Wayne Bent trial transcripts emerging Online


Bent 'scripts
Bent ‘scripts

Two frequent contributors to the comments sections of this blog have teamed-up to post written transcripts of the Wayne Bent trial on the Internet.

Sam Redman and Jan Brennan are publishing the transcripts at Redman’s Strong City “mirror site“.

According to Redman’s mirror site, the names of the victims will be redacted from its published transcripts.

Redman is not simply an observer of the Bent case. He appeared on the prosecution’s witness list as a computer forensic expert.  He did not testify, however.

According to the mirror site, Brennan is a true crime author and a romance novel book reviewer.

On December 15, 2008, a jury in Taos, New Mexico found Bent guilty of one count of second-degree criminal sexual contact of a minor and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Fifteen days later, the leader of the Lord Our Righteousness Church was sent to prison for ten years.  He’d received an 18-year sentence with 8 of those years suspended.

As of this writing, the transcripts provided Online include preliminary motion discussion,  the prosecution’s opening statements, defense attorney Sarah Montoya’s opening statement,  Montoya’s direct questioning of Wayne Bent and closing remarks from the prosecution and defense.  The prosecution’s rebuttal to Montoya’s close is also provided.

Expect more to come.

“We will be adding daily and the plan (lord willin’ and the creeks don’t rise) is to do every last word in the trial from gavel to gavel (including Wayne’s last comments, as he is taken from the courtroom in cuffs).  Everyday, there will be more,” Redman wrote to Beyond90Seconds.com in an e-mail received today.


On January 27, 2009, Beyond90Seconds.com addressed its concern about posting the trial “transcripts”. After ordering the transcripts from New Mexico’s Eighth Judicial District, they arrived as audio files on seven CDs.

Reached by telephone, Union County Court Deputy Clerk Karen Vieites explained that the court usually preserves transcripts as audio—not text—files.

While this blog could have posted those audio files, the decision was made not to do so because the names of the victims could be heard throughout the audio recordings.

The considered tasks of removing the victims’ names from seven days of court audio or transcribing the audio and redacting those names would be too time consuming for this blogger.

For reasons of time and sensitivity to the victims, Beyond90Seconds.com decided not to post the transcripts here in any form.



Wayne Bent’s son, Jeff, has published a new post at strongcity.info.  Find out what has Bent & “Esther” drawing a line in the sand, here.

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224 thoughts on “Wayne Bent trial transcripts emerging Online”

  1. My brother-in-law is a Special Prosecutor and he seems to think that all of the antics going on at Strong City proves to authorities that Bent is right where he belongs. There’s a reason for the sentence that he received. He’s a dangerous man and death will be his only way out of prison.

  2. avatar
    Give me a break!

    Once again Jeff Bent is speaking for Esther on the SC site and she is not allowed to think for herself. I am starting to think that Jeff Bent is alot like his father and could be the next “Michael” at SC. All this and the other things at Strong City prove that Wayne Bent is where he belongs and I hope he never gets out.

  3. Oh wow.. looks like SC has been foiled again. Now the state has a REASON to come on that land when they please.

    You see, these people could have just went away quietly and stopped their foolishness… but they chose to make Esther their martyr drawing all kinds of attention. What do they expect to happen?

    Now they got special attention, one on one from the state….

  4. avatar
    Search for Truth

    I am so thankful to finally be able to read the transcripts and find out exactly what was said at the trial. Much thanks to Sam Redman & Jan Brennan for doing this. It is a lot of work and I for one appreciate it.

  5. We have, just now, added the transcript for the Prosecution’s Cross Examination of Wayne Bent. You will find that the link to it is now active on the menu of transcripts. You can reach that by clicking the “Trial” tab on the mirror site. A mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page.

    We will continue to post here when updates are made. We will probably add one new transcript a day and sometimes more. We are doing them in order of significance. Eventually, we should have the entire trial.

    — Sam

  6. Thanks Sam and Jan for taking the time to type everything out for us. In just the parts I have read so far it is amazing how much did not get entered into evidence. I wish the jury could have seen just half the stuff the readers of this blog had access to. It also amazed amused me how much Wayne seemed to forget while on the stand. He put on such a grand show for the judge and jury I wanted to slap his memory back in place as I read. My hopes are that if an appeal does happen the new judge throws away the key. WB has brainwashed the people at SC to the point of wanting to die for him(Esther in point). He is clearly a threat to the lives of his members. Prison is the perfect place for him, my only regret is that he is still yet living off us hard working tax payers.
    Thank you Mark for keeping us informed and once again to Sam and Jan for taking the time to type the trial notes for us.

  7. Thank you Mark for giving us this blog to discuss this case and try and sort it all out from all the various perspectives that those who post here, have to offer. It has been quite an interesting forum and one of the most respectful that I have been apart of. I think that is a credit to you Mark, you seem to bring the best out in your posters.

    That is why I wanted so much to help Sam with this project. I knew how much I really wanted to hear what was said at the trial and I just felt others might want that too.

    So far I have been amazed at so many different points that I have heard listening to the transcripts. But I will wait to offer some of my thoughts until more of you have read these. I mostly have been quite disappointed in what was not covered and also the lack of understanding of what the case was really about.

    They certainly have not been a disappointment though. And there are even some moments of levity.

    We will keep working on them as Sam mentioned in the order that would seem significant and hopefully add one a day until we have the complete trial, as was said, “from gavel to gavel!”

    Thanks Truth and CSC for your kind words. And Ron you are right, I do not think the real Father was amused about many things that were said during the trial.

  8. Nice work on the transcripts Sam and Jan!

    But back at the Ranch “Much ado about nothing”!

    They’ve got their noses bent out of shape over something so simple to comply with.
    But several of the SC posters did not completely read the court order and think she has to call her sister every week and be checked constantly by the sheriff for life. Maybe they should have gone to school to learn to read.

    Here’s what the Court Order says:

    Random Phone calls by Nancy Oriola with the terms that Esther will be the only one on the phone and in the room during their call:
    Once weekly for first 30 days. 4 days
    Once every 2 weeks during the 2nd 30 days. 2 days
    Once per month for two months. 2 days

    Sheriff’s deputy visit or other person agreed on by petitioner’s counsel and GAL will occur:
    Once weekly for first 30 days. 4 days.
    Once every 2 weeks during the 2nd 30 days. 2 days
    Once per month for two months. 2 days

    She must telephone her sister with the same restrictions as with Nancy Oriola:
    Twice per month for 4 months. 8 phone calls in 4 months

    Status will be evaluated after the 4 months is over. The court order doesn’t say anything about Esther being in Contempt of Court by not cooperating although her Lawyer said something about that to her. That’s 24 days total in 4 months and those phone calls and visits won’t last all day, probably just a few minutes each.

    Doesn’t seem too difficult to follow through with this. They just want to make sure she’s not fasting or harming herself again. Typical response to someone that was close to dying from suicide. She’s very lucky she even got to go back out there, the court could have been mean and said nope!

    By not complying with this order she will soon find herself living somewhere besides SC as it states any inference with any of the terms will be communicated to the GAL. And if Nancy or the Sheriff feel like Esther is at risk they are to alert the GAL. The GAL will advise the Petitioner’s (Lorraine) attorney and I’m sure they will file new paperwork. It could possibly be jail but might also be a long term treatment facility.

    Even her own attorney advised them to play nice or play along until he can get something else in place. But they are refusing and causing more drama and pain for themselves and people who love them. They really should listen to the attorney!

    Do you have to check your brain at the gate when you go to “the land”?

  9. Jan,

    Thank you for your efforts with the transcripts. That is a tremendous undertaking. Because you and Sam Redman opted to redact the names of the victims, I was comfortable with linking to your work.

    I’m glad you have found the comments sections here to be worthwhile and productive. Moderating them is a challenge for me. At the end of the day, my hope is simply that diverse points of view can be respectfully presented here.

    As of late, most of the contributions from readers have been overwhelmingly respectful and sincere. I know I’ve enjoyed reading the ongoing discussions.


  10. Ok, we have, just now, added another transcript. This time, it’s the Defense Re-direct Examination of Wayne Bent. The link to it is now active on the menu of transcripts.

    As mentioned previously, a mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page.

    More tomorrow.

    — Sam

  11. The order for phone calls is silly. Especially the one instructing her to be alone during the phone call.

    They could determine her disposition far better with a bi-monthly visit from the deputy. If I were this girl’s sister I would prefer in person evaluations.

  12. While the phone calls are different from the way normal welfare checks are made perhaps they set it up like that to give Esther more space and/or maybe she developed some type of rapport with Nancy but it’s such a long way for either of them to drive for a meeting and a phone call is easier. I think the concern about her being alone during the calls was that she will be free to say whatever she wants without worrying that someone is listening.

    I agree the Sheriff or person picked to do the welfare check in person will be able to determine her disposition far easier than by phone especially since it’s supposed to be the same person each time.

    The phone calls to her sister are more easily understood. I like calling my siblings and other family, we live states apart and it’s nice to talk. I don’t think Esther sees it as a good thing though. Sad. Friendships between siblings can be a wonderful blessing when life throws problems your way.

    They sure seem determined to see a sincere concern from her sister about her health as controlling. Lorraine didn’t have to terminate the order, I think she was trying to give Esther the benefit of the doubt that she is old enough and mentally stable to make rational decisions. Lorraine’s probably having doubts about that at this point.

  13. One other thing that I wanted to mention was that Esther said she didn’t agree to or sign anything about the provisions for terminating the conservatorship. That’s true, she couldn’t.

    She didn’t have any power at the time to be involved in any agreement. The first order took away her rights to make her own decisions because the court deemed that immediate and irreparable harm would occur to her health if they didn’t step in. In the 2nd order her GAL and the co-conservators decided on the terms. Until her GAL signed that paper she still did not have any right to make decisions.

    If she would now follow her attorney’s advice he’s probably working to get many of those provisions removed. But if she remains determined not to cooperate it will make his job very difficult.

  14. Chavez was not very articulate or focused, but the case was obvious enough he could win. So much was left out.
    The article that Sam posted on evil really pegged Wayne, (although it was as long as one of Wayne’s rants!).

  15. Ron:

    Chavez was not very articulate or focused, but the case was obvious enough he could win. So much was left out.

    That is an interesting comment Ron and one that I will respectfully disagree with. Yesterday I did Tomas Benevidez’s cross examination of Wayne. It was truly painful to listen to. It was obvious that he had no idea about any of the details of this case. Even the judge by the end was totally frustrated with his weak effort. He must have had to jump into this case at the last minute and was just not up to speed.

    What Chavez actually was able to do was take what I fear was a very weak effort by the State and pull it together in Closing Arguments. Granted there was much that he left out, but it is because I am sure that it was never brought into the case prior.

    I would be curious to know how the Jury felt before Chavez closing. To me he made the case all fall together and made it simple enough for people to understand what the charges were and how they had been proven by the State. Without that Closing and the Rebuttal I am not sure the verdict would have been the same. I do not know of course, and this is just my thoughts after listening to the sections of the trial I have already transcribed.

  16. Maybe it is in the reading of it, instead of hearing it, that makes Chavez seem not very articulate to me.
    Point 1- Wayne is in a position of great authority(worship), and he promoted “getting naked before God(Wayne) prior to these events.
    Point 2- Underage girls( easily influenced by the man they worship) lay naked with him and he touched them(when you are naked, pretty much all of you is “intimate sexual parts”)
    The law has been broken and trust(and common sense) has been violated.

  17. To Sam and Jan – thank you so much for taking the time to transcribe the trial transcripts.
    It’s quite an undertaking and I’m glad that someone stepped up and now I will have the
    chance to read them.
    And to Mark – yes, you do bring out the best in your posters. I love your website!

    If the posts here were anything like the posts about Bent on the VICE website, I wouldn’t
    participate. I don’t know if anyone here has ever read the boards from VICE on the subject
    of Bent but it got pretty vulgar and nasty. WB and his followers had been online and actually
    responded to many of them. They went back and forth and on and on…….
    Something that doesn’t happen here and I’m very happy for that.
    Keep up the great work everyone!

    KM – congrats to you on your new grandbaby! My daughter found out yesterday she’s having
    a boy so now I can start shopping. Watch out Baby Gap!! I can’t wait to meet him!

  18. That’s great Diane! I plan on spoiling their little one a tiny bit. 😉

    I read some of the VICE site, very nasty. I love this site, it’s always interesting and I like the beautiful pictures and videos Mark posts as well as the crime stories.

    Interesting story out of Washington state today. An 82 year old man was arrested for investigation of 2nd degree manslaughter because his 73 year old wife of 52 years fell on her bedroom floor and he said she didn’t want him to call for help so he left her there. All this time he’s been feeding her, giving her medication and cleaning her but never called for help until Monday when he called 911 to report that she had no pulse.

    He told a judge at a hearing today “I don’t consider it to be my fault, she did not want help.”

  19. Forgot to mention the news article from Washington said the medical examiner thought the woman had been on the floor since around Thanksgiving!

  20. Wow… the transcripts are just like being back in the court room. Great job Sam and Jan.
    Jan I was a juror on this trial I would be happy to answer any questions. Sam and Mark both have me email you can get it from them if you would like. Do you plan on posting any of the witnesses that testified?
    I feel Mr Chavez did a good job on his closing arguments, I think he was brought in because Mr Gallegos had a family emergency. So to say that Mr Chavez was weak is not really fair he did the best with what he had and he got the guilty verdict, all but one. With the information that the jury had was enough to convict, I havent had the chance to talk to any of the other jurors, but I would really like to know if any of them has followed this story.

  21. To Juror
    Jan’s location has a power outage right now… so I will post a response. We are about a thousand miles from each other. I will give Jan your email address (I’m sure she will write you… she is a writer and quite the correspondent). Yes, we are doing all the witnesses. Right now we are working on the victims. Later others. Jan does the transcription and then I listen and check for any missed words (sometimes, the sound isn’t perfect) and sentence structure (sometimes, statements are made as single sentences and other times they should be presented as compound… things like that). The final production is dead on accurate with the words and after a few passes, we are relatively certain they are correct in presentation.

    — Sam

  22. Jan you are doing an awesome job. I can hardly believe how fast you are transcribing everything. Sam thanks for helping and making it so we all can read. AWESOME JOB you two. Thanks Mark for allowing us the opportunity to share here.

  23. KM – Nice work on the transcripts Sam and Jan!

    Diane – To Sam and Jan – thank you so much for taking the time to transcribe the trial transcripts.

    Juror – Sam… you and Jan are doing an excellent job.

    CSC – Jan you are doing an awesome job. I can hardly believe how fast you are transcribing everything. Sam thanks for helping and making it so we all can read. AWESOME JOB you two. Thanks Mark for allowing us the opportunity to share here.

    You are all very welcome. It is my pleasure to do this for everyone. I am enjoying really hearing all the words and it is not that hard for me to type it while I listen. The truly challenging part is what Sam does through his editing. He of course catches all of my errors, (thank goodness) but he puts it in such a readable format, typing in the dialog with the appropriate punctuation, so it flows like a real conversation. I think that is what is truly making these extra nice for the reader. And I sincerely appreciate Sam giving it that extra effort.

    I apologize that I did not finish one yesterday, as the winds here were up to 92 miles an hour and of course we had a long power outage. I am back to work again on Chavez’s examination of Healed and hopefully it will be available for you read later today or tomorrow.

    Again thanks to everyone for your support.

  24. Jan, Glad to see you back on here! My parents and brother live near where the OK tornado hit 2 days ago and they said it was awful. My parents live in an RV in the middle of nowhere and don’t have a storm cellar. They do have a phone call warning system and a few low lying spots but it’s pretty scary when the wind picks up.

    I’ve enjoyed the reading the transcripts and I thought Chavez’s closing was very good. Although we don’t have Allasso’s testimony yet, what Chavez said in the closing about his testimony seemed to hurt the defense argument that this was a “religious healing ceremony” because Allasso was not in the bedroom or naked during his healing ceremony. And he kept reminding the jury that it was not about religion but about breaking the law, period.

    In the few references in the closing arguments about the girls, I’m starting to understand a little bit more about why WB got off on Count 1. Looking forward to reading their testimony.

    I’m sure it’s difficult to transcribe an audio transcript to written because of all the pauses and um’s and uh’s. But you both are doing a great job and it’s really good to actually know what was said and not just the SC take on what was said.

    Take care! Hope you don’t have more bad weather. 🙂

  25. New transcript added
    I am proud to announce that we have, just moments ago, added yet another transcript. This time, it’s the Prosecution Direct Examination of L.S, one of the victims, who also called herself, Healed (and posts on this blog sometimes with that id). Her real name is redacted and shown as L.S in transcripts and also referred to as “Healed” in questions by the prosecution and the defense. The link to it is now active on the menu of transcripts. If you have visited that page previously… you should hit your browser refresh button to get the latest “live” links.

    As mentioned previously, a mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page (remember to do “refresh,” if you have been there before).

    More tomorrow.

    — Sam

  26. Additional transcript added.

    The latest is the Defense Cross Examination of L.S, one of the victims, also called, Healed (real name redacted).

    The link to this one is now active on the menu of transcripts. (Hit your browser refresh button to get the latest “live” links, if you have been a previous visitor).

    As mentioned previously, a mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page.

    More tomorrow.

    — Sam

  27. I have a question and hope someone could answer it for me. I see many of the people in SC have changed their names. Did WB give them those names, or did they take them on themselves?

    How did they go about taking these names?

    Some of them have more than 2 names it appears.


  28. Stephanie – I thought the same thing last night. Wendy (ugh) she goes by Christiana and also Zion.
    How do you keep them all straight?

  29. There hasn’t been any word from SC since Jeff’s post on the 10th. Honestly, I’m a little frightened and I’m hoping they haven’t done anything stupid. Has anyone else heard anything from them?

  30. lol@Ron

    Diane, I’m not sure how long you’ve been following SC, but sometimes they go on a “word fast” and won’t post for months, until they need to post another rant.

    I do hope Esther is OK. I still don’t think she looked that healthy after her return.

  31. Stephanie –

    Father gives them their names.

    Often they are in reference to an event of great significance. For a time, one woman was going by “Jubilee” in honor of the role she played in fulfilling the revelations. (WB was getting desperate for a seventh woman – hallelujah – she was the chosen one!)

    I had a spreadsheet with Strong City names/worldly names – and yes, a number of them have changed those names more than once.

  32. Follow-up:

    I found this with a Google search. It was so interesting that I had to post it:

    Once, Uriel was perhaps the mightiest angel in Heaven, second only to Michael in force of arms, and second to none in sheer blazing Essence. He was the first and the greatest of the Malakim, and when he ascended to the status of Archangel, Michael stepped aside to let Uriel assume command of Heaven’s armies.

    [Yes, Jeff Bent used the name ‘Uriel’ for at least a time.]

  33. Wow EMC! I’d love to see your spreadsheet of the names. I’ve often wondered how or where some of them legally changed their names to Travesser. The only one I found legally changed in the NM courts was Willow”s. And as far as we know WB’s not civilly married to any of his wives.

