Antelope Encounter

[youtube_sc url=FBDOSQXM4bI width=430]
(note: This video was uploaded to my old YouTube channel)

Stepping away from crime and unrest for today’s entry. Let’s call it “lighter fare.” And unexpected.

My wife and I enjoy weekend car rides around the Southwest. This past Saturday, we drove to Sonoita, Arizona for a bite to eat at The Steak Out.

Just as we were driving out of Sonoita on scenic Highway 83 that afternoon, a herd of antelope caught my eye. I was thrilled.

In the early 1990s, I went to Sonoita in the early morning–and still quite dark–hours. A news photographer and I were looking for antelope. We hiked and drove…then hiked and drove some more…until we finally found a heard. But the animals simply ran by and disappeared. The photographer could only jump out of our vehicle and hoist the camera up to his shoulder in time to get a few fleeting seconds of the antelope. As I recall, we put that video into severe slo-motion as it was very precious–and essential–to our story that day.

No wonder I felt so fortunate this past Saturday. While the heard I observed that day moved around a bit. The antelope did linger, at times, allowing me to shoot about 30-minutes of video.

Many of the best shots are included in this story. The video runs 3:02. I hope you enjoy it!

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