free Press addresses a possible connection to the murder of Chad Davis with this sentence:

There have been a number of killings in rural Manitoba this year that remain unsolved, including the gruesome discovery of the decomposed body of Chad Davis, 22, of Winnipeg inside a barrel on the Lee River just east of Lac du Bonnet.

Neighbors told the Winnipeg Free Press that a woman in her mid-20s lives with her boyfriend at the home searched Thursday.

What caught this reporter’s eye was the newspaper’s mention of the items seized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It included a refrigerator.

Davis disappeared in February. Yet, when 69-year-old George Knight helped pull the mysterious barrel from the river July 23, he looked inside and instantly recognized a human body.

“I know an ass when I see one,” Knight told Beyond90Seconds.com in a July 24 (listen to the interview on Beyond90Seconds.com Radio).

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