    When they were served to possibly be witnesses at the trial several were served with the name Travesser along with a few aliases.

    I don’t see Jeff as an “Uriel”. He’s tall but doesn’t seem as sure of himself as his Dad. Maybe in person he’s more blazing!

  34. We just put up two more transcripts

    These two complete the testimony of the victim, LS (called Healed). The latest are:

    Prosecution re-direct of LS
    Judge’s direct questions to LS, plus final re-direct/re-cross

    As usual, the links to these two are now active on the menu of transcripts. (Remember to hit your browser’s refresh button to get the latest “live” links, if you have been a previous visitor).

    As mentioned previously, a mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page.

    Next, (maybe later today) we will complete the testimony of the victim A.S.; then others will follow.

    — Sam

  35. Stephanie..Im pretty sure one of the witnesses I think it was Gabrial that he was asked how they got there name and I could be wrong but I think they said it just come to them How? I never understood that, and that some have even changed there names legally.

  36. There is something very strange about this name changing… it is also virtually a standard procedure among the criminal gang cultures. It is a very pervasive practice, going to the point where some of the gang members, when studied by sociologists, after years of going by their gang name, have trouble remembering their real names. Gang leaders will evilly quickly change their recruits’ names, in order to control and dominate them. It is a mechanism to subjugate and take away their sense of identity, to turn them into obedient automatons, robbing them of their humanity. A while ago, I was questioning a “gangsta” as part of my work. This guy, as a leader, had literally renamed every underling in his group. He immediately told me… “I’ve decided to call you, “the professor.” He told me that he had decided that would be my name and that is how he attempted to address me. I told him that I wouldn’t be responding to that name, but that he could call me, “Sam,” during our our interview. He really resisted, but went along with it. At the conclusion, as he was leaving, he said,“Bye, professor.” I have seen this renaming repeatedly as a tool to diminish an individual’s power. What is funny is that sometimes as a joke, some people in my office, who knew about that story, will say, to someone new… “Just call him, ‘the professor,” he likes that.”

    Many socio-psychologists have made observations about this very strange way of renaming in situations where someone is attempting to maintain control of his “crew.” Perhaps you remember that George W. Bush called the now disgraced FEMA guy, “Brownie.” He was said to give of all his sycophantic appointees new names. Read my blog post about “Understanding Evil” for more understanding of other aspects of the mechanisms of those who control the minds and wills of others (you can click on my name to the right to see my blog).

    I found it interesting that on the Strong City location, they show signs of resisting the special “religious” names and evidently use (as Jeff Bent called them) “pet names.” In her correspondence, Aquinnah used the pet names, “Brother Bean” and “Spices,” and she even had moved away from her own name, Esther, now referring to herself as “Essie.”
    — Sam

  37. Ok, one more transcript is up.

    This one is the Prosecution direct of the victim AS.

    The following was said earlier, but repeated here for those who are seeing this post only:

    The link to this is now active on the menu of transcripts. Hit your browser’s refresh button to get the latest “live” links, (if you have been a previous visitor).

    As mentioned previously, a mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page.

    Others soon.

    — Sam

  38. Diane: There hasn’t been any word from SC since Jeff’s post on the 10th. Honestly, I’m a little frightened and I’m hoping they haven’t done anything stupid. Has anyone else heard anything from them?

    I guess they have been saving up for the big weekend extravaganza. They just posted three very interesting ones this afternoon, including one from “Michael.” Or I guess he is just a man now, so perhaps Wayne Bent wrote this one.

    Also the Albuquerque Journal discusses poor Esther’s ordeal. Gosh it is rough when a sister loves another!
    And then poor Jeremy takes a hit from Beth Travesser. How dare he call Strong City a “compound!” My My!!!

    So the word fast is over!

    The discussions of multiple names

    I find all these names just crazy. Especially when the names seem to change as the circumstances dictate. Plus the extended family relationships, it certainly has to be very confusing. No wonder when the girls are asked some of these questions they often cannot remember.

    I am busy working on the rest of A.S. today and I am sure Sam will get it all up later. For me it was a little bit disappointing.

  39. Am I the only one who got teary eyed reading that transcript on A.S.? She said going to WB’s was something she “had” to do. And that she was “scared”.
    I can’t imagine. I remember being a teen girl afraid of regular boys. I cannot imagine how scary this would have been for her. It is obvious she was pushed to go to him. Who did it? Anaiah? Hanifa? Ami? Wendy Bent? This girl did not go to him on her own.

    If I had any say in it I would open an investigation on some of these women for the roles they played in this.

  40. avatar
    Search for Truth

    What I noticed in both of the girls testimony is how very different they were. Healed obviously is totally in love with Michael and she seems to be completely under the spell of the Land. I really wonder about her parents in all of this. Surely they must know the minute she is 18 she will go back there. Heck they let her go back even after this little escapade with Michael. What kind of parent does that? No wonder these young people are messed up. Many of the adults are too.

    And the older one seemed to have no memory of much of it. Was it so traumatic she just blocked it all out? I mean most kids that age remember things. Unlike us senile (lol) adults. So that seemed telling also.

    It sure is a great glimpse though into what the jury heard and did not hear, that is for sure.

  41. Two more transcripts are now displayed!

    These two complete the testimony of the victim A.S.(name redacted). They are:

    Defense cross of AS
    Redirect of AS — questions by the judge with defense followup.

    The following was said earlier, but repeated here for those who are seeing this post only:

    The links to these additions are now active on the menu of transcripts. Hit your browser’s refresh button to get the latest “live” links, (if you have been a previous visitor).

    A mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page.

    Others are coming soon.

    — Sam

  42. Sam or Jan, have you heard anything in the transcripts where DA Gallegos said the following statement in court? “In court [DA Gallegos] stated that the girls would have to have sex with me or get kicked out”?

    Or is that’s just another one of the many lies that WB has posted?

    Those poor girls, my stomach churns about what happened to them. And even though the parents might have made decisions that we consider wrong, we’d need to remember they were also under the mind control of WB. And they look very young themselves. Plus raising a raising a teenager is very difficult even when the teen is trying to cooperate.

  43. To KM,

    No, I have not seen (or heard) any statement like that in the trial proceedings (but, there was something in the sentencing hearing). You can read everything yourself from the trial, where it might have possibly been, because anything of that nature would have been said, in either the opening statements or the summations. You, of course, know that if a prosecutor made a statement like that while questioning witnesses, he would be stopped, because such would be testifying (but, since none of the prosecutors said it, there was no objection from the defense). Nothing in there is like that that I have seen. That’s why it’s nice to have these transcripts published.

    To my knowledge, Gallegos didn’t actually participate in the trial, at least in any of the proceedings which I have heard so far (it was Tomas Benevidez and Emilio Chavez). Now, Gallegos did make the state’s recommendations statement at the sentencing hearing and this is where Bent got that. Gallegos said that when he talked to one of the victims, she told him how she became suicidal, because she realized that as one of the virgins that she was going to be required to “consummate” with Bent and that when Bent became aware of her reluctance, he chased her off of the land.

    Gallegos said at the sentencing: Her statement was, later on, was that, “When I understood that consumation was going to be involved, that’s when I started having weird thoughts. That’s when I started getting suicidal thoughts. And that’s when I became damaged goods in the eyes of this defendant. And what did he do? He chased me out of the compound. Said, ‘it’s better that you leave'” She said, “It was apparent to him” that she “was not going to be so compliant.” She’s “not going to be held under the sway of this person who had held him up, himself, out to be as the Son of God or the Messiah.”

    So, that’s where that came from. Anyone who has read the Strong city archival writings of “The Vision” and the Bent discussions about his messages from God, knows that he was going to be having sex with a this group of women as part of what he said were divine revelations. So, from those writings it is reasonable to assume that if any of that group had resisted, they wouldn’t have been welcome to stay.

    — Sam

  44. Is it just speculation at this point whether or not Healed had sexual relations with WB or did she say it happened publically or on a blog?

  45. Stephanie… Healed testified in court that she had not had sex. And, I have never seen any admission by her anywhere to anything, except “desiring” to have sex with Bent. She wrote quite a bit about that (you can read those in the mirror site archives) and her frustration in not having it was apparent. Now, there were some tacky posters on some sites, who posted that they had that assumption, but we have no indication from Healed that she did. I think she is very honest and has truthfully explained in great detail all of her experiences.

    — Sam

  46. Stephanie –

    Healed is still underage. Had she ‘consummated’ – the charge against Wayne would have been different.

    In the end, Wayne’s need/the prophecy was modified so that he consummated with seven women, but not seven virgins. (Sometimes called the Seven or Seven Witnesses.)

    Those were:
    Ami and Anaiah (the Two Witnesses)

    All of whom documented said consummations in public postings on the Strong City website and/or personal sites. (And can be referenced to subpoenas issued in late October.)

  47. Thanks Sam! I’ve read everything that you and Jan have transcribed up until now and hadn’t seen anything so I was wondering if it was said at the Grand Jury hearing or some other time. Forgot about the sentencing. Do you have the audio transcript of the sentencing?

    I agree, it’s very good to have the transcripts for comparison of what we’re told was said and what was actually said.

    As far as WB’s latest posting and the quote from “Babylon Falls, Revelations” he wants us to believe that America is the Babylon of Revelations. I don’t like to mess with scripture but that passage from Revelations could just as easily be speaking of Strong City or any other group of people or nation. He’s doing what he’s always done, changing scripture, his words, his prophecy’s to suit his particular needs at any given time.
    Not that I’m surprised.

    I know the transcription process is a lot of work so thanks again to you both.
    Where can we email you?

  48. EMC
    Thank you for posting the list of the “seven.” And also thank you for including all their names. I have been wondering, reading the comment section of the Strong City site if some of those were one of the “seven.” And now I can clearly see, it is often his devoted ones that are posting those comments.

    I too believe Healed’s testimony was very honest. One thing, listening to her, and Sam certainly tried to make this clear, she did sob out her desire and yearning to return to the land. There is no doubt in my mind she will be back there when she is eighteen.

    And KM I have not heard Gallegos even speak at the trial yet, with the testimony I have listened to. Sam’s response above is exactly the way I see it too.

    It is interesting how the Strong City people twist things around and try to make much of Wayne’s own words and their words to disappear. Then after they cry fowl like what was said had another meaning or now has a new interpretation.

    It would seem for the most part there are only about fifty or so people remaining in the World that still have got things right and the rest of us are all mixed up and pretty much doomed.

  49. KM I was just thinking and posting the very thing you stated, about how they change scripture, and words to suit their needs at the time. I guess Wayne still does not quite grasp the concept of the internet that what people say “on line,” is pretty much solidified , and through archives, for all to see forever. So change and twist all you want Mr. Bent, we know what you really meant. And many of us know what the original scriptures really meant, too.

    As for how to reach me through an email. On my book site/message board … If you click on my name “Jan,” my email addrees can be accessed. Here is that link:

    http:// noevidenceofacrime.com/comments/

  50. For those of you who are wondering why Healed’s parents let her go back to SC.

    I read Healed’s testimony about her time away from SC when her parents first had her removed and it seemed like she was put back into life as usual. She stayed out behind the house in a small trailer, her parents left her home alone for two weeks and she disobeyed the rules about contacting people at SC. It doesn’t sound like they brought in any professional’s that could “deprogram” her. My best friends sister spent roughly 4 weeks locked in a roadside motel room with her dad and two men that helped to deprogram her. They worked practically around the clock til it was safe to bring her back to Wisconsin and even then it took lots of counseling. The whole intervention took about a good year.
    It seems to me that Healed’s parents just brought her home and set up some rules and that was it. I have’t walked in her parents shoes so it’s hard to say. Maybe they were “mature” enough to see that Bent was a load of dirt and Healed is young/impressionable and would need some professional assistance.
    Thoughts anyone??

  51. Jan/KM – A couple weeks ago, I had to go down to my basement and dig out my bible from religion classes so I could compare some of the scripture Bent was reciting. It was Isaish 4.1 that peaked my curiosity from “The Finished Work”. It wasn’t the same. I have been comparing some of the scriptures they write and many are not the same as in my bible.

  52. Thanks Jan! I thought I remembered that Gallegos left because of his Mother right about the time the jury was seated. I’m very sorry that WB attacked the jury in his latest letter. They were doing their job and did it very well. I hope any jurors who see what he posted will remember that WB always attacks anyone who doesn’t believe in him and that it’s not them personally.

    It’s pretty hard to undo the written word in peoples minds but SC continues to try to undo years of their publications. They must have forgotten not all of us are the “Chosen” and we don’t buy WB’s take on salvation.

    If being mixed up and doomed means I don’t believe in WB and/or the message of SC I’m very happy right where I am, thank you very much!

  53. Diane, I have also compared scripture citations in my Bible and even searched online for different translations. They don’t match. Sometimes it’s close, but a few words always seemed to be changed so it will say what they want. And they quote other books besides the Bible that I’m not familiar with.

    As far as the girl’s parents, I really don’t think they understood the severity of what was going on. Maybe because they had followed WB for so long and really needed to be deprogrammed themselves before they could deal with helping their girls.

    My personal thought is the whole family would benefit from counseling to help them learn how to relate to each other in a positive way both as parent/child and now as adult parents of adult children. There is bound to be a lot of tension in their home right now. Some of that is normal given the ages of the girls but family counseling would help them understand each other so much better.

  54. KM –

    Yes, when you start looking at the relationships and who is commenting in what manner . . . it makes a little more sense.

    For the record, I assumed everyone knew that Esther was Aquinnah. Earlier Strong City writings DID refer to her as Queen Esther (one of the recent comments did too) and said she would play a leading role in the Consummation.

    Amianah (Ami) is Debbie Keele. She is also the biological mother of Moriah/Bethany.

    Anianah (sp?) is Jodi Thompson, biological mother of Willow.

    I believe the group calls one “Mother” or something similar and the other one “Mom.” During the video of Esther leaving, someone refers to “Mom” and my impression was she was just off camera.

    As regards Healed being on The Land, several members of her extended family are still living there. While her parents may have left the property, the family is still very much entwined with Strong City. I understand their continuing struggles and quite frankly, what snippets I saw of the dad at trial, they are still enthralled. It’s hard to work with a child if the adult is still dysfunctional.

  55. In the NG program, Healed had referred to one of the Witness’s as “mother”. In fact she called her, “my true mother”.
    I believe she is the mother of Willow.

  56. Another transcript is now displayed!

    This one includes arguments before the judge in a non-jury discussion – it is about the media and prosecution witnesses, Dinsmore and Melton. And, most interesting to readers of this blog, there is a discussion about beyond90seconds.com:

    Non-jury discussion – about media and witnesses Dinsmore and Melton

    The following was said earlier, but is repeated for those who are seeing this post only:

    The link to this addition is now active on the menu of transcripts. Hit your browser’s refresh button to get the latest “live” links, (if you have been a previous visitor).

    A mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page.

    Others are coming soon.

    — Sam

  57. Ooh! That’s good stuff!
    Judge Baca certainly seemed fair about everything, including the media and while Sarah Montoya was really on the ball with her objections to the Expert Witnesses, I think the Judge made a good ruling. It gave the jury a chance to still hear what they had to say and it gave her a chance to show that what they were saying was irrelevant.
    It will be interesting to read the expert witnesses testimony and both attorney’s questions and comments. Thanks!

  58. KM…where can I find where WB attacked the jury?

    I actually thought Dr Dinsmore and Melton were good information.
    Search for truth I think you are so right about Healed going back as so as she is 18 and she was groomed and yes AS had been tramatized…it was very obvious

  59. Juror,

    We plan on having Dr. Dinsmore and Dr. Melton up next, maybe tomorrow. I look forward to listening to them after all the discussion prior, about their testimony.

    It certainly seemed like Healed will be returning. I mean if her parents really wanted to help her change her life’s outlook I would think they would not still be living practically at the gates of Strong City. I can only imagine how traumatized AS was listening to her voice.

    It was very sad listening to both of the girls. Sad really in many ways! But I would imagine that you Jurors saw both of the girls and how Wayne certainly controlled their actions. In spite of what they both said, I do believe that your individual common sense came to all of you, and you evaluated it all in the right way.

  60. Juror, it’s on the SC website. There is a link to it on Prudence’s website or you could google strong city. It’s in the post from Wayne Bent that was just put up yesterday I believe. If you can’t find it write back and we’ll find another way for you to see it.

    Be advised, they don’t take well to criticism and even if you write to them if they don’t like it they won’t post your reply.

  61. I wonder if Esther is complying with court orders.

    What happened at the hospital during her “kidnapping”? Does anyone know?

  62. In the Wayne Bent letter from prison, which is now posted on the strongcity website, he mentioned that in the summation, there was a sidebar where Judge Baca stated that there was no evidence to support a touching of the breast. We have now included the contents of that entire side bar in the defense summation transcript. You can see the revised version by going to the trial menu page, strongcity2.info/trial.html (be sure to hit refresh) and clicking on the defense summation link. What the judge said in sidebar (that Bent was talking about) is as follows:

    Judge Baca: There’s no evidence to support that there was ever a touching of the breast. Your client has denied adamantly on the stand that did not touch the breast. And so the question is really, “Did he or did he not touch the breast?” and not whether it is part of a religious practice. So the objection is sustained.

    Of course, the jury couldn’t hear that. And, what the judge said in sidebar is not considered probative, because the jury and not the judge are the “triers of fact.” But, it was interesting and it just might be helpful to include that statement in the appeal filings (it couldn’t hurt, along with all of the testimony to that effect).


  63. Let me add one thing to that comment about the sidebar. Judge Baca’s response to having said that, might well be that he wasn’t saying (or passing judgement) whether or not there was actually any evidence, but that he was implying that such was the defense’s position (that there was no evidence to support that there was a touching of the breast). When you consider his comment in context with the subject of the objection, which was about Montoya trying to justify touching of the breast as being part of a religious practice (similar to a Jewish circumcision), then it seems clear that he was really saying that you can’t have it both ways.

    That’s why you should take a moment and go over and read the entire exchange.


  64. Sam, I have a question. When AS tesstified, she said Bent kissed her breast. I thought I read that…..

  65. Sam…Where AS pointed when asked, she did point to a part of the breast. Just thought I would add that in.

  66. And Diane, she said he kissed her breast, I will respond to your question. But of course I could not tell where she pointed so that is very important to know. Thank you Juror!

  67. Thank you Jan! I had to go back and read the transcripts from her testimony again. She said he kissed her on the breast. She also said that she was angry and I’m assuming she was angry at the situation or maybe Bent?

  68. Diane, Yes she was angry at Wayne Bent. I am working on Dr. Dinsmore right now. Her testimony is quite telling. She really is an expert in her field. I believe she is able to explain so very much about these two girls. I have no way of knowing and our Juror can respond but I would think she helped clarify a lot of the holes that might have been left from both A.S.’s and Healed’s testimony.

  69. Diane…yes AS was angry and you could tell she was tramatized by all this. She was a bit confussed also.

    Jan I think Dr Dinsmore did an excellent job. Yes she explained alot as you probably know already by the transcripts. The information that Dr Dinsmore gave was right on she is quite the expert and very good at what she does. I think you will find that Melton is quite the expert to and very interesting.

