NM vs. Wayne Bent: October 31 court documents

A “final fast”, a steady diet of legal maneuverings and rulings, and a lone ambulance ride on Halloween; it’s all made for a busy—some might say dramatic—week in the State of New Mexico’s case againt controversial church leader Wayne Bent.

Bent, also known as Michael Travesser, is charged with having sexual contact with two underaged girls. He’s also charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. A grand jury indicted Bent earlier this year.

Bent and his attorney, Sarah Montoya, strongly refute the charges.

Beyond90Seconds.com has obtained eight ( 8 ) court documents filed today at the Union County Courthouse:

  1. Arrest and Pickup Order
  2. Order Granting Defendant’s Motion in Limine (October 31) –THEREFORE, no party shall refer to the state’s witnesses as ‘victim’ in the presence of the jury…
  3. Motion for Order of Protection: Amianah Michael Travesser
  4. Motion for Order of Protection: Aquinnah O’Keefe
  5. Motion for Order of Protection: Bethabara Praise Travesser
  6. Motion for Order of Protection: Bethany Ann Keele
  7. Motion for Order of Protection: Ashley Rose Pickle
  8. Motion for Order of Protection: Wendy Diane Bent

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  1. The Strong City web site has been closed again.

    I wonder how the followers will feel when they wake in the morning in the very same bodies and beds they went to sleep in. What about the transformations? This whole mess is quite sad. Wayne has destroyed many families in the name of his God. He is such a Narcissist. So very selfish. Scary man.

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