BREAKING NEWS: “Esther Taken”

Update #7 (12:11am PST/January 29, 2009): AUDIO/ JEREMY JOJOLA #2 / UNEDITED / RUNS 13:28 / Jeremy Jojola, #2

Update #6 (11:35pm PST/January 28, 2009): The second interview with Jeremy Jojola is about to be conducted. Once that interview wraps-up, I’ll upload it shortly afterwards.


“…the moral equivalent of a kidnapping.” -Jeff Bent

-Jeff Bent also told me that members of Strong City videotaped authorities taking away Esther. He talks about how Esther reacted to what unfolded.

-And much more…

Update #4: Just completed phone interview with Jeff Bent. Runs about 30-minutes. Will post the unedited interview here shortly.

Update #3: This is raw (unedited) video of my interview with Jeremy Jojola, conducted about 20-minutes ago (if you’re not seeing the video yet, refresh in a minute or two. It’s processing.)

[wpvideo Xj7b1iXc w=320]

Update #2: (9:41pm PST): Jeff Bent has sent me an e-mail asking me if I have any questions.

Update #1 (9:39pm PST): Earlier this evening, I learned—from unofficial sources—that Esther would be picked-up by authorities this evening. I also learned that Jeremy Jojola interviewed Esther earlier today. He also interviewed Jeff Bent.

I just finished interviewing Jeremy Jojola via Skype video. It will be posted shortly.


Esther was removed from Strong City against her will by the Union County Sheriff’s Office, under the orders of Judge Patternoster. Deputies refused to say where they were taking her. She was transported by ambulance a few minutes ago.

Updates to follow.

More to come on, shortly.

20 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: “Esther Taken””

  1. Mark & Jeremy this is indeed wonderful news. You both are really on top of this story. I have no idea how this miracle occurred but it would seem that some prayers were answered.

  2. Mark way to stay on top of things. I am glad they went in and got Esther out (thinking they was running out of time and hopefully no permanent damage was done). I’m laying here watching it snow and waiting and wondering what kind of act of God or the “beast” they are going to give credit for the taking of Esther. You and Jeremy are doing an awesome job keeping those of us that have been following this informed. AWESOME JOB!!!

  3. More than likely they had Esther declared incompetent & assigned her sister as her conservator or they used the NM equiv of the “Baker Act” since she had repeatedly threatened to take her own life.

  4. Hallelujah is Right! Yes Jan prayers have been answered! Thank God that Lorraine had strong enough convictions to follow through with getting Aquiannah out of SC and getting her medical care. Lorraine it will be a long road ahead of you and Aquiannah….but please follow through with getting her help. I know Dr Phil offered you help if you could get your sisters out of there….use every resource and take him up on it.
    I for one will be praying for you both.

  5. Judah on the SC site wrote

    “I invite you to enter into what has been done for all of our sakes. As Anaiah wrote, We all have molested the Christ-child within. Michael, God’s Son has suffered at our own hands and He is now bearing, in the person of Wayne, the reproach of this crime for all of us.”

    Exactly what does Anaiah mean by “molested the Christ-child within” ? And now WB is no longer Michael and is in prison as WB suffering for his crime Michael commited?

  6. Elisha has now announced his fast.

    Comment 4 (5:43 am MST) on “Esther Taken”:

    [i]Now that they have abducted you against your will Ester, I will take the baton and begin the fast which I also pledged not long before Michael was sentenced to prison.[/i]

    I am interested in the term “pledge.” In this context, it almost sounds like the group agreed to a certain sequence or process of behaviors [b]prior[/b] to Michael’s sentencing.

    Jeff, if you want to be left alone, try de-escalating the situation. (You’ve been trained to do that.) Appeal Michael’s conviction through the judicial process, and in the meantime, have those at Strong City stand down. The deputy was correct, wheels of justice turn slowly. (President Bush commuted sentences and those folks won’t be released until March.) What profits an appeal if all of you have permanently damaged your temples or have passed on before your arguments are heard?

    You cannot violate the laws under the guise of religion and expect the state to just turn a blind eye. You cannot commit suicide under the guise of religious conviction and expect family to stand idly by.

    I understand the desire to do what is right, regardless of the cost. I’m not sure you’ve all really listened to Father, or just to the impetuous emotionality of a hurting heart.

  7. I heard no expression of concern for Esther’s health from Jeff or any other Strong City zombie. Jeff also stated that he did not feel led to fast. Is that how they “hear the voice of God”, by what ever they “feel led”? I’ve also heard LORites refer to “tokens”, in which they say to God things like, “If that little bird lands on that limb, on that, tree, then God must be telling me to consumate with Michael”. What kind of rational adult basis decisions that way?

  8. ~~Hanfia~~

    You were incorrect when you told the officers (in that video) that Esther’s sisters didn’t love her. Love is not sitting by and allowing your own flesh and blood to waste away into a painful long slow death.

    Esther’s sisters stood up against you and your wrong doings and had the strength to save her.

    God has spoken clearly. He does not wish for Esther to die because he made it possible for her sisters to rescue her. He made it possible for a judge to step in.

    God is in control here and you cannot lay demands on God by throwing tantrums and making demands of him.

    I will keep praying for you even if I disagree strongly with what you do. I will continue praying very strongly for Esther’s safety and now I will pray for Elisha too.