  70. Yes, Diane, I agree that the testimony of AS was clear, that Bent kissed her on the breast. That would have been convincing (probative) evidence that there was touching of at least the fleshy part of the breast. So, that testimony (along to the common sense deductions regarding the width of Bent’s hand and where he showed his hand positioned on his own chest) alone makes me think that the judge was not attempting do anything, but describe the defense’s position. That’s why sidebars are supposed to be “off the record” and certainly they are not meant to be recorded (to avoid just this kind of controversy).

    But, the defense attorney, Sara Montoya, maintained that the intimate parts of the breast are those which are covered by a bikini or, on another occasion, the area that is used to breast-feed a baby. The prosecution defined the intimate part as being any of the fleshy (mound) area. This difference in distinction might be just enough to warrant the verdict being thrown out on appeal, because the wording of the law is not specific (subject to interpretation). The prosecution narrowed his conviction requirements down to that criteria (Bent’s hand, even inadvertently, touching the fleshy part of breast), so it seems to be a very logical point to launch an appeal. If a breast area is shown typically by girls in bathing suits at the pool (and even in shopping malls with low cut dresses), then perhaps those areas should not be considered “intimate.” and the “intimate” areas are those which are kept covered in public.

    — Sam

  71. Two more transcripts now displayed!

    These two are the direct and cross examination of the prosecution’s expert witness, Dr. Elizabeth Dinsmore. A second prosecution witness, Dr. Melton, will be posted later. The two new transcripts are:

    Direct examination of Dr. Dinsmore
    Cross examination of Dr. Dinsmore

    The following was said earlier, but is repeated for those who are seeing this post only:

    The links to these additions are now active on the menu of transcripts. A mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page.

    Hit your browser’s refresh button to get the latest “live” links on that menu page, (if you have been a previous visitor).

    Others are coming soon.

    — Sam

  72. Very interesting! Her testimony was very good and like “Juror” said she explained a lot. Looking forward to reading Dr. Melton’s testimony.

    I posted the following information in the comments section of Prudence’s blog. It’s mostly statistical information about the average time involved in an appeal in NM. I don’t know if there is an appealable issue or not but it sure is a long process.

    The New Mexico Court of Appeals website shows some statistics of the NM Court of Appeals for several years. It shows the average days it takes for an appeal in different stages. The first stage is from the Notice to Appeal to when it is calendared (a fancy term for describing the type of appeal the court will hear) which is probably where any appeal process for this case is now.

    If you look at 2007-08 (the court year is July-June) it’s an average of anywhere from 200 to 700 + days from the Notice to Appeal to an Opinion, depending on which type of appeal it is.

    If you look up WB’s case at the NM court website you’ll see the notice of appeal was filed on 01/05/09. There have been several motions, etc. filed since then including the following:

    02/10/2009 ORD: ORDER

    There is a lot we don’t know, like whether the attorney SC said they were hiring for the appeal is the same attorney that was appointed on 02/10/09. Lots of things that could either speed up the process or slow it down.

    Regardless, except for a motion for reconsideration of sentence back in Jan. I haven’t seen any type of motion asking for WB to be released while he’s appealing and until that’s asked for I imagine he’ll still be in the state’s custody.

  73. Just out of couriosity…Im wondering what you all thought about Dr Dinsmore?

    I think you will be very interested in what Melton said on stand also.

  74. KM —That was a very nice write-up concerning what is going on with Bent’s appeal. I am very strongly an advocate of prisoners being released to (at the least) house arrest during their appeal process.

    I see no reason for anyone, who is not a risk to escape (or an immediate danger to another person), being incarcerated during that appeal time. Any wrongly convicted person can best help their own appeal in a better environment (like their own home) than a prison. This is a very difficult position for many people to understand, because those who particularly wish for a specific person to be incarcerated are repulsed by the idea of them being out of prison for any reason after they have been convicted. But, I think that it essential for every avenue to be facilitated to make the appeal procedures as effective as possible. Think of what you would want for yourself, if you were wrongly convicted of a crime (you’d want to be home). An impartial system should provide the same rights and privileges to all.

    So I am hoping for Wayne to be released during his appeal (you should too).

    — Sam

  75. Sam & Jan — thanks for all of your work on the transcripts. It was interesting to read this. But I have one concern. I realize that these are public records, but I also have concerns as to how this affects A.S.

    Healed has no problem with sharing her intimate feelings or parts of her life on the net. But A.S. seems sensitive, and wounded.

    Is it a good idea to keep these records up for too long on the internet? I mean, anyone who knows A.S. was with SC could read these, and how would that affect her on a personal level in her life?

    She’s still a young lady, and I tend to wonder how that could affect someone trying to heal from what happened to her.

  76. Sam — I have an issue with WB being released during an appeal and I will tell you why. Just look on the SC blog and you will see a comment made by Willow. Now is she back in SC? Would Anaiah protect her daughter from molestation? I doubt it.

    Willow has been kept away since she was removed from SC by the state and now she’s back commenting on their blog. I find that interesting.

  77. Stephanie, I have to agree with your last comment. You can imagine my surprise to see Willow now commenting again on the SC site. I also have to agree with the statement about the mental status of A.S. and how she is is going to be able to heal from these events with them plastered all over the internet
    Sam, I have to disagree with the thought of allowing Wayne out for any reason including an appeal. The mental hold he has over these people is to a point that I can see no good happening from his release. This is my personal opinion but I would love to see a few more of the SC people join Wayne behind bars. In my eyes knowledge of the type of things Wayne has done and or encouraging it is just as bad as actually doing the acts and should be punishable with the same type of prison sentences. Just my opinion for what ever it is worth.

  78. Even though I’m an older adult and relatively new to computers I understand probably better than young kids, my own included, that what you write on the internet is going to stay around for a long time.
    We all have words we wish we’d left unsaid and while the “love” letters from years ago my Mom found in the attic and sent to me can be destroyed, it’s almost impossible to completely erase internet postings.
    I imagine at least A.S. if she tries to get more education or a job out in the real world will come into contact with kids her age who won’t understand what she’s been through. I think they’ll have more sympathy for her situation than that of her sister but it would be nice if eventually her testimony could be hidden in some deep, dark archive in cyberspace.

    Sam, while I support everyone’s right to an appeal, the appeals court doesn’t hear criminal cases involving sentences of death or life imprisonment, that’s reserved for the State Supreme Court. So, an argument could be made that everyone appealing through the Court of Appeals, because they will not have committed murder or an extremely heinous crime worthy of life imprisonment, should always be released on appeal. In our less than perfect world, It’s not always that cut and dried. I’m sure in the past 2 months there has been time to assess WB’s mental health and the Mental Health professionals will probably make a recommendation as to whether he is a threat to those at SC or others if released on bail.

    I think it is a reasonable to assume that if WB was released on appeal life at SC would go back to their normal (as opposed to my normal, not necessarily bad, but different) and for them that would be wonderful. But, because of the particular charges and conviction it can’t be completely the same. There will still be the issue of no minors living on the land and/or not having contact with him until either an appeal is successful or it’s not and he’s sent back to prison to serve his remaining time.
    Which means that someone like Willow who might be living there right now would not be able to continue doing so. That would put us back to square one, with no children allowed on the land and people raising a fuss about it, fasting and writing diatribes.

    Thankfully, it’s not put to a vote to the general population so I don’t have to decide that particular issue.

    Juror, I thought Dr. Dinsmore hit the nail on the head. It’s obvious that she’s very knowledgeable about the issues at hand because even in a limited interview with Healed and a more thorough one with A.S. she was able to pick up many things about them and about the dynamics of their family and of SC. I would always want her on my side!

    Dr. Melton next Sam and jan?

  79. Yes, Dr. Melton is next. I will be offering it up to Sam shortly. I am proof reading it now. His voice is very deep and he uses many unique phrases. I try to make it as complete as possible before Sam gets it.

    I think this man was quite an impressive “expert witness.” He also fills in many gaps.

  80. During an appeal, my thoughts …

    I think it is a normal human reaction to view some of these judicial issues narrowly, reflecting opinions based on the particular case involved. I have seen this bias in other cases I have followed through the years. Many people that know me, understand that I am a big believer in “innocent until proven guilty.” I am very concerned at the direction our country has taken which seems to be that of allowing the Media to convict one under suspicion from the onset. It only seems to be getting worse, looking at the Duke Rape case as a perfect example, of how very wrong almost all media reports were from day one.

    Now to continue on with these feelings of innocent until proven guilty, I have come to also see that our justice system is not perfect. Sometimes even juries get it wrong. Or in some cases there might be a technicality in the trying of the case where a miscarriage of justice may have been carried out. What is always to me the most important, is that everyone, no matter who that person is, gets the most fair treatment from beginning to end in the legal process.

    And that would also be right through their right to an appeal. We should as citizen of our country want that right for everyone, no matter the case no matter what our personal feelings are about who or what is involved in the case. While the percentages of the jury getting it wrong might be slim, it can happen. And for me it is more important always that an innocent person be free than a guilty one be incarcerated.

    If a person has been wrongly convicted, it would seem only fair and just that they have limited freedom while their appeal is pending. As Sam said it would only give them much more ability to work on that appeal and help regain their complete freedom. I am not sure what the precedent is regarding this, but it would seem when there is no life threatening issues or flight risk, it might indeed be very useful to consider.

    I understand that many and most people will not agree with me regarding this case. Most believe that the judgement against Wayne Bent was the correct one. And it may have been the correct one. But part of the complete process is having this perhaps looked at by a higher court and make sure that he was tried fairly under the laws of the State of New Mexico. If that was not done, maybe there needs to be a tightening or a clarification of those laws which would be part of the process beyond this case.

    What is most important is looking at the entire Judicial System as a process from beginning to end. We as the citizens of our great country should want this in place for everyone. And so I try to step outside of my personal feelings on any one case and look at the case as part of a greater picture.

    In this case, since there would be no flight risk and since as KM states all the restrictions of minors living off of the land would continue it would appear that there really would be no reason Wayne should not be able to return home while he and his legal team work on an appeal. Whether this might happen I have no idea. It may be that there are no grounds for an appeal. None of us know that either at this point. I believe we all will just have to wait and see. And as KM has pointed out, it might very well be a long wait.

  81. I think that Jan nailed it. Hopefully, others can understand that, for those who study crime and the accused and for those who campaign for presumed innocence, what is paramount in our consciousness is “the law.” Irrespective of any evidence which might “tend” to convict, if what has been gathered doesn’t rise to the specifics of the enacted law of the jurisdiction, then even a guilty person should go free (because, that is how we also ensure that the innocent are not imprisoned).

    And, if guilty people are going free, because of such an inadequacy of the law, then it is incumbent upon the legislatures to correct such deficiencies. In Bent’s case, that law, under which he was convicted, regarding criminal sexual contact, might need to be made more definitive in describing what actually constitutes an intimate part. That’s why the appeal process is one of our most noble institutions, because it examines the evidence presented at a trial against the specifics of the law. To the disapppointment of many, Bent might go free in the process, but this experience might result in lawmakers improving the details of that law, so that future offenders don’t go free (and future falsely accused aren’t convicted).

    — Sam

  82. KM,

    My cousin Mike was convicted along with 5 other men of killing a co worker at one of the paper mills here in town. (The man was thrown into a pulp vat) Mike happened to be called in that day to cover for someone who was going to be off when this happened and all of a sudden he was part of this big conspiracy. To make a long story short, he went through the appeal process and he was released from prison during the final appeal and was released from prison. But it took him 6 years to get free. He just finished writing a book about the whole experience, it should be released very soon.

  83. What Wayne has done is wrong on so many levels that common sense begs for justice. For some reason there seems to be those out there who would like for this case to disolve in a technicality of the law. How many tears have to be shed by the people he has hurt? Wayne is not a murderer. At least a murder victim finds peace. I think that the damage he has done will resonate for years. (I did think his sentence was harsh, but I never doubted his guilt. )

  84. Another transcript now displayed!

    This is the direct examination of the prosecution’s expert witness, Dr. John Gordon Melton. What was especially interesting to me about his excellent testimony was that he gained a lot of his perspective by studying the Mirror site, which I had put together (after Bent and his team closed his site, in his attempt to suppress possibly incriminating documents and videos). The various documents (the writings of Bent and his sexual partners), which I had been able to preserve (those which the defense, at the outset of the trial, kept from being admitted as evidence) were helpful in Dr. Melton’s testimony. Plus, he studied in detail, the 117 minute video, “The Finished Work,” which Bent had removed from the web. Fortunately, I had been able to retrieve this video, prior to it being lost to any public access. You can see it for yourself on the mirror site (Bent’s statements in that video show that he perjured himself on the stand, talking about his self-assumed role). The new transcript is:

    Prosecution direct examination of Dr. John Gordon Melton

    The following was said earlier, but is repeated for those who are seeing this post only:

    The links to these additions are now active on the menu of transcripts. A mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page.

    Hit your browser’s refresh button to get the latest “live” links on that menu page, (if you have been a previous visitor).

    The cross of Dr. Melton and other transcripts are coming soon.

    —- Sam

  85. Diane,
    I covered the Tom Monfils case while working at WBAY. I certainly remember the name Keith Kutska (sp?).
    However, the trial started shortly after I left WBAY-TV for a job in New Mexico. Prior to leaving, though, I provided the station an outline/plan for its trial coverage (something my boss had asked me to do).
    I look forward to the book you mentioned!


  86. My cousin is Mike Piaskowski and he was released in 2001. The book is very interesting. He honestly belives that David Wiener killed him. David’s brother Tim knew it too and he told David that he was going to go to the police, they argued and David killed him. Killed his own brother. In exchange for a lighter sentence, he was the prosecutions “star” witness against the six. The other five are still in prison.
    You know Mark, that case took a toll on a lot of people. It ended a couple of cops careers and I know there is a bigger story behind it all. It’s my hope that some day, the whole truth behind the investigation will come out.

  87. Jan and Sam,

    Are you planning to post the testimonies of Gabriel and Allasso or are they so irrelevant that it would be a waste of time? You have gone above and beyond in transcribing what you already have and, I for one, GREATLY appreciate it, so I’m not trying to ask for more work. =) I’m just curious to hear their testimony about Wayne not being the leader and how they view/want to portray the dynamic on the land.

  88. Casidi.

    We plan on posting everything, as Sam said I believe at one point from “gavel to gavel.” I would think that what Gabriel and Allasso said will be very interesting. I am just listening to these testimonies while I transcribe, so much of it I still have not heard, just like all of you.

    And you are very welcome Casidi. It is our pleasure to do this. I believe I can speak for Sam in that regard.

  89. To James –

    Many people mischaracterize an accused (or convicted) person’s particular process to freedom, which has resulted in the realization of justice by means of their attorney demanding exactness in the interpretation of the law, as someone getting off on “a technicality.” But, honestly, such is a misnomer with erroneous negative implications and, usually, people who rely on that term are showing a misunderstanding about our judicial process. It is not a technicality which produces freedom. It is instead, adherence to the wording and spirit of exactly way the law is written in relation to whatever evidence has been accumulated and presented in an attempt to convict. You would be praising high heaven, if such a “technicality” enabled your own freedom, if you were ever convicted of a crime you hadn’t committed.

    James wrote:

    For some reason there seems to be those out there who would like for this case to dissolve in a technicality of the law.

    James, I can assure you, that, like you, I am disgusted by the way Wayne Bent has manipulated people into belief in his religion of desolation and desperation. He has convinced them that all the world is doomed, except those who didn’t think his having sex with all those women was ordained by God (and the time has now expired for future people to get “in” by believing that nonsense). That’s Wayne’s gospel, his simple plan of salvation (see the “The Finished Work” video on the mirror site to get that message clearly). Those few automaton believers now see no hope in the future, no desire to help people less fortunate, no desire to do anything to enable themselves to grow mentally and spiritually, no desire to achieve anything to contribute to the further good of mankind, because they all think that it’s all over. No wonder Esther had no problem with a suicidal fast. Bent has put them into a mental state that finds little reason for hanging on.

    So, I agree with you that he has committed some serious offenses against his fellow man and has probably irreparably damaged the psyche of many, many people. But, even with his sins against people, I don’t want to see any man imprisoned unless it can be done following the absolute letter of the law. And as I have said before, sometimes the guilty go free and the laws are only corrected for snaring future offenders. But, it is better that a few guilty go unpunished if such diligence to appropriate legal interpretaion enables others who are innocent to be free, even if you wish to call it a “technicality.”

    — Sam

  90. Sam, I still believe that the spirit of the law was applied and justice was served. What I am afraid of is the “splitting of hairs” that leads to justice being un-done. Did Wayne touch a nipple or just the sternum? What kind of nonsense is that? The law was written by men with more sense than to know you cant inventory what makes a person vulnerable. The mind is molested, is that considered an intimate part?

  91. If the true purpose of an appeal is to make sure that the proper procedure was followed and that no corruption entered the system, then I understand that.
    But to get others to second guess a jury or a judge is not right. Just my 2 cents!

  92. Diane, that’s a sad story but I’m glad in the end your cousin was freed. Will you post here when the book comes out so we’ll know to look for it? I’d like to read it.

    Your cousin is exactly the reason everyone has the right to appeal. Because like Jan said, the jury occasionally gets it wrong. The jury can’t read the papers or listen to the news to hear the commentaries or opinions of others. They only have what is given them in the courtroom and if the information is wrong, not enough or not presented correctly they won’t know that at the time they start deliberating. Their verdict comes from the evidence that is presented to them. If the jury gets the verdict wrong, it’s usually not their fault.

    Even though there is a right to appeal no one ever said it was an easy or short process. And if an appeal is lost in the state appeals court it can keep going up the ladder, all the way to the US Supreme Court, although it’s pretty rare for that to happen.

    Regardless of my personal feelings about WB, he does have the right to appeal. I have not found anything yet that addresses why some are released during an appeal and others are not. It seems like each case is decided individually with different aspects of what the risks of release are.

    Even if on appeal a particular issue is found to have been wrongly presented or technically wrong according to the law, it might not be enough to affect the final verdict and/or sentencing. And even if the verdict or sentencing is reversed that doesn’t automatically mean freedom. Many times the case is sent back for a new trial or re-sentencing.

    As for Dr. Melton, WOW! He is a world of knowledge and his testimony is great. It is very technical in regards to the formation of different religious groups and his understanding of SC (LOR) seems spot on. It will be interesting to see how the defense deals with his ability and knowledge.

