Video shows sheriff’s deputies performing welfare check on fasting woman

[wpvideo axg19PuW w=480]

And yet another dramatic turn in the story that never dies: The Wayne Bent case.

This time, though, someone’s life does seem to be at stake. Although others may feel it’s a calculated drama with no intent of claiming any life.

Now, as they say, “This just in…”

Strong City has just posted yet another video. In this footage, we see Esther in her home yesterday as deputies arrive to check on her health. She’s allegedly been fasting for nearly a month now.

In the video (which runs 6-minutes and 48-seconds), we hear Esther tell deputies that she’s only taking water and salt.

Near the end, she is told that her sister, Lorraine, is concerned about her well-being. Esther’s response will no doubt sadden her sister.

The video speaks for itself.

12 thoughts on “Video shows sheriff’s deputies performing welfare check on fasting woman”

  1. It is very disturbing to see Hanifa, Bernice, Wendy, and whomever else just sitting there watching Esther slowly die and they do nothing about it. They are all accomplices to her death. They use her and exploit her on the internet. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are the people responsible for this not the legal system.

    Shame on you Hanifa, Bernice, Wendy, Jeff, and the rest of you. I feel no need to be nice to you when I tell you that you are horrible people.

    If you love Esther, encourage her to stop this now.
    Wayne Bent himself asked her to stop her fast. This is a disgusting and sick way of trying to get your leader out of prison. They won’t let him out trust me. He blew his appeal with this because a judge is going to see all of you as seriously unstable.

  2. I have been quietly following the events of this story ever since watching “Inside a Cult”.

    As a registered nurse who worked 28 years in an E.R. I felt the need to address Jeff Bent and Esther’s remarks toward the officers in regards to calling for help if it is needed, and the part in her affidavit which states that she would wish to be revived if she happens to slip into unconciousness due to starvation. I don’t think these folks understand that once you do slip into a state of unconciousness it is very difficult to bring you back as the organs are already shutting down. Your blood pressure would drop quickly and attempts to revive you would be difficult at this point. It is highly important that Esther understand how her body could shut down and that nothing could be done to revive her if Mr. Bent was released from confinement. I urge these people to consult with a doctor so that Esther fully understands the medical aspect of what happens at the end stages of a fast, which she is approaching rapidly. The use of salt and supplements will not help much in this situation as the electrolytes in the body become more imbalanced.

    At this point organ failure could happen at any time. First the kidney’s then the heart. After reading Esther’s affidavit I noticed that she doesn’t have an understanding of these things or she would not have requested to be revived should she go unconcious. Once you reach the state of unconsciousness it’s usually the organs shutting down. What will it look like? More than likely she will appear very sleepy and feel overly sleepy. She will go to sleep and not wake up. It can happen very quickly so I suggest that no one leave her side at this point from what I see in the video posted.

    Again please seek a doctor’s consult so that Esther is rightfully informed of her choice.

  3. I sent the below comment to SC website, but of course, they didn’t publish it. Darn, they never publish mine, such a blow to my ego! I’m posting it here hoping against hope to wake someone up. The saddest thing for me to witness is how Wayne has taken certain truths and perverted them to the extent that they are unrecognizable. Spiritual abuser! Anyway:

    Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the air will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living Father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you are that poverty.” Gospel of Thomas verse 3.

    No jail can hold the true Spirit of Michael. The suffering of the souls who continue to long for Wayne’s release have yet to understand this true teaching. It was prophesied that Wayne would have to physically leave Strong City in order for the souls that remain to experience and manifest the complete indwelling of the Spirit of Michael for themselves, did he not?

    It is clear, Esther, that you don’t want to be on this planet without Michael, but I would invite you to seek more deeply and recognize where He continues to dwell within you? And if no recognition happens, please ask yourself, “What in my human heart has closed to Michael, to keep him out?” You are willing to die being without him, but are you willing to live being “with him” (his Spirit that has come into you) in order to fulfill Michael’s deepest longing, that each of you manifest Michael’s Spirit within your God given life?

  4. Betty, I hope Esther and the others at SC read what you wrote. They really don’t have a grasp on what is soon to happen. Organ failure is difficult to reverse and they live many miles from definitive health care. The EMT’s in that area are most likely not Paramedics, if SC got lucky they might be intermediates and able to start IV’s or get a helicopter to fly her out but those are all big IFS!

    Yesterday in Albuquerque a judge released a woman who killed a 7 year old boy while drinking and driving on a $25,000 bail while she is appealing her sentence. She’s been in prison since April. Being released from prison while on appeal doesn’t always happen but it can. When it does it’s not usually overnight.

    If Esther doesn’t do something now, she won’t be around if WB does get released on appeal. Very sad!

    Betsy, too bad they wouldn’t publish your comment. It’s very true and Esther needs to think about what you wrote and where she is in her journey. They all seem to have forgotten everything they used to believe and say.

  5. I think it’s sad what wayne bent has created here. I understand the need for God in these peoples lives as I feel that same need each and every second of every day I live. What I dont understand is how these people can go against God and his teachings through Jesus Christ and the Bible and believe so truly that wayne bent is the messiah come to save us.