    **Please note that I post this here because they refuse to post my messages**

    Thank you Mr. Horner for this forum

  9. Give me a break!

    This is a act of GOD! The real GOD and not some pervert in a prison. I hope that she is able to fully recover from this both mental and physical. So what kind of twist will they come up with now? What kind of game will they play next.
    Thank You! Mark

  10. We just want to be anonymous!

    Those are the words of Mr. Jeff Bent. And while I personally do believe that Jeff is sincere and would like all of this to go away, he is left with his members who seem to want to constantly put this case right out there in the forefront. Witness what has gone on since the verdict on December 15, 2008.

    Rather than be accepting of the verdict and perhaps plan their appeal, we get the first post “Guilty as Charged.”

    Followed by, Wayne’s own testimony before the court on the day of his sentencing. Again more reasons why the State was wrong, the verdict was wrong, the Beast was wrong and of course “they,” the only “true believers,” at Strong City were right!

    And then of course all of the letters came next – Hanifa to Governor Richardson, Bethabara to Mr. Baca, and another letter to Mr. Richardson from Wendy Bent.

    Danielle posted her heartfelt plea, “Is Nobody Home,” sharing her thoughts on the hypocrisy that is everywhere in the world, except in Strong City.

    And let us not forget while all of these posts and letters were displayed on their website they allowed (some selective) comments. Many of those comments were by the other residents of Strong City. They were of course more pleas for their cause and why they were all right and all the rest of the world was wrong.

    Then of course we moved into the next dramatic phase, the announcement of the fast by Esther. She posted her letter to Mr. Baca, explaining that she was protesting her beloved Michael’s sentence and would continue until he was released. Talk about a line in the sand.

    The irony here is at the same time all these attacks on the outside world are going on, Jeff Bent solicits for appeal money. Now that really demonstrates their desire to disappear from the world! Although, this might have been one of the few things that probably should have been featured on their website!

    Then another letter from Hanifa, in support of her daughter’s fast.

    Wayne of course had to get into their action (he must have felt left out …) with his letter to the Warden of the prison. He said he really wanted to wait for his appeal, but since Esther couldn’t wait, he would now join “little Esther,” and begin fasting too.

    And then of course just to add to the drama they use the “Strong City Productions Company,” and show videos 1 & 2 of Esther in her weakened state. Nothing like showing the beautiful fasting female professing her love to gain sympathy for their beliefs. But as Jeff said, these are not “gimmicks!”

    Since the trial and sentencing these are the actions of the group that Jeff Bent claims wants to disappear and never be heard from again. “They have been forced into this controversy.” All they want is to be anonymous! And of course that is why they have been posting, and doing videos, and of course long before this all happened hours and hours of posting of their beliefs and the role of Michael, the true Messiah on their website. Yes I understand they wanted to be anonymous …

    I never realized that hypocrisy was apart of religion. Certainly it is not part of my religion and never has been. I have always, more than anything been a believer in truth and honesty above all else. But, I also have come to know, as they have told me, that I am just part of the problem. I actually care for my fellow man and that is apparently wrong, too.

    And so it goes. Just give them what they want, meet their demands and they will all go away. I have a feeling there are many in this world that say the same thing. In fact I remember my sons, demanding that when they were in what was called the “terrible twos.” It is just really quite remarkable to follow their collective thought process, or lack of one entirely.

    Is that perhaps why this story never seems to go away?

  11. This is the song that never ends,
    it just goes on and on my friends.
    Some people started singing it not knowing what it was,
    and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…

    This is the song that never ends, ad nauseam!

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  13. In part one of the video Jeff tells Esther that this is just another step in their battle (2:37),so I guess her life is just another method for them to use to free Michael?! (Although Michael himself asked her to eat, she could not.) Jeff tells Esther to cooperate, and then says a few odd things, sentences he does not finish…”cooperate..but don’t give them…don’t eat their…” (3:01)
    Esther is completely devoted to Michael and the “cause”. I don’t feel that she will be receptive to the kind of help that pyche wards offer or the state provides, she will most likely end up back at Strong City after another legal battle. As she is going out the door some people are laughing and making light of this situation at points. But I am sure tomorrow they will post how outraged they are, and again so very predictable!
    Maybe if they want to be left alone -they will fast in private and not find the need to share it with the world, since when you call attention to yourself that is when the police come to rescue you from your 350 acre remote land (unless you broadcast it like the evening news or did a doc with BBC).
    Wayne Bent could of “healed” the young girls and NOT WROTE ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET and maybe this all would not of happened. This is exactly what occurs when you mean to offend such as Michael did.
    So now Esther will be evaluated and fed and will have to go to court again this time to gain back the right to make her own decisions. I wouldn’t wish being put in a psyche hold on anyone and although she does need help this is not the way she will get it unfortunately. I am sure she will stand strong in the face of this as one can’t have a lack of willpower to fast as long as she has.
    Lorraine – I hope you will stay strong as well.

  14. Very nice work Jan. I look forward to reading the book when it comes out (just kidding… unless there really is one coming).

    On another note, it is interesting to observe that Judge Paternoster’s name translates in Latin to “Our Father,” (the Catholics’ name for the Lord’s prayer or for any believer, another name for God). After Bent’s trial, he attached some significance to the meaning of the name Baca. So, now they might want to seriously consider this Judge’s name and it’s meaning. The obvious irony is that Bent’s group talks about talking to and hearing from, “Father.” And low and behold… they did.

    — Sam

  15. Give me a break!

    This young woman has suffered many years of child abuse from her mother and the brainwashing of Wayne Bent. I hope that she can get the help she needs and will be able to break away from the mind control these people have over her now. She has not been able to make a decision on her own or without someone else doing it for her and now is her chance to do it. The world may seem like a evil place to her, but she will soon realize the real evil is Strong City.

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