  93. KM,

    Thanks. We had more than 25,000 “page views” in one 24 hour period this week, followed by more than 9,000 page views over the next 24 hours.
    This was the result of a CNN/Nancy Grace story about the unsolved murder of Juliana Redding. Seems the story was also picked up by wowowow.com (Women on the Web), postchronicle.com and other Web sites.
    Last year, I believe I wrote seven stories about the Redding case. I wanted to do more (and perhaps should have). At the risk of sounding like I’m sitting on something “big” (because I don’t think I am), I do know more about the case than has been written on this blog and elsewhere. There were certainly leads to follow. And rumors to be eliminated.
    I suppose there are a few reasons why I haven’t done more. Time, money and sensitivity to the family. While living in Tucson, I entertained ways to advance the story (Redding was from Tucson). But I elected not to do so. The story has been under-reported in the mainstream media.
    Ironic that I should write that last sentence. In years past, I’ve been one to speak critically of the media’s propensity to mostly focus on missing adults who are white and “beautiful” women.
    Redding was stunning. But this very sad case has much more that makes it both compelling and well-worth investigating.
    Sorry to write so much about the Redding case on this Bent thread. Perhaps this should have been a post.

  94. Mark, That’s a lot of page views in such a short amount of time. I have read the story and I’m sure there is much more than what has been reported.
    Although Nancy Grace does quite a few interesting stories, I find her voice annoying so usually don’t listen to her. I’d rather read about it later.
    In my mind, it seems appropriate to post your reply here as both stories are really centered around the abuse of women.

  95. Another transcript now displayed!

    This is the defense’s cross examination of the prosecution’s expert witness, Dr. John Gordon Melton. It also includes the prosecution’s redirect and also the prosecution’s declaration that they are resting the case.

    The new transcript is:

    Cross and re-direct of Dr. John Gordon Melton

    The following was said earlier, but is repeated for those who are seeing this post only:

    The links to these additions are now active on the menu of transcripts. A mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page.

    Hit your browser’s refresh button to get the latest “live” links on that menu page, (if you have been a previous visitor).

    Other transcripts are coming soon.

    —- Sam

  96. Mark

    No matter the reason 200,000 hits on your site here is an awesome accomplishment. The work and style of your reporting has something to do with your success and that is definitely reflected here,therefor congratulations is truly in order. Continue the great work that so many of us loyal followers of Beyond90seconds have grown to appreciate. It may be in part because of a story but in the end it is the way the story was written that causes the reader to want more. The fact that you now have over 200k hits here not only reflects that you cover good stories, but that you also write in a way that us readers want more. Thank you again for the AWESOME JOB you are doing and a “CONGRATULATIONS” on the 200k hits is truly deserved.

  97. Ron ,Glad you enjoyed Dr. Melton. I was so taken with his testimony. It was really very interesting to listen too. And of course what you all can not appreciate is the voice that accompanied the words, was so very deep. He really I would suspect totally commanded the attention of the Courtroom. (Juror maybe can add to that thought)

    This man in 3 weeks (which of course Montoya tried to diminish) studied and I felt had a complete understanding of The Lord Our Righteousness Church. His being able to read Sam’s Mirror Site was an invaluable tool that the State was able to use. And since that site completely gives a reader the total history Dr. Melton would literally become an expert. I do not think Dr. Melton would have been able to speak with such conviction without that site.

    Dr. Melton really could explain the process of how all of this evolved for the group on the Land. His summarized account from the Scriptures explained so much. He made it very clear who the leader was in Wayne, and Michael as the Story Teller. He also showed how some things had not happened as Wayne/Michael predicted and that this is one of the problems the people are still dealing with.

    What also was interesting was how he spoke about these people, their religion and even Wayne/Michael in a very nonjudgmental manner. He was just reporting on a religious group. He was showing no contempt for them at all, as I could see.

    And Montoya in her Cross tried hard to make him appear to have a bias. And with each response he just came back with more honest facts to show how they were and how it was all centered around their “Charismatic Leader!”

    Montoya I believe would have been better off to have said at the onset, “I have no questions of this witness!” For me it was her worst attempt of all. Of course she is going with a lie here, in her Defense, that Wayne is not the leader. To continue to reinforce in the minds of the jury what is so totally inaccurate is what might have lost the case.

    And Benevidez actually came back with three excellent points in the Re-direct. The whole point about Vampires was so pathetic. As if to say that any scholarly person cannot have a hobby and not write or make money off of something amusing and fun. But the way Benevidez closed, with Charles Manson as a charismatic leader … chalk one up for Tomas on that one.

    All in all for me that was a very interesting transcript to work on. And if you have not read it yet, please do. I bet you will be impressed with Dr. Melton.

  98. Another transcript has been posted!

    This one is quite different from previous transcripts. It is a motion offered, after the prosecution rested their case, by defense attorney, Sara Montoya for a Directed Verdict to Dismiss. This transcript includes arguments from Ms. Montoya and the prosecution attorney, Emilio Chavez. It is quite interesting. It shows that the judge felt that the nature of the evidence was such that the jury (not him) would be able to make the judgement on whether evidence was sufficient to convict (which certainly seems to contradict what he said, off the record, in the sidebar during the summation at the conclusion of the trial). This transcript is:

    Defense Motion for Directed Verdict to Dismiss

    The link to this new transcript can be found on the trial tab on the mirror site. You can scroll to the post at the very top of this beyond90seconds.com page for a link to the mirror site and to the trial transcripts page.

    More coming soon.

    — Sam

  99. The fact that Judge Baca denied the Motion to dismiss the charges and said the following in the arguments:
    “Ms. Montoya: But, if Mr. Bent didn’t touch them in those areas… Judge Baca: That’s the question the juries being asked to resolve”
    makes the sidebar comment the Judge made earlier much clearer.

    In the context of the objection by the state made when Ms. Montoya was trying to justify the touching of the breast as being part of a religious experience the comment does seem to have been made because of the objection and not the Judge saying “there’s no evidence to support….”. I like how Sam put it “you can’t have it both ways”.

    Although we were able to read the sidebar comments in the transcriptions it was not in spoken in front of the jury. And I’m not sure if sidebar comments can be used in an appeal. Do you know Sam?

    It seems both in the sidebar and in the motion for a directed verdict the Judge was quite clear that the question the jury ultimately must decide was did he or or did he not touch the breast? The testimony of A.S. was very clear that he kissed her on her breast and the jury heard that and decided he did! For me just the fact that SHE considered that he kissed her on the breast harming her bodily integrity or however they say it would have been enough to convict him.

    It’s confusing to me that the contention was that the breast area that would be considered intimate would be the part covered by a bikini (and probably a very modest bikini). But the Defense also wanted the jury to believe that it’s not against the law to be naked in front of someone. So if no parts of your body are covered with clothes does that mean there are no intimate parts of your body? Does that mean it wouldn’t be criminal sexual contact for an adult to touch a child anywhere on their body?

    As far a child running around naked in front of Grandpa, that usually happens when a child is very young. I’ve not seen or heard of older children or grandchildren running around naked in front of parents or grandparents. In fact, all of my children, boys and girls, reached a point in their maturity where even to accidently walk in on them taking a bath would start them yelling. Hah! Taught me to knock! While each person reaches that stage at different times, with my children it was never past 12-13 years old and some were earlier.

    Going winter camping! I’ll be back Sunday if I don’t freeze to death! Keep up the good work Sam and Jan. And thanks again Mark for helping us stay involved in this story!

  100. I thought Dr. Melton had quite a grasp on the LOR after having only 3 weeks to study them. I believe his explanations were thorough and somewhat accurate. However, there was one thing that stuck out in my mind which tends to bug me. But it’s not something that is necessarily in reference to Dr. Melton’s views, it happens in society time and again.

    I’m referring to his observations regarding their style of clothing, their diet, etc.

    Is it really a “cult” thing?

    I wear alot of dresses. 80% of my wardrobe consists of skirts much like the one’s some of the women in SC wear. I’m not of any particular religion either. I also tend to lean toward a vegan diet too.

    Go to say, the Navajo reservations and you will encounter many women who adopt their traditional style of dress which is long dresses/modest wear.

    I’m not sure what Dr. Melton meant when he was sizing up the LOR in regards to their chosen style of dress since many many people even someone like me who has no particular religion dresses quite similar to them.

    The Navajo are a culture, yes, but in a way I think it’s unfair to judge someone strictly based on what they eat or how they dress.

    It’s kind of funny because I have had people ask me if I’m a pentacostal or a Jehovah witness because I wear alot of dresses or skirts.

    It’s interesting how society itself will judge you based on how you look or what you eat.

  101. Stephanie, I think Dr. Melton meant that, as a group they tend to stick to certain styles. Do all of your friends have the same style as you, or are your friends a diverse group of people. Most of my musician friends tend to dress like musicians,and you could probably look at them and assume they are in a band. Of course it is a stereotype, and its not always true, but usually is.

  102. Does the prison have a creative writing course? Wayne rants like Charlie Manson, I wonder if he can dance like Charlie.

  103. Ron, And as in the re-direct of Dr. Melton, the final question of Benevidez:

    Tomas Benevidez: Thank you. And finally Ms. Montoya asked you if Jesus was a charismatic leader. Is Charles Manson a charismatic leader?

    Dr. Melton: Charles Manson was… in his own way, yes, a charismatic leader.

  104. Two more transcripts have been posted!

    These two are the testimony of prosecution witness, Elsa Sayer, who is the mother of the two victims. These are being posted out of sequence, as she was actually the first of all of those we have posted to date. On the trial menu page, you can see the order that each witness appeared (puts the trial testimony into better perspective).

    These transcripts are:

    Direct testimony of Elsa Sayer
    Cross and redirect of Elsa Sayer

    The links to these new transcripts can be found on the “trial” tab on the mirror site. You can scroll to the post at the very top of this beyond90seconds.com page for a link to the mirror site and to the trial transcripts page.

    More coming soon.

    —– Sam

  105. Tomas Benevidez: And did your daughters disclose to you that they laid naked with Michael?

    Elsa Sayer: Not until after the fact.

    According to healed’s testimony, she did ask her parents about laying with Wayne. Even if nudity was not mentioned, Elsa already knew that Wayne wanted them to lay naked with him, and I still do not understand why she did not go and get Healed out of SC to protect her.

  106. Stephanie…I dont think she knew it was naked, Afterall Healed was so young at the time, if I was her mother I probably would have never imagined it would be laying naked with a grown man

  107. This is confusing. Because according to Healed’s testimony on Prudence’s page, and Elsa’s testimony it appears that Elsa knew Wayne was going to require the seven virgins to lay naked with him. She did say she was not at that meeting. She also mentioned she was aware of posts. There are dozens of posts that were put out in reference to The Vision.

    I’m sorry but you will not find me very sympathetic to the parents of Healed and her sister. Because what should have been the red flag for Elsa, was when Healed did tell her about wanting to lay with WB. Even if it did not require nudity, who would be OK with their child laying with an elderly man??

    After every thing I have read on the Sayer’s, I feel they totally dropped the ball here and left their children wide open to be victimized by WB.

    I know I come across as harsh but they were the parents and this could have been avoided. I blame WB, and the parents for the trauma the children suffer. Same as I’d blame Hanifa for messing up her daughter Esther. It’s neglect and abuse.

    I re-read Anaiah’s post on the mirror site last night and seriously in complete awe as to why this woman has not been questioned or charged for her part in this. For soliciation of a minor at the very least.

    I feel that the state has dropped the ball on that too. I can’t stress enough that there was more than one perp in SC and it wasn’t just WB. JMHO

  108. Another transcript has been posted!

    This is the testimony of prosecution witness, John Sayer, who is the father of the two victims. This one (like the previous posting for Elsa Sayer) is being posted out of sequence from all the others we displayed earlier in this thread. John Sayer was actually the second of all of those we have posted to date. On the trial menu page, you can see the order that each witness appeared (puts the trial testimony into better perspective).

    This transcript is:

    Testimony of John Sayer – direct and cross

    The links to these new transcripts can be found on the “trial” tab on the mirror site. You can scroll to the post at the very top of this beyond90seconds.com page for a link to the mirror site and to the trial transcripts page.

    More coming soon.

    —– Sam

  109. A man named “David M” has been attempting to post a comment here concerning the Wayne Bent case since February 22. On that day, he reached me by e-mail and told me that his browser/computer was not allowing him to post. His e-mail included his comment and he requested that I post it for him.
    I explained that I am reluctant post comments for people. I asked him to try other browsers and encouraged him to make follow-up attempts. I also told “David M” that if—after making subsequent efforts—he was still unable to post his comment, I would do it for him.
    He’s written back and explained that he’s still not having success at posting here, so I am now going to copy and paste his initial e-mail—with his comment—below:


    Hello Mark,

    I have not posted before, but just tried to for the first time. It seemed there was a problem and I got a page that said it couldn’t be done. Perhaps I did not sign in correctly somehow. I probably know Wane B better than any other man, including his son, having worked beside him for some years. I go back before the beginning.

    Here is my comment that I would like posted.

    Wow Sam, I am certainly glad you are not in charge of things. It seems that all that has been done for our man, you would undo.

    “I feel very sorry for Wayne. My heart really goes out to him. What a cruel place for him to be. I have expressed my opinion previously, that I would prefer for him to be home during the appeal process, “

    Home Sam? Did you not take note of what home was? It would mean proceeding with what he calls healing (nakedness and sex, if not with minors), would it not? Do you imagine that the Messiah would/could cease all that just because some men didn’t like it? Do you imagine that those healings could not be done quietly now, meaning without them publishing it on the internet? If our man is allowed to go home, it would do him great damage—God got him out. Any hope for him is in reaping what he has sown, which now, just what is happening. This is his most prominent theme by the way, cause and effect (for everyone else). Now let’s see if it will be a blessing to him, as it should.

    “but absent that, he really should be in another kind of facility, where he can be treated much more gently than being there with cut-throat criminals. If he were in Texas or in Louisiana (yes, they have made lots of changes), he could be in a faith-based dorm with a very different environment.”

    “Faith-based” Sam? Is this what you imagine he is about? And would attend church and sit and sing with the others there? Others like him Sam?

    “But, actually, where this man really should be is not in any prison. He should be in a mental health facility, where he can get some professional treatment and medication.”

    In your mind, what would professional treatment look like Sam? Talking, persuading him into realizing one day that he was not exactly the Messiah any more? Good luck with that. What kind of meds do you imagine would finally convince him of that?

    “How can they just incarcerate a man in a cell, with uncaring guards treating him cruelly,”

    Cruelty Sam? He spoke of torture, is this what you mean? When you concoct an “emergency” and they don’t let you go home? Of course not, but do you imagine it was more than an ordinary response by the guards to some sort of deliberate obstinacy on his part? I would like to see your evidence for the cruelty of which you speak.

    “when he is raving away that he is the returned Messiah the return Jesus, the Son of God, the decider of the eternal fate of all of earth citizens (all going to hell, except for his few pals) and making predictions for the eminent destruction of the world? Surely, that is enough of an indication for someone in a judicial position to order him committed for kind and humane psychiatric treatment. This is why we have mental health institutions no one would fit their admission criteria more that this sad, pathetic self-aggrandizing man. Like I said, my heart really goes out to him and I wish for him something better than to be confined in such a horrible environment.”

    With this attitude, a few minutes with the man and you might just be persuaded to become a follower–Messiah just means anointed, which is what you should be too, in fact all men etc. See how sensible. Unlike other sick people you could treat as you describe, this man knows clearly what he is doing. He calculatedly depends on his ability to persuade his people to believe his foolishness. Like the emperor story in reverse, he would like to be the only one clothed. Don’t be fooled.


  110. Well briefly David M on some of what Sam posted (I believe on the newer thread) that Wayne Bent belongs in a faith based facility, I wholeheartedly agree. I just do not see Wayne as that strong of a man to deal with living next to hardened criminals. To me even though I realize that some believe he has committed heinous crimes, I just do not see it. Yes these people have long been under the spell of Wayne Bent but that is their right as is offered to us with Freedom of Religion. It is certainly not my religion but those that have fallen under Wayne’s spell seem comfortable with it. Even the father of Healed and A.S. cannot even say he hates Wayne Bent. This to me shows a great compassion from a man who more than the rest of us, would have true cause to hate Wayne Bent. But for me there was much gentleness and forgiveness and yes sadness in John Sayer’s testimony. If that man can forgive and turn the other cheek why cannot Sam or I do the same?

    This world today seems so bent on revenge. People spend hours of their days posting on blogs and boards trying to convict and show true hatred against people that they do not even know. I find this so strange and very sad. Many of these people that do this often say they are coming from the side of the gospel and speak of their faith. What kind of faith cannot show any mercy?

    What Wayne has done is indeed a crime. He has been sentenced. There seems to be little chance for appeal. (I absolutely do believe Sam Redman’s thoughts on that subject) So Wayne is locked away for the next ten years. In my opinion he needs help.

    Sam said:

    How can they just incarcerate a man in a cell, with uncaring guards treating him cruelly, when he is raving away that he is the returned Messiah… the return Jesus, the Son of God, the decider of the eternal fate of all of earth citizens (all going to hell, except for his few pals) and making predictions for the eminent destruction of the world? Surely, that is enough of an indication for someone in a judicial position to order him committed for kind and humane psychiatric treatment. This is why we have mental health institutions…

    This is where Wayne Bent belongs. If there ever was someone that needs metal health it is Wayne Bent. Just listening to the ravings of his last audio and post on Strong City shows a man consumed in evil and behaving more like Satan than any Messiah. Most people that desperately need mental help do not realize or understand that they need it. It is up to the doctors and psychiatrist to evaluate those and provide the treatment. I believe this is what Sam is saying should happen to Wayne. And I have been saying this since before they even sentenced him. I am even more sure that this is what he needs now, after listening to his latest poor Wayne rant.

    DavidM said:

    Unlike other sick people you could treat as you describe, this man knows clearly what he is doing. He calculatedly depends on his ability to persuade his people to believe his foolishness

    Well one might believe that, however I seriously doubt that Wayne/Michael thought he would end up where he is now.I think he did believe that the jury would fall for his soft spoken, cadenced, hypnotizing voice on the stand and all those adoring believers that staunchly sat there worshipping him (showing their love) and he wold get a slap on the wrist and be back home. But since that did not happen it is a whole new picture for Wayne now. One in which he truly has no ability to deal with. He is completely stripped of any power and perhaps might finally ,if he really has any connections to the real God, might finally regain some spirituality. But in order for that to happen he may need to be moved to a more healing type of environment. And I am one who being more on the side of forgiveness than revenge believes this would not be such a bad idea.


  111. Did WB not undergo a psychiatric eval prior to the trial?

    You know Jan I don’t think WB should be doing 10 years with hardened criminals. Yet I don’t think he should be allowed to live in comfort either. There are consequences with choices. WB made the choice to violate an innocent children. I can forgive people — hate the sin, not the sinner.

    A. will be dealing with what happened to her, for the rest of her life. I understand from personal experience. Healed may not get it now, or never. But if she wakes up she may realize how much of her youth was stolen away.

    They won’t get that part of their lives back, their innocence, their youth. This emotional damage is something that they could carry through their lives that can affect their relationships with others. I know this too, from personal experience. It’s going to take ALOT of work for them to repair their lives. Pardon me if I don’t ooze compassion for WB. My compassion for him and the ones involved in this is very limited. I don’t care to see WB suffer, but again, why must he live in comfort? If I made the choice to go and molest a child, should I not go to prison? Or should I get a free pass because of my age?