    You would think that they would have understood in the least on Oct. 31, 2007 when his fortelling of the “end” failed to reveal itself but the devils perversions in us has brought us to the point where almost every christian, when presented with something that might destroy their faith, believe it to be okay or even right to lie.

    And further more I believe that the state of New Mexico has only given wayne bent this sentence due to past experience with so called cults. I do not believe this to be reason to lock a man away for 10 years. Yes his actions may be destructive {I believe they are} and yes it may lead to another waco texas or a sexually perverted scenerio like jim jones lead himself to but you cant convict someone of crimes you think will happen. That is not our justice system at all.

  6. I have been asked by a lot of people if that “Sam” is me. Nope. Of course, I’m not the only Sam in the world, but, evidently it has been confusing to the regular posters on this blog, because I sign all my post with “Sam.”

    — Sam

  7. avatar
    Give me a break!

    What this video really shows is how they control one another by peer pressure and you are not allowed to think for yourself. What you see is Hanifa,Bernice,Wendy and Jeff all in the room with Esther and at times they are talking for her. I think that Esther should have been allowed to speak to the deputies without anyone in the room with her. If she really needed help she may have been to afraid to speak up with all of them in the room.

  8. KM this group seems to think that once the organs fail that this is irreversible. Even if she survives this fast she has already placed a tremendous strain on her heart and kidneys. It is apparent that none of them especially Esther understand the gravity of this situation she is choosing for herself. She believes that she could be revived should she slip into unconsciousness if Wayne Bent were released during that time. By this time it is usually too late for this and she would slip into a coma as the organs shut down.

    If they are as far from emergency medical care as you say then her chances are very low surviving this should her condition change. If she continues with this fast for even another week [if she is not taking any form of protein or electrolytes] then she will die. I was speaking with a doctor I worked with for 13 years today and he said that if she survived this next week then she had to be taking something in.

    I don’t mean to frighten anyone here but someone should educate these people about what is going to happen.

  9. But “Give me a break,” having Esther alone with the deputies is not the way they stage their productions. I honestly think someone or several of these people wanted a career in the movies, because I have never seen so many “made for tv moments!” The only thing missing this time was their usual stolen copyrighted background music.

    Esther certainly does appear weak, but she is at least taking in water. This could go on for awhile yet. But so far no other news outlet than KOB with Jeremy Jojola has even reported on the story. That should tell Strong City something, that this fast for Wayne will not produce the result they are hoping for. No one is listening. There are no big production cameras at the gates doing a death watch.

    I realize that the last time with Healed, they believe it worked. I have my doubts on that one too, but this time poor Esther will probably leave this earth for her beloved. And of course she has that right. They keep telling us that from Strong City, and I am now listening to them.

    I just hope that even though they will not pull of the miracle they were hoping for, that when Esther is gone they can all sit in that same room and not remember how any one of them might have saved her life.

  10. avatar
    Give me a break!

    They have used many events in the past to make it look like it worked for them. This time they are playing the game, but only the stakes are real and much higher than in the past. This time Esther is going to die and Wayne will remain behind bars and they will blame everyone else. I would like to know if Jeff,Bernice,Wendy and Hanifa are also all willing to starve to death for Wayne? They think this is going to get Wayne out of prison well I have news for them it is not going to work.

    Then again this could be staged to make it look like she has been fasting this long when really she has had some food during this and has just lost alot of weight. Would not put anything past them and would not be the first time they have done it. They love the Internet,Camera’s and the Media! They love attention and will doing anything to get it.

  11. Sorry, in my above post when I said,

    I realize that the last time with Healed, they believe it worked.

    I meant, Willow! And I do not believe that actually occurred the way Strong City claims.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    And as always let us continue to hope for the best for Esther. It is obvious to many of us that she has family members that truly love her.

  12. Betty, yes they are very far from emergency care. I would say a least 1/2 hour if they drove her in to the town, double that for an ambulance to the emergency room of the 25 bed hospital in Clayton. There is a Level III hospital in Santa Fe and the only Level I is in Albuquerque. Her condition at that point would probably require being flown to one of those facilitates. As you know all of that takes critical time during which her condition would be deteriorating. I believe there is a nurse who is a follower out there but aside from IV fluid there is little she could do if her organs start shutting down. And if by some chance they were able to revive her there is a good chance that her organs would be damaged to the point of permanent disability. She’s a very young woman and even if she could be revive the toll on her body would be very bad.

    Taking a little water with salt is a positive thing to a point, but salt is not the only mineral your body needs. She’s at the point where every little piece of the body that in normal conditions work together are going to start fighting for a piece of the pie and there isn’t enough to go around.

    I agree the Sheriff’s should have spoken to her alone. She had no chance to speak candidly. I’m also very tired of the “productions” and don’t think any of them live in reality. I think the reason why so few media outlets have picked this us is because it’s the same old song, over and over. I’ve been following it since May and I can’t even remember the number of times WB, all of them or just 1 or 2 of them have fasted.

    We all have our own lives and problems to deal with. These people are dealing with a problem of their own making and most people think they are pretty dumb. They really had a nice arrangement out in NE New Mexico and they seemed to decide they weren’t getting the attention they needed so they let a movie producer in. Then the you know what hit the fan!

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