    I would say WB has a mental illness, one has to in order to perpetrate the crimes he’s been capable of.
    According to the blogs he has written, he himself even claimed he laid naked in order to offend the “beast” or the world. He is mentally ill, but he at the same time understands his actions. And he knew there would be a consequence for them.

    And being in jail, oh yeah, will drive even a sane person stir crazy. I had a friend who went to prison for DUI’s. Went in sane and lost his mind within a couple of months. Was ranting, was repeating the bible to me, when he never picked up a bible. Yes, prison can do that to a person.

  112. In addition, to my thoughts. The prison system is set up to institutionalize a person. It is unfortunate that people are abused in there. All people in the prison system should be treated humanely. If WB perceives deputies as being torturous, well, unfortunately it’s not their job to be your buddy in there. Prison painfully strips a person down. Maybe the best thing for WB is to go through the break down of his person. Maybe he will be forced to examine himself, his conscience, and his actions. Maybe he will be stripped of this messiah mentality to see that he really is just a man, who comitted a horrible crime, and he will stop blogging about being messiah and the beast,state, govt. etc.

    At best, WB could exit the prison system early if he chose to give up the facade. It’s up to him, ultimately. If he continues to refuse to accept his wrong doing,and continues these rants and does not rehabilitate he’ll be there for 10 years. Just my humble observations.

    I do agree he needs intense psychological treatment as part of that rehabilitation.

  113. I’m not sure that he did undergo a complete psy. evaluation before the trial but it is part of the intake at the prison.

    Whether he BS’d his way through it or acted his “normal” self a psychologist/psychiatrist is not going to be fooled. The issue is getting him to admit that he has a mental problem and submit to counseling and probably medication. I don’t see that happening. And I don’t see him accepting medication that might help him think differently.

    As long as he retains some semblance of control over SC and they continue to worship him, waiting for anything that he’s able to write or speak to them over the phone he’s going to still feel like god in his sick, twisted mind. The folks at SC need to break free but I don’t think they are ready to. They’d rather play the victims and cry for poor wayne.

    So he’s surrounded by criminals; he’s a convicted criminal himself. Maybe he didn’t murder someone physically but emotionally how many lives has he destroyed? Long marriages split asunder, young girls who might never have the chance to know a true loving relationship with a man and raise children. Parents and children who don’t love each other anymore. Look at the damage he’s done to so many people who are without even a high school education or even the skills to work in the real world. How will those people get their lives turned around, even if they wanted to?

    So his ears burn at the curse words of his fellow inmates. He should be grateful he’s not in Hell. Because there he will not only hear horrible things but more than his ears will be burning.

    10 years could go by pretty fast or they could drag out. It’s his choice. In 10 years, we’ll all be much older. The girls he abused will be older and with much work they might recover from their traumatic experiences. In any case, I prefer to send my prayers to God for those WB harmed.

    In a nutshell, WB does need intense psychological treatment but he has to accept it for it to work and I don’t think he’s at that point yet and might never be. But as long as he’s not home, doing the same old things, the people who have followed him for years might just decide to break free. And those are the ones I care about.

  114. Great posts Stephanie & KM, I agree completely with all you have said too. It really is the people that Wayne inflicted his damage on that need our prayers. Hopefully in time they will come to realize that Wayne was not the true Messiah and start to see the world as not the evil place he proclaimed but a place that offers everyone hope and a chance to find true happiness. Sure we have evil around us, but if you have loving people that care about you in your life you should be able to deal with what life brings and be fulfilled.

    It is disturbing that Wayne might be his own deterrent from being evaluated psychologically in prison. I unfortunately do not see him forgoing any of his beliefs and admitting any wrong doing. So if Wayne is the one that prohibits getting healed then it will be his own self for what he has to deal with while in there. And if that is the case he probably will not get out until he is 77 years old. I doubt that there will be too many young women still waiting for him at Strong City then.

  115. Educated people in prison often discover that they can be contributors to others (and make their own stay more endurable), because prisons today have literacy programs to enable those who can’t read to learn how. Prisoners, like Wayne, who have excellent reading and writing skills, can teach reading in those classes. He could also teach other fundamental skills such as arithmetic or geography or history. So, he could help those who have learned to read to get their high school diplomas. Education is the key to a better life and the statistics show that after release, prisoners who improved their education (learned to read or even better, got a diploma) while in prison have a far lower recidivism rate than those who did not take courses to improve their skills.

    Wayne is in a unique position. He didn’t want to be there, but that’s reality. With his training and skill level, he could be a wonderful tutor and guide to many men who, because of what he can offer, could turn their lives around.

    Hopefully (this is one of my hopes for Wayne), he won’t just sit there stewing in his hatred for all mankind and thinking that he is going to be “translated” out of there. He could achieve a level of happiness, even behind bars, if he picks himself up and volunteers to help those who are ready to learn (and truly in need of help). Those ten years (or less, because this is what gets prisoners released early) would go be a lot faster, if he is contributing and giving; helping others.

    Writing to Wayne

    You know, any of us could write to Wayne in prison. Just write to the prison address and give Wayne’s prisoner number (which I posted in another thread). If you would like that number, ask here and I will post it again. He might be encouraged by your words of cheer and hope.

    — Sam

  116. John’s testimony made me sad. Each of us has been spiritually vunerable at times, but most of us have accepted that the price has been paid and we are forgiven. Stop worrying about hell and start living!

  117. Sam, the majority of people who suddenly found themselves incarcerated, justly or unjustly, would do what you wrote in the above post. They would get over their anger and decide to make the best of a bad situation. Prisons offer all types of programs including literacy, K9 training such as Pen Pals and college education programs. Many people leave prison with a whole new purpose in life and contribute much to society.

    Unfortunately, WB is not in that majority, not yet at least. I don’t see him easily leaving behind what he had at SC and blending into the society of prison life. He certainly could and like you said could make his stay more pleasant while helping out other inmates. But from just the few posts we’ve read since he’s been in prison, he’s not even close to getting over it.
    Personally I think he will be “stewing in his hatred for all mankind” for a quite a bit longer.

    As far as writing to him I doubt that he would encouraged by our words of cheer and hope since we are the “beast”. Maybe down the road, but not yet.

  118. Ron, I also thought John’s testimony was very sad. Having been involved in that church since he was 16 means he was much like the other children who are there now or I guess that would be were there. SC is all they’ve known for 16 years. No wonder he and Elsa weren’t sure how to handle the situation that happened. They were afraid for their very souls!

    Such a tough spot to be in. John and Elsa left SC and in doing so saved their marriage. They did their best to protect their girls but there was such extreme pressure to follow the rules it seems like they were torn with how to handle what WB was putting on them. He mentioned his Mother and Sister. Does anyone know who they are and if they are still there? Just wondering if there was pressure from his own family to let the girls be there and be part of the seven?

    Putting myself in their shoes for a few minutes I thought of how it might have felt to them. In their minds not only was their own salvation at stake but also their children’s. As parents they wanted what was best for their children and I think they knew that what WB was requesting wasn’t good. But after the intensity of living at SC and the constant threat of losing their own souls how could they deny their children the possible chance of salvation? What if “Michael” really was the way to salvation? They had nothing else to go on especially since the people around them all bought into “Michael”.

    SC doesn’t really sound to me like the peaceful place that’s been described. Yes, maybe the land is beautiful and peaceful, not like a city with all the hustle and bustle, but the actual behind the scenes events that took place, like the “chair” and the divorcing of marriages doesn’t sound like a happy, feel good all the time type of place.

  119. KM –

    🙂 You owe me – I had to scroll through 3 months on Prudence’s comments to find one answer. John Sayer’s mother is Aliah Eden Travesser (Shirley Sayer) and his sister is Liberty Travesser (Misty Sayer). Both are still on the Land, both were potential witnesses at the trial.

    In Ben’s documentary, when the Sayers take Healed, Liberty/Misty is in the back of the truck comforting Healed.

    Although Liberty/Misty is pictured pouring out one of the plagues, she did not become one of the seven. (Interestingly to me, Wayne could have made his quorum without resorting to underaged girls.)

  120. I felt this was particularly hard on John and Elsa. They obviously got married quite young and their life in many ways after marriage must have been the church. Here we watch a young woman like Esther and how devoted she is because she grew up with this as her life. It would be exactly the same for the Sayers.

    Plus, for John, his mother had been with this church maybe for a long time before. His mom is still there apparently. How difficult that must be.

    I have yet to hear or read this but I am thinking that they must have left Strong City because they actually wanted to remain married to each other. And they just could not accept the new suggestion that all marriages be dissolved. If that is the case, then they must have had to deal with thinking by staying together, and being committed to their marriage vows, they might in turn go to hell for that. My goodness what a horrible situation for this couple.

    Before I heard their testimony I truly wondered what kind of parents they could be allowing for their children to be living where they were apparently chosen as two of the seven virgins. But after hearing those two sweet dear people, Elsa and John, my heart just went out to them. I do believe they were torn apart in so many different ways. And their actions while not normal for most of us, were the best they could manage based on their own personal worries regarding their own souls and those of their children.

    What a horrible situation to be faced with. I just do not see how they dealt with it all – and are still dealing with it as you can hear by their voices and their words.

    I most certainly agree with KM for all the beauty of “the land,” it sure seems to have a great deal of emotional turmoil and anguish that its people are faced with. I wonder in time if some of the remaining residents might start to wake up and realize this is not the Happy Utopia that they try to make us who are part of “the Beast,” believe.

  121. Thanks EMC! 3 months of posts! Aaggh! I do owe you! 😉

    Hmm, she poured out a plague but wasn’t one of the seven. That’s strange. Doesn’t seem “correct”, maybe that’s why everything is going wrong for WB!
    Thanks for finding all that info, it puts things in a better perspective.

    Jan, I think we’ve all thought the same thing. What parent would let their child live in that situation and be exposed to such abuse? For myself, the question was answered when I heard their testimony. They kept their marriage intact but at a high price. They were being pulled in several directions all at once. If you are a parent, you know how much you long for your child to be happy. And you want your Mom and other family to be happy. And you have to follow the rules of your community, religious or otherwise. You don’t want anyone to be mad at you so you try to do it all. As you mature in life you finally realize that you can’t please everyone all the time so you learn to say no to people without any guilt. But that doesn’t happen overnight and certainly won’t happen quickly after so many years of indoctrination.

    I have great respect for them leaving and trying to protect their daughters. And like you said, it’s not over. I’m sure their relationship at least with the youngest daughter is rough and since EMC found out the Mom and Sister are still living at SC there is probably a lot of nastiness coming their way because they testified against their leader. More power to them!

    There’s nothing I like better than to be out in the wilderness amidst God’s glorious landscape but I’d rather be in a basement with no windows that to deal with what’s gone on at SC.

    And the saddest part is that God doesn’t ask us to hide ourselves away from the world. While it is sometimes difficult to understand someone else’s beliefs, if you trust God and His plan, it’s not difficult to love and accept another person unconditionally. That’s why so many of us who post on here care about and pray for those at SC and even WB. You don’t have to like what any of them have done but you hate the sin and love the sinner!

  122. Three more transcripts have been posted

    These are the testimonies of prosecution witnesses, Ben Romero (NM state police officer), Kat Duff (Safe Room Interviewer) and Matt Martinez (NM State Police agent). These three transcripts are announced here out of sequence from how they appeared in the trial. They were actually the first three prosecution witnesses. On the trial menu page, you can see the order that each of the witnesses appeared (puts the trial testimony into better perspective).

    What is significant in our posting today of these three is that we now are displaying the entire Prosecution’s Case in Chief. Now, they still have more to present of their case in defense cross examinations, but, the witness transcripts shown on our trial menu, represent the prosecution’s case. It’s important to review it as it stands, because, when defense attorney Montoya moved for a directed verdict for dismissal (which you can read there as well), this is what she was basing her argument upon. You should re-read it all from the perspective of these two questions:

    1. Should she have been awarded a dismissal?

    2. Should she have simply rested her case?

    These transcripts are:

    State Police Officer, Ben Romero – prosecution direct and defense cross
    Safe Room Interviewer, Kat Duff – prosecution direct and defense cross
    State Police Agent, Matthew Martinez – prosecution direct and defense cross

    The links to these new transcripts can be found on the “trial” tab on the mirror site. You can scroll to the post at the very top of this beyond90seconds.com page for a link to the mirror site and to the trial transcripts page.

    More from the defense coming soon.

    —– Sam

  123. What I did not like is we really didnt get to hear what went on in the safe room interview I would have like to have heard that

  124. What was the purpose of Kat Duff’s testimony, if they were not going to allow the jury to view the safe room dvds? She’s basically stating she was there and was acting facilitator, but that’s it. She gave no further impressions based on the interviews either.

  125. To Juror and Stephanie

    Welcome to the frightening world of our “justice” system.

    You must understand that the prosecution and the police are quite devious. To me this is one of the flaws of our “justice” system. The prosecution knew exactly what they were doing with those first three witnesses and it was to make you think of Wayne Bent as a criminal, but without really having any evidence.

    After you read those testimonies, you realize that that, while all of what each of them said on the stand actually did nothing to prove the guilt (or innocence) of the accused, slowly, but surely, like an axe chopping away on a tree trunk until it eventually falls, they were prejudicing the jury that Wayne Bent was a criminal. We learned that these three people were shocked and appalled enough by what they heard to cause these dedicated authority figures, who we assume are devoted to law and order, to want him arrested and tried .

    Not one of those three witnesses were there “on the land,” when Bent’s actual sessions with the girls took place, (and therefore knew nothing about the alleged crime) and the two people in those Safe Room interviews were already called to be witnesses, so they would be testifying in court (and what was said there was supposed to be “safe.”). That point is exactly the objection raised by the defense attorney (which was sustained – judge agreed with her). But, every once in a while, one of those witnesses would sneak in what one of the witnesses said in the Safe Room interview. The purpose of all three being there was to try to influence the jurors that Wayne Bent was probably guilty, because here were three responsible state officials, representing law enforcement, and they all were convinced enough by what they heard in those “confidential” Safe Room interviews (which weren’t so “safe” after all), that this guy was a criminal and should be arrested.

    The “agent” was also able to tell what he remembered Bent said in his interview, which Bent gave after he gave up his right to remain silent (big mistake) and where he was actually claiming his innocence… But, instead of the jurors being able to hear (on a recording) exactly what Bent said and the tone in which he said it, where he might have used very unincriminating phrasing… we (thinking of ourselves now as jurors) heard only what the police “agent” recollected what was said (really his impressions). And he was impressed enough to want this guy arrested (so, maybe he is guilty, we start thinking).

    Plus, the prosecutor was also able to get the State Police “agent” to say that what he presented at the Grand Jury hearing resulted in Wayne Bent’s indictment. Well, obviously he was indicted (that’s why a trial was going on), but being indicted is not a crime and it is not an indication (or shouldn’t be to the jury) of guilt. But, hearing that another “jury” and a “grand” one at that… thought he was a crook… well, maybe he is (we start to think).

    The prosecution works under what is called the “feather pillow” principle, which is that once you shake the feathers out of a a pillow, there’s no way to get them back. And once something is said on the stand, even though an objection is raised (and sustained), once the jury heard it… you can’t make them erase that from their consciousness. It will stay with them. Plus, the prosecution works under the principle that people respect our police and they know that jurors are easily prejudiced when they hear that an “officer” or, even more impressive, an “agent,” got together after hearing the Safe Room interviews and decided that this guy was bad enough to get an arrest warrant for him.

    Yes… nothing any of those three offered was appropriate and the defense attorney should have been more clever and used a tool in which she could have stated that the defense would have “stipulated” the things which she knew those three would testify about. That way she could have kept them from even being on the stand (or kept their time there to only a minute or so each). I was really surprised the she only did the one objection (which she had to repeat several times)… they kept bringing it back (the witness misunderstood… he didn’t really).

    This also illustrates for you.. why you don’t ever agree to voiding your Miranda rights… had Bent not talked to the police, none of those strange “interpretations” of what he actually said would have been said in court before the jury by that “responsible” man of the law.

    If you read those three testimonies from the perspective of someone who never heard of this case… you can see how, even though there was nothing substantial (or evidentiary), you will come away thinking… that Wayne Bent was a very creepy child molester (and the real evidence presentation hasn’t even begun).

    — Sam

  126. I believe that ” deviousness” is the main tactic of both sides. It definatley is not just the prosecution that trys to play charades with the jurors minds.
    But if you cut out all of the legal bs that goes on, and just go by Wayne and the girls accounts, then COMMON SENSE says this man is guilty.

  127. Yes, Ron, I agree with your assessment.

    I wasn’t trying to say that he was innocent (or that he shouldn’t have been found guilty). The testimony (even from Bent) was that he placed his hand on their naked chests “over the heart.” Bent even demonstrated that positioning on the stand (which you can see in the picture in Bent’s transcript). Putting a hand there on a naked girl’s chest results in touching an area which you simply are not allowed to touch. When you consider, if you were in a position of authority (like a boss or a teacher) and ponder whether or not you could touch that area, even on an adult female wearing a low cut dress, I think you would know such would result in an arrest for a sexual offense. And I think the jurors realized that doing that with a naked child was violating an area which should have been considered intimate (and forbidden).

    So, sure… there was sufficient evidence for a jury to convict. I was merely describing the techniques a prosecutor (and his cohorts, the police) use to prejudice a jury, just in case there really isn’t subsequent evidence to convict. That’s frightening if you are an innocent person on trial.

    — Sam

  128. I understand where Sam is coming from with his assessment of the presentation of the State’s case. And of course both sides have their techniques that they use. Montoya just did not seem to have the bag of tricks up her sleeve. She probably was hindered mostly by Wayne himself.

    I could not help but wonder when I was listening to the testimony of Romero, Duff and Martinez really what value it gave to the State’s case. Other than establishing a time line for how all the evidence was gathered and how Wayne came to be on trial there was no real value. But then I read Sam’s post and it all became crystal clear. It was all part of the “feathers,” coming out of the pillow (I like that expression) because it was three members of law enforcement, that were testifying in their own way, stating that Wayne touched these girls. Whether it was improper or not was not even exactly stated, but law enforcement met (impressive to some), about it and the case went to that Grand Jury (sounds big!) and this does impact the jury if it is stated over and over. And those feathers can never go back into that pillow!

    These “Safe Room,” interviews are obviously something that are to be private. But the State gets around it by trying to allow who listened to them still testify that they went on and were observed. Even though they cannot actually say what was said. It still is an effective tool that was used. Understanding this testimony became much clearer after reading Sam’s post. And I do not think Sam was defending or supporting this, just stating that it is a tool. This time it was quite effective for the State.

    So far the biggest mistake Wayne Bent has made, in my opinion, is giving up his Miranda Rights and making any statement at all. I am not sure why he did that. My guess is that his ego got in his way once again and he really did think he could convince law enforcement this was all for religion and in the name of healing. But if he had obtained a lawyer right away (which by the way everyone should have the good sense to do) and actually shut up and listened to a lawyer he might not be where he is today.

    I find this case quite fascinating beyond the actual case of what Wayne Bent did to these young girls (and other females on the land too) Legally this could have gone many different ways, both by the skills of the various attorneys and also the witnesses and also the lack of skills by so many!. Many different outcomes could have happened with this case. I believe for the most part the Jury got it right, but it still is interesting to observe the whole process.

  129. I recently saw the movie Doubt, which perfectly illustrates the whole pillow theory. If no one has seen it yet, I think it’s worth watching.

    After reading through all of the defense transcripts, I also got a sense that Ms Montoya was either very limited with what she could do, or not as sharp in some areas. That is in no way meant to say she’s not a good attorney, perhaps she is.

    I totally agree Sam, he should have never waived his Miranda rights. Would that have made a difference? Probably not, but someone else it could.

    I would also agree that law enforcement can be devious. I have already mentioned my friend who went to prison for DUI. He was was never read his miranda rights on his last arrest, and that never occured to him until the trial was done and he was sentenced. He gave away so much information as he was being taken to jail that night, and of course the officer never bothered to stop him and tell him that he didn’t have to speak.

  130. To tell you the truth after the first day I was not convinced that WB was guilty I felt the state had alot more to prove he was guilty. I really dont think that Mr Gallegos did any good in the trial that Mr Chavez should have beeen the one to do the whole trial.

  131. Ok, we have, just now, added another transcript. This time, it’s not testimony, but Courtroom discussions – judge to jury and with attorneys. These exchanges took place following the first three prosecution witnesses. The link to it is now active on the menu of transcripts.

    As mentioned previously, a mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page.

    Next, we will be adding some of the defense witnesses.

    — Sam

  132. New transcript has been posted!!

    After a brief break, we are back on the transcript pursuit. This one is the first defense witness, Dr. Ned Seigal, a clinical psychologist. He is interesting. Although he was a “witness for the defense,” occasionally, he seemed (at least, to me) to say things which really were very much, “friendly” to the prosecution’s position. You be the judge (or “the jury,” might be more apropos).

    The transcript is:

    Defense Direct of expert witness, Dr. Ned Seigal

    As usual, here is our reminder of how to find this transcript:

    As mentioned previously, a mirror site “live link” is in the main Beyond90second.com post above, or you can just copy this into your browser: strongcity2.info/trial.html to go right to the trial menu page

    The cross examination and redirect of Dr. Seigal will follow soon.

    — Sam

  133. Sam,

    I tried to find an email link on the strong city mirror site but was unable to find it. One suggestion, and again I know how much work you’ve done and I’m in no way complaining, but it would be easier to read the transcripts if they were in a bulleted list or even just each one on a separate line. They are hard to distinguish one from the last due to the paragraph format. Again just a suggestion.

    Thanks for all the hard work! If you did want to reformat the links but don’t have time I can help out. It’s what I do for a living. =)

  134. Casidi – I had only been reading the transcripts in IE (where it works fine). Thanks for the telling me about the incompatiblity with Mozilla (although, you didn’t explain that was what was happening, I figured it out.) It’s an easy fix.

    Mozilla doesn’t recognize the html line breaks (which IE does) and requires the “p” paragraph code instead. That is probably the new xhtml standard, so I really need to comply.

    I will do it and put the files up, when it’s all working great. I had never checked these, except on IE (fortunately 90 percent of users on the internet use IE, so you are in a minority).

    It should work fine after I make the correction. I can do it for all the the files with a global search and replace everything very quickly. I’ll post here again when it’s finished (for those who can’t use IE).

    — Sam

  135. Ok, those paragraphs are now working great in Mozilla, as well as Chrome and Safari. It literally only took a few seconds to fix all the files (thank goodness for programmer’s tools).

    Now, if you are one of those who might have had trouble, because you were using a browser other than IE, when you access the transcripts again be sure to hit your “refresh” button, so that you load the corrected version (otherwise you might just see what was already in your cache.)

    — Sam

  136. Thanks… I am a Chrome and Firefox user. You fixed the problem. It all displays correctly now.

  137. You are welcome, Mack. Kudos to Casidi for alerting us to that flaw. There must be a lot of “lurkers” here, because looking at the mirror site’s stats today, we had a rush of firefox, safari and chrome users, after making that announcement.

    And I am pleased to announce another transcript:

    We just posted the transcript for the re-direct and cross of Dr. Seigal. His testimony really fit that old saying, “With friends like that, who needs enemies?”, because he actually gave the jury a reasonable answer to the question of why some guy in his sixties might start doing bizarre sexual things, when he hadn’t all his life previously. He explained that it could have happened because of some kind of mental or brain aberration. He was attempting to prove the opposite, but, in my opinion, he just gave the jury something more to help them understand how this guy might have done something which a logical (sane) person wouldn’t do. There is hardly any other way anyone could justify as reasonable behavior, doing something as weird as having young girls lie in your bed naked as a “healing” exercise. Siegal gave the jury a way to see how that might have happened. I’m sure Montoya was cringing.

    This is the new transcript:

    Cross and Re-direct of Dr. Ned Seigal

    Scroll to the first post here (at the top) of Beyond90seconds.com to see how to access the mirror site trial menu page.

    More transcripts coming soon.

    — Sam

  138. What is an expert?

    After writing up Dr. Seigel’s testimony, I am honestly wondering how Courts define the word “expert.” I suppose one can get a degree or two, have an ongoing long term practice or profession and be able to testify in a court of law, and in addition charge a fee and be paid. Is this an expert? How sad!

    Dr. Melton and Dr. Dinsmore were very impressive witnesses and the word expert seemed applicable. The last couple days working on Dr. Seigel was rather disappointing. Do some people when they are testifying in a trial that involves some one’s freedom not take their role as a witness, seriously? It would seem for Dr. Seigel it was almost a joke. After the judge on day one admonishes the courtroom about snickering and humor, Dr. Seigel continued to seem amused about many not so funny items, in his own testimony.

    But what was so apparent, was his lack of preparation. He was one of the few that could see both Safe Room interviews, but chose not to bother. I liked how Chavez brought out all the evidentiary items that Dr. Seigel could have used but never bothered: websites, postings, indictments, the notes from Child Youth and Services, amongst other things. All the Dr. kept focusing on was the raw data, like data not people would make him understand this case more.And then the people he deemed were important, and the only ones he talked to were those still living on the Land. He talked to Michael’s faithful followers, that was it!

    What was the most shocking was his total and complete lack of even knowing who Michael Travesser was. He actually had it in his notes that he was dead! Prosecutor Chavez really could not even question him as he should about many of the important case details because this so called, “experts,” complete lack of knowledge of anything pertinent to understanding what happened with the two girls. The man even said ten virgins, not seven. He even said he hoped he would not have to study the Bible to testify. Well Dr. a little studying might have helped!

    And as for grooming which he kept trying to make a huge point of, I never got the feeling that Dr. Dinsmore even focused on grooming. It seems that in the traditional sense grooming with predators and pedophiles begins in their early years. This case is totally unique it is not really in my opinion about a traditional sex predator. It might be as Sam suggests, about a man who has lost some mental capacity (his recent posts certainly indicate that ) and Wayne/Michael’s actions would follow none of the test cases in psychotherapy for predators and pedophiles. In fact this case might add a whole new chapter to the books for the mentally ill. They can call it the Messiah/Michael syndrome.

    The point is that Dr. Seigel was no expert. He had no knowledge really of anything, not the religious aspects, not the sociological aspects as a charismatic leader, nor any idea about what happened with A.S. and L.S. and why.

    I guess the saying that you get what you pay for holds true. And the Defense obviously was working on a limited budget. But Wayne you should have dipped into your vast coffers and come up with a little more because this man undoubtedly aided the State and helped to lock you up in that Cell you have now found so very unpleasant.


  139. Jan …you are so right about that witness. I think he was the one that I wrote a note to the judge asking him what the purpose of him was he was totally confussing. The judge read the note and kinda snmiled and pretty much cut him off. I could be wrong I thought it was Dr Oleary but I think it could have been this witness

  140. Sam has some very interesting information posted on his blog. Jaw dropping, eye opening and a must read!
    Studies from the book, “People of the Lie,” by M. Scott Peck helps explain exactly the why and hows of the LOR “church”.
    This also gives good insight into what/why Mr Bent is doing now by writting such vitriolic and hate filled rants.
    (Is anyone really reading these other than his followers? Is getting a little boring!)

    I think we would all gain a clearer understanding of what has taken place there in SC as well as other organizations.
    The most telling part is under the heading “Understanding human evil”.

  141. Juror, Dr. Seigel certainly did ramble on. So many of these Defense witnesses seem to be doing this. I am sometimes surprised at how much they allow the witness to say. Or perhaps it is just that Benevidez is just not objecting when he should. For some reason I thought a witness was just supposed to respond to the question and not offer their own thoughts beyond that.

    I was so impressed with Dr. Melton. I have a feeling I will feel the opposite about Dr. O’Leary. Much the same as the difference between Dr. Dinsmore and Dr. Seigel.

    I guess I will know pretty soon, as Dr. O’Leary is who I plan to be working on next.

  142. Jan… Good luck with Dr O’leary I think he was the one that rambled on. I’m courious which one was worse.

    BTW…You and Sam are doing a great job…Keep up the good work and thank you to Mark for such a interesting story. I’m glad i found this website and look forward to other stories.

  143. We are pleased to announce another transcript.

    We just posted the transcript for the re-direct and cross of Dr. Stephen O’leary. His testimony was actually quite interesting. He is a Harvard PhD in religious studies. He gave some very interesting historical parallels, regarding similar (to Wayne)strange religious practices involving “lying naked with naked members of the opposite sex,” some even done by Gandhi.

    This is the new transcript:

    Cross and Re-direct of Dr. Stephen O’leary

    Scroll to the first post here (at the top) of Beyond90seconds.com to see how to access the mirror site trial menu page.

    We only lack two testimonies (the Wayne Bent followers, Gabriel and Allaso), which will be coming soon.

    We also plan to include a transcript the judge’s instructions to the jury. Once it is all done, you will be able to read it all in sequence and then (assuming you can think like a jury member should) reach your own verdict.

    —- Sam

  144. Dr. O’leary’s testimony seems to be completely irrelevant to this case. Human sacrifice was a ancient religious practice, but I’m pretty sure that the current laws of New Mexico wont allow that either. Also, Dr. O’leary obviously has not looked deep enough into Wayne’s brand of religion that involves consummation. He is not testing his celibacy!

  145. avatar
    Search for Truth


    I am trying to understand your question “NG,” airing the Bent trial. Who are you referring to? Is this a new Court TV channel?


    The DA was quick to point out that Dr. O’Leary really had very little knowledge of this group or Wayne. He observed the State’s case before he testified I think that was it. Nothing of any depth was even brought out at this trial. They are lucky they got a guilty verdict.

  146. When you read the first page of Wayne Bent’s publication called, “The Vision” (in the archives on the mirror site) and the booklet written by the so-called, “Two Witnesses,” (soon to be in the archives) who were the first two (married) women Bent had sex with, it makes you see how this was all just a very sick, long term practice of Wayne’s lust taking him over. Six years went by between his committing adultery with the first three women (the third was his son’s wife Wendy) and his finally coming up with his seven virgins scheme, designed to play his game all over again (“They came to me, it’s their idea.” and next, “But, oh, I can’t do it, it’s wrong..” then, “Oh, but God is making me”). When you read the “The Vision,” it is clear that Bent planned to have sex with all the virgins (including the three under-aged girls, willow, LS and AS). That is what “The Vision” was (which he had Gabriel and Allaso and Trudy verify on that first page of “The Vision” document). So, the lying naked wasn’t a “healing”… what a bold faced lie that was. It was the preparation for the upcoming sex. He did the exact same lying naked with each of the four other virgins (those of legal age), prior to each of their “consummations.” It was only flack from Prudence Welch and her sister Elsa Sayer that called a halt to his having sexual intercourse with those under-aged girls. Jeff had done some research in the New Mexico law after Prudence started squawking and Jeff was very concerned (we learned that in the BBC video) about the legality. Bent then came up with the alternate plan of saying that the three old re-treads, the “two witnesses” and Jeff’s wife, could stand in for the three under-aged girls. Once you know that whole sequence, saying what was said on the stand, that this was a healing exercise, required lies by Bent (and others). The defense case was based on that lie and the lie that Bent was not the leader.

    The lying naked was purely and simply grooming for sex… nothing more. None of that information (about “The Vision” and how it was revamped to be 3 old gals and only four of the virgins, following the fuss raised by Prudence, was never heard by the jury.

    I agree with the poster, Search for the Truth. It is actually remarkable that the prosecution got a conviction, which they probably could not have done without Bent’s own testimony and the creative prosecution interpretation of the law regarding touching of the breast (from the hand on the heart).

    — Sam

  147. NG – National Geographic. I had thought someone said Ben Anthony had been covering the trial for a program that would air on the same channel the initial program was on. Inside a Cult?

  148. I had said before that this trial could have been so much more. I’m so glad that Sam and Jan have taken the time to transcribe the court transcripts so we can see what actually went down in the courtroom. I think the DA was lucky to get the guilty verdict.

  149. avatar
    Search for Truth

    I had forgotten all about that Diane but you are correct Ben was there to do a film about the trial. Maybe Mark has contacts there and can find out.

    Thanks Sam, reading these transcripts reveals a whole new level of the word incompitence and attorneys.

    You are doing us a great service by posting them on line.

  150. National Geographic (NG) will be airing a sequel to their original documentary on Strong City. I’m not sure when but I thought I heard late this spring. They were at the whole trial and interviewed many people and I believe they also were allowed to film parts if not all of the trial.
    Can’t remember for sure, it’s seems like a long time ago although it really wasn’t.

    As far as Dr. O’leary’s testimony, it was interesting but I don’t believe had any relevance to the case that was being tried. Gandhi’s practice was for his spiritual edification not his followers.

    The two defense witnesses really didn’t come across very strong in their knowledge of SC. They definitely were educated and had good information but not about SC and it didn’t seem to help in clearing WB of the charges against him.

    Although there was much left out of the trial, excluded by the judge after objections from both sides, there was still the evidence from the two girls. It was indisputable that they had lain naked with WB, he admitted it as well. The difference in the girls experiences, how it made them feel; A.S. felt violated, L.S. in love, seems to have been one of the deciding factors and perhaps the most important in the verdicts. I’d be interested in what the juror thinks!

    Interesting isn’t it that Dr. Seigal said (the link isn’t working Sam so I can’t get the exact wording) that sexual predators always say it was the “first” time. In this case, according to “The Vision” it looks like he started grooming the girls and women at SC at least 6 years before his encounter with the underaged girls. So, it really WASN’T his first time as a sexual predator when he invited the naked girls into his bedroom. He was just more subtle than most other sexual predators.

    I agree that WB’s own testimony might have also played a part in the convictions. And the Trevino precedent gave the jury leeway to consider their community standards of decency and propriety as they tried the facts of the case.

  151. To KM —

    You can refresh the trial menu page to get the recently corrected links. We had spelled Seigel’s name wrong.

    Or here are the actual (new) links (copy and paste… it won’t let me do real links):



    — Sam

  152. It’s been 2 or 3 weeks since I last checked in w/Ben Anthony. Yes, the sequal to “Inside a Cult” is expected to appear on the National Geographic Channel this year.
    KM, I believe you’re correct. As I recall, the targeted air date was some time during the first half of this year.
    Bottom line, no word yet concerning an exact air date. But it could be only weeks away.
    When I get a chance, I’ll check-in w/Ben Anthony to see if he has any new info to pass along about the air date.

  153. After my post above, a friend wrote me and told me the following information, which corrects an error that I made in that earlier post:

    Wayne didn’t have sex with Wendy back in 2000. In 2000 the only women he had sex with was Jody (Anaiah) Thompson and Debbie (Amianah) Keele. He didn’t have sex with Wendy until the same time he started messing around with the virgins. I believe it was while he was laying naked with them that he consummated with Wendy. In fact, after his “marriage” to the 2 witnesses (Debbie and Jody), he told us he would not be consummating with anyone else ever.

    I really appreciated that correction. I would have given attribution to my secret informer by name, but I didn’t get permission to do that… but, I will tell you that she is a very excellent person who knows a lot about the strange world of Wayne Bent. We all would learn a lot if she would post here.

    — Sam

  154. Ron – Did you tell her we are all good people here?

    I thought it was hysterical when Bent described how he was thrown to the floor in pain which was the indication to him the consummation with Wendy was
    imminent. Ugh, that is just not right on so many levels!

  155. According to the NM Courts site Jeff and Wendy Bent’s divorce was final on 12/14/06.

    Wouldn’t want to commit adultery or anything like that so it’s better that everyone gets divorced. Then it’s no problem fornicating with anyone you want!

    Add another “Ugh” for me Diane!

  156. Diane, not sure what you are referring to, but I would be glad to tell the world that there are some really great folks here at Beyond 90 seconds!

  157. Ron, I am just guessing here but perhaps who Diane meant to refer to in her post was “Sam,” not you Ron. He was speaking about someone that is very knowledgeable with all the facts and details on Strong City, and they apparently read here but do not post.

    I think that is what Diane meant. Not sure though.

    But I agree, I think this has been an awesome place to post, with some amazing contributions by all.


  158. That’s what I get for trying to work and blog at the same time! Sorry, I meant to address to Sam.
    He has a friend who knows a lot about Bent and we could learn a lot from her. I get you both mixed up
    and that’s probably because you both crack me up!

    Sam – did anyone ever tell you that you look like the cute hippy grandpa from the “Lost Boys”??
    I think so!

    KM – Double UGH! My mind just bends when I hear her name.

  159. Divorce
    The dissolution of the marriage tie was regulated by the Mosaic law (Deut. 24:1-4). The Jews, after the Captivity, were required to dismiss the foreign women they had married contrary to the law (Ezra 10:11-19). Christ limited the permission of divorce to the single case of adultery. It seems that it was not uncommon for the Jews at that time to dissolve the union on very slight pretences (Matt. 5:31, 32; 19:1-9; Mark 10:2-12; Luke 16:18). These precepts given by Christ regulate the law of divorce in the Christian Church.
    Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary

    These people do not recognize this societies authority to regulate their lives, except as the regulating entity would be in agreement with their interpretation of things. The bible does not purpose that marriage and divorce are human activities that derive their legitimacy from civil authority. But rather, they are sacred decrees, truly governed by spiritual prerogative, and LORites know this. Therefore civilly administered marriages and divorces are nothing more than a means to an end for the LORites. Judges, legal documents, weddings, families, children and the like are seen as babylonish nonsense, only to be used when it is advantageous to the their cause. Obviously what this means in the case of Wendy and Jeff is that there are other militating circumstances behind the dissolution of their marriage, besides a mysterious incident involving Wayne rolling around on the floor receiving esoteric messages from on high. I think this poor Jeff mentality that exists is bestowing too much dignity on him. If we read between the lines we can see things emerge that only a raunchy novelist would think up. Remember, nothing happens by accident in Waynes world.

  160. Diane —

    Many posters on many threads about Wayne Bent on the Beyond90seconds.com site have expressed sentiments which could be characterized as being, “poor Jeff” comments. Many of those observations have centered around the travesty of Jeff being deprived of his wife through a bizarre religious rite and then his own dad having sex with her (something forbidden by God in the Levitical law – an abomination to have sex with your daughter-in-law). Many people commented about how sad and dejected he looked in the BBC video with his head against the wall, while Wendy and Wayne were going on about their sordid sexual liaisons. Other forums have echoed similar opinions that Jeff is in a very pathetic position, giving up his wife and trying to keep in his dad’s good graces.

    My own opinion has always been that Jeff is one of the doubters there, who doesn’t really buy into all of this. Many are probably there for the free room and board, but I think that Jeff is hanging on so he can eventually get his hands on that vast Bent Family Trust… but, that’s just my impression.

    — Sam

  161. Implicit in any discussion on the supposed perverse relationship that Wayne and Wendy have had, is the idea indelibly stamped into our consciousness of Jeff sitting there with his head in his hands looking so abused and dejected in the Ben Anthony film. Those who have been following this for far too long, remember the “Let’s Save Jeff’ campaign that appeared on the travesser.info site after the story first began to gain exposure. This fixation keeps showing up on blog after blog. On this blog it manifests like this, “sex with his daughter-in-law,” but really if Wayne, Wendy and Jeff were people in your circle of acquaintances, you would probably be a lot more generous with your estimate of their relationship, especially if you knew the details, such as was adultery an issue, where there sexual incompatibility problems or a myriad of other things that bedevil marriages? Which really is none of our business. However that would answer a lot of our questions about this particular matter. Their relationship becomes trivial when placed along side the many moral oddities, broken societal norms and down right deviant behavior that the whole LORite community is intoxicated on, all the while trying to force our consciences for not imbibing in their kookiness.
    Very many Christians diverge from biblical correctness as far as divorce is concerned and we accept them warmly into our fellowship.

  162. It is strange how we all see the character of Jeff Bent differently. I have noticed all the time while doing these transcripts how noticeably absent his name is in any of the discussion of the land. One would think that the son of the Defendant would have a much more prominent part in both the tale and would have appeared as a character witness for his dad.

    I guess my feelings when I viewed the National Geographic video were not those of Jeff being exactly embarrassed regarding his wife, although there may have been some of that to a degree. But it just seemed to me that he always appears somewhat distant from what is going on. It is like he realizes he must be there, but all the while you sense that he is not a true believer but more watchful and aware of the trouble this all is causing.

    It seems that he is stuck in some middle road area for which he refuses to actually try and talk sense into the people and their very strong beliefs, as was the case when Esther was fasting. That would have been a clear time to have spoken out and tried to break from this insanity. But he did not of course do that. He seemed to genuinely care about her though, but went with it. I would imagine the way it turned out was a relief to Jeff.

    However, and I honestly cannot say any more than my instinct here, but I just doubt that Jeff is a big believer in some of this. His absence of postings all over the web, his guarded demeanor on that video, his not testifying at the trial just make me think that Jeff perhaps is a step ahead of the rest. I do not know motivation beyond that. Maybe it is just the simple fact that he loves his dad, but sometimes even when we love someone we still do not approve nor condone all their actions.

    As for his former wife and his dad … That whole situation really only would add into “Jeff’s not buying into it.” For me it does not cast any negative on Jeff because any woman that would do that, Jeff is well rid of, to be sure. I felt in the video that was where Jeff appeared more distant and disapproving than dejected. It was almost like he could see where this was all headed and the future was not looking to good to Jeff.

    Since Jeff is pretty close to the vest, I guess we will never know. Unless of course Jeff decides to write one of those “tell all,” books about the land. Now that one I bet would be a best seller.

  163. Jan: “his not testifying at the trial just makes me think that Jeff perhaps is a step ahead of the rest”.

    Jeff did testify for his dad just not before the court. Instead we see him going with the grandmother and aunt of the pawns in this case, to be interviewed by one of the defenses “expert witnesses”. These are two of the rest that he must stay ahead of, and by the way it all necessitated a divorce, a special sacrifice to arrest the attention of a dedicated ex-wife and the rare toleration of a noncompliant virgin.

    Jan: “For me it does not cast any negative on Jeff because any woman that would do that, Jeff is well rid of, to be sure.”

    If we dig back into the writings that were posted regarding Wendy and Jeffs breakup, we will find that Jeff was the one who insisted that the marriage was over some time before the consummation with the final seven candidates, of which Wendy was one.

    Jeff was the one who said that he was not a “good” person, I believe him.

  164. Jeff was interviewed by Dr. Seigel, along with Aliah the grandmother, Liberty, Tiara, and Deanna. Other than help to form the opinions of the doctor there is no clear way to know what they said, because none of that testimony was ever discussed. It must not have been very worrisome to the State because they were to also interview these people before they did their cross examination. None of it was brought up by Emilio Chavez.

    If Jeff was not a good person in his own eyes, that sounds rather typical of these people. For some reason they all have this negative belief in themselves which causes them to do all these bizarre things to be “saved,” and later hopefully to be “translated,” to heaven. Nothing Jeff did though, in my opinion, could be as bad in the eyes of God, (the real one) as what Wendy did.

    As I said, it is just my opinion, and I certainly could be wrong. Since Jeff has remained rather quiet through all of this it is hard to tell. But perhaps too there is a reason why he is rather circumspect in his comments regarding it all. And maybe some day we will know more, about what Jeff truly thinks, as ten years is a long time for dad to be gone.

  165. Jan: “Jeff was interviewed by Dr. Seigel, along with Aliah the grandmother, Liberty, Tiara, and Deanna. Other than help to form the opinions of the doctor…”

    The good doctor testified that Waynes actions were harmless, acceptable human behavior. Jeff was engaged in helping him come to that conclusion, I’m sure. That doesn’t sound like an unbeliever to me.

    Jan: “It must not have been very worrisome to the State because they were to also interview these people before they did their cross examination. None of it was brought up by Emilio Chavez.”

    The state didn’t want to prosecute this case from the beginning, just like they don’t want to follow up on obvious other criminal activities that took place regarding this incident. You do realize that considerable pressure was applied to get them to act. I think that citizens of New Mexico should be either concerned or relieved depending on which side of the law you are on. Is Union County an area that is sympathetic to polygamous groups? Let’s just hope that the child molesters of the world aren’t paying attention.

    Jan: “Nothing Jeff did though, in my opinion, could be as bad in the eyes of God, (the real one) as what Wendy did.”

    Somehow I find it rather amazing that an ex law enforcement officer who possibly has been an accessory in the criminal sexual abuse of minors, contributing to the delinquency of minors, depicting the sexual abuse of minors on the internet and to have been within days, if not hours of participating in the death of people, can find empathy from any one. But it doesn’t stop there, he disposes of his wife like a piece of sh-t after twenty years, the best twenty years when, beauty and vitality are at their peek, to be ravaged by people like me and doesn’t even have the courage to answer. Yes Jeff is a fine piece of work isn’t he. And to think that Wendy is worse. WOW.

  166. Hmmmm,,, I thought Jeff did testify on stand in court. I thought Allaso was Jeff. All the names get me confussed. I guess I will find out after all the trial has been posted.

  167. Jeff did say in the NG film that he was not a good person, or an evil person. He also said he burned all his bridges. I wish he would have elaborated on that.
    WhisperWind, did Jeff really dispose of Wendy like a piece of sh_t? Do you really think that? From what I’ve read on their website, she was sitting outside of Bents window for weeks and weeks and weeks praying (asking) for it. WB admitted to having sex with her many times. It doesn’t seem to me that she was very heartbroken over Jeff.

  168. Juror, No, I have completed Allaso and that definitely was not Jeff Bent. His full name is currently Allaso Michael Travesser (how many Michaels and Travessers do they have?) No wonder it is confusing. His former name was Kevin Howard Jones. He says he has known Wayne Bent for about 15 years. He had a very interesting “healing,” experience with Wayne, which was the focus of his testimony.

    I do believe that Jeff made a statement on his dad’s behalf on Sentencing Day, but I have not listened to all of that yet. Eventually I hope we will have that day posted too, as well as the last few witnesses. It is a coming!

    And if you read some of what Wendy has posted, she certainly seemed to be very aggressive in her pursuit of “Dad!” It was very important I believe for her to be one of the Seven.

  169. avatar
    Search for Truth

    All this talk about Jeff Bent got me to thinking, has he ever taken a “special, meaningful name,” like all the rest? Everything I have seen from him always seems to be signed, Jeff Bent.

  170. We are pleased to announce another transcript!

    We just posted the transcript for the direct (and cross and re-direct of Allaso Travesser. This man is a long time member (follower), who was brought on to tell how he also had healing excercise with Wayne. His was fully clothed on Allaso’s living room floor. He tells how he kissed Wayne on the mouth. It was hard for me to see how they thought this witness would help the defense’s position. I think he only helped the prosecution and he did that repeatedly. I am anxious to hear other opinions.

    This is the new transcript:

    Defense direct of Allaso Travesser (plus cross, et al).

    Scroll to the first post here (at the top) of Beyond90seconds.com to see how to access the mirror site trial menu page.

    We now only lack one testimony in the trial (the other Wayne Bent follower, Gabriel), which will be coming soon.

    Other transcripts will include the judge’s instructions to the jury and later, the sentencing session.

    —- Sam

  171. Have you gotten to the person that was the keeper of all the automobiles? or maybe I should read allaso’s first? I remember Allaso he was the healing on the floor I think it was in waynes house and fully clothed

  172. Diane: “ WhisperWind, did Jeff really dispose of Wendy like a piece of sh_t? Do you really think that?”
    OK, maybe that is slightly too dramatic. I am sure Jeff doesn’t have horns, a pointed tail and a pitch fork, but Jeff was the one according to what I read that told Wendy they weren’t married. From what I knew of Wendy she wouldn’t sleep around. Jeff on the other hand, I’m not sure about. He has a sketchy past.
    Diane: “From what I’ve read on their website, she was sitting outside of Bents window for weeks and weeks and weeks praying (asking) for it. WB admitted to having sex with her many times. It doesn’t seem to me that she was very heartbroken over Jeff.”
    Waynes process of arriving at suitable supplicants took years and it was after Jeffs declaration to Wendy that their marriage was through and they were separated for some amount of time that the conciousness of the “consummation” began to materialize.

  173. Search for Truth
    Your question wondering about Jeff taking a new name caused me to begin a search. What I found is rather sparse and unconvincing that he really did this as the others have in a significant way.

    I found only three brief references to another name by Jeff. One actually was in a post that EMC did right here in this thread on February ninth.

    Once, Uriel was perhaps the mightiest angel in Heaven, second only to Michael in force of arms, and second to none in sheer blazing Essence. He was the first and the greatest of the Malakim, and when he ascended to the status of Archangel, Michael stepped aside to let Uriel assume command of Heaven’s armies.

    [Yes, Jeff Bent used the name ‘Uriel’ for at least a time.]

    The second discovery was on Sam’s Mirror site (he actually assisted me in finding this one) in a thread called the “Poor Jeff Lie.” Jeff’s own comment follows:

    (Zion is Christianna’s new name. Some of my friends call me Benjamin.)

    Finally on the Strong City site in “Esther Returns,” Jeff shares an email that came from Esther, it begins:

    I just received the following email from Esther (using pet names):

    Hello Brother Bean and Spices,

    So to a limited degree Jeff has been referred to as Uriel, Benjamin and Brother Beans. What seems rather clear though is that in the manner the others on the land seemed to have sensed the need to acquire a new name with some spiritual or faith driven significance, Jeff Bent appears not to have followed this path.


  174. avatar
    Search for Truth

    Thankyou Jan for that information on Jeff. Seems that he does hold back somewhat from following the scripted path of the Land. Not taking a special name perhaps is an indication.

    I am wondering if they have curtailed Wayne’s little prison sermons to the faithful. It has been almost 2 wks and I see now a new post, but from Anaiah.

    Whatever will the world do without Wayne’s updates?

  175. Aniah has posted the following on the SC site – The Sacrifice Required For Our Deliverance – Part 1

  176. One huge correction and it probably changes my thoughts on Jeff Bent and his use of a meaningful name. His use of Benjamin and the fact that he is often referred to as such, really is quite significant. Benjamin in the Bible was an extremely important character. He was the son of Jacob and the founder of the “Tribe of Benjamin.” So Jeff apparently did follow the same path as the others.

    Sorry for the confusion, I better return to my Transcripts.

  177. To Search for Truth —

    That posting by Anaiah (also known as Jody Thompson/Gratitude/Anaiah/Mother/and one of “Two Witnesses”) has a recording and transcript of a telephone call from Wayne from prison.

    It is actually quite sad. I feel sorry for him there (as most who read here know, I think that he should not have been imprisoned, but that he should be just on house arrest). He is making every effort to accept his fate and justify his “strange” behavior, having sex with the seven women and the Two Witnesses (not to be confused with the two witnesses at the trial, but the two older married women, who were his first two sexual partners).

    Poor Wayne. I guess self-deception is a tool to deal with unpleasant realities. Maybe that will work for him. I am surprised that he seems to imply that is not getting visitors, not seeing his “bride.” Are they not sending a couple of people down for every visiting day?

    — Sam

  178. Sam, it’s a good 300 miles to Los Lunas from SC. And he has to request certain people be put on the visitor’s list and they have to be approved before they can visit. Maybe there is a limit to the number of people you can request? And depending on what section he is in the visitation days differ. I don’t know if it’s open visitation or behind a plexiglass wall talking through a phone which wouldn’t be much fun.

    It is pretty sad as I’m sure it’s lonely being locked up. When I read the prison forum chat I’m sad for the families left behind, especially the children.

    That said, he could be making it easier on himself by getting involved with different programs or like you suggested, tutoring other inmates. There are many programs available but maybe he isn’t ready to try them.

    I get confused about where Wendy fits in. She wasn’t one of the 2 witnesses, so was she one of the 7 stars, virgins, angels or whatever?

  179. I respect everyones opinion, and I’m not trying to be argumentative, but I still think sympathy for Wayne is a little misplaced. I can only see him as a manipulative SOB, and he is reaping what he sowed. Also, the man has shown no remorse, and as far as I can tell, will never accept any help unless it is to re-enforce his messiahship. If Wayne was under house arrest, he would continue to control their minds and rail against the world( Iknow he still does, but hopefully with a little less impact) Forgiveness does not mean that punishment is bypassed. Most of us know that if Prudence had not stepped in , those girls would have had to consumate with that old goat. And if mental illness garners sympathy, then Jeff Dahmer and Charlie Manson need some too.

  180. I totally agree with Ron. He is a convicted sex offender and the last place he should be is under house arrest where there are young children!
    As I said before, he knew what he was doing and he knew that it was wrong and now he is being punished for it. He knew full well it was wrong and HE STILL DID IT! If having a big fat ego is a mental illness, he doesn’t have that either. He took advantage of his position and those beautiful young girls.

  181. Sorry – It’s been a long day and I’m coming down with the flu. I’m froggy…
    I meant to say……if having a big fat ego is a mental illness, that HE HAS a mental illness.
    : )

  182. Which side did Allaso help?

    Allaso’s testimony really was a bit strange. I suppose that Montoya was trying to show that males with their clothes on could have these healing experiences with Michael too. Thus she jumped right into Allaso’s very bizarre depressed time period, how Michael suddenly appeared at his home, and had him lie down on the floor clothed and with Michael’s hands placed on his chest they had this very meaningful exchange of love. It was more sad than anything as Allaso told him he was his only friend in the world. Does not say much for all those supposedly other caring people on the land, does it? In the final moments of this healing they spiritually kissed on the mouth and afterwards Allaso was no longer depressed and stopped fasting.

    I believe Emilio Chavez was able to totally erase any value of this testimony however by asking one simple question:

    When he put his hand on your chest, was any part of his hand touching a part that would have been the male breast?

    And of course Allaso had to say yes!

    This man obviously has very deep feelings of love for Michael. His testimony was so strong for Michael, for me it really showed how powerfully these people are controlled and influenced by Michael and that of course was the huge mistake that Montoya kept trying to prove was not true.

    Her constantly bringing in the so called “new government,” and how it was really the decision making body in no way lessens the spiritual importance of Michael in these people’s lives. The new government was just a way to help with the mundane parts of their life, not the truly significant elements such as prophecies and endlife predictions. So by trying to make it about religion and showing time and time again how the religious leader of the land was Michael it would seem she lost with her own witnesses over and over again.

    I would be curious how the juror felt about the healing process between Allaso and Michael and the other jurors too.


  183. I always wondered why Wayne did not heal the girls in the same manner. I also questioned why when he knew LS was outside and invited her in why could he not have slipped a pair of pants on before she came in. There were alot of them kind of questions that ran in my head. I did ask the Judge alot of questions on paper and some he asked and some not. I think some of or most of the Juror wondered them same things.

  184. We are pleased to announce the last testimony transcript!

    We just posted the transcript for the direct (and cross and re-direct) of Gabriel Travesser. This man is a long time member (follower), who was brought on to try to establish how this group was just so very normal. While he certainly swore that Wayne wasn’t really the leader and that they all got telepathic messages from God and that there was nothing really special about Wayne (or Michael)… it just didn’t ring true (to me). Really, the defense, re-raising all of these various prosecution points, just called new attention to them and brought them into focus. I think that the defense would have been better off ignoring some of these troubling issues, rather than bring them back to the jury’s awareness (especially when the witness sounds like he is working hard to say whatever the defense attorney wants to hear). He reminded me of a lot of politicians and used car salesmen I have heard (the kind where you ask a question and the answer is always in their favor). I am anxious to hear other opinions.

    This is the new transcript:

    Defense direct of Gabriel Travesser (plus cross, et al).

    Scroll to the first post here (at the top) of Beyond90seconds.com to see how to access the mirror site trial menu page.

    This transcript posting is a milestone. Now we have completed all the trial testimony transcripts. Both the prosecution’s case and the defense witnesses are all there to study (plus all the summations).

    Wait. Wait. There’s more!
    But, you might want to wait (before reaching your “mock” verdict), until you read the judge’s instructions to the jury (that’s coming soon). We will also be doing the transcript of the verdict being read and finally, the sentencing session.

    —- Sam

  185. Thanks Sam and Jan for all your hard work. I really wanted to be at the hearings with the rest of my friends but that week was finals week for me.

    I’ve had lots of comments but have just kept quiet. Everyone here has done really well figuring it all out for themselves without me saying anything.

    It was interesting to me how Sarah kept talking about this democratic form of new government in Strong City. The only governing body on that committee was Wayne Bent. No one else made any decisions there. They might have suggested things, but all final decisions came from Wayne… as well as prophecies, naked girls, etc.

    I haven’t listened to Dale’s (Gabriel) testimony yet, but I heard a little about it at the time from friends. How they can twist things around (example being Wayne isn’t the leader, they all are) and not see it is beyond me.

    Thanks for the “read” everyone. It’s given me quite a few laughs which is good considering there have been quite a few tears too.

  186. Noted Psychologist, B.F. Skinner (a leader in Behavioral Psychology or Behaviorism) advocated mass conditioning as a means of social control in one of his most important works “Beyond Freedom and Dignity” (1971). In it he quoted from “Emile” (1762) by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

    “Let [the child] believe that he is always in control, though it is always you [the teacher] who really controls. There is no subjugation so perfect as that which keeps the appearance of freedom, for in that way one captures volition itself. The poor baby, knowing nothing, able to do nothing, having learned nothing, is he not at your mercy? Can you not arrange everything in the world that surrounds him? Can you not influence him as you wish? His work, his play, his pleasures, his pains, are not all these in your hands and without his knowing? Doubtless he ought to do only what he wants; but he ought to want to do only what you want him to do; he ought not to take a step which you have not foreseen; he ought not to open his mouth without your knowing what he will say.”

    Chilling isn’t it?

  187. Hi Julie —

    I noted with interest your observations about the “New Government” and the testimony from Dale Brown (Gabriel) concerning that, where he said that it was done without Wayne being involved. I am amazed at how these defense witnesses literally committed perjury, (including their “experts,” who could not have spent ten minutes studying this situation without knowing the real story). Consider “Gabriel’s” testimony compared with what was written by “Liberty,” one of the seven “messengers,” about forming the “New Government.”(Her name history was Misty/Believing Child/Tema/Liberty.)

    Liberty wrote:

    It was during this very time that Father had begun putting it on the hearts of the people in the land, individually, to put our resources together and consolidate our buying, forming what we began calling “the new government.” We had individually gone and talked with Michael about our desires, and over the next few months, as Father opened the doors, one by one the people entered into this.

    Individually, they went to Wayne Bent to talk about what they had in mind (their desires) about forming this “new government.” Why would they go to him? It was because he ran the place (it’s what you do with your boss).

    Now consider that in relation to this sworn testimony on the stand:

    Ms. Montoya: Do you believe the leadership roles and the aspects and mores of your church have been misrepresented to the public?

    Gabriel Travesser: I think misrepresented is a very mild term for it. I would say twisted, skewed out of beyond total recognition.

    Ms. Montoya: And it is your testimony here today that Strong City has its own government apart from Wayne Bent?

    Gabriel Travesser: Yes. We are all self governing individuals, because that’s what he has taught us from scripture, from spiritual principles. We’re self governing. We don’t need people to tell us what to do.

    Ms. Montoya: Thank you, nothing further.

    That was obviously all a lie. Wayne was totally in charge. They so very much needed Wayne to tell them “what to do,” that they didn’t even approach him in a meeting about the “New Government” with a common voice, but instead each went to him in Misty/Tema/Liberty’s words, “individually” to let him know what their “desires.”

    There are many other references in the archival documents (and, of course, Julie was there too, so her statement is proof enough), which indicate that they didn’t make a move without Bent’s approval. The whole place was (is) centered around Wayne and his thoughts, his moods and his attention. Getting Wayne’s approval and acceptance was (is) the be all and end all of their existence. It was strange that they based their defense on trying to prove several lies (that the jury saw right through)as true, which they could have just stipulated (conceded to) and focused on the narrow area of whether the admitted touching was criminal. The truth might have set him free.

    — Sam

  188. Julie, it is wonderful to see you post here and you are truly welcome regarding the transcripts.

    It is an honor for me to be able to help Sam do these, as he has already offered so much with his amazing Mirror Site. As you have too Julie, with all of your history and incite that you have been able to share with everyone on Prudence site and others. It really is quite a story, and it seems to continue.

    I cannot imagine how it must be to hear at the trial how this group wanted to portray their perfect little, what did Gabriel call it, a “co-op!” Using that word it sounds pretty innocent doesn’t it? I am amazed really that some of this very biased testimony got in and very little of the truth of what Strong City really is like was presented by the State. Again, another time I scratch my head on how fortunate the verdict was guilty, because the State left so much out as who really controlled life their, and Wayne very clearly was the ultimate leader of everyone and everything.

    I am always left wondering why Montoya tried so very hard to not admit to that, because when you try so hard and fail at a lie, then intelligent people have to wonder, what else are you lying about? Thank goodness the jury was a group of twelve very intelligent people.

    Again glad you posted Julie, and if you have time or have any other thoughts please return because I am sure I am not alone in appreciating your contributions here.


  189. Jan…Who is Julie? and where can I read her postings and story? I think she would have alot of interesting stories to tell. I would really like to hear what she has to say.
    Just an FYI none of the jurors took anything Gabriel said serious. He was so full of it, we all caught on to him real quick.

  190. Juror – Julie was a member of Strong City and thankfully was able to leave. I am not sure where all she has posted but she did quite a bit of posting at Prudence Welch’s site:


    If you have not been to that site yet there is a wealth of interesting posts there from Julie and Prudence herself. It is quite a remarkable message board.

    I am glad to hear how you all reacted to Gabriel and you described him perfectly, he was so full of it!


  191. We are pleased to announce another transcript!

    We just posted the transcript for Judge Baca’s instructions to the jury. This now completes the trial (although we will also be providing transcripts for the verdict reading and for the sentencing session). Now, everyone of the readers of these transcripts has every bit of information which you need to pose yourself as a juror and consider this case as they did. I actually have now gone though and read it all from the beginning. Fortunately, I read it before (but, out of sequence) and also I am a fast reader. It gave me a new perspective to read it in order. I am anxious to hear feedback from others on their reactions.

    One other aspect of interest about these jury instructions is that the wording (if in error) can be grounds for an appeal to have a verdict set aside or to get a new trial. That’s why the defense was making her objections. But even if objections weren’t raised on particular parts of the instructions, the appeals court could say that they were not fair to the defendant and didn’t respond to the evidence in the case.

    But, this is what the jury heard, so see if you think they made the right choice, following those instructions and considering all the testimony.

    This is the new transcript:

    Judge Baca’s instructions to the jury

    Scroll to the first post here (at the top) of Beyond90seconds.com to see how to access the mirror site trial menu page.

    We now only lack the transcripts for the “reading of verdict” and finally, the “sentencing session.”

    —- Sam

  192. avatar
    Search for Truth

    I have done as Sam did and reread the whole trial from beginning to end. Although it did take me awhile, it was worth it to gain the best perspective.

    However it did not change any opinions I had before. Wayne Bent is guilty of all 4 charges in my opinion not just 3.

    Montoya’s witnesses really did much more to help the State’s case than they added or helped anything for the defense. Some of her witnesses were just awful.

    And while I basically was disappointed too in how little the prosecution actually brought into this case, at least they got the right verdict. Thank goodness for Chavez.

    I look forward to the rest of the transcripts, especially the Sentencing statements.

    Keep wondering too how the appeal is coming along. I saw nothing that would make me think that will be successful though. Did anybody else?

  193. Yes, I think (after on my complete re-read in sequence), based on how the case was presented, the credibility of the witnesses, the jury instructions and the closing summations… that the jury got it right.

    It really was quite a simple decision. Wayne was certainly the person in authority to those two victims (and that’s all that mattered). The devotion expressed by both of the victims (saying and implying that he was “God” to them) removes any doubt there. Then Wayne’s own testimony (and demonstration) of where he placed his hand on their chests, in relation to how the prosecution characterized what was an intimate area (the fleshy part of the breast,) demanded a guilty verdict all four counts. Thinking of myself as a juror and considering whether I would want anyone to be able touch, without permission, an exposed part of a woman’s breast, when she was wearing a low-cut dress, I had to agree with the prosecution. That area would be considered “intimate,” based on my own moral standards. The expert witnesses on both sides (and the character witnesses for the defense) were irrelevant. Wayne’s own testimony did him in… he should have never testified.

    But, what is interesting about an appeal is that what you see there on those transcripts is totally all that the appeals judges will consider (no new evidence, no new witnesses). I saw many areas which could be grounds for appeal. One example; the interpretation by the prosecution about what part is to be considered intimate. That could be the critical distinction. The defense defined “intimate” as the nipple area (what would be covered by a bikini top). But, social mores and community standards (which the jury was able to utilize in that decision) may keep that from being a valid argument for appeal. The “contributing to the delinquency” verdicts seem to have to best chance to be aside, simply based on how the appeals court defines it. The victims didn’t commit any delinquent act (laying naked doesn’t seem to be a crime). The only delinquency was on the part of the offender, not the victims. Setting those aside might certainly reduce his sentence by several years (although the judge did trim that much and more from his sentence, so it might be “a wash”). But, appeals are strange and unpredictable. Often, small peculiarities and irregularities (not immediately obvious), such as possible unfairness in the jury instructions, can be interpreted as sufficient to have verdicts overturned.

    — Sam

  194. Sam Redman has written an excellent post on his blogspot regarding the Injustice of Wayne Bent’s sentence. Here is the link:

    http:// samredman.wordpress.com/

    I know that many and most of you will not agree with what he has written. I share Sam’s concern about the direction our society is headed with Revenge not Rehabilitation today in sentencing. I see it every day in the headlines, right from the fact that teens under the age of 18 are now being tried as adults, and crimes that should perhaps be a sentence of only a few years or maybe probation are getting years and years of jail time. I even stated earlier in a post that I now see police officers sitting and involving themselves in local schools on a daily basis instead of using traditional guidance counselors to get the offenders back on the right tract. This is a dangerous trend and one I find grave concern over.

    I do not and never felt that Wayne Bent was a sex offender criminal in the truest sense of what the Court defines. What he did was technically wrong in the eyes of the law but perhaps the law needs better clarification involving what is intimate regarding a woman’s breast. Most of the people that are so quick to want to put Wayne away for the maximum amount of years I believe are finding him guilty on his religious beliefs, the consummating with the Seven Virgins, and maybe even for breaking up so many families with his strange ideas of marriage. But that is not what the trail was about. Those are all clearly different issues and actually no one’s business other than those that live on Strong City.

    So, I too again hope that an appeal is in process and hope that the case is readdressed in some fashion. Wayne Bent has never ever posed any threat to anyone outside the gates of Strong City. Those people love and revere him and there are no longer any underage teens there. A house arrest or probation would be a much fairer sentence I would think. Perhaps a higher Court will look at this case and not punish a man for his religious beliefs that we in society as a whole do find bizarre and strange, but they are still his beliefs and he has the right to have them.


  195. Jan
    The law is the law and how the jury saw it, it was wrong and against the law. We never knew anything about WB just what he did to those girls. We knew nothing about the marriages or who he consummated with. We never looked at religion. So if WB gets a house arrest what kind of signal is it putting out to others? Its ok to be with an underage child as log as religion is involved or that was the beliefs? What about the lies they all told that he was not a leader?

  196. Juror,

    First of all let me be clear, I do think you all reached the correct verdict. Obviously I have listened to each and every word that has been said at the trial and I believe you all got it exactly right, based on the laws of New Mexico. So I have no problem at all with your sincere efforts. You all were amazing, especially based on a poor effort by Mr. Benevidez, and the wrong direction taken as a defense by Ms. Montoya.

    My problem really is with the sentence. I have repeatedly said I believe that Wayne needs to be checked out by the best Psychiatrist in the State of New Mexico as he still seems to be saying things from prison that would make me question that he has a true grip on reality.

    But beyond that I just believe that a sentence of ten years is excessive, based on his age and what he did. I honestly think he did very little with these two under age girls. Reading more and more about what has been posted right after this happened I just think it was more or less a religious spiritual healing.

    By the time this happened I think Wayne was quite content with the other virgins and how everything had worked out for him and he truly did not need the complication of these two younger girls. But it was on their heart to be spiritually healed in this manner so carefully he did as they asked. I understand that was wrong. But seriously is that act worth a ten year sentence? To me that is way too much.

    I do not think having a house arrest, following a three year sentence would send a poor message to anyone. The way I see it the excessive sentences that are given daily all over, by our country’s Justice System are doing nothing to curtail crime at all. What we need is a very good system of Rehabilitation implemented and that just does not appear to be happening.

    And lastly, I do understand that he is their spiritual leader, no matter how they tried to say otherwise at the trial. That was a total misrepresentation of who and what Wayne is to them. It did no good at all. You were smart enough to know that when someone is known as Michael or the Messiah to his people that means something of high esteem and greatness.

    But this is the religion of these people. They should be free to do whatever they want. That is known as religious freedom and our country was founded on just that very freedom. No one is affected by the LOR other than the people that are there. If Wayne wants 7 or 10 wives, as long as they are all of age, I honestly believe that is his business and not mine to say otherwise.


  197. I guess a good Dr would do him good but then again he is good with the words. If all the money that was spent for the trial turned over to a good Dr, but I honestly dont think it would have made a difference as he does not feel he has done anything wrong “can’t help someone that doesnt want to help themself”

    Who knows how far he would have gone with the 2 girls before he was stopped. Why didnt he put a pair of pants on if he knew the girls were there? I sure wouldnt let someone come into my house if I was not dressed and im sure most would agree with me on that. He knew it was wrong he said it himself.

    If it was religious maybe he should be in a different state possibly a state where they would accept that behavior. We were not to look at religion in this so why bring religion up?

    And for you to say that no one was affected by this. That is wrong!! Did you see the face of AS? What about the parents? and to lose thier children and break up there family? and there aunts, uncles,and grandparents? What will all this do to LS years down the road? What has it done to AS?

    OK I will agree with you maybe 10 yrs was a bit much but how much of that 10 yrs will he really spend. I think Sam had a good idea for him to maybe teach other prisoners, he is no dummy infact I think he is pretty intellegent.

  198. You make some excellent points. And that is what I believe these boards and blogs can be very useful for, allowing our minds to think creatively and discuss objectively.

    I think the only real point that we might disagree on is the length of the sentence. For me ten years seems a bit long compared to what others might be getting for a similar first time offense. And I do believe with his remote location, he could be easily monitored and not able to do this again. Just restricting the ages of the residents would do that.

    Now you do realize that I did not see the face of A.S. I only listed to her and Healed. It was difficult to tell who was affected and by what only hearing their voices. I do know how badly Healed wants to return and I do understand that she thinks she is in love with Michael. Yes both girls were affected. But, I also believe the parents bare a greater burden of the responsibility of what happened with their daughters than Michael. They seem like dear people, yes, but still confused and sending mixed signals to these girls.

    Your other points are all good. There are many things that Michael should have done differently. I find all of his actions despicable, and in my book not true acts of a religious leader at all. But as I said, at this point for me it is just a question of how long a sixty-seven year old, first offender should be locked up,and I wonder if ten years is not extreme? As for his quirky religion, again not my place to judge, because I adamantly support “freedom of religion.”

  199. I have a question for those that have legal knowledge. Is part of his being convicted and/or a registered sex offender that he’s not supposed to have contact with the under aged victims? If so, couldn’t his recordings being published online be a form of contact? Is that legal? He’s not talking to them directly but the way he speaks is influential and could be further damaging/influencing when he continues to say he didn’t do anything wrong.

  200. I am sure that if his communications were of a sexual nature, making internet “broadcasts” would be forbidden (but, I don’t think they have been). But, any media broadcast might need to have the approval of prison officials (which he may have received. We don’t know). If someone wanted to pursue such a complaint or ask questions about the policy, there might be a mechanism to do so by calling the warden’s office.

    However, you have to admit, they have been rather innovative. Earlier (according to news reports and one of his postings), he attempted to negotiate a television interview, but so far, that has not been approved. So they came up with this unique way of recording his telephone calls and then publishing those on the web (along with a transcript). It was very clever, but it may cross the boundaries regarding what is permissible regarding communications from prison (I’m not sure). But, even considering all of that, I’m relatively certain that if no one reports it, it won’t arouse any attention and he will be able to continue. I look forward to more of them.

    — Sam

  201. Jan: “You make some excellent points. And that is what I believe these boards and blogs can be very useful for, allowing our minds to think creatively and discuss objectively”.
    In order for there to be true objectivity there has to be a willingness to except the facts of the case. Now you can say that people like Julie, as former members, are unworthy of consideration in coming to a “fair” conclusion in this case. But you will never know the reality of the situation if you are only willing to take the information that the Traveesers spoon feed you. There are many lies, (oh! excuse me, maybe I should have said untruths, there, now we can all feel a little better about ourselves) that people like Julie know about. Great love, equality, compassion, and all the rest of the noble qualities that LORites claim to possess, only exist so long as it fits their scheme of things. Just get out of step with these people and see what happens! So I vote for people like Julie to please contribute and help people to really understand this. This is not something to be wrong about. Why should this convicted child molester be kept from his adoring flock? Let me tell you a sick story.
    There was a 12ish young fella that was attending spiritual guidance sessions. One evening he was convicted that a spiritual healing was needed for his soul as he was sure that god did not accept him. So he went to the place where he thought he could receive that healing, entered through the curtain, knelt down, and settled into an intense wait. Eventually the little side door opened. A soft-spoken, trustworthy voice broke the silence, saying, yes my son? The boy, trembling and fighting every urge to get up and run away, stayed, frozen in that too small space, because he thought his very existence hung in the balance. Finally he said with a quivering voice; Father forgive me for I have sinned. What is it my child, replied the dependable voice on the other side of the wall? The boy stammering and stuttering, blurted out in utter humiliation that he had been stimulating himself. And then his innocent world began to crumble all to hell, for you see, the authoritative guide said; show me so I can be sure what you are doing is sinful. It has been many years and at least 150 souls later, and the god-man has since passed, awaiting the great judgment. Many people thought he deserved leniency. Life has not been easy for the mistake prone youngsters, many of whom were never able to find themselves.

  202. Wayne’s latest “Why So Long” seems like his prison are starting to get to him. And no recording this time.

  203. Diane, I agree his messages are becoming even more the sound of a desperate man. I cannot even imagine what he will sound like a year from now or even longer. How does one that is supposed to be the Messiah speak with such a dismal outlook on the world? No messenger from my Father would sound like this. He may be a bigger danger to those at Strong City than even before if they are feeling this forsaken too.

    Whisperwind, Yes that is what is great about blogs like Mark’s where a free exchange of ideas can be expressed. I often will read an opinion here on this case that really causes me to questions some beliefs I held. That is why all views need to be encouraged.

    And more transcripts from the trial will be forthcoming. I will be working on the “the Verdict day,” tomorrow. I promise!


  204. Thanks to everyone for your comments here. And thanks to Sam Redman and Jan Brennan for their work on the transcripts over at Sam Redman’s Strong City “mirror site,” http://strongcity2.info/trial.html.
    Two housekeeping matters: 1) to those of you who’ve e-mailed me over the past week or so, sorry for not getting back to you yet. My new work schedule makes for a long day/night, and that results in far less time available to give to this blog. 2) I’ve decided that I will be closing comments sections on this blog after a post is two weeks old. Again, this is due to the limited time I now have to dedicate to this blog.
    For those of you following the Bent transcripts, the Verdict and the Sentencing are all that remain to be published at the mirror site. Once again, that Web site address is http://strongcity2.info/trial.html.
    Also, Redman’s blog also has numerous posts about the case. That blog’s URL is http://samredman.wordpress.com/.
    For the uninitiated, there are other blogs/sites concerning this case, including, strongcity.info and travesser.info.

    Mark Horner

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